Giannis Antetokounmpo is better than Kawhi Leonard - Max Kellerman | First Take

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Max Kellerman is confident that after Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks defeated James Harden and the Houston Rockets that the Greek Freak is the best player in the Eastern Conference. Max goes on to add that Mike Budenholzer is the mastermind behind why Giannis and the Bucks are so good.
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10-Yan, 2019



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Lat Aim Hiyabu
Lat Aim Hiyabu 19 soat oldin
Leonard is just
6ixTalks NBA
6ixTalks NBA 5 kun oldin
please, the reason kawhi is ranked higher than giannis is because he upgrades his game during playoff time. about 2 years later he was drafted, he won the finals MVP award. keep in mind that all the "HOF" talent he had around him were out of there prime and even without them he is successful in the raptors without the "HOF" talent.
WiTu Lo
WiTu Lo 6 kun oldin
Max kellerman changes his mind every week lmao
Ryan's Motorsports
Ryan's Motorsports 7 kun oldin
OKC can't beat the warriors in a playoff setting
Anthony 9 kun oldin
Kawhi is gonna win us a title
Kerke463 10 kun oldin
Giannis is better than kawhi. Kawhi has lowry, ibaka and others that help him. You might say giannis has middleton and bledsoe but the bucks team has been better because of giannis. I think Giannis is the best player not on the East but in the whole NBA
Ginobili Valdes
Ginobili Valdes 14 kun oldin
How come everyone dismisses that Shaq was allowed to be as dominant as he was cause the NBA league was allowing him to get away with all the fouls he did.Had they called the fouls they were supposed to Shaq be in foul trouble all year so to me his not as dominant as many people making him to be.Wilt Chamberlain said the same thing in a interview I found on you tube.
Steve Ramp
Steve Ramp 16 kun oldin
Giannis is the G.O.A.T
Armed Titanium
Armed Titanium 17 kun oldin
‘Other than Lebron’ hey max if you haven’t noticed the Lakers aren’t even in the playoff race. Shut the fuck up about Lebron
Andreas D. Kyrezoglou
I don't think Giannis is better than Kawhi, he is just more passionate and motivated.
Smll Keeb
Smll Keeb 19 kun oldin
Agree with Max
lOrD fArQuAaD
lOrD fArQuAaD 19 kun oldin
i fEEl bAd fOr kAwHi cAuSe aT oNe point hE wAs THe sEconD bEsT plAyEr in thE nBa Lebron Kd Ad Giannis Kawhi Steph Harden Westbrook Joel embiid Kyrie
Eryk Dymecki
Eryk Dymecki 20 kun oldin
kawhi sooo underrated but antetokoumpo can ball as well
Eliajah Thomas
Eliajah Thomas 21 kun oldin
We will see at playoffs time
Chok Oy
Chok Oy 24 kun oldin
Ya all talking so much non sense
Baby Wise
Baby Wise 26 kun oldin
JJ Reddick is better lol
TheNewKG 28 kun oldin
They both have completely different games.... but on both ends kawhi may be better overall for now. I don’t ever see giannas being a better defender because of kawhis instincts but he is already unstoppable on offense and w the system they have around him if he ever starts shooting efficiently it’s curtains, he is best in the world easy.
LegendExecuter 29 kun oldin
Just give giannis some few years... He will be better than kawhi
J B 29 kun oldin
Giannis would need to get past the 2nd round of the playoffs before even starting the conversation here...
Without giannis Milwaukee was totally blown out.... by ORLANDO.... Giannis is MVP
mohammed mikky
Giannis is a freak of nature and a beast but now kawhi is much better, end of story.
greek freak 34
Greek freak for league!
Wakeman Edelbrock
Max was trynna tell y’all but y’all wouldn’t listen
Rafiq M
Rafiq M Oy oldin
Molly you're irrelevant. Stop talking.
Oy oldin
Molly drives me crazy with her sarcastic comments, and she thinks she’s knows the game cause she with jalen 😂. Lord have mercy on her. She might have been Analyses on other programs but I still think she isn’t qualified to do this. Maybe put some one who actually understands the game better. Instead of her looks.
DG Fate
DG Fate Oy oldin
Kawhi all the way
TheCephalon Oy oldin
Not in the playoffs
Emmanuel P.
Emmanuel P. Oy oldin
Told you..always bet on Giannis
Julz Morales
Julz Morales Oy oldin
Title just pissed me off no way Greek freak better then the claw
Leo Yang
Leo Yang Oy oldin
lol so let's break down the keller man equation here: Lebron James is the best player, Kawhi Leonard is the 2nd best player, Giannis is better than Kawhi. Please enlighten me if you solve this
Jeremy Nicoyco
Very simple khawi have a lot achievement than giannis .Giannis is a choker in playoffs .and khawi is monster in playoffs
Deleno Ahk
Deleno Ahk Oy oldin
Max jus stop bro,Better then who🤣🤣🤣
WHO DAT Oy oldin
lets see how giannis plays in the playoffs and than ill let you know who is better.
Raven Hawk
Raven Hawk Oy oldin
Kawhi is a low class player guys i expected that...Ggd Overrated for nba
The president
The president Oy oldin
Tough question like what's better ham or turkey?
AKI M. Oy oldin
I see a kahwi dickrider. The Dominance GA has is Enormous and only comapreable to Shaq! The difference is he plays great Defence conapred to Harden and James. Also he is the only Player in the League can play 5 Positions. Kahwi can plsmsy Maximum 3 Positions if he is supported and hasnt a Dominance under the Basket.
Immortal CBox
Immortal CBox Oy oldin
Why does this guy still have a job. Anyone could spout off wrong opinions about sports and not sound as dumb as Max.
Theo Schommer
Theo Schommer Oy oldin
ESPN is an absolute joke. They try to play it up as if the warriors when healthy could lose in the playoffs. Stop this bullshit
Theo Schommer
Theo Schommer Oy oldin
The rockets have ZERO chance of making it to the finals. Let’s be real guys. It’s not sustainable in the playoffs, and everyone falls for them in the regular season time, and time again!
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball Oy oldin
Kawaiah is actually good in important games cough cough finals mvp locked up prime lebron
Nicholas Wilson
I can tell y’all can’t hoop at all lol giannis way better no coaches fear Leonard top of scouting reports curry still but giannis too now
Nicholas Wilson
Both those guys are basketball anomalies one of a kind players Leonard is mj playing style with 68 speed rating it works but nothing crazy about it difference is mj was the black cat also athletic freak Leonard just not but he is long kd called it years ago cuz he’s a hooper Leonard not all that giannis just is
michael sargent
Giannis is more likable, more popular bc of how he plays, and he’s definitely a monster to deal with, but Kowhi is a better more complete player right now, and he’s proven he can lead a team with just his first season back from injury while playing in a new system with a completely new team. That’s very impressive. It’s a popularity contest with ESPN. Look what they did to Kobe just flat out disrespect, and disregard his career.
Canes Cheahoo
Canes Cheahoo Oy oldin
Kawhi is successful in the playoffs this man is a champion and finals MVP!! What has giannis won ??
Cam Adams
Cam Adams Oy oldin
Yeah I’m sorry , you can’t say that rn until number 1 he wins a playoff series and number 2 see who end ups ahead of who in the mvp race 💯🤷🏾‍♂️
Megadrive Oy oldin
Both of them are better than Lebron
mark del rosario
zLwy Oy oldin
one of these players has a finals MVP, the other one hasn't won a playoff series THIS IS BLASPHEMOUS
femih oyeleye
femih oyeleye Oy oldin
Not gonna lie Giannis is more exciting to watch them harden
Brandon Cena
Brandon Cena Oy oldin
Honestly giannis isn’t a better player, but giannis is more valuable than kawhi
East coast And love it
I really hope come playoff time the raptors shut everyone up. Oh Canada
Jayvee Paguia
Jayvee Paguia Oy oldin
Kawhi is the best player in the Eastern Conference.
Darth Baylen
Darth Baylen Oy oldin
seriously now?Just fire this clown called max kellrman!
Kipp Joseph
Kipp Joseph Oy oldin
Idk man. Giannis definitely got next. But as of right now? Kawhi>Giannis. Kawhi is easily the best defender in the league if he wants to be. Giannis is a really good player but he’s a jump shot away from being better than kawhi. We saw in the playoffs against the raps when he’s down 3 or more. They just give him space cause he’s not a good shooter. The coach gets the credit for the bucks success not just giannis. Giannis is very young. He’s gonna be a beast but as of now, kawhi better.
Glenn Brathwaite
This is a stupid remark!
David Gim
David Gim Oy oldin
Who care Max? No one pays attention to the man saying kd isnt top 5
max is high kiwi is top 3 when healthy you could make a argument he is better then kd
Lmao this guy said OKC can beat the Warriors. Rofl
Mathew Siwicke
As a spurs fan. Max can go fuck himself. Kawhi never gets the respect he warrants.
MR7 MR7 Oy oldin
Imagine giannis playing in the 60s... I mean he would be better than wilt...
Dead 2 oy oldin
Fuck no , at least not until he gets a reliable jumper like kawhi. Not to mention his lack of winning. I’ll take kawhi any day
ChromeMan04 2 oy oldin
Giannis isn’t better than Kawhi lol. Just stop
Jacob Bados
Jacob Bados 2 oy oldin
Max Kellerman is an idiot.
NBA FAN 2 oy oldin
I’m just saying most people might disagree but I think lakers could get in there you could put lonzo on harden you got lebron destroying Houston bum 3 you can a pass first rondo at 1 at 4 kuzma then a great bench of Ingram hart Beasley chandler hart could guard Gordon on the perimeter good Ingram slash and shoot the 3 chandler shot blocker good in the paint oh also forgot lance he can kinda defend the perimeter and shoot the mid range then Beasley I dunno
Torres Benjamin
Torres Benjamin 2 oy oldin
For me kawhi is better than giannis.. Look giannis the way he play he always use so much power to make a basket, while kawhi leonard he can shoot the ball very easy..
Life's Failure
Life's Failure 2 oy oldin
Kawhi is better defensively, better shooter, a finals mvp and he currently led the raptors over the bucks Giannis is a monster in the paint but is about as proficient at shooting as Charles Barkley and he has not won in the first round plus his bucks are second to the raptors
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins 2 oy oldin
J Krah
J Krah 2 oy oldin
Nice troll job ESPN. Stats and team record dont lie. Time will tell....
PaySo the P.I
PaySo the P.I 2 oy oldin
Max is in the moment again...Kawhi's defense is just as intimidating as Giannis' offense and Kawhi can make any shot anywhere on the court..Outplayed Lebron in the Finals as a young buck...Finals MVP and Champion Kawhi Leonard. Put some respect on it Kellerman.
Guivensthecar guy
Max is fucking whack that man is on crack
Steve Cheng
Steve Cheng 2 oy oldin
Max, pls quit your job. Don’t judge players over regular season performance. Can you pls watch Kawhi playoff games? You are so delusional.
Jelani Morgan
Jelani Morgan 2 oy oldin
max is talking out his ass
Georgi Yordanov
Georgi Yordanov 2 oy oldin
Kawhi Leonard is better player all day, every day!!!
J 2 oy oldin
I didn't respect him til he got to my team. Man. Defends hard. Quick and lenghty. Clutch shooter.
MetaDIME 2 oy oldin
Man these guys judge players per game 🤦🏾‍♂️
LeBurger muncher
LeBurger muncher 2 oy oldin
Kawhi is still better than the Greek freak. But Giannis will have a better legacy.
Kareem Mirtyl
Kareem Mirtyl 2 oy oldin
3:58 Molly calling Max a jew
Stepz97 •
Stepz97 • 2 oy oldin
This conversation only serves the purpose of trolling. No, cohesive argument, no hard proof, and starting this type of conversation too early for the sake of controversy. Unprofessional, I can get a better arguments from a random guy in the streets or the comment section.
thafunnyguy26 2 oy oldin
OKC could definitely beat GS...idk why Molly is acting shocked..
jackson gutsch
jackson gutsch 2 oy oldin
keep talking that shit kellerman
leonard thompson
leonard thompson 2 oy oldin
This guy just wanna hear himself talk saying BS like this
Dan , McGill
Dan , McGill 2 oy oldin
Greek freak not close to the dominance of Shaq. Shaq is crazy .
Arslan Mirza
Arslan Mirza 2 oy oldin
You guys do know this is a show? And SAS and Max MUST disagree 90 percent of the time to increase ratings and cause controversy?
TUX Bubbles
TUX Bubbles 2 oy oldin
Stevan a hates Giannis
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel 2 oy oldin
Casual fans will say Giannis is better than Kawhi. Kawhi is efficient and consistent on both ends, what more could you want. Kawhi has the accolades to back this, 2xDPOY, 2xSteal Champ, YOUNGEST FINALS MVP, 4xALL DEFENSIVE career TOV 1.4 is a better free throw and 3pt shooter by around 10%. Giannis is on the way to be great while KAWHI IS HERE. More than a system player.
InDaHead 2 oy oldin
How is Gianni’s better. He’s not even close defensively to kawhi, doesn’t shoot 3’s. kawhi is better
Billy Studholme
Billy Studholme 2 oy oldin
He isn't.
Alp Merdin
Alp Merdin 2 oy oldin
this kellerman just prooved that he is retard
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 2 oy oldin
Max is a dumbass hot take merchant. He don’t know shit about basketball
Mr Ed
Mr Ed 2 oy oldin
I would go for Kawhi if we are talking about chances of winning a ring...but talent wise, Giannis is just a freak!
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 2 oy oldin
Kawhi is disrespected and underrated!!! Kawhi is the best player in the league.
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 2 oy oldin
Nope!!! That jump shot will hurt Giannis in the playoffs. Kawhi is too damn smooth!
Pille Palle
Pille Palle 2 oy oldin
While watching these nba-talk video i always wondering why there is a women sitting next to them
Ahmed G.
Ahmed G. 2 oy oldin
Max" "Other then LeBron" Stephen: *shut the fuck up*
Phillip Meeholz
Phillip Meeholz 2 oy oldin
Funny how these guys just change their opinion on a daily basis
Anonymous 2 oy oldin
N Meneses
N Meneses 2 oy oldin
Are you really saying than giannis is better than kawhi let me tell you something kawhi has got twenty or more points in like 20 games he has a jumpshot fan shoot the three best two way player in the league this is the who marked lebron James out of the game single handidly tell me something can Giannis single handidly mark lebron out of a game no does giannias shoot the three well or have a better jumpshot than kawhi no I think this is right but kawhi averages 27 pts per game and Gianni’s averages 26 a game so how is Gianni’s better than kawhi
Strive ForExellence
Both of these guys are highly overrated. Kawhi & Giannis that is
David Strus
David Strus 2 oy oldin
Giannis is a boss and better then Kawhi Seriously
Matt Dunn
Matt Dunn 2 oy oldin
Definitely Kawhi
TMB 2 oy oldin
This is why ESPN is on the verge if bankruptcy. What a joke of a channel.
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