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Giannis Antetokounmpo's Top 34 Freakish Dunks of His NBA Career

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As we celebrate Giannis Antetokounmpo's 24th birthday today, let's take a look at his top 34 freakish dunks of his NBA career!
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6-Dek, 2018



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Tybalt Capulet
Tybalt Capulet 8 soat oldin
Giannis "awillkillyou" or "attemtokillyou"?
A Z 10 soat oldin
The best part is McEnroe face at the end, really resumes everything about Giannis
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods 11 soat oldin
Nick Manley
Nick Manley 16 soat oldin
Anyone know the name of the commentator for #1?
Typical Modders
Typical Modders 2 kun oldin
*_THE OLDEST ONE IS AT _**_2:42_**_!_*
pancon5 2 kun oldin
1:26 Klay's, KD's and Draymond's reaction is so funny haha
xRecluse 3 kun oldin
Even LeBron was scared!
Bee Vang
Bee Vang 4 kun oldin
this video makes me smile
Crunch time Kurz
Crunch time Kurz 4 kun oldin
Giannis can do dunks I can’t do on a 5 foot hoop
Nick young
Nick young 5 kun oldin
space jam 2 anyone
NanoTree 5 kun oldin
Like seriously wtf are you supposed to do? If he's got a clear line of sight, he picks up the ball like 1 pace outside the center circle, takes 2 steps and then jumps from the freethrow line... If he doesn't he takes one step more, picks up the dribble at the 3 point line and can literally eurostep around you anywhere near the key and be in dunking range.
Alberto Naranjo
Alberto Naranjo 5 kun oldin
Con el rabo
AXZ1974 5 kun oldin
6:41 I never saw this before, but look at the reaction by Middleton when Giannis dunks on Hardaway! Says it all, just like McEnroe's.
Eugene Joseph
Eugene Joseph 5 kun oldin
Mark Jackson voice " mamma there goes that man"
harden james
harden james 6 kun oldin
2019 Shaquille ver
Lizi Saravoke
Lizi Saravoke 6 kun oldin
Say what you will, but he reminds me of Jordan in 80s. Just dunking all the time.
ItzJoey 7 kun oldin
That lob from curry in this year's all star game should be top 3 even number 1
This video is old, that didn't happen yet
Alex Cortez
Alex Cortez 7 kun oldin
I’m a Rockets fan and I want James Harden to win his 2nd MVP but then again I also want Giannis to win MVP since he’s young and Harden might be able to win the series for Houston 🤞🏼🥵🚀
MC MLee 8 kun oldin
Er mah gerd... we got us real one ladies and gentleman.
Elloi Brual
Elloi Brual 8 kun oldin
wow i never watched someone dunk this much except T-Mac and VC .
Jayden Barton
Jayden Barton 8 kun oldin
2:40 that man in the crowd has never been so excited in his life.. LOL
izzy cheeks88
izzy cheeks88 8 kun oldin
All these travels 🤮
Prathyush Ravi
Prathyush Ravi 8 kun oldin
De Andre Jordan’s reaction to Giannis’s dunk over Steph was our reaction to this video
Michael Ondich
Michael Ondich 7 kun oldin
Absolutely hahah
Robert Erlandson
Robert Erlandson 8 kun oldin
He sure plays at a high speed
Robert Erlandson
Robert Erlandson 8 kun oldin
How can someone that big be that fast he must not be human
Tristan Schultz
Tristan Schultz 9 kun oldin
The music sets up the dunk perfectly at 1:08
Ivan Joseph Gepilango
The greek freak has a lot of freakish dunks of his carrer
Jason Watson
Jason Watson 10 kun oldin
Jason Watson
Jason Watson 10 kun oldin
Jason Watson
Jason Watson 10 kun oldin
Jason Watson
Jason Watson 10 kun oldin
Jason Watson
Jason Watson 10 kun oldin
Absolute powehouse !!!!!!????!
Don't reach Young blood
Who’s taller gianis or kd?
Anmar Tabbaa
Anmar Tabbaa 11 kun oldin
If giannis wins the championship i will consider #1 in the league starting this season
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad 11 kun oldin
If he develops a solid jumpshot that can support him at the 3 point line, he will be unstoppable. If he does he will surpass mj and lebron
Emily Lau
Emily Lau 12 kun oldin
2:46 - 2:47 "followed by the alphabet" oh my god 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 get it? comment or like if ya do
Yeah, I don't get it either
ItsJust MeRye
ItsJust MeRye 12 kun oldin
We going to ignore the fact that he jumped over the last dude on the last dunk 😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯
amartolosgr 13 kun oldin
Γαμησε τους Γιαννη.
itsMeAa 14 kun oldin
Demetrius Burns
Demetrius Burns 14 kun oldin
Even deandre jordan had too react
djacks247 14 kun oldin
2:45 did he call him 'The Alphabet'? I guess it took a while to get a good nickname going.
"The alphabet" 😂😂😂😂 lol
get handles
get handles 15 kun oldin
He really be euro stepping from the 3 pt line
Godwin James Apuede
Godwin James Apuede 15 kun oldin
Everybody who dosen't know how to pronounce his name here it is yannis ah-de-to-kum- bow= giannis antetokounmpo
Balthazar Rivière
Balthazar Rivière 16 kun oldin
Learn how to fly reference
TyKizer 17 kun oldin
Giannis is basically UNSTOPPABLE, only reason I'll say he's not the best right now is because he can't hurt you from the 3 point line....... YET. Harden can put your lights out from almost anywhere on the court and drive in on you with those floaters. There's others in this conversation FOR SURE but for me right now it's these two for MPV this year.
YouFxckin Suck
YouFxckin Suck 17 kun oldin
Ohhhhhh He caught a bodyyyyh
Juan Pedro Parra Damián
New Jordan??
Charlie Huber
Charlie Huber 18 kun oldin
4:55 Look at Aldrich lol he actually moved out of Giannis' way...
77 k
77 k 19 kun oldin
Best player in NBA by far
Edison cambaya
Edison cambaya 19 kun oldin
Wow... beautiful Euro step !
פ צ
פ צ 20 kun oldin
I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA 20 kun oldin
he is Nigeria..Thank u Nigeria for africa
TheBloodReaper 21 kun oldin
Renato Kovačič
Renato Kovačič 22 kun oldin
i wonder how he dunks if he get LUKA THE CLUTCH in hims team ^^ Will be a unstoppable team like golden states
Wally Thompson
Wally Thompson 22 kun oldin
Mario ramirez
Mario ramirez 22 kun oldin
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 22 kun oldin
Great talent but god damn if only I knew they didn’t count traveling in the nba hahaha
Brandon Velez
Brandon Velez 23 kun oldin
Notice how these are mostly against the Knicks😂😂😂
martin happy
martin happy 23 kun oldin
a rising star
Mare Riki
Mare Riki 24 kun oldin
Number one is sick but the commentators make no mention of the fact that he literally jumped over the guy!
Eric Radle
Eric Radle 24 kun oldin
Great video, but you forgot the one on Jon Leuer. That one was wicked.
Gianni Chetta tenor
Gianni Chetta tenor 25 kun oldin
The nowadays Dr. J
Neng Xiong
Neng Xiong 25 kun oldin
thee most athletically gifted 6'11 ever period
SportsGamingCubing 25 kun oldin
Lol like half of these are on Aaron Baynes 😂😂😂😂
unkle ace
unkle ace 25 kun oldin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin loves you Giannis Antetokounmpo. #1 GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
Jarett Bousquet
Jarett Bousquet 26 kun oldin
How man. Just how lol most people don’t realize how big the paint is on an NBA court. Its one thing to be told it’s dimensions and another to play on one and see it yourself. This dude is dunking from outside the paint on some of these lol
Larsoti 26 kun oldin
Looks like sci-fi movie...
charles nwankwo
charles nwankwo 26 kun oldin
Ade, you are something else men. Wow. You fly!
Σωτηριος Κουτρας
The best NBA player!!!!
Char. Fotopoulos
Char. Fotopoulos 28 kun oldin
Abylaikhan 28 kun oldin
He is worst nightmare of his opponents
Benny Candra
Benny Candra 28 kun oldin
His enemy is injury
Grand Jeep
Grand Jeep 28 kun oldin
He should be in the dunk contest not those weak dunkers that got 50 points for a regular dunk.
rimothy timothy
rimothy timothy 28 kun oldin
Giannis = The Rim Reaper
Haha that's a good one
Marcel Long
Marcel Long 29 kun oldin
my face hurts from grittin on every dunk...😡 hes the future...!!😀
Haekal Abdurrahman
Haekal Abdurrahman 29 kun oldin
giannis not a human
Cass Cane
Cass Cane 29 kun oldin
I don't know about America when they to hype everybody about somebody they do it regardless and people follows... what's special about 7 foot dunking the ball .how about boban... Nate Robinson, Russell Westbrook, shannon brown those are the freaks
Chicken Knife
Chicken Knife 29 kun oldin
8 looking clean
Muffin 29 kun oldin
Giannis AttemptToKillYou
Geison Blax
Geison Blax 29 kun oldin
Mbape is a great basketball player too
Sonny Blaze
Sonny Blaze Oy oldin
The most dominant player in the zone right know period.
Danilo Gaerlan
Rodman can stop him.........
Will Dupe
Will Dupe Oy oldin
Giannis driving to the rim making his defenders looking like highschoolers bruh
sam 11
sam 11 Oy oldin
Dunk beast!
TKG DeAgLe Oy oldin
Wheres the curry to giannis all star dunk
This video is 3 months old that didn't happen yet
Zack Rose
Zack Rose Oy oldin
Remember when Jordan stretched out his hand like Mrs. Incredible in Space Jam? Well that’s Yannis on the regular
HelleneSpirit Oy oldin
Bravo Γιάννη σε ευχαριστουμε για το υπεροχο θεαμα.one of the best players ever played basketball
Pubg xery Joke
Hes not human
The Interesting Carrot
He reminds me of Hakeem
Mark Young
Mark Young Oy oldin
His eurostep is unstoppable jesus christ
Enzo Bertolo
Enzo Bertolo Oy oldin
Starts a euro step before free throw line then ends up dunking it
carpentry tools
he jump over a guy
Ty Mountain
Ty Mountain Oy oldin
Rip Aron Baynes
Locked In
Locked In Oy oldin
I love Giannis
Addgear Magia
Addgear Magia Oy oldin
How to travel?
beanie0112 Oy oldin
Just look at how far he jumps from on a lot of these dunks...jesus christ!
Denis Jerkovic
Every time you think nah thats a layup, this guy stretches out and dunks
Aris Tsihlis
Aris Tsihlis Oy oldin
The Second coming of Shawn Kemp! Only with a better work ethic!
1diggitech Oy oldin
Mf got Inspector Gadget Go-Go stretch arms.Young man is a beast.