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Giannis Antetokounmpo's Top 34 Freakish Dunks of His NBA Career

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As we celebrate Giannis Antetokounmpo's 24th birthday today, let's take a look at his top 34 freakish dunks of his NBA career!
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6-Dek, 2018

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Maeco Syxthyn
Maeco Syxthyn 19 soat oldin
He must back on slam dunk contest.
Josh 23 soat oldin
Baynes gon learn to stop trying him lol
loutsmike Kun oldin
Jerwin Arevalo
Jerwin Arevalo Kun oldin
Your the best Giannis..the hard dunker active player ..in NBA..
Nightowl333 Kun oldin
Dunk number 7 should be 1 or 2. Time to think about the dunk contest soon my man. This guy will be a legend. 5:06
DottleCap Kun oldin
Did they show 34 dunks because Giannis’ number is 34?
Keila Flores
Keila Flores 2 kun oldin
Giannis cant live without his Milko
Janet Horowitz
Janet Horowitz 4 kun oldin
This is a memmorial for all the ppl that couldnt get out of his way 10 ft away from the rim. Also R.I.P the rim. Like to pay respects
Eric Koo
Eric Koo 8 kun oldin
its all over boston
Lebogang Tooka
Lebogang Tooka 8 kun oldin
The most beautiful dunks ever
mike sauce
mike sauce 9 kun oldin
Poor knicks
twrkhanasparukh 10 kun oldin
6:45 Mcenroe face expression pretty much sums it up: What the sheet...
Yiyan Li
Yiyan Li 10 kun oldin
The last one is unbelievable..........
Sof Laney
Sof Laney 11 kun oldin
this man flies
OK 11 kun oldin
Hes got that Jordan hang time
SunaKhei93 11 kun oldin
The number three!! Is it just me that thinks that he's like a freaking ninja mid-air with that double pump dunk?
Draymond Green Gaming
lol anyone notice at 4:53 knicks player is just lying face flat on the floor
Bryson Kahue
Bryson Kahue 11 kun oldin
2:45 that nickname got me dying lmao
TreZip DaGreat
TreZip DaGreat 11 kun oldin
Hall of Famer number 15 pick all GMs and scouts should be fire
Lerico Salvador
Lerico Salvador 12 kun oldin
"Followed by the alphabet." 😂😂😂
BenchCam 13 kun oldin
Check out my latest video on nba referees, it would mean a lot to me!
Jayson Amoroto
Jayson Amoroto 13 kun oldin
Crystal Anyiam
Crystal Anyiam 14 kun oldin
My fav player❤🔥
RaGe_ASHTON 14 kun oldin
I am the biggest die hard fan that is not a band wagon
Shaming Gaming
Shaming Gaming 15 kun oldin
Imagine a seven foot monster running full speed at you What do you do?
Mishari ALharshan
Mishari ALharshan 15 kun oldin
The mbappe of basketball He resumabled him when he was bold LoL mbappe is the football best young player in only 19 years old he helped France won their second World cup wearing the number of the best France footballer of all time the one who brought the first world cup to paris Zinedine Zidane
S’More Sports
S’More Sports 16 kun oldin
I thought #7 was the best personally.
Nicholas Korahais
Nicholas Korahais 17 kun oldin
youre gonna be the best giannis,respect and much love from the london greeks.
Manos Kritikos
Manos Kritikos 18 kun oldin
Next video better be 340
Παναγιώτης Δακτυλούδης
Everyone else in NBA is doing the eurostep. Giannis is doing something else...
Max Hirsch
Max Hirsch 19 kun oldin
Needs to show up at the dunk contest
Big Bro
Big Bro 20 kun oldin
Hope soon he can dunk in the line of free throw..I think he can because he is flying in the air..
Big Bro
Big Bro 20 kun oldin
Real Air Jordan can dunk in a free throw line..
TheRadFactor 21 kun oldin
Some decent ones but most are hardly "freakish" by NBA standards. But we live in a time where everything is exaggerated.
TheRadFactor Kun oldin
LoL. A troll trolling people by calling them trolls.
Randall the kid
Randall the kid 2 kun oldin
Guaranteed you couldn't do at least one of these even if you tried.... so keep hating troll 🙄
Meshell Karate Life
Meshell Karate Life 21 kun oldin
Kevin Peña
Kevin Peña 22 kun oldin
One day... he will go into his true form and do fadeaway dunks from the 3 point line
Todd fisher
Todd fisher 22 kun oldin
A Greek god 🚫🧢
Babbo Natale
Babbo Natale 22 kun oldin
Aggelos Daskalakis
Aggelos Daskalakis 22 kun oldin
No.26 is the best
Nicos Frangeskou
Nicos Frangeskou 22 kun oldin
Why you all want him to develop a 3 point shot. Why? The guy is remarkable in the paint. Love to watch him dunk it’s so exciting .Thats what he does best Shag said it as well. SUPERMANN
Iori Overwatch
Iori Overwatch 20 kun oldin
id stop watching NBA when Steven Adams and Giannis starts shooting 3's fuk that shit! i want some physical plays
Nicos Frangeskou
Nicos Frangeskou 22 kun oldin
Doctor Itachi
Doctor Itachi 23 kun oldin
Bogdanovic is best!!!
Bling Productions
Bling Productions 24 kun oldin
1:31 look at deandre Jordan’s face 😂
MattyBRaps Fans
MattyBRaps Fans 24 kun oldin
We love you Greek Freak🥰
Hayden Toltzmann
Hayden Toltzmann 25 kun oldin
Like half of these were on the Celtics or the Knicks
CO8izm 25 kun oldin
Might end up dunking on 500+ ppl when he's done
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 26 kun oldin
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Yansen Christian
Yansen Christian 26 kun oldin
y'all know his knee could kill somebody so ain't nobody stop him in 1 on 1 situation 😂
Fly Sü
Fly Sü 27 kun oldin
Angelina Stratakos
Angelina Stratakos 27 kun oldin
Ο καλύτερος!!!💓🏀🇬🇷