Giannis Antetokounmpo UNREAL Career-HIGH 2017.10.21 vs Blazers - 44 Pts, Clutch D, UNSTOPPABLE!

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22-Okt, 2017




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P1pfy 11 kun oldin
Nigga giannis really fouled mccolum😂
GHETTO BENDER 26 kun oldin
I Hear MVP!
Steal Giannis and miss 2 free throws - Steal Giannis and Dunk - Block Giannis - Steal Bledsoe. Last Minute Defence vs Offence 4 - 1
Matthew Nustad
Henry D. Ojinere
must be mvp must
ΑΝΤΕΤΟ ΚΟΥΝΜΠΟ=2=ΕΛΛΗΝ=AΜΕΡΙΚΑΝΟΣ=ΥΔΩΡ=ΛΑΜΨΙΣ 14 1516 1624 376 1 8 1 8 2 Μεγίστη έκρηξιςΜεγίστη έκρηξις ΛΑΜΨΙΣ GREEK FREAK και πάει λέγοντας.
Pavlos Siannis
He is working very hard, he has got talent and of course he has got a legendary GREEK SOUL.
Maqorri_Wild92 2 oy oldin
Lebron and greek best players in NBA right now .
JJ DUNK GOD12 3 oy oldin
That D though 🔥🔥🔥😱😱😱
michael lee
michael lee 3 oy oldin
The smallest or nearly the smallest TV market in the NBA has an arguably top 2 or 3 player that is must see TV. Giannis is fantastic. If Giannis can keep himself healthy i think he will become a MVP in the next 1 to 3 seasons. Plus Giannis' current $25 million salary (4 years/$100 million) is a bargain compared to some NBA players. The Bucks 'mgmt' needs to sign another star to play with Giannis to perhaps be in the NBA Finals. Even Jordan had Pippen, then Rodman also. Kareem had Magic. Giannis is no doubt the best Bucks player since the 1971 title team with Kareem and Oscar.
jack flowers
jack flowers 3 oy oldin
The reporter said gimme dat😂
Gamer Guys 147
Gamer Guys 147 3 oy oldin
2:26 he kicked out his foot in the act of shooting that is a foul
dk thagreat
dk thagreat 3 oy oldin
Not to hate or nun, but giannis be traveling like a mfer 😭
Kaleb Pyle
Kaleb Pyle 3 oy oldin
Why is thon maker not starting yet
tyrell jones
tyrell jones 4 oy oldin
all he need is to make his threes and he'll be more of a beast
akeem Brown
akeem Brown 4 oy oldin
A lot of traveling going on like the refs don't even care
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel 4 oy oldin
he'd average 30 if he worked on his jumper
victor bravo
victor bravo 4 oy oldin
Oh Giannis you beutiful unicorn
414MrMilwaukee 4 oy oldin
Leonard Tapang
Leonard Tapang 4 oy oldin
Nurkic did'nt know who he messing with..
Daniel Del Bot Jerez
This dude relies more on his athleticism that LeBron lol.
Janis Jansons
Janis Jansons 5 oy oldin
Imagin if Basketball wasnot invented what would he do whit that body ? :D
Unpopularnun Xbox360
The reach on the end😂
He Andy
He Andy 5 oy oldin
most watchable player besides kevin durant, he will definitely be one of the best players starting next year
Krantonimore 5 oy oldin
Looking at all these comments now is crazy
Make Bucks Like Milwaukee
DO you know who you’re messing WITH!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣
Super saiyan Trap ninja
my season high rn is 35 points im 13
Original L
Original L 5 oy oldin
Wilt avg more than this in 1 season
lala神 5 oy oldin
How many reb,ast,stls,blocks
lala神 5 oy oldin
How many rev,ast, blocks,stls.
Killer x Diamonds
2k should give giannis at least a C on 3pt
Jacob Isai Balladares Zelaya
Amazing, this man is of other world
Logan Harter
Logan Harter 6 oy oldin
Even with giannis going off or calling for iso. Im tired of seeing 4 people behind the 3pt line while giannis goes to work. He has no where to pass! Im glad budenholzer took over that shit show. Now we're gonna be decent since we have a plan. Even without Jabari.
Logan Harter
Logan Harter 6 oy oldin
Name a better player in the NBA. No LeBron James is not better than giannis. Giannis has better defence and can get to the hoop better. Only thing LeBron has is passing.
Jam 6 oy oldin
LeBron has higher IQ, better Playmaker, Faster, better shooter and is more feared
Logan Harter
Logan Harter 6 oy oldin
JaySnipes LeBron ain't shit. Maybe in his prime he's better but not now. I just think giannis is a better teammate.
Jam 6 oy oldin
Giannis ain't touching Bron fam
264alpha 6 oy oldin
If giannis gets a jumpshot the bucks are winning the champion ship
Nick Gourbatsis
Nick Gourbatsis 6 oy oldin
Lets go Giannisssss!!!
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 6 oy oldin
Gianinis antetoGOATpo
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger 6 oy oldin
Who needs a king when you have a God.
Sakis Koutsouras
Sakis Koutsouras 7 oy oldin
R2O TOSTY 7 oy oldin
Cacti X Boss
Cacti X Boss 7 oy oldin
I’m from the future and i saw that When he becomes 24-25 years old Milwaukee bucks will have alot of bandwagoners. And also he will become mvp.
Ferdinand Roquero
improve your outside shooting master. after dat u gonna unstoppable :) :)
Tristan -
Tristan - 7 oy oldin
1st clip travel
Leohardson Stevenson
1:54 was traveling
帥哥基德 9 oy oldin
2:04 Another one push his body again
Fishnake Free Fire Battlegrounds
william bryant
william bryant 10 oy oldin
I got a felling that the bucks will be the next dynasty after golden state all they need a star pg to get them to the next level.
Luca Savino
Luca Savino 10 oy oldin
Ahah the 'long arm of the law'
İnniAbdullah 11 oy oldin
İf nurkic were a real basketballer, he could have done some fake and go easy to the rim... But no, he had to toss the freak!
Splash King
Splash King 11 oy oldin
Is It Too Much?
2 kun oldin