Giannis Gets REVENGE On Entire Knicks & Receives Standing Ovation From The Crowd! Bucks vs Knicks

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Gets REVENGE On Entire Knicks After Mario Hezonja Stepped Over Him & Receives Standing Ovation From The Crowd! Bucks vs Knicks December 25, 2018-19 NBA Season
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25-Dek, 2018

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Michail pale
Michail pale 2 kun oldin
🇬🇷 🇬🇷 👑 👑
Michail pale
Michail pale 2 kun oldin
Ο μπαμπάς σας
hiimroselover 20 kun oldin
1:19 thanks for flying with Giannis Airline
csyd22 20 kun oldin
MVP for real this season
I'm Just Saiyan
I'm Just Saiyan 20 kun oldin
If that jumpshot continues to develop and even turn into a reliable 3, he will be on the NBA mount Rushmore by the time he retires
I'm Just Saiyan
I'm Just Saiyan 20 kun oldin
Dont mock someone better than you lol
Isaac Barrow
Isaac Barrow 20 kun oldin
This dude is scary good
THUNDER05XD 22 kun oldin
Happy New year to you who is reading this
D 22 kun oldin
Who's that guy? No Giannis the other???
MrRod 22 kun oldin
giannis the ped freak....
MarKy Sisor
MarKy Sisor 22 kun oldin
Fuck Mario Hezonja
Cjxtreme66 22 kun oldin
I missed the standing ovation. Can anybody point it out?
Salvatore Anzalone
Salvatore Anzalone 22 kun oldin
Even the boy Adam Sandler liked that dunk
Lukas Helmhart
Lukas Helmhart 22 kun oldin
Lo hezonja acting line he dinked over giannis is just too hilarious lol
Jarren Cephus
Jarren Cephus 22 kun oldin
Like if number 8 is a bum
Brandon Ruggiero
Brandon Ruggiero 22 kun oldin
Let’s not forget that giannis is the reason the knicks don’t have porzingis smh
BJDubb 22 kun oldin
1:55 5 steps, no travel. Can anybody explain this to me? I don't hate Giannis, I just want to know how this travel slipped.
Donntavius Graves
Donntavius Graves 22 kun oldin
Damn... Knicks can't even get love In there own garden. SMH
Michael Lao
Michael Lao 23 kun oldin
"Giannis Gets REVENGE On Entire Knicks & Receives Standing Ovation From The Crowd!"... not a single person standing in the crowd...
Karl Ivan Ramirez
Karl Ivan Ramirez 23 kun oldin
Giannis Antedubidubidapdap
Leonardo Arcangelo
Leonardo Arcangelo 23 kun oldin
Chaz Etheridge
Chaz Etheridge 23 kun oldin
He’s getting scary good....
the epic noob
the epic noob 23 kun oldin
Fear the dear💪🦌
M3l203 23 kun oldin
This must be what watch wilt chamberlain felt like.
D34TH Born2Die
D34TH Born2Die 23 kun oldin
@1:17 Giannis went from half court to the vicious dunk with one dribble!
Pavlos Tragopoulos
Pavlos Tragopoulos 23 kun oldin
1:46 was that Adam Sandler?
yourmaid rem
yourmaid rem 23 kun oldin
Giannis op. A really tall guy with incredible speed plus a quick euro step then dunk and a foul.
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 23 kun oldin
Where that disrespectful Scrub that stepped over him for 10 secs of fame? 😂
Bertini Jean
Bertini Jean 23 kun oldin
Giannis should get MVP tho l Like this comment if I’m right🏆🏆🏆
cene 23 kun oldin
Zenimaer 23 kun oldin
0:00 what a traveling
Get right Witcha
Get right Witcha 23 kun oldin
This man loves this arena 😭😭
ismail adan
ismail adan 23 kun oldin
Respect to this man, honestly its a motivation for all people, he used to be a stateless man yet he is weapon in the nba now.
richard d.
richard d. 23 kun oldin
stupid white nigga walking over giannis, big mistake
dee hov
dee hov 23 kun oldin
I never liked him ... still don’t . 🤷🏽‍♂️🖕🏽
Bilal Kamal
Bilal Kamal 23 kun oldin
Lioeeezzyy Coloma
Lioeeezzyy Coloma 23 kun oldin
Is it me or the first dunk by the knicks player is actually and offensive foul bec of the left elbow??
Maxime 23 kun oldin
Holy Giannis with a jumper that’s hella scary
Ace Vortex
Ace Vortex 23 kun oldin
ok im from wisconsin and i love the bucks but the dude that stood over him sucks i bet giannis was behind you when he tried to dunk it do it again and he'll block it
Jewry Hernandez
Jewry Hernandez 23 kun oldin
He's good... But you guys gotta get your titles together how did he get revenge if he ain't dunk it on anybody 😒
Michael Au
Michael Au 23 kun oldin
Play it in slo mo the dunk was like 3 or 4 steps
NetherworldMicro 23 kun oldin
*For Christmas, Knicks got karma*
Will 23 kun oldin
Narrator be like: attetokumpo / kuroculumpo / ttantankumpo / trumpkumpo
Viki Paselio
Viki Paselio 23 kun oldin
His Jumper was the only thing that I hoped for him to get better on to fuckin even dominate people even more
Chadmon Jackson
Chadmon Jackson 23 kun oldin
Adam Sandler say OOoooo
shaoiliu 23 kun oldin
That's what special about New York. They can be a hostile place to play in, but if they see you busting your ass and putting on a show, they will give you love.
South Of Heaven
South Of Heaven 23 kun oldin
That Bucks jersey looks like "Ariel" detergent soap packaging.
Κώστας Γαβράς
Don't mess with the freak again 👊🏿👊🏽 #mvploading
Chris Willy
Chris Willy 23 kun oldin
He really think he dunked on giannis
Jacob Roytman
Jacob Roytman 23 kun oldin
Any else see Adam Sandler