Giannis Gets REVENGE On Entire Knicks & Receives Standing Ovation From The Crowd! Bucks vs Knicks

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Gets REVENGE On Entire Knicks After Mario Hezonja Stepped Over Him & Receives Standing Ovation From The Crowd! Bucks vs Knicks December 25, 2018-19 NBA Season
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25-Dek, 2018



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KING HACKITO 3 kun oldin
2 different games da fucc
MARQUISE X ELLIS 4 kun oldin
Im still get mad when i see that dunk. Giannis was behind him clearly.
Adi Da Gamer
Adi Da Gamer 5 kun oldin
Bruh don’t do that to Giannis, seriously he’ll start going crazy on everyone 😂
Dado -
Dado - 6 kun oldin
Hahahahh, antetocunto got owned, raped, humiliated and STEPPED OVER by a white bust. Hilarious 😀
Xander 715
Xander 715 6 kun oldin
Why did the bucks look like the knicks and the knicks look like the bucks
carson pemberton
carson pemberton 7 kun oldin
Mario and Kanter are the biggest bitchs in the league
Basheer G.
Basheer G. 7 kun oldin
That dunk on Giannis then the stare down and walk over was really stupid. He didn't really dunk over him. The guy just went to block his shot last second and he was too late. I'd like to see him try and really dunk over him.
Slap My Nuts
Slap My Nuts 8 kun oldin
I like how when Giannis went to go block Mario was close enough to try and block but didn’t.
King Lebron
King Lebron 8 kun oldin
Hezonja weak ass fucking scared of giannis because he gonna get destroyed
Akashi Seijuro
Akashi Seijuro 9 kun oldin
He has the best footwork so far for me😎
shoqwave 10 kun oldin
Unstoppable force VS moverable objects
CNG Lyroux
CNG Lyroux 11 kun oldin
Why can’t he have a sitting ovation
Ya Boi Chapo
Ya Boi Chapo 13 kun oldin
Hes like the fucking GOAT for freaking ever
Recruit Bot
Recruit Bot 13 kun oldin
knicks fans are so fucking weird, and i am a knicks fan
GoodNight Robicheaux
Yo you can tell he works on his game 💯 Not like No J Ben
vhic santiago
vhic santiago 17 kun oldin
im hoping that he is always in a good shape..
sad boi
sad boi 20 kun oldin
He's humble and he lets his game speak
one random boi
one random boi 22 kun oldin
Why is this just getting into my recommended?
Glenn Timmons
Glenn Timmons 23 kun oldin
Better than LeBron!
Douglas Tata
Douglas Tata 24 kun oldin
Mario u pussy wea u go
Toto Orbegoso
Toto Orbegoso 25 kun oldin
guy doesnt go around defense. he goes right THROUGH it
Justin Y's Stand's Brad
Basketball is an Indian movie but in real life
Fastest Leech
Fastest Leech 26 kun oldin
Standing Ovulation
"So we all gonna act like this foo didnt just make this fanstasy up in his mind with his fucking title of this video!" The very first clip and the second are two different fucking games first of all...and giannis like everyone else would get haeckled for getting embarrassed. and standing o's from opponents arena are not a solar e fucking clipse!
Malick Toure
Malick Toure 29 kun oldin
Is that Adam Sandler
Aristidis Gklaras
Aristidis Gklaras 29 kun oldin
Our greek freak. Oh my god . Greece will fack even usa if this monster plays
So Far So Good
So Far So Good 28 kun oldin
Μιλά σαν άνθρωπος ρε φίλε δεν τι σχόλιο είναι αυτό.
sebb Oy oldin
Μπράβο Γιάννη μου
The timberwolves Guy
Karl-Anthony Towns is the best player in the league
Panagiotis Arkoumanis
+The timberwolves Guy do you
The timberwolves Guy
I agree
Ηλιας Πετριδης
The ultimate respect. That’s Giannis. God bless you brother. Greece for ever. ΕΛΛΑΣ.
Adriel Adran
Adriel Adran Oy oldin
giannis antetokounmpo FREAKISH PLAYS greetings from Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
warpspeed Oy oldin
Adam Sandler has had a close encounter with extraterrestrial basketball activity right there at 1:46...
Jay Jennings
Jay Jennings Oy oldin
Zion is coming..
bass hole
bass hole Oy oldin
Knicks suck ass
Ζιγκόλα Περιωπής
Τερμα ατομιστης...τον εχουν κανει θεο τα μμε..αυτα που κανει τα κανουν 50 χρονια στο nba δεν περιμεναμε τον αντετοκουμπο να μαθουμε το nba.
123utlax Oy oldin
Put Giannis and LeBron same team...
Fuck Kanter. Antetokounmpo made him his bitch.
CarlosM Oy oldin
1:45 My boy Adam thinks he slick, caught him lackingggg.
Yeetus-9 Oy oldin
Never, and i mean never stare down giannis if you dunk on him
Lars Wölk
Lars Wölk Oy oldin
Never thought we‘d see someone as dominant on the drive as LBJ. But this guy goes even harder.
Jordan Lampton
That’s the game Adam Sandler became a Antetokounmpo fan
Awais Nawaz
Awais Nawaz Oy oldin
If Giannis can shoot he might be one of the best players in nba history
Hellenic guy
Hellenic guy Oy oldin
He isn't even 1% Greek guy
Daygojit !
Daygojit ! Oy oldin
He does down hill every time nobody is going to stop him he has too much momentum all the time, if he can start hitting his jumpers consistently like a KG he would be unstoppable
But they still got 10 wins
wallace obrecht
Putaclic mec
Selmir Hrnčič
................. is that a son of Dikembe Mutombo or relative..?
Vencent Silla
Vencent Silla Oy oldin
R M Oy oldin
3:16 The refs, like with Harden, are letting him travel at this point to sell tickets and keep fans happy. Either robot refs will replace them, or three steps after last bounce will become a new rule.
why the fuck is a bum olayer tryna step over a mvp candidate fuk out here mario go back to nintendo
amartolosgr Oy oldin
ξεσκίσε τους Γιαννη
malay ko sayo
malay ko sayo Oy oldin
Stupid knicks! Who was that who stepped over giannis? One move doesn’t make him a superstar. This Canter is a useless big mouth guy! He’s trying really hard to get attention! What a waste.
Ao400 Oy oldin
I can’t believe he stepped over him? He didn’t even know Gianni’s was coming what a fucking goof
Uniyah Nicholson
Good reping our home giannis
Dean Mantyak
Dean Mantyak Oy oldin
Hey Adam Sandler!!
MrTerminator 645
Lol, Knicks fanbase has given up all hope for their team that they just cheer for whoever they play against
Joerel Beric
Joerel Beric Oy oldin
wheres the standing ovation?
Luke O'Hara
Luke O'Hara Oy oldin
Team LeBron or Team Giannis?
Jesse Houston
Jesse Houston Oy oldin
This is the real travel king smh
Heather Stephens
When you think you dunk on a pro but you didn’t and all you did was stare at him and imagine you are actually good.
Starless Galaxy
10 years ago selling papers like a homeless in public..now he is if not the best..one of the best Basketball players of all time
The Walker
The Walker Oy oldin
Μάθε τους μπάσκετ Γιαννάρα
Mauricio Rivas
Thannis, you know like.... Thannos lol
7 ULTRAS Oy oldin
U do not step over the greek freak.... U just don't....
dimitris arc
dimitris arc Oy oldin
Stare at giannis.... Better back it up. Next time remember that the balls of a raged bull will block ur face. Giannis the bull never forgets.
Faze Panda
Faze Panda Oy oldin
Who else saw Adam sandler
Youtube Youtube
Saw him shooting for the first time 😶
εdvιn Oy oldin
Pause at 3:06
efhoulis Oy oldin
Malaka! HO HO HO HO HO
efhoulis Oy oldin
Mario Hezonja....kisses from Greek Freak....
Αpostolos West
4:09 Adam Sadler with his family...with a big WOW!🆙
Michail pale
Michail pale 2 oy oldin
🇬🇷 🇬🇷 👑 👑
Michail pale
Michail pale 2 oy oldin
Ο μπαμπάς σας
hiimroselover 2 oy oldin
1:19 thanks for flying with Giannis Airline
csyd22 2 oy oldin
MVP for real this season
I'm Just Saiyan
I'm Just Saiyan 2 oy oldin
If that jumpshot continues to develop and even turn into a reliable 3, he will be on the NBA mount Rushmore by the time he retires
I'm Just Saiyan
I'm Just Saiyan 2 oy oldin
Dont mock someone better than you lol
Isaac Barrow
Isaac Barrow 2 oy oldin
This dude is scary good
THUNDER05XD 2 oy oldin
Happy New year to you who is reading this
D 2 oy oldin
Who's that guy? No Giannis the other???
MrRod 2 oy oldin
giannis the ped freak....
MarKy Sisor
MarKy Sisor 2 oy oldin
Fuck Mario Hezonja
Cjxtreme66 2 oy oldin
I missed the standing ovation. Can anybody point it out?
Salvatore Anzalone
Even the boy Adam Sandler liked that dunk
Lukas Helmhart
Lukas Helmhart 2 oy oldin
Lo hezonja acting line he dinked over giannis is just too hilarious lol
Jarren Cephus
Jarren Cephus 2 oy oldin
Like if number 8 is a bum
Brandon Ruggiero
Brandon Ruggiero 2 oy oldin
Let’s not forget that giannis is the reason the knicks don’t have porzingis smh
BJDubb 2 oy oldin
1:55 5 steps, no travel. Can anybody explain this to me? I don't hate Giannis, I just want to know how this travel slipped.
Donntavius Graves
Damn... Knicks can't even get love In there own garden. SMH
Michael Lao
Michael Lao 2 oy oldin
"Giannis Gets REVENGE On Entire Knicks & Receives Standing Ovation From The Crowd!"... not a single person standing in the crowd...
Karl Ivan Ramirez
Giannis Antedubidubidapdap
Leonardo Arcangelo
Chaz Etheridge
Chaz Etheridge 2 oy oldin
He’s getting scary good....
the epic noob
the epic noob 2 oy oldin
Fear the dear💪🦌
M3l203 2 oy oldin
This must be what watch wilt chamberlain felt like.
D34TH Born2Die
D34TH Born2Die 2 oy oldin
@1:17 Giannis went from half court to the vicious dunk with one dribble!
George Loukas
George Loukas 2 oy oldin
1:46 was that Adam Sandler?
yourmaid rem
yourmaid rem 2 oy oldin
Giannis op. A really tall guy with incredible speed plus a quick euro step then dunk and a foul.
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 2 oy oldin
Where that disrespectful Scrub that stepped over him for 10 secs of fame? 😂
Bertini Jean
Bertini Jean 2 oy oldin
Giannis should get MVP tho l Like this comment if I’m right🏆🏆🏆
cene 2 oy oldin
Giannis Is A FREAK Of Nature!
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