Giannis isn't an MVP-caliber player - Ryan Hollins | Get Up!

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Ryan Hollins and Jay Williams on Get Up! dissect Giannis Antetokounmpo's MVP chances following his impressive performance in the Milwaukee Bucks' win over the New York Knicks. They also discuss LeBron James' groin injury, along with who must step up in a leadership role for the Los Angeles Lakers.
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26-Dek, 2018

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Ashok Hegde
Ashok Hegde Kun oldin
ESPN - you laid off good people with long careers, and kept this guy, and people like Molly ? What up ? This is some horrible decision making.
Ashok Hegde
Ashok Hegde Kun oldin
This guy may be the stupidest sports analyst ever. It's unreal how dumb he consistently sounds.
Derp Lord
Derp Lord 5 kun oldin
So according to this moron Jordan was TRASH because he had Paxson and Kerr closing out playoff wins for him.
Rashard cooper
Rashard cooper 5 kun oldin
Haven't seen hollins on anything else since he said this shit..lol
Wilbert Varquez
Wilbert Varquez 5 kun oldin
Ryan Hollin doesn;t know what he's talking. First of fall, being an MVP is not about closing games or making clutch shots. As one of your co-analyst said, the Bucks are winning and his stats is insane. I barely see him as a Mavs player from the bench and I can see he's not a smart player, making unnecessary fouls being in foul trouble early in the game that's why he stucks on the bench. Dude, that just disrespectful to say that he's not an MVP callibeer where he does alot, pts, rebound, stl, block, an all around guy just to help the bucks win.You're just ashamed.
Lil' Nelis
Lil' Nelis 6 kun oldin
Hollins talking like he a NBA legend, you just tall and athletic. Thats it Hollins you should be the waterboy GTFO man.
Deiontia Robertson
Deiontia Robertson 8 kun oldin
He said he shoots he rebounds he steals that’s the little things nigga that’s what basketball is
Drug Dealer spilling all of his codeine :v
Hey Ryan Hollins,shut your mouth,pls
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards 11 kun oldin
He has no right to talk about scoring with his 3.7 ppg career average. Learn how to fucking score then talk about scoring.
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards 11 kun oldin
Why is Ryan Hollins talking like he was ever a factor in the NBA? What a joke.
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards 11 kun oldin
Ryan Hollins is a fucking idiot.
Emily Cano
Emily Cano 11 kun oldin
Ryan you were on the bench what would you know about being a “MVP” Candidate
GuyGamer217 12 kun oldin
* Caldy effect * TOTAL...DUMBASS!
oK1NG Sw1sH
oK1NG Sw1sH 12 kun oldin
Ryan hollins is stupid
Corin Bryant
Corin Bryant 15 kun oldin
How many comments and hate will it take to get rid of hollins
Yiannis G
Yiannis G 16 kun oldin
ryan holliins get some fame when say bad things about yiannis , but he doesnt even understand basketball (bless america for the freedom of saying bullshits and get paid )
Mitch mitch
Mitch mitch 16 kun oldin
Ryan's face makes you wanna punch your phone
Kenneth Cartagena
Kenneth Cartagena 17 kun oldin
Lmao Ryan isn’t even good enough to be a back up
Andreas Dionysopoulos
Do the math ppl, do the math!
Athanasios Lianoudakis
right!....and after that...Ryan is dreaming.!..its a big difference between opinion and consciousness mr Ryan!...what are you looking to see a superman as mvp?..maybe..the question is why Giannis have to create more passes...when he can finish it by himself!...if you want to go to moscow from usa...are you going by ship or by plain?..what is more efficient and practical ? the ship?..it is what you just said
Omnipotent Being
Omnipotent Being 17 kun oldin
Wtf is this sad excuse for a nigga talking about? Giannis is averaging 60% fg% during crunch time this year. Crunch time play isn't the main factor or even a top five factor to win mvp. You must be on a top 7 team, be top 7 in ppg, average damn near a triple double and the most important factor is be number one on the hollinger effeciency player rankings. 8/10 last mvp's have been #1 in this category with exception of Derek rose who won because he's on the bulls and Anthony Davis didn't win because he was on a trash team.
Red Blue
Red Blue 18 kun oldin
Ryan Hollins legit gotta be the dumbest guy on television
MrEverest06 18 kun oldin
I know what Ryan Hollins is talking about. I saw Giannis play in the playoffs, and he wasn't as dominant.
Flyhigh Mike
Flyhigh Mike 18 kun oldin
Wtf is this guy talking about
Deo Obaob
Deo Obaob 18 kun oldin
Shut up idiot. Listening to this guy's argument makes my head hurts. This guy is being exposed to other youtube channels. Calling others argument pointless since they did not play a minute in the NBA is idiotic at the highest level.
Sky Tong
Sky Tong 19 kun oldin
3 idiots features Ryan Hollins, Nick Wright, Collin cowherd. 1 dumbass average less than 2 pts a game in nba and 2 white trash who never play any man sports.
Rakheem Allah
Rakheem Allah 19 kun oldin
Lebron faking injuries aka doing GM work
angel max
angel max 19 kun oldin
Paul Karabatsos
Paul Karabatsos 19 kun oldin
Talks about closing out games then brings up westbrook as an MVP candidate
Riot Or diet
Riot Or diet 19 kun oldin
Shaq never closed a game in his life yet he wont say that about him
Paranoid Spongebob
Paranoid Spongebob 20 kun oldin
He dumb asf
SweetLowFat Jesus
SweetLowFat Jesus 20 kun oldin
Let me guess he also said that about Russ, Harden and Curry, ......yaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn.....
Frank Grahn
Frank Grahn 20 kun oldin
Ryan hollins sucks
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan 20 kun oldin
Dude is delusional
Alexander Margaronis
Stats speak for themselves..bucks currently no.1!! this by itself is amazing for the city and fans.. a team long forgotten among real nba team competitors..the transformation from a skinny kid to a beast and amount of work he put..he is not perfect but he is working real hard..he always speaks best of his teammates and coaches..his shot from being bad can only improve ..he is not shooting like shaquille..he is confident the way h plays..he dunks a lot and why not if he is good at it..he flexes when h dunks but at least is not doing it directly in the face of the opponent nor he steps over them..he is just feels powered up by the dunk..h adjusted quick after 6-7 games to the way his coach wanted and its working for the bucks..this analyst is a joke..h wasnt confident when h played and doesnt look also now..did anyone notice how inarticulate he was..h messed up and didnt know how to correct it and h insisted on his mistake..clearly not confident..feel sorry..it wud have been more gracious to say "probably you are right..after thinking about it he is one of the best players out there"..but to say he is not a closer and other golden comments then he could b jealous like Kanter
Mark JESTER Estrada
Mark JESTER Estrada 20 kun oldin
Dont care what Ryan says about Giannis bc he still gonna be the frontrunner mvp candidate regardless. But dude, give some respect to paul george here, he out there balling and no disrespect to russ but paul george has been the best player in okc
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis 20 kun oldin
Ryan Hollins is a hater
Ronnie Alston
Ronnie Alston 20 kun oldin
So now he saying Giannas not the biggest factor on the bucks 🤦🏾‍♂️
Peleg Beck
Peleg Beck 20 kun oldin
Doesn't he look like a DickHead
Mikey Kimm
Mikey Kimm 20 kun oldin
This dude yelled "hey stop it" like hollins was his son lol
mega mind18
mega mind18 20 kun oldin
Who hired him?
mega mind18
mega mind18 20 kun oldin
He says Bledsoe and brogdon but giannis leads the team in every major stat
Popsicle 21 kun oldin
The bucks collapse offensively and defensively without him on the court and you're saying he doesn't have the biggest impact on the court?! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Ryan D
Ryan D 21 kun oldin
He’s right Why Yll casuals so dumb
Theodore savvaids
Theodore savvaids 21 kun oldin
What ar u talking about?? get serious my friend or get another job giannis is MVP get a life u dont like Giannis ?????he is monster
Stephen Javier
Stephen Javier 21 kun oldin
It’s the reason why Ryan Hollins’ NBA career did not last a minute because he is as dumb as shit. So to you, MVP is most valuable player, really?! The other dude realized he grabbed a dull knife from the drawer.
Allen Portwood
Allen Portwood 21 kun oldin
Ryan Hollins you are dumb
NTG 13
NTG 13 21 kun oldin
And he is being paid to say these things!!?????? OMG he is stupid!!! Giannis is #1 in Bucks and the Bucks are #1 in NBA (for the moment at least) So does he know what MVP means??? Its not who is the best player,its who is most valuable for his team and helps this team being in the top seats!!!!!! PS. Stop f****ing say that he needs a jumpshot!!!!!!! Did anyone said that about Shaq?????? Irest my case!!!!!!
D 416
D 416 21 kun oldin
Hollins wasn't even a Chris Kaman or Brad Miller player he was worst than Joel Anthony!
Matthew Torrence
Matthew Torrence 21 kun oldin