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Destination Canada has just released an original series titled “Vacations of the Brave,” on Amazon Prime Video, check it out: amzn.to/2qM87nQ
FTC: This video is sponsored by Destination Canada.
Donate hair or learn more: hairweshare.org/
Shoutout to Briza for helping cut/style Alexis' new wig! @_brizabot
Watch me cut off my own hair: uzvid.com/video/video-7hLZEkRbF5k.html
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8-Yan, 2019

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Molly Burke
Molly Burke 11 kun oldin
Didn't Alexis look great in her new wig?! Ah, this was so emotional to film and I'm so grateful I had this opportunity! It makes all those years of growing my hair so worth it.
Ella Grace
Ella Grace 2 kun oldin
Molly Burke how do you know what she looked like
My My
My My 4 kun oldin
+Jessica Tatavets yay
Jessica Tatavets
Jessica Tatavets 4 kun oldin
I JUST made the like count 3k! Hooray!
My My
My My 4 kun oldin
How did you see it
Makayla Christman
Makayla Christman 4 kun oldin
When you went through the process of growing your hair, I was too. My hair was down to my hips and I donated it to hair we share as well, after you introduced it to me, and I cut it slightly lower than my ears. I am so happy I was able to donate and it was a big change for me. I cut it only two days before starting middle school. This experience was so eye opening to me and I am so happy I could do it. Sometimes you forget what others are going through when you aren’t in that same position. Thank you for sharing this amazing cause for me to donate my hair to. ❤️
mary conlon
mary conlon 16 daqiqa oldin
Okay but where did she get her top? I love it so pink and off the shoulder
Slick Sly slaying Foxes
Charlotte W
Charlotte W Soat oldin
Looks great on her!
Julia Mays
Julia Mays 2 soat oldin
did you just buy a girl with alopecia AN EYELASH CURLER LMAO
Sfx by kiwi
Sfx by kiwi 3 soat oldin
She looked like she hated it 😂
ASL Alissa
ASL Alissa 9 soat oldin
Allure Well being
Allure Well being 11 soat oldin
Sometimes...I just forget molly is even blind unless she keeps sayin it again n again
Kate and Paris
Kate and Paris 11 soat oldin
I’ve been growing my hair for 5 years and just cut it to a bob. I cut off 16inches of blonde super thick and healthy hair and I’m going to send it to the little princess trust to help someone who needs it x
oh hi mark
oh hi mark 16 soat oldin
Oh my goodness I have incredibly thick hair and I don't know how you coped with that length! I can't let mine grow beyond slightly below my shoulders because it's so stupidly thick, even if I get layers to thin it out. I'm the same though, my hair has become a really central part of my identity. For me though this was a good thing, I've been hiding behind it (literally and metaphorically haha) for years because I've got such low self esteem. My interestingly coloured hair has given me confidence but has also been a crutch in many ways. Just as some people rely on makeup, I rely on my hair.
Deleeete Mei
Deleeete Mei 17 soat oldin
The laugh of the mom in the background was so cute
Melanie_k 20 soat oldin
Awe, your amazing boo. She looks outstanding 💕💕
Hope Singing Life
Hope Singing Life 21 soat oldin
This is so sweet and so amazing 💜
Kenzie Jenkins
Kenzie Jenkins 23 soat oldin
oh my gosh molly i am Kenzie this is amaze balls if you see this comment i am a sucker for you i watch your videos all the time and i love you please give me a shout out and i love what you did i actually donated my hair one time and i felt so good and just so you know i am nine years old and i have never commented to you because i was scared and i was on my mothers acount but now i have my own laptop on my account l love you
Gacha Kit !
Gacha Kit ! 23 soat oldin
7:18 when she meets alexis
Oona Patricia
Oona Patricia Kun oldin
It really suits her!
Playing With Me!
How can u read comments if ur blind
Alexis Katsikas
Alexis Katsikas Kun oldin
Omg that girl you donated to is like the same age and has the same name as me!
Janet Goode
Janet Goode Kun oldin
Many many members of my family have forms of Alopeica. It’s oddly weird that it’s not as normalised.
Lisa Donaldson
Lisa Donaldson Kun oldin
You're one of my favorite youtubers
Oliver Webb
Oliver Webb Kun oldin
This is so damn amazing!!! I love this!!!
Allyson Hanson
Allyson Hanson Kun oldin
Questan how did you read the comments?
SYW Kun oldin
I'll stop complaining that my hair is so "short"
Maddhatter Emojividsrock12
So sweet
Julie RocketQueen
Molly your hair and your outfit in this video look so great on you!!! That’s the best shade of pink hair you’ve had yet in my little opinion and it looks adorable with that shirt & jacket! Just wanted to tell you since youve mentioned before you like feedback on outfits
Flowerhoseokeu Kun oldin
*i can feel how akaward yet happy the girl feels.*
Anouk Plouffe
Anouk Plouffe Kun oldin
Cringe Queen
Cringe Queen Kun oldin
You are so kind and a great role model you show that u can be just a fashionable just as cool just as amazing as others even if ur blind
Kätlyn Nõmm
Kätlyn Nõmm Kun oldin
2:56 she said she can read She never hits herself on anything Knows every single persons location and where to look at She hugged the girl perfectly Seems like she looks straight into people's eyes Etc.... Sounds like blind to me
Madison Is cat
Madison Is cat 2 kun oldin
My mom grew her hair to her knees and finally cut it off to her chin! (My family has very thick and curly hair) So she donated her hair and she has now has a little girl wearing her hair who is living a very bright life! Congrats with doing this because it was amazing!
Izzy L
Izzy L 2 kun oldin
Watching this late cause I'm so busy but awww this is so sweet and I keep tearing up! I have been growing out my hair for a while and I haven't done anything to it and I am really thinking about donating it now!
Doggoroo 2 kun oldin
I'm going to grow out my hair so I can donate it. Any tips? 💖
Ivy Piggott
Ivy Piggott 2 kun oldin
I understand how hard it must have been, hair takes a long time to grow and when you cut it you are starting all over but your hair is still amazing!
25leilavlogs Oleinik
Are you sure you blind
محمد زولاتو
I wish I have a dog I'm so sad
becca marie
becca marie 2 kun oldin
I feel like Alexis had no idea who molly or her mom were.. lol
princessa 7
princessa 7 2 kun oldin
Ella Grace
Ella Grace 2 kun oldin
oof i’m really struggling to believe she’s blind. i’m not saying she’s faking it don’t hate/@ me i just think she makes to much eye contact and. yeh. :() ALTHOUGH! THIS WAS A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO 😍
Monica cookie Cool
Monica cookie Cool 2 kun oldin
All the dislikes are grandmas and thought that the video was sad
Monica cookie Cool
Monica cookie Cool 2 kun oldin
*im not crying you are*
Jessica Soto
Jessica Soto 2 kun oldin
Hair she is
Andrea Omnik
Andrea Omnik 2 kun oldin
I love this video. Bc I have alopecia myself
Cherilyn Sara-Marie
I cut off 2 feet of hair and now my hair is to my shoulders, and of course I donated it
Ryan Rose
Ryan Rose 2 kun oldin
Jealous!! Pigs are my favorite animal!!
frkle 2 kun oldin
I don’t believe she’s blind
Alexia O'Dell
Alexia O'Dell 2 kun oldin
Omg molly I would love a wig I have such short hair if I make it to long my hair gets thick and greasy 😞
Pastel_ Banana
Pastel_ Banana 2 kun oldin
At times she looks so uncomfortable 😂 but this was a really nice thing you did
Gabe’s Entertainment
How does Molly know the slippers are cute?
FlashBack Mary
FlashBack Mary 3 kun oldin
The hairstylists hair was amazing 😍
Karma The Cat
Karma The Cat 3 kun oldin
Brooklyn Leopardlake
Aurora Reyes
Aurora Reyes 3 kun oldin
Stop at four thirty 5
Summer Kachelmeyer
Summer Kachelmeyer 3 kun oldin
I thought she was blind
Leoa HD
Leoa HD 2 soat oldin
+Dolan twins Fan Edits sure....but first i have a question. Ethan or Grayson
Dolan twins Fan Edits
+Leoa HD aww thanku wanna be friends?
Leoa HD
Leoa HD Kun oldin
Dolan twins Fan Edits love the username and also ohhhhh that makes more sense
Dolan twins Fan Edits
+Leoa HD i think she means about the girl she donated the hair to
Leoa HD
Leoa HD 2 kun oldin
Summer Kachelmeyer she is
Xanthe Wooten
Xanthe Wooten 3 kun oldin
I have a manican head with real hair to practice 4 hair dressing
Rebecca Gomez
Rebecca Gomez Kun oldin
Xtina xxx
Xtina xxx 3 kun oldin
OMG this makes my heart 😭😭😍😍😱😱😱😱 ur soooooooooo sweet and caring
Melanie Rosario
Melanie Rosario 3 kun oldin
Molly's intro be like 👁👄👁
Melanie Rosario
Melanie Rosario 3 kun oldin
Gabby lero I got from
Megan Lacey
Megan Lacey 3 kun oldin
who thinks Molly should have a lot more subcribers. Se really desevers it and btw i cant spell
Tayla Johnson
Tayla Johnson 3 kun oldin
I actually deadass forgot Molly was blind until halfway through the video lmao. It's amazing how, like, present she is when she's talking to people.
Alli Equestrian
Alli Equestrian 3 kun oldin
So I have a friend that had cancer and not to be a Debbie downer but she said that giving donations doesn’t actually do much because it costs so much for those wigs that they don’t even buy them
Potato Man
Potato Man 3 kun oldin
Your a sweet girl! But there is NO way your blind I watch your vids because your such a kind person but it bugs me you lie to all your subs that your blind!!!😡
Abigale Willcock
Abigale Willcock 3 kun oldin
Lol intro intro ve like 👁💋👁
Chelsea J.
Chelsea J. 3 kun oldin
I also grew my hair out for 8 (almost 9) years to donate and people also knew me as "the girl with the long hair" and they would touch my hair without asking. I would keep it in a bun and people used touch my bun. I started to get headaches and neck pain from having it in a ponytail after awhile. I was fed up by the time I cut it. All said and done, I donated 22" of undyed blonde hair!
baylee Brueland
baylee Brueland 3 kun oldin
Molly you're so gorgeous and nice ilysm
Kiara Morinville
Kiara Morinville 3 kun oldin
This was an amazing video❤️
Ndhdhdbdv Shhegzgzgxg
i forgot you were blind for half of this video
kiikat 3 kun oldin
Aww she is such a sweetheart 😍 love her. Thank you for doing this for her Molly! Side note Molly pink hair continues to look gorgeous. Truly so pretty 😊
Isabella Ferez Escarcega
I like her intro 👁👄👁
Ryan Skiba
Ryan Skiba 3 kun oldin
Molly 0:46 i loved how you said i i watched it i loved it wait is she really blind "i watched it" said molly....
fariza abedin
fariza abedin 3 kun oldin
You are the most amazing and generous person 😊 I think you are so inspiring and kind 😁 I can't believe how amazing you are! I love this!!!
CookiesForevs Chocolate
Today, I cut off my hair (it was very long) I have cut my hair before and I grew it for 4 years until I was able to donate it! It’s such a special feeling knowing it will help someone that can’t grow hair and are suffering some medical diseases which is so upsetting I am posting my hair to the Cancer Council and it will turn into a wig so I am so lucky!
maddy Ras
maddy Ras 3 kun oldin
Just me or was her hair really thin¿
Jemima_Travel 3 kun oldin
Hi molly, i would just like to say thank you for donating your hair. I have alopecia areata which means my hair falls out in clumps all the time which means there are bald patches in my head. It is very hard to find wigs that will suit me and are very natural. I thank you again
Enigma Recherché
Enigma Recherché 4 kun oldin
Love this video. She looked amazing. The hair suited her so well that it actually looked like her own. My hair used to be past my butt and when I was 11, I cut it and donated my hair, it's really long again and everyones always touching meeeeee. It's annoying, but nice to get compliments sometimes.
UnicornsAndPotatos 4 kun oldin
Jessica Lord
Jessica Lord 4 kun oldin
i am a ginger and when i was little i also used to have my hair go down to my waist and it was kind if creepy when people randomly came up to me and started petting my hair XD. i ended up cutting it off and donating it. What a beautiful video i love it.
Chronically Hopeful
So nice of you! ♥️
Amel ·
Amel · 4 kun oldin
Creative Soul Sisters
My brother has Alepachia or however your spell it
silberlicht 4 kun oldin
Actually i cried so hard. It makes me so happy when people spread love and positivity to other people, because it's not that common at this time anymore! 🙈😍
NORTH Line 4 kun oldin
Alexis was so pretty with your old, her new hair! Much love in growing and making and giving it to someone who loves it 😉☺😘😍
Just Me Pauline B
Just Me Pauline B 4 kun oldin
Oh my Gosh! I love this video so much! I’ve donated my hair 4-5 times now, I’ve lost count. It would be so cool to know who got my hair, when she said her last wig was from children with hair loss I got excited since that’s where I donate to! This is all just so wonderful!
Lilly Dalton
Lilly Dalton 4 kun oldin
If anyone has seen Alexa and Katy on Netflix I find it so cool that the girl is called Alexis and has gotten a wig for her hair, and Alexa sounds just like her name and they have a really similar story :)
Yaz Başarslan
Yaz Başarslan 4 kun oldin
Alexis is so cute and sweet and she looks so good with her new wig.
pattie khalil
pattie khalil 4 kun oldin
that was so sweet of you!!
Kitty Kat18
Kitty Kat18 4 kun oldin
So cute!!
Jameah 4 kun oldin
Love this video, Alexis is adorable and very sweet. The parts of you making things about yourself though, was annoying.
Jenny Shmit
Jenny Shmit 4 kun oldin
Don't know if it's the place but I donated my hair
_Crafty Potato_
_Crafty Potato_ 4 kun oldin
I donated 9 inches of my hair last year and I always wonder who got it....
Pixie Peach
Pixie Peach 4 kun oldin
This was so beautiful and made me cry. You’re a lovely human
Bvnii 4 kun oldin
im not crying, no u
Hayward Studios
Hayward Studios 4 kun oldin
omg when i heard her name was alexis i actually said “awwwww” out loud.... THATS MY NAME :) and she’s sooo cute in her wig!!
fox the cool fox aswem
How do you know what the stuff looks like😯
Syd’s Nails
Syd’s Nails 4 kun oldin
15:08 for some reason Molly’s voice scared me
Olivia V.
Olivia V. 4 kun oldin
I had been growing my hair out for like 5 years, with some trims to cut off the dead ends, and late August in 2018, I donated 9+ inches to Pantene, which donates the wigs it makes to cancer patients.
Reagan Gordon
Reagan Gordon 4 kun oldin
that’s is so cute ❤️
EvaTheWolf518 4 kun oldin
I have soft wavy and curly hair my mom says people pay thousands of dollors to get hair like yours and I'm like well I get that but people always TOUCH IT
Danielle Lennard
Danielle Lennard 4 kun oldin
I wish I could give hair for a wig but my hair doesn't grow it dials above my shoulders
Chloee Robinson
Chloee Robinson 4 kun oldin
How did she read the comments on her video??
gwen valen
gwen valen 5 kun oldin
This Is so inspiring, I love women who support other women !
Gwen Darling
Gwen Darling 5 kun oldin
I love the childrens alopecia project shirt ;) I used to go to the summer camp they held!