Dolan Twins
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We do what the title says we did. They were mystery tattoos as well.
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25-Sen, 2018




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Mariela Rodriguez
Mariela Rodriguez 2 soat oldin
Okay but why do I feel like Grayson was actually hurt....
Gemma Comenzo
Gemma Comenzo 3 soat oldin
ethan’s such a little bitch lmaooo
Valerie Price
Valerie Price 3 soat oldin
I use my nose... like if you do to 👇
OML yes
Dania Ahmad
Dania Ahmad 4 soat oldin
Please change this outro sound clip of yours where you scream it's irritating AF
{ a l a n n a h }
{ a l a n n a h } 7 soat oldin
Grayson is soo f*cking hot 🥵🔥🥰♥️
Ariana 5678
Ariana 5678 8 soat oldin
Romeo at the start is a whole mood 😂
Gabrielle Ortiz
Gabrielle Ortiz 8 soat oldin
This intro is what I love for
Isabella Everett
Isabella Everett 18 soat oldin
This was filmed on my b-day!
Alyssa Ojeda
Alyssa Ojeda 18 soat oldin
Emma’s phone case!!!!!!
Abril Ulloa
Abril Ulloa 19 soat oldin
20:00 to 20:10 His eyes :(
Leila Thomas
Leila Thomas 19 soat oldin
Grayson you can tat me. I feel so bad I loved your tatoo idea idk why Ethan was being such a little bitch
Abril Ulloa
Abril Ulloa 19 soat oldin
I know Bros fight and stuff but I meaN E did go a bit harsh on gray
The Dead Hits
The Dead Hits 20 soat oldin
Don't press read more Now you have good luck like to activate
Maia Dionisio
Maia Dionisio 21 soat oldin
21:37 R.I.P headphone users
Natalie Williams
Natalie Williams 21 soat oldin
“Use the hand you write with.”
Leanne Friend
Leanne Friend 21 soat oldin
Literally love Graysons reference to Jersey Shore
age r e s t r i c t i o n
honestly smear tattoo ink all over me daddy
Michelle Preston
Michelle Preston 23 soat oldin
Graysons feelings got completely crushed he gave Ethan something he thought he'll like Ethan didn't have too hurt his feelings like that like wtf
Maddie 0.0
Maddie 0.0 Kun oldin
Who else knew who mr game and watch was while he was drawing it
Joy Kiskadden
Joy Kiskadden Kun oldin
I love mr game and watch I knew what it was
Chocolate Bunnies 55
when ethen was geting his tat i saw the sister logo on his leg
Erika Alves
Erika Alves Kun oldin
6:50 😂😭
Anna Cain
Anna Cain Kun oldin
i actually thought grayson did a really good job
sadie skye
sadie skye Kun oldin
gray had tears in his eyes. Omg i want to hug him 😔
Amaani Ghacham
Amaani Ghacham Kun oldin
i urmm shocked that i like the tatoo that ethan done for grayson more but there still both i good i guess i mean grayson is better than him in drawing (i think) but yall are amazing
Paralee Maciel
Paralee Maciel Kun oldin
Romeo’s laughing his ass off 😂😂
Analena Hosack
Analena Hosack Kun oldin
i used my mouse?
Sommer Sekhon
Sommer Sekhon Kun oldin
is it just me or does ethan do that whole balloon glove thing in every video with gloves? 2019 anyone?
Isabella Rodriguez
did anyone else get a emma chamberlain ad lol😂
Amelia Van haazel
At the star i use my nose
CC Squad
CC Squad Kun oldin
I legit clicked it with my nose
Sakuramochi Studios
I love how they don't cut anything out of their vids they just keep it in lol
Rhem_ Dancer08
Rhem_ Dancer08 Kun oldin
Grayson is still my favourite
Reese Benda
Reese Benda Kun oldin
Grayson: "what if the click it with their nose??" Ive litterally been doing that to skip through ads for like 2 hours
annika lovik
annika lovik Kun oldin
I clicked on the video with my nose 😂😂 I’m laying down lol
Naomi Keljiburg
Naomi Keljiburg Kun oldin
Aw poor gray 😥
Carlos Kun oldin
4:59 That's Mr. Game and watch from super smash bros. Ps. I used to play that game on my Wii.
kate jacquay
kate jacquay Kun oldin
ok i see you w that emma chamberlain x wf case ...
Daniel Popovic
Daniel Popovic Kun oldin
Mr game and watch
Wud berry
Wud berry Kun oldin
I clicked it with my pointer finger Ethan
Abigail Humphrey
Romeos laugh at 19:54
Ava Wendt
Ava Wendt Kun oldin
20:28 You could see Grayson’s tears😢😢😢
Rawan 2 kun oldin
Poor gray.
Ms. Cotton Candy Plays
Mr when I fix my hair XD 0.02 😂🤣🤣
Laveen omer
Laveen omer 2 kun oldin
Actually Ethan's tattoo is so nice I love it and Grayson's too 👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻
ChArS VlOgS 2 kun oldin
I love the dolan twins. But in this video Ethan was so rude. Grayson gave a tattoo to Ethan that meant a lot to him. It was a memory between them, Grayson thought out Ethans tattoo, he wanted to bring back there important memory and Ethan was very rude about it. Ethan didnt realize how hard Grayson worked. Ethan was very unappreciative. When Ethan said that Grayson gave him a random, dumb stupid tattoo. Which it is not. Grayson got very sad, and you could tell by his emotions.😔
Ella G.
Ella G. 2 kun oldin
15:45 *I'M WHEEZING...*
Sidney Critchley
Sidney Critchley 2 kun oldin
20:08 - 20:10 will forever break my heart😕💔 He put some much thought and he just... ripped him apart😭
Allison Lipke
Allison Lipke 2 kun oldin
I kinda feel bad for Grayson, Ethan was a lil harsh ;(
Cheap Boyfriends
2 kun oldin