Giving Myself A Lash Perm

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4-Okt, 2018

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hi human
hi human 2 kun oldin
Who sees marble in the background in the intro
Samantha Gedville
Samantha Gedville 2 kun oldin
I can flip my eye lids I learned it from the one weird kid who can do it we’re in high school now and he’s cooler than me.........
Grac The Destroyer
Grac The Destroyer 3 kun oldin
Perm smells exactly like boiled/deviled eggs mixed with Vienna sausages and pool chemicals, IMO. I did my first perm in cosmetology class today and it was the WORST smelling thing!
Basement _Dweller
Basement _Dweller 3 kun oldin
Don't say that kind of thing to me
derpy squid
derpy squid 3 kun oldin
*thinks back to jenna dying her hair red* jenna: GIRL ARE WE FLYING? CAUSE THIS SHIT IS LIFTED
Claire Burke
Claire Burke 3 kun oldin
molly fay
molly fay 3 kun oldin
hey, i did a cover of party favor by billie eilish on my channel! please check it out, link in bio :)
Mussie 4 kun oldin
How Bird Box should of went down. 🦅 📦
Tora Lundgren
Tora Lundgren 4 kun oldin
Bird box is quaking
Oliver The Lazy Cat
i didnypt anderstand enything
Gabbywithdasauce 5 kun oldin
“What you think I breath through my eyes ?”
bi Gurl
bi Gurl 5 kun oldin
Julien's the monster im birdbox.
bi Gurl
bi Gurl 5 kun oldin
Jenna predicted bird box
Scissors and Warpaint
I love how there are so many NEW videos and YET I STILL keep turning on Me Time starring Jenna meebles
Ava Popp
Ava Popp 7 kun oldin
Jenna this is for you . Lol I’m a Virgo to Virgos>Aires
Sarah Ricci
Sarah Ricci 7 kun oldin
Please turn yourself into Dr. Phil
Gale 7 kun oldin
I was literally THAT kid being weird ✊🏽😎😔
nasia M
nasia M 8 kun oldin
Why was this so funny and relatable 😭
Nicole Webb-Videos
Nicole Webb-Videos 9 kun oldin
12:49 Billie Eilish
alexandra 9 kun oldin
Meanwhile, the director of Bird Box was inspired by 6:47 😂
Mellisa Requeena
Mellisa Requeena 10 kun oldin
shes the best😂😂
It'sfreerealestate 10 kun oldin
2:59 I love the mini meltdown XD
sharkshark sharkshark
Jenna screaming while julien hits a whip behind her sums up their relationship tbh
Tara’s Adventures
Tara’s Adventures 11 kun oldin
PLEASE collab with @Branditv please please please 😭😭😭😭😭
Mark D.
Mark D. 11 kun oldin
Kermit walking at 1:52 lmao
albani alcantara
albani alcantara 11 kun oldin
I am that kid who flipped there eyelids,but I'm a GIRL
Rowan Evans
Rowan Evans 11 kun oldin
Kuhoo Not Kuhu
Kuhoo Not Kuhu 11 kun oldin
I dont think u shud be doing that to your eyes
Musical Penguin
Musical Penguin 11 kun oldin
Jenna was already doing the Bird box challenge.
Maya etc.
Maya etc. 11 kun oldin
birdbox who
Bella Mary
Bella Mary 11 kun oldin
I love your videos sooooooo much keep it up girllllllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Claudia Stone
Claudia Stone 11 kun oldin
basically my eyelashes without a perm
Adelaide Elam
Adelaide Elam 12 kun oldin
This is where Netflix got the idea for birdbox
Lucy Sushi
Lucy Sushi 12 kun oldin
Lol she definitely did not watch any or enough videos 😛 funny video though! They actually came out pretty decent for not staying on the silicone pad lol
lilly mikaelson
lilly mikaelson 12 kun oldin
Jenna I’m sorry but I don’t think the beauty store gives out iPads 😂😂 jk
Life with Ezzy
Life with Ezzy 13 kun oldin
Jenna feeds our Needs 😌
Isabel Groeneveld
Isabel Groeneveld 13 kun oldin
The moment you realize you have just spent 3 hours watching video’s with the thumbnail just being a closeup of jenna’s face😂😂😂
Mia Crawford
Mia Crawford 13 kun oldin
Jenna, you should do an eyelash tinting video next!! I really want to try it myself and I am just as dysfunctional as you so I need to see you do it first lmao
Harris M
Harris M 14 kun oldin
BIRD BOX!🤣 Jenna’s hilarious 😂
Kealy Moriarty
Kealy Moriarty 14 kun oldin
original birdbox
Sam Corson
Sam Corson 14 kun oldin
At 2:58 I almost spat up water on my taco
Kymberlyn_gaming 14 kun oldin
9:40 This is so sad, Alexa, Play "everything is glue"
Char Lottie
Char Lottie 14 kun oldin
9:28 wholesome.
These Four Walls
These Four Walls 14 kun oldin
I think all us eyelid flippers are weird with gentle hearts. 😊✌
B. McAllister
B. McAllister 14 kun oldin
1:10 The ghost of Marbles in the back. It's almost as if he's still alive...
mart urb
mart urb 14 kun oldin
Fuck. I shouldn't have watched it on the train. People were clearly bothered by my loud laughter.
Olivia Ambs
Olivia Ambs 15 kun oldin
6:47 the original Birdbox
Corrie Howell
Corrie Howell 15 kun oldin
I have a million questions like HUUUUUUUUUUH
Gabrielle Morton
Gabrielle Morton 16 kun oldin
i cant believe jenna invented bird box. (I know this joke was already said but i came here literally to make that joke thinking i was being original only to find out ~shocking~ im not)
kyle h
kyle h 16 kun oldin
bird box mode
Itz_Leah_ _
Itz_Leah_ _ 18 kun oldin
Legend has it that Julian hasn’t been got back yet
Dalton Ferguson
Dalton Ferguson 18 kun oldin
Where is the snack comment?
Ultra Pam
Ultra Pam 19 kun oldin
Pink is great on you, but stick to eyeshadow. That looks painful!
Russle 19 kun oldin
With the plastic wrap on her eyes she looks like she’s the most fashionable bird box survivor in the whole apocalypse
PhinaLovesMusic 20 kun oldin
jenna predicted bird box with that look
Kirsxxvana 20 kun oldin
6:47 bird box challenge
Adam Holmes
Adam Holmes 21 kun oldin
Jenna did birdbox first
yaya 21 kun oldin
I watched this video when I was feeling really sad and it brightened my day. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face.
Elana Wheeler
Elana Wheeler 21 kun oldin
Denielle Lopez
Denielle Lopez 21 kun oldin
Jenna is having a bird box moment 😂😂
Autumn Swanson
Autumn Swanson 21 kun oldin
The red makes ur eyes look so green !! So that's a plus 😊
Holly Cowan
Holly Cowan 21 kun oldin
Birdbox forshadowing
Niv Messinger
Niv Messinger 21 kun oldin
Jenna is the definition of YOLO 😂 that hurt coming out.
Haidyn Hocklander
Haidyn Hocklander 22 kun oldin
Woo! I'm an Aries 😋 lol
Abigail Adkins
Abigail Adkins 22 kun oldin
Bird Box (2018) starring Jenna Marbles
Kirsten Cabatu
Kirsten Cabatu 22 kun oldin
yeah i gotta admit Birdbox does look wild
Sharon FLOYD
Sharon FLOYD 24 kun oldin
CourtneyJoy 24 kun oldin
Jenna did the Bird Box Challenge before bird box
Ur Local Mum
Ur Local Mum 25 kun oldin
Weird flex but ok
Bethany Sweetbell
Bethany Sweetbell 25 kun oldin
Jenna deserves way less dislikes
Laura Eshelman
Laura Eshelman 25 kun oldin
Bird box who
Emma 25 kun oldin
7:52 Birdbox
Jamie Steker
Jamie Steker 25 kun oldin
Go back to videos without Julien
TwistedBlueEyes 26 kun oldin
Have you ever watched Jenna and realized "oooo, THAAAt's why her dogs are like that." Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, lol.
has never been to ovoo javue
6:51 birdbox??????
dreamyskiez 26 kun oldin
"So its like suffocating your eyes but you're okay??" "Yes. What do you think i breathe thru my eyes?" 😭😂😂 Okay this is a stoner couple i refuse to believe otherwise.
who ??
who ?? 26 kun oldin
6:50 wow birdbox looks so good
Jennifer Swimmer
Jennifer Swimmer 26 kun oldin
I love when you make “ the to much” noise
Esther Sulpizio
Esther Sulpizio 27 kun oldin
Look how much her eyebrows move when she talks👀
Hey it’s Mae
Hey it’s Mae 27 kun oldin
EXCUSE ME! ***my time and I*** 😂😂I’m sorry😂😂
SpoopyWeeb VA
SpoopyWeeb VA 27 kun oldin
Jenna predicted BirdBox.
Kimberly Villaverde
Kimberly Villaverde 27 kun oldin
OMG I laughed so much with this video I love it and I just subscribed
Caitland N
Caitland N 28 kun oldin
Jen and Whatever this is
6:50 the original bird box challenge
Kenisha Thompson
they look like lil sun visors
Nicole Lillian
Did anyone notice marble in the first seconds of the video ☺..... no just me ok
ah kkaebsong
ah kkaebsong Oy oldin
Bird Box is in fact my favorite movie.
Katrina Oy oldin
Jenna predicted birdbox in 2018
mackenzie routh
This video is Jenna predicting bird box, with Julian stealing her phone being the demon
K-Popper Oy oldin
6:51 Birdbox WHO???? 😂
Ali Hassemer
Ali Hassemer Oy oldin
6:51 *birdbox wHO?*
Lexis Abril
Lexis Abril Oy oldin
Bird box who 😂😂😂
Skylar Norman
Skylar Norman Oy oldin
Bird box moment 2019
L J Oy oldin
Grace Jackson
Grace Jackson Oy oldin
Honestly she looked better with the clear rap ON her fucking face
hellgr0wn Oy oldin
I feel offended by your eyebrows love u tho
Élisabeth Arroyo
Natasha Candice Henry
Gisella Eberly
Leakhana Muth
Leakhana Muth Oy oldin
Bird Box clear edition
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