Giving Myself A Lash Perm

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4-Okt, 2018

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awesomekarenn 10 soat oldin
Gabi Maza
Gabi Maza 20 soat oldin
That color green looks amazing on you Jenna
Yasmeen ‘
Yasmeen ‘ Kun oldin
I just love that everyone appreciates her so much. She honestly deserves it
dizzxy Kun oldin
please bring back the kermit popsockets
Madame Kipperoni
Jenna is one of 3 youtubers that write outrageous things in their titles, and then honor them while making it so iconic. I just feel sophisticated watching a sophisticated person fuck around 😂
mr. W
mr. W 2 kun oldin
Silveranaconda _
Silveranaconda _ 2 kun oldin
My lashes do the thing you slaved over naturally.
Arron Eaton
Arron Eaton 3 kun oldin
"Am I ecstatic? I ddddrrrrknow."
Maria Kaz
Maria Kaz 3 kun oldin
1:32 that was me lol still scare my friends like 10 years later and i'm not a he lol
wannabe thicc bihhh
drink every time jenna is stressed
HeroLexx 4 kun oldin
Jenna's eyes after this look like Kermit when he got bit by the spider
nelva kirana
nelva kirana 4 kun oldin
Ms Paperlapap
Ms Paperlapap 4 kun oldin
I dont think thats what you were supposed to do
Brett Fanning
Brett Fanning 4 kun oldin
You should turn Kermit into Kermit from muppets
MaryGrace Eltom
MaryGrace Eltom 5 kun oldin
Why is it hurting my eyes just watching this 😫
Marina Garcia
Marina Garcia 5 kun oldin
I’m honestly crying tho FYI
Rachel Sandercock
Rachel Sandercock 6 kun oldin
4:23 me 😆😆
Isa Wesolowski
Isa Wesolowski 8 kun oldin
This was hilarious
Maria Petrarca
Maria Petrarca 9 kun oldin
Amanda Covington
Amanda Covington 9 kun oldin
This shit was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile 😂😂😂😂 thank you lol
Abigail Kozlow
Abigail Kozlow 10 kun oldin
7:00 she looks like Cyclopse from X-Men!!!😂
Kelly Cochran
Kelly Cochran 10 kun oldin
Wearing a shirt from my alma mater!
Ruby 10 kun oldin
Give julie a lash lift
Lanie Difrancesco
Lanie Difrancesco 10 kun oldin
i was THAT kid
Eat Sleep Rak
Eat Sleep Rak 11 kun oldin
I'm new to your channel, and I love it! I just started my own channel, and I can definitely learn from you and your content!
Maya Alnoor
Maya Alnoor 13 kun oldin
When she said “apply the eye pads” I thought she said iPads (Idk why I’m actually dumb)
Maya Davis-Goodstein
aries > virgos
Dancing 1127
Dancing 1127 14 kun oldin
This is her 420th video
Ariany Gomez
Ariany Gomez 14 kun oldin
Give urself a liberty hawk
Stephan Ryder
Stephan Ryder 14 kun oldin
Carly Bee
Carly Bee 15 kun oldin
Why do you sound so boring and tired?
Collin Young
Collin Young 15 kun oldin
I was that weird kid... but that bitch lost his kind heart. 😂
Zoë Yarymowich
Zoë Yarymowich 15 kun oldin
This was so terrifying to watch. I was sure she was gonna end up blind
your mom smells
your mom smells 16 kun oldin
2:58 - 3:05 jenna in a nutshell
Elyza Lex
Elyza Lex 16 kun oldin
Respect my dreams okay...
that person on youtube
Every time she said (I), I wanted this to show up (👀) Idk why.
Aalia Elfaki
Aalia Elfaki 18 kun oldin
0:34 there’s a tiny dead zombie roach behind Jenna
Gina is a BAMF
Gina is a BAMF 20 kun oldin
i was definitely that weird kid in school who could flip their eyelids.
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos 20 kun oldin
Jenna 😂😂😂 when she wraps her eyes in plastic lmfao
Brittani H
Brittani H 20 kun oldin
Can we please get Jenna’s drunk sex Ed class
crystal hazelton
crystal hazelton 18 kun oldin
Dollie Fashion email
Jenna's 'Me Time' is like a 6 year old doing a craft kit
Hamyle Asim
Hamyle Asim 21 kun oldin
no squeaky toy intro?
JiMiN dAdDy
JiMiN dAdDy 21 kun oldin
use that mascara that like builds onto your eyelashes and makes them longer. and make them fucking LONG BEECH
Sarah Spine
Sarah Spine 22 kun oldin
Girl are you wearing a slippery rock university tee?!
Lauren Cooper
Lauren Cooper 22 kun oldin
1:52 you remind me of Brandi tv
You need a Mint
You need a Mint 22 kun oldin
Holy moly tons of these comments are sad and long
Ruby Heisley
Ruby Heisley 23 kun oldin
anyone else just try and turn their eyelids inside out
Shelby Briner
Shelby Briner 24 kun oldin
Died laughing when she just wrapped the saran wrap around her eyes. This is amazing
original athena
original athena 24 kun oldin
Therese Estrada
Therese Estrada 25 kun oldin
marbles walking away in the intro doe
Tate Petter
Tate Petter 25 kun oldin
I'm that kid That flips my eyelids inside out. It's my only talent.
Laura Lee Roberts
Laura Lee Roberts 25 kun oldin
It was scary, but they do look nice!
Amanda Z
Amanda Z 26 kun oldin
“This guy’s road runner”
lanna k
lanna k 26 kun oldin
hi Friends, every bit helps
LonesomeDoveCall 27 kun oldin
Good grief...LOL...why not just use a regular eye-lash curler??? This whole thing seems like WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much trouble. I mean, seriously, who has time for all this?!?! Entertaining video though; it was pretty funny!
HOB Tube
HOB Tube 27 kun oldin
you look allergic to it! my eyes went the same way but worse... its not worth it!
ulya 27 kun oldin
did she really say eight steps and show five fingers im-
Charm62 28 kun oldin
When Jenna thinks it’s her dream to become beautiful but it’s already her reality... Don’t bash me I just felt like being a cheese ball today
manda grace
manda grace 28 kun oldin
0:46 hi i’m karen i have three kids and i would like to speak to the manager
Letty Be Smokin
Letty Be Smokin 28 kun oldin
julian: "what are u doing" jenna: *blow torching her hair* "im having me time"
Jaclynkay 28 kun oldin
Someone go back to 8:54 when julien hits the counter and says boom... notice marbles in the back he literally is catapulted onto his feet 😂
Christina Lee
Christina Lee 28 kun oldin
I’m laughing so bad right now 🙊
courtney hoffmann
courtney hoffmann 28 kun oldin
I think I’m turning into Jenna a little
Erica Teachout
Erica Teachout 28 kun oldin
I did mine one at a time and it was sooo much easier! And only used a tiny bit of plastic over each lid 🤣🤣
hi 28 kun oldin
Maggie Schmitt
Maggie Schmitt 28 kun oldin
“this. is. me. time. “
Jay VonnGee
Jay VonnGee 28 kun oldin
Omg so cringy. U legit were rubbing this shit in your eye. Everyone=don't do what she did.
Recreate Regine
Recreate Regine 29 kun oldin
Hahahaha my brother is a Virgo and I’m a Aries and this relationship is 100% accurate. I’m dying! Ok I subbed!
Ya girl 1121
Ya girl 1121 29 kun oldin
1:16 There’s only 8 steps *holds up 5 fingers*
Kathleen Illustrated
Y'all. Y'all. Have you seen Hereditary? The super curled lashes glued to the mold looks like the scene at the end with the kid raising his hand in the classroom?! Where his eyelid is all fricked up?! AGHHHHHH
I watched this video when it first came out and now I'm back watching it again because I'm thinking about perming my lashes and wanted to go back and look at Jenna's tutorial. I love this video (and all of your videos, Jenna) SO much, LOL!!! In rewatching this I realized I could rewatch any of your videos countless times and still have a good time, haha! 😊✌👍
EyeC999 Oy oldin
This is the first video of hers that I’ve ever watched, and I’m crying laughing! Are all her videos this good? Is she always this funny?
Briana Wiggins
Soooooooooooo Jenna What About Jenna's ratchet salon and like not pressuring you but...... I think....just saying you........ should dye your hair **cough cough** PINK ....
becca Lavelle
becca Lavelle Oy oldin
Omg i laughed so hard
Aleisha Fowler
Every time she put the plastic over her eyes 😂😂😂
Quaca Mollie
Quaca Mollie Oy oldin
That eye lid kid was me and my old friend😂😂😂😂
Keissespeices t
i used this as the tutorial for perming my lashes
Rosie Hopkins
Rosie Hopkins Oy oldin
The editing in this video is everything
First time on this channel. I want my 13 minutes back. Total yawn fest.
Joanna Berger-Gates
Jenna should try faux freckles for her next beauty adventure!!
A Name
A Name Oy oldin
0:06 maRBle
Toni Hurst
Toni Hurst Oy oldin
I got this exact same kit and my right eye looks bomb af and the left didnt curl at all i look so dumb 😂
sister Jules
sister Jules Oy oldin
kristen drago
kristen drago Oy oldin
Bro I’m cryinggggg
Lliihhzz z
Lliihhzz z Oy oldin
4:53 literally thought you’d jump cut to an allergic reaction. 😟 Haven’t finished the video yet but Godspeed, beech.
Paisley Violet
So my birthday was last Friday and for my birthday I told my boyfie I want a lash perm kit so I can perm my lashes like Jenna because I'm pretty confident I can do it at least halfway better and he's finally agreed so I'm back just to find out what kit to get. Thanks Jenna.
Elizabeth Sanchez
How do you clean your ears? Lol 😂
Rebecca Weaver
Anyone else laughing so hard rn???
Galaxy The Kitty
I'm dating that weird kid you're talking about 😂
Garfield Boris
I love that jenna is actually upset that Julien posted on Twitter
Lily Niamh
Lily Niamh Oy oldin
I had that backwards in my mind ohhhh 😸
Soglossy Tv
Soglossy Tv Oy oldin
Your not funny
Michelle Rodriguez
I watched this 2 weeks ago and now I don't stop getting ads for the eyelash perm...thanks
fitmommie22 Oy oldin
now googling last lift....husband :Noooo!!!!" I feel like I am watching myself Jenna;) Oh yeah hubby Aries, me Virgo;)
HaleySarnali Oy oldin
Still love you Jenna ✨❤️✨
Samantha Martin
Do it to Julien!!
meganserem Oy oldin
If Jenna can’t do it I don’t want it
Bella G
Bella G Oy oldin
See, the last time I tried this, I caused my right eyelid to swell to the size of a gum ball... but for some reason, I want to attempt this again lol 😂
Avery Me
Avery Me Oy oldin
Peach this isn't about you
Shaving My Face
11 oy oldin