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I've been experimenting with Traditional Chinese Medicine lately and really wanted to try fire cupping for my poor stiff back. 10/10 would silently freak out again, hbu?
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The Best of Chinese Medicine in Toronto:
I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes my Nimble Wimble's smile. Let's explore virtual worlds and have some laughs!
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30-Okt, 2018

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@its just me i will be ur friend
Funk Edits
Funk Edits 4 soat oldin
nipslip at 3:26
Ja'Darius Pennamon
Ja'Darius Pennamon 4 soat oldin
what happen
Justin Romero
Justin Romero 5 soat oldin
GatchaKhloe UnicornHere
Some of my family’s did that
animegurl 6058
animegurl 6058 5 soat oldin
Why do people do this
animegurl 6058
animegurl 6058 5 soat oldin
Whats cupping?
Luke Newell
Luke Newell 7 soat oldin
I wish she lifted her chest up during the cupping
Starlise Jun.from.17
I'm confused this is suppose to feel good. I thought this was some type of surgery.
line where
line where 11 soat oldin
Traditional Chinese medicine is very magical.
Artic Wolf
Artic Wolf 11 soat oldin
Did everyone here this music is from toon blast
Eduardo Vargas
Eduardo Vargas 11 soat oldin
Daumn,who needs enemies with a boyfriend like that.😬 0:07
C E Inventor
C E Inventor 11 soat oldin
Cupping is common here in the Philippines but we do it more intense we put the burning paper/cotton inside the glass while its still burning in our back they let the kids try this it hurts when I was 10
BURRITO BOIII 11 soat oldin
Plz turn around
Chieri- Sama
Chieri- Sama 12 soat oldin
My mom already did this
lisey01 fun time fun
lisey01 fun time fun 12 soat oldin
And she does this for us
Evan250250 17 soat oldin
*pls send help*
Amanda Barker
Amanda Barker 17 soat oldin
yor cool
Ariana Faith
Ariana Faith 20 soat oldin
Millions of years of evolutionary advancement... then we have Kassie
It’s ya boy Whitey
It’s ya boy Whitey 20 soat oldin
Boob slip I see
Makenna Pickett
Makenna Pickett 20 soat oldin
im gonna call this cup hickey
Princess Unicornforever
Why are u wearing no bra Gloom?
Natalie Bossone
Natalie Bossone 21 soat oldin
Those are bruises Cassie they will fade lol
Charky32 22 soat oldin
Micheal Phelps doing cupping is gruesome eww
Flying Ace
Flying Ace 22 soat oldin
4:38 It looks like a mama pig
Cp6 23 soat oldin
She thicc
Kryptic 23 soat oldin
night opocoulips
You are getting demonitized
georgedog3 Kun oldin
What was the point of this
Jacob Carrasco
Jacob Carrasco Kun oldin
Most of this stuff is actually a bit "B.S" but, it’s more of a relaxing thing rather than it actually helping with any health (besides relaxing; excluding mental health)
Porkie Kun oldin
how does it help you?
Fergie Diaz Ormeno
What does the cupping do?
Not Zach Z
Not Zach Z Kun oldin
No looking at those side boobage
parleen paramjeet
Landing Dino
Landing Dino Kun oldin
Is it just me or when she laid down and had the needle in her and closed her eyes she looked anime or a Japanese school girl (i dont wanna affend anyone)
Giulia Portelli
Giulia Portelli Kun oldin
Were you naced ???😨
Giulia Portelli
Giulia Portelli 6 soat oldin
Probible no *L Dance *
Hello can you check out my channel Thanks
Giulia Portelli were you ever at spelling school?
donna goethart
donna goethart Kun oldin
And the last time
Gacha Toqa
Gacha Toqa Kun oldin
Omg this is so scary
Race Kun oldin
acupuncture on my back and forehead
Race Kun oldin
arms and legs and stomach
DeNizplayz XD
DeNizplayz XD Kun oldin
Another unfunny dumm porn channel bye never comin back
The sub challenge is dumb Sub if you agree
You should see a chiropractor, they help soooooo much. Whenever I feel stiff, I get my dad to adjust me and I feel sooooo good.
ReMockz Kun oldin
people just came for the thumbnail
Mohammed Alazzam
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer Kun oldin
He is really good
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer Kun oldin
Call my dad
Msplove1998 Lovelykina
My dad has done cups :)
Sypxx Kun oldin
I got annoyed of this being on my recommended, so I finally decided to click it...
MoltoBlitz450 JMB
Im in Winnipeg. And you're in Toronto?
Cat Pug
Cat Pug Kun oldin
Hey the person who is reading all the comments and scrolling down your amazing and love yourself and just be you don’t try to be perfect! 1like = 1person who loves their self!
Marco Jurado
Marco Jurado 2 kun oldin
the holes on the cup is to put a needle and poke u!
Keva H
Keva H 2 kun oldin
Whats the point of cupping????🤔
Rika Agustina
Rika Agustina 2 kun oldin
Oh yeah your boobies is so cute
Mexskywolfelephants Roblox
I saw her boob a little bit
MoonGacha Lover
MoonGacha Lover 2 kun oldin
Naked gloom 0_0
Heather Bowlin
Heather Bowlin 2 kun oldin
0:01 what was That.
Christian Badders
Christian Badders 2 kun oldin
she looked like gloom the pokemon
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao 2 kun oldin
i'm chinese lol.
D3AD M3M3S 2 kun oldin
That intro gave me aids
Tyler Samuels
Tyler Samuels 2 kun oldin
3:00 lmao
Eytan Levine
Eytan Levine 2 kun oldin
Like for turdest
Sofia's Fun Corner
Sofia's Fun Corner 2 kun oldin
“ no your back is very stiff” “ yeah, I sit at computers all day”
Tyre Buckner
Tyre Buckner 2 kun oldin
So hot 🔥 😁❤✌
Chloe Scott
Chloe Scott 3 kun oldin
Tobenna Okoli
Tobenna Okoli 3 kun oldin
Why does she say gloom like that... I love it!!!
Purple player
Purple player 3 kun oldin
wait....whats the point of cupping?
Dizzy Plays
Dizzy Plays 3 kun oldin
What does cupping even doo???
temmie 458
temmie 458 3 kun oldin
When she turned around at the start of the video it looked like a smiley face on her back
MLG MEMES 3 kun oldin
Who came here just to see her boobies
Henco Le Roux
Henco Le Roux 3 kun oldin
That drawings is funny on your back
S E N P A I 先 輩
5:50 :: Kage Bushin no Jutsu
jhn climaco
jhn climaco 3 kun oldin
You Greedy Money You Scam The Old man and little Girl You Scumbag You Trash
Lynn Mowatt
Lynn Mowatt 3 kun oldin
2:21 why does the fire thing look like a marshmellow
Doggie334466 21 soat oldin
Not Zach Z why does it ‘look’ like a mello
Not Zach Z
Not Zach Z Kun oldin
Lynn Mowatt its a corptron ball xD
Lulu Reber
Lulu Reber 3 kun oldin
what's the point 😮
JJ Liu
JJ Liu 3 kun oldin
anyone here because of 阿福?
Heidi Keene
Heidi Keene 3 kun oldin
Ooooooooooh she doesn’t have a bra on
Madelynn Price
Madelynn Price 3 kun oldin
what is this even for i dont get the point
Randy Olmos
Randy Olmos 4 kun oldin
I want to Read more
Nerdy Gamer
Nerdy Gamer 4 kun oldin
Why would you do that?!
JB Byrd
JB Byrd 4 kun oldin
Gloom u r my fav youtuber
Fortnite Propiper
Fortnite Propiper 4 kun oldin
Well this video sucked Hehe get it
Miner 77
Miner 77 3 kun oldin
I already got it Hehe get it
Fortnite Propiper
Fortnite Propiper 4 kun oldin
Lil Sain
Lil Sain 4 kun oldin
am not the only one tarring right
ThatMayBeTheCase 4 kun oldin
7:59 close your eyes and listen for a min :p
nevaeh Duran
nevaeh Duran 4 kun oldin
I feel bad
Hail Storm
Hail Storm 4 kun oldin
I love cupping! I find it really relaxing and it helps with back pain.
briana glenn
briana glenn 4 kun oldin
bro why did the lady force her into getting the needle stuff...
Lele_ Badbaby
Lele_ Badbaby 4 kun oldin
How do you make that noise in the beginning of your intro🧐
Mahogany Simon
Mahogany Simon 4 kun oldin
Doesn’t stay on forever?!?
Akon 4 kun oldin
TL_gaming_with_rex_ playz
Lol \l/
xWinterWolfx7 4 kun oldin
Baking a loaf of skin..mmm...tasty
Michael H.
Michael H. 4 kun oldin
So her explanation as to why the suction is created is... well not accurate at all. Saying that there’s “not a lot of oxygen in there” doesn’t really have anything to do with creating the suction. For example you could have a really small amount of oxygen at a high temperature and not create pressure differential (ideal gas law, PV=mRT). Plus there is TONS of excess gasses needed for combustion to happen, otherwise the burning cotton swab would be smothered. By placing the fire inside the glass the air and glass are heated very slightly. All gassed expand(when heated) and contract(when cooled) with temperature change, so the warm air quickly cools after the fire is removed. A seal is made between the skin and the glass, and the air cools and contracts. This creates a pressure differential between the atmospheric pressure of outside air and the slight vacuum in the jars creating suction on the skin and boom cupping! I’m sure someone already explained this in the comments, but I figured I would take a stab at it
Princess Afia Anima Tandoh
Glooms favorite words is HAPPY DAY IM GLOOOOOM
Fam. Koningen
Fam. Koningen 4 kun oldin
Tahlia Mitsios
Tahlia Mitsios 4 kun oldin
Tahlia Mitsios
Tahlia Mitsios 4 kun oldin
Tahlia Mitsios
Tahlia Mitsios 4 kun oldin
Tahlia Mitsios
Tahlia Mitsios 4 kun oldin
2 yil oldin