Gluten-Free vs. Gluten Taste Test

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Today we see if we can tell the difference between gluten-free and gluten foods. GMM #1001!
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14-Okt, 2016



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Gisel Mi
Gisel Mi 23 soat oldin
i was expecting a womens voice wth
Rebecca Kost
Rebecca Kost Kun oldin
I have to eat gluten-free not because I want to, but because I actually HAVE to. I have to admit, when I stopped eating gluten, I lost several pounds within a few months. It would have been considered unhealthy for a regular person to lose that much weight, but I felt so healthy. I was in so much pain for two years until we figured out that I was gluten intolerant. Over time, my intolerance grows worse, and now I cannot be in the kitchen if someone is cooking with anything powdery that may contain gluten. Because of my gluten intolerance, I had to learn how to cook my own meals and now cook every meal for me and my little sister, who is also gluten intolerant.
Nightmare cat
Nightmare cat Kun oldin
10:31 - 10:34 Im dying I can't 😂😂😂 XD
Is This The Krusty Krab?
3:42 you guys were both RYE-ht bum bum thhh
alexa and mj
alexa and mj 3 kun oldin
Wheat oats barley and riy
Sean Morrison
Sean Morrison 4 kun oldin
Rhett and Link I know you probably aren’t reading this but I have celiac disease and I’m doing just fine. (Though I have thrown up lots of time because of it.) I just really want to say that it is easy to be gluten free as long as you read every label ever to find out if it has gluten.
Grey asexual
Grey asexual 6 kun oldin
I have coeliac disease and it's not very nice
Tuffsmoygles 6 kun oldin
unless you have a very specific disease...you can eat gluten. If you think you have a "sensitivity" I suggest you take part in a double blind test.
Cameron Eischen
Cameron Eischen 6 kun oldin
I broke up with meatballs and now I'm here!
iiXFlower Gaming
iiXFlower Gaming 9 kun oldin
2:46 *"i just got a cLuUe"*
Oh yeah Yeah
Oh yeah Yeah 9 kun oldin
Just by looking at half of these you could guess right, idk how they got so many wrong
Jodiene Crawford
Jodiene Crawford 10 kun oldin
It’s hard being gluten sensitive. Your diet is limited, even more when you have other food allergies. But dear God accidentally consuming gluten on a gluten free diet is nothing short of terror. 😩😩😩
Kiven Hu
Kiven Hu 11 kun oldin
Gluten actually makes fold chewy
xydoit 13 kun oldin
Gluten free is tastier. Why? Much more fast carbs and sugar. Made from corn or potatoes and etc.
xydoit 13 kun oldin
I know that soy sauce brands. So they are all over the world.
xydoit 13 kun oldin
Do a keto chapter. Call it Keto or not.
Crzy Shrf
Crzy Shrf 14 kun oldin
For a second near the start for a second I thought "Wait, what are Rhett and Link's jobs?" Whilst watching a video they uploaded with 7.3M views 😂
Kattychu 17 kun oldin
My cousin has the gluten sickness I’m sad that she can’t eat the things I do
Aras Limaj
Aras Limaj 19 kun oldin
I'm gluten free!!!
Jollie bic
Jollie bic 19 kun oldin
It makes me so happy watching Rhett enjoy the food he eats.
Tony Huynh
Tony Huynh 22 kun oldin
I feel insulted after I saw link hating the soy sauce because I'm Asian
HannahOfferdahl 23 kun oldin
The best frozen waffles Ive had are dairy and gluten free, I found em when I first gave up dairy. Theyve got dark chocolate chips in em, soooo good. The texture is perfect when you toast em
Twila Slease
Twila Slease 23 kun oldin
I like it, as he chokes, way to go rhett
Jennifer Vlietstra
Jennifer Vlietstra 23 kun oldin
Maybe Alex for a boy or Miranda for a girl
Familie Scalia
Familie Scalia 24 kun oldin
watching this video makes me feel sad because i just knew that there are many foods that contain gluten
Alord99 24 kun oldin
Is any one else good mythical night for you
Emma Avery
Emma Avery 24 kun oldin
I actually have to be gluten free and trust me, it is NOT fun!
SadBoi Penguin
SadBoi Penguin 25 kun oldin
I bet your face isn't gluten free
The Red Caller
The Red Caller 26 kun oldin
10:32 Rhett: "It's very good--" *has a heart attack*
Alan Clark
Alan Clark 27 kun oldin
And fix your damn urls to the UZvid video and not a new page for a computer
Alan Clark
Alan Clark 27 kun oldin
Soy and beets are the most genetically modified foods and you wonder why the industry is pushing gluten free shit like you need it. 🤔
Ruby Cornwell
Ruby Cornwell 28 kun oldin
when he said the first answer i got sooooo thrown off like i was just expecting stevie
TheMostrandom4 28 kun oldin
"I think I like potatoes better than Matzo" Me too, Link. Me too. Especially since there's an entire holiday (eight days!) during which it's either matzo or potatoes...
William Meadows
William Meadows 28 kun oldin
One day we will have to look for speciality stores that carry gluten items.
Abby DeRochie
Abby DeRochie Oy oldin
boxed mac and cheese taste test
OreoBro 76
OreoBro 76 Oy oldin
While watching this i got an ad on how to cook without gluten
Isabellla _Grace
I can only eat gluten-free XD! ii sadly think gluten-free stuff like pizza cookies cakes r soo DRY!! it hurts to eat so i eat homemade food and or good places if that makes sense at all
Jessica Rae
Jessica Rae Oy oldin
The only good thing about this diet becoming a fad is that it's becoming more available for us who are allergic
Svetllama Oy oldin
“Deciding” to go gluten free truly makes it difficult for those of us with celiac disease who have no choice. Wait staff won’t necessarily take us seriously when we request gluten free thinking it’s a choice since so many make jokes about gluten-free or do it because they think it will make them thinner. Those of us who have celiac have very real and unpleasant reactions when we accidentally get “glutened” it is a serious matter to us not a choice
Queen Of Voice Over
(Paraphrased) "Back when I covered my entire body with corn syrup ... I broke into a rash" 6:58 Um... yeah Rhett, 5 gallons is not a suggested serving size. 11:57 - Probably for the best Rhett... Syrup wants to be free from you too.
InTraCate Strider
“Just nocturnal things.”
Call Me Noon Noon
Why are they so 🔥
Gianna Joy
Gianna Joy Oy oldin
There is only one place i can eat out at and trust. I have celiac disease. Its from the Irish when they didnt have wheat and only potatoes so the cells and stuff are different and lay kinda flat. Something like that.
Gianna Joy
Gianna Joy Oy oldin
It also had something to do with the great famine in Ireland. Back when POTATOES were their main crop.
Brandon Schilling
Tamari isn't a brand! Tamari is the condiment, and it's a similar but different thing than soy sauce. Tamari is by definition gluten free. Soy sauce is fermented wheat AND soy beans, whereas tamari is just fermented soy.
Anna Fed241
Anna Fed241 Oy oldin
Chewy cookies are so much better than crunchy cookies it’s a sin
Cypress Thunder
I disrepect people who go gluten free just because its a fahd some people have no choice and suffer if they dont eat gluten free
AquaticTuber Oy oldin
For us with celiac disease, we don't have a choice!
Linkyn Yarber
Linkyn Yarber Oy oldin
I got an ad about gluten
Charlotte Williams
Who else got the gluten free food ad before the video?
Twistfaria Oy oldin
Burnt waffles are the BEST waffles! Also I'm sure there are a LOT of things you can eat without harm that when rubbed on the skin would cause irritation!!
madison harper
Either this is the first GMM episode I’ve seen with an add or I’m so engrossed everyday that I never notice them :o
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Oy oldin
Rhet- She had a Big refrigerator Link- she had a big refrigerator huh😂 Rhet-yea she had all kinds of stuff in it Links face😳
Bock Thorsen
Bock Thorsen Oy oldin
No joke there was a red mill gluten free grains add at the start of this video
Joel Maltin
Joel Maltin Oy oldin
I've been able to see and taste differences in food that's gluten free.. I feel like the editor or whoever is in charge of giving these nerds the food is trying really hard to make the normal item gross and unappealing
multigamers M.
How do they do that they make things. interesting that aren't
Kiera Pshigoda
I love this episode. I have either a sensitivity to gluten or celiac disease
Barnaby107 Hi
Barnaby107 Hi Oy oldin
Idk why but somehow I got a gluten free ad before watching this
Kiera Pshigoda
Lol me too😂
Pomeranian Boss
This is awesome im gluten free myself and i was just watching the veggie burger episode of this!
OverVixia Oy oldin
Found out i was celiac last week...
OctoGrap Oy oldin
OverVixia I also got diagnosed a long time ago. Feel for you bud.
Let'sArt Oy oldin
Link preferred many of the gluten free products. And he's a picky eater
Ashley Nguyen
Ashley Nguyen Oy oldin
The ad before I watched the video was about gluten free stuff
Erin Erickson
Erin Erickson Oy oldin
I have celiac disease and I'm very touched to see you do this episode. It's a few years later I find it, but I remember doing this with my brother, having him tell me how great my good was or how close it was to his. Gluten is actually a compound made from a protein combined with water. and the replacement glue is often xanthum gum.
I love matzo ball soup! It’s so good :D Also, I think that people need to just leave those who choose to eat gluten free alone. It’s just like how no one cares about how much protein someone is getting until that person becomes a vegetarian/ vegan, and then it’s all they can talk about!
sarah gargani
sarah gargani Oy oldin
one benefit of the fad diet is that it is easier to find gluten free items for people who need it. what is hilarious is that my mom has a wheat allergy (eating gluten free is an easy way for her to avoid wheat) and when we go out to a burger restaurant she just eats the meat and veggies even though i keep telling her to ask about gluten free buns cause I know some places have them.
Meggs Oy oldin
It lowkey freaked me out not hearing Stevie’s voice
And also the new guy is not saying links name
Sweet gluten free do you contain glue for me
Cadence Sturgeon
RIP Julien Solomita
Maddie Lee
Maddie Lee Oy oldin
To everyone pitching a fit about people going gluten free. I have Celiac’s disease, which is an auto immune disorder that makes it impossible for my body to digest gluten. My body basically self destruct. Celiac’s is genetic, and some people have more severe reactions then others. So some people may have undiagnosed celiac’s, some people may have gluten sensitivity. If you go gluten free and feel 10x better, then good!!! But PLEASE do not go gluten free for weight loss or because it’s a fad or anything. There are SO many health problems that come with a gluten free diet. Please please PLEASE do your research and take this kind of diet very seriously. And plus, gluten can be found in wheat, rye, barley, malt and most oats, only specifically gluten free oats can be eaten by Celiac’s, but if you don’t have a severe sensitivity you could probably eat regular oats. It changes from person to person
JULIA TIO Oy oldin
Going gluten free doesn’t mean that you replace bread and noodles with gluten free bread and gluten free noodles. It means instead of eating a bowl of pasta, you eat meats, veggies, Whole Foods. The reason there is gluten free options is because every one needs the occasional cookie, pasta, cake, pretzel, or grilled cheese 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s not ideal to cut out all wheat out of your diet, so when bread is wanted, gluten free bread is eaten so as to not consume gluten. That’s what gluten free means
mosalini the real dictator
the gluten keeps the soy mixed in the water so it doesn't separate like oil
Jsweizston Oy oldin
My mom makes meatballs for every Christmas too.. and sends me home with a bunch of em for home consumption. It's the best. 👌
Cassandra Chandler
If it’s gritty it’s gluten free because of the rice flour
123 It’s Emily
123 It’s Emily 2 oy oldin
I have silaciac and I don't have gluten but when I go to some restaurants they say we have so many gluten free things so I go in and I ask what they have and they say lettuce excuse me ???????
123 It’s Emily
123 It’s Emily 17 kun oldin
Kochlor 08 so
Kochlor 08
Kochlor 08 17 kun oldin
+123 It’s Emily theres literally a report button for underaged people on the youtube site. Thats what he gonna do.
123 It’s Emily
123 It’s Emily 26 kun oldin
Grggles what u gonna do about it
Grggles 26 kun oldin
+123 It’s Emily your not allowed to have a UZvid account
123 It’s Emily
I'm nine
Yasmin Larsiny
Yasmin Larsiny 2 oy oldin
No you guys have got it backwards ... it actual tastes better when it’s gluten free.. gluten free food is always better try gluten free pasta!
Nitesu Desu
Nitesu Desu 2 oy oldin
Thank you for posting this my brother as celiacs disease and pancreatitis and gets deathly sick if he eats gluten he could pass away. It needs to be a more well known illness because people dont understand what its like going out to eat and your brother having to bring his own food and watch y'all eat hamburgers and other foods so thank you for the awareness on it.
madelaine c
madelaine c 2 oy oldin
celiac here :)
Kate 2 oy oldin
While watching a video of people trying gluten free foods, an ad for a gluten free brand comes on. I actually loled
Joy Espinoza
Joy Espinoza 2 oy oldin
I literally got a gluten free ad before this 😂
MollyWalton 2 oy oldin
I can’t eat gluten when I’m really stressed, it’s not so bad when I’m not as stressed but when im stressed it’s really bad haha
MollyWalton 2 oy oldin
Gluten free lucky charms are AMAZING
Pale LittleShroom
You guys could definitely do a sequel to this video.
olivia stewart
olivia stewart 2 oy oldin
Rhett, you are the first person I've heard of who is also allergic to maple!! I mean, at least you're not Canadian though (eh)
Zaya Battles
Zaya Battles 2 oy oldin
I have celiac disease so I have to go gluten free. its so expensive and ugh I hate it :(
Shokugeki- Sama
Shokugeki- Sama 2 oy oldin
My dad has whatever you call that thing where he can't have gluten
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
I had a meatball a few days ago
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
I like waffles
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
We ran out so I’m eating pancakes
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
Got an ad about some gluten free stuff
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
Macaroni is good
Gabby Metcalfe
Gabby Metcalfe 2 oy oldin
are waffles meant to be crunchy?
Trace Bridgman
Trace Bridgman 2 oy oldin
I have Hashimotos Do which is a tyorid condition and I am technically not supposed to eat things that have glutain. . . ((((But I do it anyway)))))
Maisie Moo
Maisie Moo 2 oy oldin
I have coeliacs and so I have to eat gluten free :D
Maisie Moo
Maisie Moo 2 oy oldin
I know it helps some who aren't coeliac too I think that's valid it wont be better for everyone but always better if your coeliac obviously :)
3rdoftheherd YT
3rdoftheherd YT 2 oy oldin
There was a gluten free advertisement when watching this
Senna Sena
Senna Sena 2 oy oldin
2019 Anyone!?
Potato God
Potato God 2 oy oldin
I can’t eat gluten
Ellie Elkins
Ellie Elkins 2 oy oldin
1 like = 2000 meatballs for Rhett to eat
Ellie Elkins
Ellie Elkins 2 oy oldin
My favourite part was when link was talking and I just was seeing Rhett talking to a meatball like he was having a full on conversation with a person
smooth Jazz
smooth Jazz 2 oy oldin
i got a gluten free cookie commercial
Brandon Epstein
Brandon Epstein 2 oy oldin
Will it meatball?
fallen_star_2319 2 oy oldin
Btw, gluten profucts are a very common and cheap filler ingredient. That's why it's so common in things you wouldn't think has gluten in it.
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