Gluten-Free vs. Gluten Taste Test

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Today we see if we can tell the difference between gluten-free and gluten foods. GMM #1001!
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14-Okt, 2016

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Yasmin Larsiny
Yasmin Larsiny 18 soat oldin
No you guys have got it backwards ... it actual tastes better when it’s gluten free.. gluten free food is always better try gluten free pasta!
Nitesu Desu
Nitesu Desu Kun oldin
Thank you for posting this my brother as celiacs disease and pancreatitis and gets deathly sick if he eats gluten he could pass away. It needs to be a more well known illness because people dont understand what its like going out to eat and your brother having to bring his own food and watch y'all eat hamburgers and other foods so thank you for the awareness on it.
madelaine c
madelaine c Kun oldin
celiac here :)
Kate Kun oldin
While watching a video of people trying gluten free foods, an ad for a gluten free brand comes on. I actually loled
Joy Espinoza
Joy Espinoza 2 kun oldin
I literally got a gluten free ad before this 😂
MollyWalton 2 kun oldin
I can’t eat gluten when I’m really stressed, it’s not so bad when I’m not as stressed but when im stressed it’s really bad haha
MollyWalton 2 kun oldin
Gluten free lucky charms are AMAZING
Pale LittleShroom
Pale LittleShroom 5 kun oldin
You guys could definitely do a sequel to this video.
olivia stewart
olivia stewart 5 kun oldin
Rhett, you are the first person I've heard of who is also allergic to maple!! I mean, at least you're not Canadian though (eh)
Zaya Battles
Zaya Battles 6 kun oldin
I have celiac disease so I have to go gluten free. its so expensive and ugh I hate it :(
Shokugeki- Sama
Shokugeki- Sama 6 kun oldin
My dad has whatever you call that thing where he can't have gluten
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
I had a meatball a few days ago
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
I like waffles
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
We ran out so I’m eating pancakes
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
Got an ad about some gluten free stuff
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
Macaroni is good
Gabby Metcalfe
Gabby Metcalfe 6 kun oldin
are waffles meant to be crunchy?
SonDraFab 7 kun oldin
I have Hashimotos Do which is a tyorid condition and I am technically not supposed to eat things that have glutain. . . ((((But I do it anyway)))))
Maisie Moo
Maisie Moo 9 kun oldin
I have coeliacs and so I have to eat gluten free :D
Maisie Moo
Maisie Moo 9 kun oldin
I know it helps some who aren't coeliac too I think that's valid it wont be better for everyone but always better if your coeliac obviously :)
3rdoftheherd YT
3rdoftheherd YT 9 kun oldin
There was a gluten free advertisement when watching this
Senna Sena
Senna Sena 10 kun oldin
2019 Anyone!?
Potato God
Potato God 10 kun oldin
I can’t eat gluten
Ellie Elkins
Ellie Elkins 11 kun oldin
1 like = 2000 meatballs for Rhett to eat
Ellie Elkins
Ellie Elkins 11 kun oldin
My favourite part was when link was talking and I just was seeing Rhett talking to a meatball like he was having a full on conversation with a person
smooth Jazz
smooth Jazz 11 kun oldin
i got a gluten free cookie commercial
Brandon Epstein
Brandon Epstein 12 kun oldin
Will it meatball?
fallen_star_2319 12 kun oldin
Btw, gluten profucts are a very common and cheap filler ingredient. That's why it's so common in things you wouldn't think has gluten in it.
Alex Talluto
Alex Talluto 13 kun oldin
Going gluten free is difficult in some ways. My mom is gluten free and because the family isnt eating the best, we're doing a gluten-and-other-things-free diet. The main thing you would only have to get used to is the taste of some stuff. Bread by itself isn't that bad (Udi's is a good brand) and same with cookies and brownies. But it's mainly about who makes it. Some brands of gluten-free chips, breads, or any other food may taste bad. That's why people are skeptical about going gluten free. Because of the taste (it's mainly taste but people have other reasons).
Galaxis 14 kun oldin
they must have really improved the quality of gluten free, because I remember it always being really dry crumbly and no where near as good
Drew Welker
Drew Welker 14 kun oldin
Yes I’m glad that this video (at least in the cookie round) proves that assuming all gluten free food tastes bad or it’s not as good as gluteny food is wrong. Gluten free food can be really delicious and people need to be more open minded
imagine 15 kun oldin
Wutha Phuk
Wutha Phuk 15 kun oldin
these foos illuminati cuz🤘
quad1000 16 kun oldin
it's not just a gastro nightmare...if you have celiac it can also lead to lymphomas such as Non-Hodgkins, especially if untreated. It's lifetime of monitoring by a doctor. Homework, boys.
dan west
dan west 17 kun oldin
The Gluten Lobby has gotten to the Soy Sauce People. LOL!
RandomlyRandom 18 kun oldin
I have Celiac and if i eat gLuTEn I just get really sick..
Blaze Kush
Blaze Kush 18 kun oldin
Did Rhett just admit to being a soy boy?
Andrea Stephens
Andrea Stephens 19 kun oldin
I can't have gluten free cookies it makes me sick for days
deloreanfan81 19 kun oldin
I wish more ppl would start listening to Dr's unless you actually have a gluten allergy eating/going gluten free does d!ck
HytaleFilms 20 kun oldin
Good Morning Chia Lincoln
Cow Chop HM
Cow Chop HM 23 kun oldin
I would vote Rhett for President
Mason Scribner
Mason Scribner 26 kun oldin
I see a gluten free add
Shannon Stine
Shannon Stine 27 kun oldin
Receding hairline
a b b e y
a b b e y 27 kun oldin
my mum has celiac AND she’s lactose intolerant.... so fun for me.
CandeeWolf 28 kun oldin
My sister has celiac disease (aka gluten free) and she licked a marshmallow from a lucky charms bus and she was sick for 2 days. And yes going GF is very healthy because gluten causes inflation in your insides and if you go gluten free you can help lessen problems. It is healthy to go on a gf diet my family is going to go entirely gf eventually
Mollie Jo Baylor
The ad I got was how to make gluten free lactose free cake lol 😂
Skull Grunt Silver
rhett lookin like a zesty boi
The Last Volcon
Guys if you want I can come on And runs of look and smell And it's gluten not glue And I don't read I only look I can tell
Francie Brown
Francie Brown Oy oldin
My grandpa used to drive two hours to get Tate's, now you can get them all over the country. How weird.
Carlin Patterson
me and my brother bothhave seliac im 12and hes 17. 1 like it one box of midel granola bars.
Ella The Cat Lover
I have an almost celiac disease that means I can't tolerate gluten and also fructose too (apples, pears, mangos, honey, watermelon, etc)
Jake Edwards
Jake Edwards Oy oldin
The soy sauce has gluten because of the caramel coloring.
Will it baked potato?
ALD Vlogs
ALD Vlogs Oy oldin
Picture of square waffles... Eats circular waffles.
idkyoutellme Oy oldin
I love Rhett and Link to be honest
Maycee LeBlanc
i have a gluten intolerance
Rowe Oy oldin
I suffer celiac
Shea Kelley
Shea Kelley Oy oldin
Tate is my cats name
This is wack. Kikkoman has gluten-free soy sauce. UNFAIR COMPARISON
Eliseo Martinez
So he always thought gluten free tasted better hmmm coincidence??
JellyPig Oy oldin
I'm Gluten free.
deadwolf Oy oldin
everyone with the fake illness try bleach it's gluten free ..... not really if your that stupid I'm not responsible
Chazz Chicago
Chazz Chicago Oy oldin
Try the puke fruit from brave wilderness!!!🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐
Naijan Christian
Why does he say glutn instead of gluten
JoannaLove 17
JoannaLove 17 Oy oldin
Where's Stevie??
PikaGirl Oy oldin
thanks for doing this video! My mom and sis are gluten-free (because they cant eat gluten) and this is an amazing video
BigSirZebras Oy oldin
They don't just add gluten to soy sauce to be jerks. Sometimes they make it with only soy plants but others mix in wheat as well. It gives it a different taste than one made from pure soy.
Mintii Oy oldin
My mom has celiac, and I am allergic to gluten SO
Tay Oy oldin
why are they eating mac and cheese with a spoon
Mana Abdikadir
Mana Abdikadir 23 kun oldin
What do you eat it with
Nicole Law
Nicole Law Oy oldin
I’m celiac 🤙🏻
Ashton Walker
Ashton Walker Oy oldin
I’m electric to gluten
Chris Gugleta
Chris Gugleta Oy oldin
I have celiac and when i have tiny bits of gluten, i don't puke!!! The doc is stumped
ツFredi Oy oldin
Funny how they come up with these absurd names for their games...
A G Oy oldin
'Because it tastes worst, its gluten free...' Ouch
ggamegal42 Oy oldin
"I like it" *dies*
imanobody Oy oldin
i live for the game titles every single day
Madelyn Lawson
I have seilac which means I have to be gluten free it is not fun and almost everything has gluten in it
Melissa Koop
Melissa Koop Oy oldin
I have celiac disease
Kamryn Perez
Kamryn Perez Oy oldin
I just got a commercial for gluten free flour
Erin Cummiskey
when i worked at a pizza restaurant, the gluten free pizza crust was always significantly more “glue-y”/soft than the gluten pizza crust (and i also preferred the taste of the gluten free crust more). i think wheat is usually a little bit more “grainy,” if that makes sense
6zwbob Oy oldin
I was guessing them right until the waffles... then after I guessed right on the meatballs I noticed oh hey they labeled them and that ruined me guessing for the rest of them.
Daniel Chachanashvili
Rhett is fairly smart,
Danielle Valero
I have Celiac disease so I eat gluten free. I find most stuff to taste just as good if not better.
TradesmanOKC Oy oldin
Maybe they should make gluten free glue...
Ana Medina
Ana Medina Oy oldin
Soybeans naturally have gluten in them so if you're gluten free, you're supposed to stay away from edamame, and soy sauce.
Travis7060312 Oy oldin
Sounds like Stevie has a cold.
I’m celiac and I feel I have a worse reaction than most people. Unread or getting a bad trip to the bathroom I will feel sick for a couple days weeks of months depends on how much, for an example, a gluten bread sandwich is a month, and throughout those days be barring nonstop. Last time I was glutened I was barfing for 2 days straight and feeling like I was going to for the rest. I wasn’t able to eat or drink for those 2 days. Imaging having to go without food for 2 days. Celiac runs in my family and I by far have the worst reaction then anyone else. This has been my celiac story of how much I HATE gluten. ( I’ve had it before by accident and it tasted horrible, I’ve never eaten it before I’m used to gluten free)
Tokin Oy oldin
"I was rounding up all the gluten in the world to shoot it into space where it can't not ever hurt us again" uhh uh try again, ok i was fighting a caped man then i found out his mom's name was martha too lol kiss you like you miss me red lol how awesome was that movie lol like if you agree, i just had to say that when i saw the title of this video lol
As a celiac I can’t even watch this video
Nadia Guajardo
Wait, so, gluten and wheat have a connection? Oh dang.... I'm allergic to wheat and people would always tell me, gluten right?
NFEAR_Mitch !
NFEAR_Mitch ! Oy oldin
I am gluten free and they say it can be bad if you go gluten free if you don’t have the desies
Branna Penno
Branna Penno Oy oldin
Milk is gluten aswell
Gilgamesh Of Sumer
so is lettuce
Gracie Shelly
Gracie Shelly Oy oldin
Link seems really different watching this video. He seems down and just not as crazy. But also this was 2 years ago. I don't know. Love you both
Can confirm two white pillars in front of your house does not mean you're rich
herosbounty 27
did anyone notice that link dyed his hair
vioratte8 Oy oldin
I hate being gluten intolerant. I miss "normal" food. No matter how hard the industry tries. It's just not the same. 😕
Mockingbird Inc.
I've been allergic to gluten several years before it was a common thing, so now I'm starting to watch more and more gluten-free options appear as I grow up. It's entertaining, to an extent. This also started some weird eating habits for me. I mean, who _wouldn't_ like spaghetti sauce on rice?
Arilertzy Gaeta
The only reason I dont go gluten free is because its hella expensive and I ain't got time for that🙄😂
KM!Official 2 oy oldin
rhett being more of a hungry boi
Rosie Caswell
Rosie Caswell 2 oy oldin
I don’t like that Stevie’s not announcing what’s right and what’s wrong
Tyler Hodges
Tyler Hodges 2 oy oldin
Where's Stevie