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Going To The Worst Reviewed Hair Salon In My City (1 STAR)

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going to the worst reviewed hair salon / barber shop in my city
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8-Yan, 2019



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ItsNickBean 2 oy oldin
R.I.P to my hair it was a good run ugh lol. reply to this with some youtube video ideas yall always have the best ideas GO!
gacha dimond mermaid
+Poppy Aldridge why do you keep
Brooke Lynn
Brooke Lynn Oy oldin
I wanna go out with u lmao I really think your hot
jillian Oy oldin
Plz drop the PURSE
Raven Clayton
Raven Clayton Oy oldin
Lele T
Lele T Kun oldin
You're hair does not look that bad
켄 달Kendall
켄 달Kendall Kun oldin
You look like Travis from Sally Face. All you need is a black eye! 😂😂
Revidescent84 2 kun oldin
This boy out here looking like an egg 🥚 😂 white and yellow!!! You can get a girlfriend, it's called go to the henhouse! 🐔 😂
alexis dixson
alexis dixson 4 kun oldin
Nelly Fraire
Nelly Fraire 6 kun oldin
I'm going to subscribe to this channel only because Dobby asked me to... :) 13:14
peyton sid
peyton sid 9 kun oldin
After the dye job he looks like by boy Joffrey
Char foxy
Char foxy 9 kun oldin
Lol I should watch the full video before I comment lol
Char foxy
Char foxy 9 kun oldin
You need to ask her to use some toner on there it will take the yellow our. You can also go buy some purple shampoo and you can do it yourself. I'm sure there is a place to buy it there, not a regular store though call around and see. Its purple shampoo, he takes yellow and orange out.
BlackBeautyBoss 13 kun oldin
Ctfu she had the nerve to say beauty takes time. So you mean I need third degree burns on my scalp to be beautiful....noted
ThatOneShowoff 13 kun oldin
this editor tries to overdo it and makes it suck...dislike earned
Kirsten 14 kun oldin
They did him dirty 🤣😭💀
Laura Barber
Laura Barber 15 kun oldin
Why don't you just go pay to get your hair done rather than using it as a tax deduction for making UZvid videos?
Laura Barber
Laura Barber 15 kun oldin
you probably don't get any girls cuz when I first looked at you I just assumed that you didn't like girls do to your hair.
Moni Powell
Moni Powell 16 kun oldin
before was better
Amy O
Amy O 16 kun oldin
What you talking about you can’t get a girlfriend you are a DELIGHT
Marie x
Marie x 18 kun oldin
"i look like malfoy" "I don't know who that is" I could not be associated with someone like that.
gargle my cum
gargle my cum 19 kun oldin
You want a girlfriend? Just pull out the big boy wallet
Basma alruwaieh
Basma alruwaieh 21 kun oldin
gunther “friends”😂
JacobJewfro 23 kun oldin
ugly boi big head ass
Lizzie Bee
Lizzie Bee 26 kun oldin
Dye it back to brown 😂 or use purple shampoo anything to get tht yellow out ur hair 😂 oh my
Latrice 26 kun oldin
That Mickey voice was👌
Olivia Quadrino
Olivia Quadrino 28 kun oldin
16:56 look at the back of his mouthhhhhhhhhhh
Bree Babii
Bree Babii 28 kun oldin
camera man look like an off-brand Chandler from mr. beast
Destiny Hyle
Destiny Hyle 29 kun oldin
Ya your hair is ugly
Emily douglas
Emily douglas 29 kun oldin
I am a professional hairstylist. Your roots needed a double process of lightening. She didn’t get them light enough they are still in the orange brassy stage. Also she should have never overlap the bleach on your already lighten hair. The hairstylist in me is like I was to fix this so bad! 😱
Pilvia M.
Pilvia M. Oy oldin
Still better than before.
Melody Nino
Melody Nino Oy oldin
With this new hair color you remind me of gunther from friends😂🤣
Chance Wells
Chance Wells Oy oldin
You look good
total fangirl
total fangirl Oy oldin
I would have subscribed but I already did that a long time ago😂♥️
Valerie Mott
Valerie Mott Oy oldin
Was anyone singing girls like you in the background
Tianna Oy oldin
From the sound of it she really didnt give a good consultation. She did the process all wrong. It bothers me so much thay she bleached your hair when she clearly did not know. She should have not put the bleach on all of your hair at once it should have been steps 😥. I wish your hair the best of luck and lots of hydrating masks.
S4ever !
S4ever ! Oy oldin
You should dye it white to get the brightness back
Anna Bear
Anna Bear Oy oldin
He did look like young malfoy
S4ever !
S4ever ! Oy oldin
I subscribed
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae Oy oldin
Go to Sally’s, get the t18 toner and a 20 Creme developer. It’ll remove all of the yellow tone. Also, hair masks are 2 dollars from there. Grab a few, treat it after you’re done toning. Then you’ll be good. 👍🏻
Spicy Raymond
Spicy Raymond Oy oldin
how about date a boy instead of girl? lol
Rhyan Mckenna
Rhyan Mckenna Oy oldin
Haircut starts at 8:20
MaKayla Meza
MaKayla Meza Oy oldin
I think it looks good on you 😂 🤷🏻‍♀️
Mariah Winston
Good oh that🤮🥶😄🤣😅🥝
Mirally Soh
Mirally Soh Oy oldin
Mr Nick Malfoy
Angelina dlp
Angelina dlp Oy oldin
Is the smart car a transformer
Thumbs up just for the accents alone.
Monica Every
Monica Every Oy oldin
Fanola no orange shampoo will get the orange out you don't want to tone anymore since she already damaged your hair
Meona Dove
Meona Dove Oy oldin
I would date you nick 😏💯💍.I like it blond
OSITO TheBarber
It’s yellow because your hair was dark.... you need to do more sessions it magically doesn’t turn blond
Mizzy Kosac
Mizzy Kosac Oy oldin
She fucked up as soon as she decided to cut it first instead of after bleaching it!!! If you put any typa bleach on your head you need to cut it AFTER obviously it’s going to make it more dead than it was before. Big mad for you rn
Kate Alyssa
Kate Alyssa Oy oldin
You should do a best reviews hair stylist or salon
Gianna’s Roblox adventures
Lmao I never seen this guys before so in the intro I though it said itsthiccbean
Mallerlyn Oy oldin
I cant believe how bad that color was at first. But OMG I died when you saw your hair purple because of the toner
DYL NYE Oy oldin
your dobby impression was more lord of the rings than dobby, shame on you
ned mcpherson
ned mcpherson Oy oldin
Pull your pants up dude!
Omg your so funny 😂😂😂
Trubin 561
Trubin 561 Oy oldin
Omg dude. That’s horrible. Sorry bud. I almost want to wrap your smart car For free man
Alexa Donnelly
I bet your father will hear about this. Oh wait he did
noční dítě
*dye your hair black*
Scott and Moriah
This was stressful to watch!! 😬 But still loved it 😂😂
Kyla Oy oldin
TBH I love it lol I don't know why but I kinda do... If I ever got likes thank you Edits: 🌸his Dad is roasting hard like if you agree
Ace Dollaz
Ace Dollaz Oy oldin
Get no girls? I honestly thought you were gay.....
Yesenia Dominguez
umm hello i think Ur profile on insta is private or is it just me and my instagram
Lovisa Stavem Nabro
U look good in blond:)
Kayla Wayla
Kayla Wayla Oy oldin
I have to say it, the lack of girls has nothing to do with your hair and everything to do with the smart car
Krista !
Krista ! Oy oldin
I work at Supercuts, it’s depends on the stylist that work there, our haircuts are $16 and we have a four star review. So it depends on the stylist and the place (:
Mercy Sani
Mercy Sani Oy oldin
Rina Allen
Rina Allen Oy oldin
Rina Allen
Rina Allen Oy oldin
when i saw the bleach all over his haird even the already bleached part i was like 'oh no, poor boy, i'm so sorry for your hair'
Ribasaki Official
Looked better before 😅
Zoie Drake
Zoie Drake Oy oldin
I think he should go dark
Chaz Gunther
Chaz Gunther Oy oldin
I discovered your channel from the 1 star review videos!
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Oy oldin
I'm not a hairstylist but just not how you dye roots OMG 😂😂RIP😅
Julie Maillet
Julie Maillet Oy oldin
Its really bad I definitely would have said something after 30 minutes bc it should not have been left in any longer than 30 minutes
Shelbi and Kendyl
This video is hilarious! You’re so funny! RIP your hair though... 🍋
Life with Sam
Life with Sam Oy oldin
Johny Test who?!?!?! lol
baldielocs Oy oldin
Lauren Mason
Lauren Mason Oy oldin
i do my hair in my bathroom and even ik you color, then cut. you also do the roots first. his actual hair didnt need any bleach
Layla Coley
Layla Coley Oy oldin
Twinkie 😂
Emily Lovett
Emily Lovett Oy oldin
13:14 HE LOOKS LIKE PHILLIP SCHOFIELD!!! (UK tv presenter with holly whilloby) 😂😂😂
Varleen Vivecca
You should dye your hair light gray
Kayleigh Cox
Kayleigh Cox Oy oldin
You should of asked her to tone it so it would be darker
Em Cantu
Em Cantu Oy oldin
Looked like bart simpson. Neat :)
suzie Camille
suzie Camille Oy oldin
Dye it back brown... you'd look so good😍😍😍😍😍
Alexis HI
Alexis HI Oy oldin
Just go *get not eat my bad😂* some purple shampoo and conditioner it would like fine
Abigahil Juarez
When he said it looks yellow i thought i was looking at a banana prey🙏
Eddie Trincas
Eddie Trincas Oy oldin
Not bad this is pre lightening tonw it n cut the yeloow out period
Traciee Stafford Pollard
She should of did 2 applications of lightener, blow drying in between. Easy fix to get the yellow out wella t18 mixed 20 vol.. you would only need a 1/4 of the wella bottle mixed with equal parts of 20 vol . wet hair apply and work it thru. rinse. use a deep conditioner and wrap , go to bed and rinse . Much softer. :)
krystel shayne fabre
You don't need to put up anything with your hair to attract girls. With your current hair you already caught my attention 😉😉 i love your sense of humor
Roma Cheshire
Roma Cheshire Oy oldin
Please, let me fix it, you have peachie yellow hair.
Mary Louise
Mary Louise Oy oldin
Malfoy.....dead a$$! You're his twin. I'm so sorry
Bakes Oy oldin
If you look on my profile pic I dyed my hair fully blond and cut it was a huge mistake so I dyed it back brown
Stephanie McNurlen
Dandilion Daisy
Super cuts fucked my shit up, if super cuts fucked your shit up, please call the super cuts fucked my shit up hotline
Shleva Krup
Shleva Krup Oy oldin
“way TO long”
Morrisa Freeman
9:13 the only reason why I like girls like you by maroon 5 is because I saw my friend listening to it so I decided to
Jenny Behr
Jenny Behr Oy oldin
T18 Toner -than its fixed...
Get it right
Get it right Oy oldin
Does anyone else’s butt dance when they watch Nick Bean’s intro to the beat?
Kirsten 'Marie
lucky you don't have a chemical burn from that BLEACH. not dye.
Jenn C
Jenn C Oy oldin
THE CUT IS AWFUL!!! My toddler said SANTA CLAUS when he saw him lol
A VC Oy oldin
The hair is fine what's the problem
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