Going To The Worst Reviewed Hair Salon In My City (1 STAR)

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going to the worst reviewed hair salon / barber shop in my city
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8-Yan, 2019

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ItsNickBean 12 kun oldin
R.I.P to my hair it was a good run ugh lol. reply to this with some youtube video ideas yall always have the best ideas GO!
Doesitmatter? Kun oldin
Go on bumble for friends and networking and let us follow you on asventurea and vote on who you meet and hang out with
Lil Otaku
Lil Otaku Kun oldin
Highlighter green !!!!
Kgliss 4 kun oldin
ItsNickBean you can get some root spray then just spray the back and the sides brown
96 Yung Clout 96
96 Yung Clout 96 4 kun oldin
Ur hair looks good
thinspetta ana
thinspetta ana 5 kun oldin
hey man get a facial treatment in the worst beauty place idk ahaha
Kirsten Noack
Kirsten Noack 7 daqiqa oldin
As soon as your hair started to turn, she should of rinsed it out. Purple shampoo.
Samantha's life 123
Samantha's life 123 33 daqiqa oldin
bleach can stay on your hair up to 55 mins...as long as your hair isnt compromised..its fine leaving it longer...oh...next time...ask them to TONE it...would have been fine if she did edit #3...yeah...that pisses me off...let me fix your hair! lol I'm literally cringing inside...but what do u expect for 45 bux..lol edit #4... I guess I should watch the entire video before commenting 😂
Kyliah Sharkey
Kyliah Sharkey Soat oldin
I think you’d look better with brown hair tbh 🤷🏻‍♀️ also she should have only done your roots, there’s no reason she should have pulled the lightener through. If she would have used 20 volume developer twice with lightener and then toned, it would have been fine most likely.
Shannon Hearne.x
Shannon Hearne.x 5 soat oldin
i would go buy a brown die and die it all brown
Gracie Ellison
Gracie Ellison 6 soat oldin
Its Donald Trump's twin
Jenn Kivisto
Jenn Kivisto 6 soat oldin
Firstly.. she seemed to assume you wanted a full head bleach when clearly that was not the style you came in with. She should have started with the actual roots and let those process first. The ends needed minimal processing and likely what she was worried about was that the top and roots etc were processing unevenly but the bleach was already on. So she would have had to wash it all off, dry it and restart. She was likely trying to leave it on as long as possible without turning the top to mush (which the max time bleach is active for is too long). Then after she would either have to do a double process or just tone and hope to hell it looked good enough for a pass. Clearly it was the latter..lol.
Brandi Sarver
Brandi Sarver 7 soat oldin
Dye it brown!
Vanessa Martinez
Vanessa Martinez 7 soat oldin
Dye it brown please🙏
Siff Rafn
Siff Rafn 8 soat oldin
Dye it blue! Purple! Orange and red! Like fire!! Srsly! You have (kiind of) a blank canvas here!! And if you're gonna dye it brown or cut it of... Why not!?
Mg Unique
Mg Unique 9 soat oldin
Super cuts have ALWAYS BEEN BAD! My old hairstylist used to work there, id go in and ask for a haircut and she would do whatever she thinks look best hated that place
Anita Marie
Anita Marie 9 soat oldin
I think the color looks good actually, definitely left the bleach on too long tho
Michael Orozco
Michael Orozco 13 soat oldin
i know who they could cast for a eminem biopic
Shelby Harrington
Shelby Harrington 14 soat oldin
An hour and 20 minutes with bleach on your roots is way too long. What volume did she use, 6?! Also, why the hell would she tone with a blue when your hair is yellow? She should have used a violet toner. Blue toner is for orange tones. Violet for yellow. I'm a hairstylist and I'm concerned.
Kaitlin Scharf
Kaitlin Scharf 15 soat oldin
You hair before looks fine to me
LifeAsCindyy 15 soat oldin
does anyone think he looks like jack frost of rise of the guardians ps no affence nick love yall
JoJohXD 15 soat oldin
30 or 40 min maximum!
Angelina Reyes
Angelina Reyes 16 soat oldin
Woahh your friend looks like Chandler from Mr.Beast
Alana Holt
Alana Holt 16 soat oldin
If I subscribe can I go on a date with you?
Maicie Hill
Maicie Hill 16 soat oldin
I love the blonde/white 😍 just not the yellow 😂😂😂😘
Sofrito Xo
Sofrito Xo 16 soat oldin
Im a barber & watching her cut your hair made me cringe so bad. The bleach is a whole other story.
Emily Cheney
Emily Cheney 17 soat oldin
Put some blue in it!??
Melanie Tarantino
Melanie Tarantino 18 soat oldin
Of course it’s a Supercuts
that one weird girl
that one weird girl 18 soat oldin
I kinda like it, put red at the tips to look like Johnny test 😂
Treelee T.
Treelee T. 18 soat oldin
Ayyy yooo your hair looks like they could go with them yellow nails you had .
Sadie Dunn
Sadie Dunn 18 soat oldin
She literally bleached (dyed) your roots. And thats what you asked for...
Cynthia Robinson
Cynthia Robinson 18 soat oldin
Literally the cutest smile ever😋😍
brianna nicole
brianna nicole 19 soat oldin
Shadow root and toner pls
rachel Bozeman
rachel Bozeman 19 soat oldin
We want more
Paris Perier
Paris Perier 19 soat oldin
you have the worst skin. it's so aged. do you do hard core drugs? alcoholic?
Jennica Soliz
Jennica Soliz 19 soat oldin
Use some purple shampoo! It takes the yellows and golds out
Savannah Peaches
Savannah Peaches 20 soat oldin
omg stop picking at ur tattoo u nasty
Claudia Rose
Claudia Rose 20 soat oldin
*skips to 8 minutes in*
Armymama 20 soat oldin
Subscribing just because of his dimples.
Alexis R.
Alexis R. 21 soat oldin
Hopeepink 23 soat oldin
“You have so much root we pull it all the way through” uhhhh as a hairdresser this logic makes literally no sense.. just do all the sides and the roots under the blonde 🤔 a root touch up is noooot hard . The already dry ass ends are gonna be deaaaad
Hopeepink 23 soat oldin
Also the blonde toner/shampoo (idk WhT she used) for light yellow hair literally would do nothing if she knew anything about the color wheel, that you literally learn like the first week in hair school 🤔🤔🤔
Rean Reid
Rean Reid 23 soat oldin
It dont look that bad...style it...product in it...bam 👏
MsNaughtynNice Kun oldin
she should have just bleached the ROOTS not everything's that's why you can see the difference between the yellow roots and the platinum blonde ends lol....and yes, it was left to process WAYYY TO LONG! 😭😭😂😂. Not to mention the hack job she did on the cut alone😂 You are such a good sport and Sooo entertaining to watch! I love these videos! 💙❤💜
Diana Herron
Diana Herron Kun oldin
It was already hard enough to find a girlfriend... LMAO!!!!!! I think I peed a bit laughing so hard.
Neko Drago
Neko Drago Kun oldin
"My hair needs jesus! It needs more than jesus! It needs..........two jesus's" I was literally on the ground laughing so hard I started wheezing
RainbowUnicorn Queen
Oh noooooo
Sydney Fondren
Sydney Fondren Kun oldin
The real question isn’t if your hair looks good it’s sicko more or mo bamba
Sydney Fondren
Sydney Fondren Kun oldin
You look like the blond kid from the polar express
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker Kun oldin
For a 45$ bleach job that looks about right
* Laureyssens
* Laureyssens Kun oldin
no is because your grow out is way darker then the ends of your hair she had to use a higher developer with the bleach powder for your roots en she never needed to touch he ends of your hair
Mackenzie Kun oldin
she definitely used too high of a volume. it’s honestly never a good idea to use 40 volume unless you find it absolutely necessary, because it blast open the cuticle so much. she should’ve did your roots first and then after they were almost done processing ran it threw your ends because they were already so light.
Emily Bisso
Emily Bisso Kun oldin
I'm loving the worst reviewed videos I think that you're doing a great job so don't quit doing them they're awesome
Disasosiative Angela
Guy Tang..... emergency. Lol Nah really its not bad. But it needs some more silver toning. Loving your channel.
Galaxie Moon
Galaxie Moon Kun oldin
Dye it back brown 😂