Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | January 3, 2019 | FreeDawkins

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Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | January 3, 2019 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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4-Yan, 2019

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анимэд донтогчид
yoo sda gantshan onoonii zoruutei bsan shde
Darden Jackson
Darden Jackson 2 kun oldin
A classic
Wesley Petty
Wesley Petty 7 kun oldin
James harden best player in the league rn
MikoGamingYT 7 kun oldin
lol warrior ? Out of bounds na sana pero ano ginawa nyo ?
beach life
beach life 8 kun oldin
James Harden is the most complete player ever
SP 9 kun oldin
Houston remains a legit threat to the Warriors as evident right here. If these 2 teams meet again and all players are healthy, the Warriors will go down in flames.
TaBiChIe KuN
TaBiChIe KuN 12 kun oldin
that call's karma muahahaha durant did not call out bounds
Adam Maes
Adam Maes 12 kun oldin
Bucks beat rockets but rockets fans say we didnt have CP3
Adam Maes
Adam Maes 12 kun oldin
But harden went to the free throw line 27 times so who are the refs for really HELLO
Zach Plouffe
Zach Plouffe 12 kun oldin
12:22 hardens pissed
Micah Brown
Micah Brown 13 kun oldin
I've watched this game like 10 times
rosalie baloloy
rosalie baloloy 13 kun oldin
Out of bound but the ref playing bird box challenge 😑😑
Jan eric Ampuller
Jan eric Ampuller 13 kun oldin
Battle of the year.
Luan Marques
Luan Marques 13 kun oldin
Im Brazilian, and i started watch NBA because of him. Neymar of basketball.
TrooperBoot 14 kun oldin
Harden is far from the best. James Harden isn’t clutch nor is he good in the playoffs
T H E A N G Y A N G 14 kun oldin
I feel bad for gsw,curry but there doing there best!!
Gellyr Valentino
Gellyr Valentino 14 kun oldin
Lol warriors has so many good people still losses
Niler Tamayo
Niler Tamayo 14 kun oldin
wow!!!! Harden on fire.
Wavy Ja'van
Wavy Ja'van 14 kun oldin
Like if James harden is going to clutch up and beat the warriors again in the playoffs
Chaotic Ace
Chaotic Ace 14 kun oldin
9:27 when even you know that you have a super team
Jay Scott
Jay Scott 14 kun oldin
Harden best player in the league right now better than Allen iverson
Lil Scope Weylo
Lil Scope Weylo 14 kun oldin
Harden is the goat
Facundo Gonzalez
Facundo Gonzalez 15 kun oldin
James Harden the god.
Theron Prescott
Theron Prescott 15 kun oldin
10:39 that pass tho!!!! Harden is the best offensive player, he has to be he's crazy ridiculous. The only things you can say against him is how he sometimes travels on his stepbacks and his turnovers numbers are like 7 a game, but overall great player.
Roma Mgebrishvili
Roma Mgebrishvili 15 kun oldin
they did not show the best play when Harden lost dribble and kick the ball to curry's leg intentionally to get foul and not to give the ball to warriors. The beast
Allan Andaya
Allan Andaya 15 kun oldin
Allan Andaya
Allan Andaya 15 kun oldin
Niko Gaming
Niko Gaming 15 kun oldin
What is your prediction for NBA finals? Comment down below
Adolfo C. Rios
Adolfo C. Rios 15 kun oldin
Why is harden considered the best scorer ever by his coach? Does he have a better shooting percentage than even Steph? Is he a more efficient scorer than Steph in the playoffs? Or is the coach just lying for the sake of hyperbole and clicks?
Kaleb Stauffer
Kaleb Stauffer 15 kun oldin
Regular season. No one cares.
LeJon Brames
LeJon Brames 15 kun oldin
Warrors fans say Durant wasn't out of bounds... Smh. Bandwagon riders are hilarious😂
MTWENTY 15 kun oldin
They couldve won this game if Durant wouldve used his head in the last 3 min of the game. you're up 4-6 points, why the fuck are you shooting 3's with 15+ seconds left on the shot clock instead of running plays or using Curry and Thompson more....get smarter Durant please.
Ъэъ Ьэь
Ъэъ Ьэь 16 kun oldin
History about how Harden won GSW
Ram Salvador
Ram Salvador 16 kun oldin
harden solid
I'm rockts fan.
mark Bermundo
mark Bermundo 16 kun oldin
fucking stupid referee.. i want kick them ass.
warriorsgold17 16 kun oldin
Ken Deleon
Ken Deleon 16 kun oldin
Ikaw n harden idol ...
Paul Bryan Bumagat
Paul Bryan Bumagat 16 kun oldin
No worries. Regular season! 😅
JOHN Henry
JOHN Henry 16 kun oldin
Klay Thompson dad is black how this S.O.B come out white ? Go find out who your real father is white trash boy
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis 16 kun oldin
Although I do get annoyed at all the foul calls harden gets, I gotta admit that he is the MVP (Or Giannis, I wouldn't be mad either way) it's just that Harden is the greatest offensive threat in the NBA. I mean what has he done the last like 5 or 6 games?? Hasnt he scored like 40+ points in all of them?? Dude is a monster
Mushviq Qasimli
Mushviq Qasimli 16 kun oldin
Harden 😊😍😍
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 16 kun oldin
KD probably gonna join rockets lol
Yash Kapoor
Yash Kapoor 16 kun oldin
Early bday present. Warriors lost.
Nee Doc
Nee Doc 16 kun oldin
Durant isn't clutch. Why are we not talking about that?
Dahryl1380 Erguiza
Dahryl1380 Erguiza 16 kun oldin
GSW Fck noob
damien kirksey
damien kirksey 16 kun oldin
James Harden the flame thrower.....WOW
spare me please
spare me please 16 kun oldin
Wardell Stephen Curry
betchlasagna ur mom
betchlasagna ur mom 16 kun oldin
7:51 thank me later.