Goodbye Social Media.

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How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain -- nyti.ms/2NnwRgz
The NBA's happiness crisis -- bit.ly/2O0oHLq



13-Mar, 2019



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Mark Aitcheson
Mark Aitcheson 9 daqiqa oldin
How does "I'm keeping my accounts and I'm still going to post" = "Goodbye Social Media"? I think it's great that you're reducing your time spent on social, but that's not saying goodbye to it.
The truth
The truth Soat oldin
Ludix147 Soat oldin
And so, Casey Neistat joins award-winning author John Green in being off the social internet.
Darwin Pita
Darwin Pita 2 soat oldin
It's just get wiser with time.
ZEUXX 3 soat oldin
I've uninstalled these 2 for the past 3 months....and i've had no problems...THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT.... When you will think about QUITTING it in the past after a week or so....youll laugh at yourself thinking it wasn't that a BIG DEAL....lol
Jacqueline Fink
Jacqueline Fink 3 soat oldin
I stopped watching you because you're so annoying and a hipster try-hard. I thought I'd give it another shot but the first shot of Candace (She looks horrific) made me snap back to reality. Stop your whiny little crying. You BEG for attention. Stop acting like you hate it. I would subscribe to Logan Paul before you and that's pretty fucking terrible.
万鹏超 4 soat oldin
l want to say 1.75X is nice idea
Russell Sookdeo
Russell Sookdeo 4 soat oldin
I've done a similar thing with coming off Whatsapp... It really feels different, in a good way !
So grow up, stop wasting your life and sod off to the bush mate, give it 4 weeks and see how you go.
Jerrod Boling
Jerrod Boling 5 soat oldin
@Caseyneistat Hey Bro do you use the iphone for the fam and the droid for business?
Hernan Torres
Hernan Torres 5 soat oldin
Es el tío de el pulso de la republica
l8russ 5 soat oldin
Poopie pants
The Steve and Ian Project
It wasn't until I watched this that I realized that I haven't been on social media since just after Christmas. Not sure when I'll get the drive to go back. Heck, I haven't even uploaded a video to my channel for the year. I feel like I'll be starting from scratch again. Ah well... It's good to get some rest now and then.
Kishan Yadav
Kishan Yadav 7 soat oldin
Oie khatey , biplord thapord magord Lai dekhya chas katai ?
Blossom FieryFlower
Blossom FieryFlower 7 soat oldin
My trick? You can have an account, just don’t download the app. Taking the time to google it, get to the link, enter password and username just makes it all the less appealing to me.
Brooke R
Brooke R 7 soat oldin
I don't have an issue with Casey doing this but I do have an issue with the people who are going to do this BECAUSE Casey did it. This isn't new! People have written blogs and even studies have shown cutting off social media is good for you. Are you doing it because YOU want to or because Casey is? Doing it because you actually see the negative impact it has in your personal life is the only way it'll be successful. *Happy social media free travels!*
cwagnello 7 soat oldin
Cobboom! 8 soat oldin
Inspired to uninstall myself. Thank you, Sir!
Ultimate player
Ultimate player 8 soat oldin
Love ur vids kc
Isabel Blume
Isabel Blume 8 soat oldin
🤔 ok .
Sisco 8 soat oldin
Hey Casey! Not sure if you'll read this but I wanted to mention two things...First, needless to say, awesome content as always. Second, this video kind of gave me the idea of what topic to discuss on a "talk-show" sort of thing I started here on UZvid. My goal here isn't to plug my channel or content, just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration with every video. So with that being said, I look forward to more of your videos as always and could not be more thankful for the notification bell.
Flat Eric
Flat Eric 8 soat oldin
Bru never know Casey spend so much time on social media. lol
Praise Worship
Praise Worship 9 soat oldin
You have deleted the Twitter and Instagram apps. So why do you still have Twitter and Instagram links on your UZvid about page?
Zackaroo Theamazing
Zackaroo Theamazing 9 soat oldin
dear Casey, two questions. Are you religious, and what’s your opinion on someone who wouldn’t believe in any religion? Luv your vids dude
Phil Parkinson's
Phil Parkinson's 9 soat oldin
Where’s the rest of the video bro
Tamer Hegab
Tamer Hegab 10 soat oldin
This video is exactly why i subbed to Casey in the first place. Good to see him bring back some originality.
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor 10 soat oldin
@CaseyNeistat Listen/read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Good luck with your journey back into amplifying quality analogue human relationships 👍
Avimode Films
Avimode Films 11 soat oldin
so you're just like everyone else... Bravo! lol
BCRE8IV3 BGR8 11 soat oldin
If you have time. I would love to chat with you in regards to this. I have an initiative I think you would like.
Miguel Valério
Miguel Valério 11 soat oldin
great.move on .....byeeeeeee
Big Dan
Big Dan 11 soat oldin
Props for doing what you feel is necessary, Casey! I hope you were able to get through that flight without it, haha
Nick Perry
Nick Perry 11 soat oldin
Caseys videos just are the same anymore
Lars Rye Jeppesen
Lars Rye Jeppesen 12 soat oldin
I quit Facebook 6 years ago. Best thing I've ever done.
RHODIUM REX 12 soat oldin
Abraham Hicks Unlimited You
Gave up social media over 3 months ago. Best decision EVER!!
Grishnackh 12 soat oldin
I've also thought about deleting social media from my phone. Checking out Facebook or Instagram while I'm on the move is not going to make me any happier or wiser. Yes, I like keeping track of what's going on in the World, and to know about the events in my home town, but I don't need to know it every 15 minutes. I think it kills creativity and hinders your ability to think, if you never let your brain go on "stand-by", or in other words experience a hint of dullness.
Mark Reed
Mark Reed 12 soat oldin
“I’m only going to check Social Media when I’m at home, and my family is immediately available to be interacted with instead of when I’m away from them.” That doesn’t seem right.
Kj Johnston
Kj Johnston 12 soat oldin
Just saw Casey in manhattan and got a pic w him!
Arseniy Averyanov
Arseniy Averyanov 12 soat oldin
HI, I live in Ukraine and I don't good speak English. I went live in America!!!
Al7eahTgrbh Pw
Al7eahTgrbh Pw 12 soat oldin
your mouth is so small xD
Yuri Jung
Yuri Jung 12 soat oldin
Does this remind anyone else of CGP Grey?
Miguel Johnson Jr
Miguel Johnson Jr 14 soat oldin
you better chill casey or Instagram and Facebook will come after that ass
ダヨガクガク 14 soat oldin
Are u out of UZvid too?🥺
Manan Jain
Manan Jain 14 soat oldin
We're doing the same thing watching your channel.... Bruhs quit his channel too!
GRAY WOLF 14 soat oldin
Hay come in india plz. You make awesome video here don't miss it. If you come india than contact me bye buddy 😋😎
GroovyVideo2 15 soat oldin
Canceled FB a year ago - Never did any of the others - waste of my life -
Safdar Jalil
Safdar Jalil 15 soat oldin
He is good but his wife is so boring and rude anyone tell me why??????
ElektrobanK 15 soat oldin
Social media can be a massive time vampire. But so can UZvid, Netflix, or even books. Anything can drain hours upon hours of your life away, and you will never get those hours back. This is why: Do everything in moderation and allocate your time wisely to things that: 1) Bring you real joy, 2) Bring others joy, 3) Make the world a better place, and 4) Make lasting positive memories.
Obee & Anna
Obee & Anna 16 soat oldin
You Inspire me! Me and my korean GF also started cute vlogs - do support :)
CoinologyBCTV2 16 soat oldin
Dingbat Shit
Bren Haas
Bren Haas 17 soat oldin
two phones... ok... you might have a problem!
Addie Travis
Addie Travis 17 soat oldin
Awwww franny is so cute😂💓💓
Angga Wikranta
Angga Wikranta 18 soat oldin
Subscribe me please :((
Bobby Coggins
Bobby Coggins 18 soat oldin
It depends on how you use it. It's probably bad for people who are insecure in their skin and in their lives. UZvid is a social media platform, too.
J. S
J. S 18 soat oldin
Am I the only one who delete and reinstall social media again and again?????
Attilahti 16 soat oldin
I make that same also every year. I don't know why...
ehablord10 18 soat oldin
Respect ✊🏽
Bill Elliott
Bill Elliott 18 soat oldin
Anyone else go and delete insta and Twitter when he did ??
Allen Reid
Allen Reid 19 soat oldin
What else are you gonna do sitting on the toilet?
Kelly Mount
Kelly Mount 19 soat oldin
This makes me want to check my Twitter.
giant 20 soat oldin
For the last 2 years, I removed all social medias from my cellphone. I use my cellphone as an organisational tool, to boost my work. I have a Nexus 6p with the shit battery and it still holds full day of charge, so it's good sign. I barely visit Facebook on my computer. I've been better since and I don't plan on picking up those old habits.
Sile H
Sile H 20 soat oldin
So true.
EarthRise 21 soat oldin
I just spent 12 hours on my playstation. Does that count?
Helyne Walker
Helyne Walker 21 soat oldin
Wine, food, sunshine, social media... everything can hurt us if we overindulge. The only exception to the rule is love. So the keyword is balance⚖️
NEO ViSiON 21 soat oldin
Nice BMW i40M 0:21
Like Kane
Like Kane 21 soat oldin
Just today I read an article of a pro baller sitting on the bench during a game while on his phone, texting to groupies as they sent him seductive photos. A side-court cameraman copped a peek over his shoulder as he was texting 5 to 1 star ratings of each ho. All while his team was in the heat of playing some intense 3rd quarter basketball, he just stared at his phone, he couldn't care less. Pretty infuriating. I wouldv'e sent him to the locker room and told him to get lost, if I was the coach.
ABERANTE3 TV 21 soat oldin
Littlecatboy 22 soat oldin
I’ve been doing this for 1 week now. I levitated when I was meditating this morning. seriously tho, it’s been wonderful! anxiety low, peace & focus high. thx for sharing Casey, inspired me fa sho
xatoska 22 soat oldin
in the last 3 years i feel the same in every day of my life, and i need a change
Abdullah Marjuk
Abdullah Marjuk 23 soat oldin
You're contents are getting boring day by day
Ishan Bagai
Ishan Bagai Kun oldin
If he got a tattoo, I'd say "Casey, Nice-Tat" 😂
Lemonde Vamal
Lemonde Vamal Kun oldin
Watch this video, Feel concerned, Post a comment on this video, Open Instagram scroll Open twitter scroll Feeling like a drug addict
Praudas Kun oldin
GoodBye youtube. Because it is hell addictive too!
jeff crego
jeff crego Kun oldin
i know its starting to fvck up postures of people forsure no doubt.
Dwayne Muffin
Dwayne Muffin Kun oldin
Amazing, I also do this. It's crazy how many times you look at your phone despite having no apps on there after deleting it. Crazy!
SocialHourRoasters Daniel&Ryan
Good for you bro!!! We need to socialize as humans, some would call it community. Our community and family are vital! Huge props to you for going against the grain!
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia Kun oldin
Congrats on +11mill subs👍👍🤗
Scott Kishere
Scott Kishere Kun oldin
2 months clean of Instagram... life is much better! I have also locked down Facebook and Twitter. Facebook purely for contacting people who I have know way of meeting up with in person (overseas etc) . Twitter is now purely a news feed, no more a msg podium or tweeting about s**t I don’t actually have a clue about! As a result I got out on my longboard, surfed a little, edited more, fitted in a few extra runs and actually cooked a few meals for the Mrs. It is the way forward... don’t get me wrong... social media has it place. My place for it now is once a week for 30mins... feel like a rock star 🤘🏻
Life Of Dreams
Life Of Dreams Kun oldin
nice vid... Can't wait till my skills are as good as yours are!
Jake Alex
Jake Alex Kun oldin
Your problem is dressing like you’re 22.
E-beggar-In-Bangkok 2018
Dump Patreon. Jack Conte is a lying weasel addicted to censorship.
Snezzy_Official Kun oldin
I have 7 hours on fortnite mobile. Ok I think I’m obsessed
BJC T Kun oldin
Watching on my iPad while checking instagram on my phone. Heard him say something about 1 hour and 46 minutes. So I was like *Hey what’s my screen time *checked it* Screen time: 1h 46min
marley zask
marley zask Kun oldin
you inspire me
soaksash Kun oldin
hmm two phones ........ one for the plug and one for the load?
soaksash Kun oldin
Casey when overhearing android and apple fans fight: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
AJ Donich
AJ Donich Kun oldin
That autofocus is smooth and accurate (Sony?), but honestly it's kinda distracting repetitively throwing focus back-and-forth to the rear wall most of the video.
Nobody Kun oldin
Casey’s videos in one phrase: Quality, not Quantity. He may post only one video every two weeks, but when he does upload, the videos are soooooooo good. 👍 if you Agree
Sammy Anderson
Sammy Anderson Kun oldin
Do you. You are a good man. My idol
SpecialAgent45 Kun oldin
LOL. Guy that made a career out of using social media is now going to stop using social media from his mobile phone? Let's see how long this lasts. LOL
Sangita Dube
Sangita Dube Kun oldin
Same things could be said for UZvid aswell. Let's stop watching videos and do something better with our life's.
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Kun oldin
I’ll save you 9 minutes.... he deleted Instagram and Twitter from phone
Patrick Lindy
Patrick Lindy Kun oldin
I just watch the turning 30 vid and oh my god you grew up so close to me. The clip of when you were riding the skateboard into the sand that was at ocean beach New London I live in mystic
Akham Gaimun
Akham Gaimun Kun oldin
I stop using facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, and.... Addiction to something is very bad. I'm giving my time to my family, friend, relatives and community. I'm having going to village for my weekend. Going to have completely organic food. Stay happy, healthy and have fun with family. Love from Dimapur India
Blake Newport
Blake Newport Kun oldin
Casey can you try out the Backfire gt2 board
Josiah Tribbett
Josiah Tribbett Kun oldin
Dude, I’m so proud of you! My wife and I did this at the beginning of the year and we’ve never felt better. You’re so right, it felt like freedom. My brain started working again.
David Stead Studio
This bloke Neistat seems ok do you think.........or no?
Tom Duniam
Tom Duniam Kun oldin
Everyone should start there morning off by watching this! Feeling refreshed! 🙌🏼
MomLifewithKay Kun oldin
This video is everything 💗💗💗
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