Gordon’s Skirt Steak With Chimichurri Sauce Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 8 | THE F WORD

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Gordon Ramsay cooks a Skirt Steak with a Chimichurri Sauce.
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FOX has ordered THE F WORD, a bold new food variety show from award-winning chef and series host Gordon Ramsay. Based on his hit U.K. series of the same name, each distinctive and fast-paced hour will combine good food and good cooking with Ramsay’s passion, energy and humor into a one-of-a-kind LIVE series. THE F WORD is scheduled to premiere in 2017 on FOX.

On THE F WORD, foodie families from across the U.S. will battle it out in an intense, high-stakes cook-off. In addition to impressing Ramsay, each team must win over the hearts and taste buds of the diners, celebrities and VIP guests whom they’re serving.
Throughout each hour-long episode, cooking competition meets variety show as Ramsay chats with surprise guests and VIPs in the dining room, hosts live remotes with people from across the country, and appears weekly in unique field segments with fans, foodies and culinary experts.
Gordon’s Skirt Steak With Chimichurri Sauce Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 8 | THE F WORD
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27-Iyl, 2017



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American Fuel TV
American Fuel TV 33 daqiqa oldin
'Put more salt on it, then more salt on it, then more salt on it . . . " This is why restaurant food kills you.
Otis Ochoa
Otis Ochoa 6 soat oldin
Cut it the wrong way :(
abRaR TajwaR
abRaR TajwaR 14 soat oldin
Tell me tht aint greasy.....!
Hector Ornelas
Hector Ornelas 15 soat oldin
Too much oil
Joesianta Elyada Adi
It sounds like Gordon says "literally" every 2 seconds, literally.
Martin Britton
Martin Britton Kun oldin
He must be a secret smoker as he over salts everything.
Brian Santana
Brian Santana Kun oldin
You should use Spanish chorizo (from Spain)🇪🇸 You can also get it at Whole Foods
Roslan ali
Roslan ali Kun oldin
eksine 2 kun oldin
He likes to touch his butt
I am Lion Man
I am Lion Man 3 kun oldin
I am gonna try this one!
Ben Kennard
Ben Kennard 3 kun oldin
In counter
Josue Jimenez
Josue Jimenez 4 kun oldin
How do you keep the skirt steak warm? Everytime i leave it out to rest I feel it goes cold super quick.
David Le
David Le 5 kun oldin
Aren't you suppose to cut against the grain?
qeen vids.
qeen vids. 6 kun oldin
"in inn innn innnn innnnnn innnnnnnnnn beautiful incridible well u look at that"
Zachary Folse
Zachary Folse 7 kun oldin
ThAt’S nOt ChImChUrRi literally everyone xD
mynamesnotdan 7 kun oldin
"its not a steak you cook well done" NO steak should be cooked well done
Firm Grip
Firm Grip 8 kun oldin
Misterdeeh3000 8 kun oldin
That’s not chimmichurri
AiNoMijo XD
AiNoMijo XD 9 kun oldin
*nice and warm*
Archit Kothari
Archit Kothari 9 kun oldin
First: take a loan
Vigre Grevi
Vigre Grevi 9 kun oldin
I know nothing about cooking, but woulnd it be better to Grill the Steak as last?
Airic 9 kun oldin
What is you cholesterol level
Ahnaf Raihan
Ahnaf Raihan 10 kun oldin
The F Word is Fricassee
Shikh Abuzayed
Shikh Abuzayed 10 kun oldin
disgusting 🤢🤮 You don’t know how to cook
Hanif barrar
Hanif barrar 14 soat oldin
16 Michelin stars, own 2 tv shows, is judge of the biggest cooking competition in America, who are you exactly?
Bertine Faria
Bertine Faria 11 kun oldin
This looks delicious, is there another cut besides skirt steak that could be used?
Mister J
Mister J 11 kun oldin
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 12 kun oldin
OMG that looks amazing!!!!
Vanessa Dixon
Vanessa Dixon 13 kun oldin
I like how the cameraperson zoomed out to watch him “stamp” himself
rastados2 13 kun oldin
Gordon it looks delicious but this sauce is anything but chimi.
Hin Lam
Hin Lam 13 kun oldin
Lol every cut of a cow is a chef’s dream
Sr. Supremo
Sr. Supremo 14 kun oldin
Con chimichurri papá!
WooTheDude 14 kun oldin
Ramsay let it rest so long IT'S STONE COLD!!!
Arksy 15 kun oldin
gordan ramsays favourite words are 'A touch of butter'
Alberto Casablanca
Alberto Casablanca 15 kun oldin
¿What kind of chimichurri is that? That’s faaar from being chimichurri.
ZonardCity 17 kun oldin
Gordon has a different number 1 chef's dream/best cut every video
Davon Halim
Davon Halim 17 kun oldin
ZonardCity hahaha indeed!
James Aloyisius
James Aloyisius 18 kun oldin
"2 minutes on each side"? Hmmm... I think not. I use a very hot grill for this dish as it will char very nicely, if it's not smothered with oil. Even with the flames licking at it, I find that It want's about 4 minutes on side 1, 3 minutes on side 2. I find that if cooked too rare, the meat is too sinewy. Cooking a bit longer and going for med-rare breaks it down a bit more and it's actually more tender and the beef flavor comes out more. Since I cook it a bit longer, it's really important to have very well marbled meat. I buy American Wagyu from a local butcher and the marbling is really good. Out of respect for Mr. Ramsay (joke), I tried it at two minutes and it was "jelly rare", the favors didn't develop and the rest period didn't do much as the outer heat was not enough to "finish" the center". It was a big fail.
Chen Zhen Chuan
Chen Zhen Chuan 18 kun oldin
gordon u should try the dog meat , it really delicious taste .
Jay Man
Jay Man 19 kun oldin
Another great video. Thank you
Steven Hensley
Steven Hensley 20 kun oldin
Did he cut it with the grain???
Johann Dakitsch
Johann Dakitsch 21 kun oldin
I don't think I've ever seen him so happy cooking something
Fazle Elahee
Fazle Elahee 22 kun oldin
Way too much oil
Raul Duran
Raul Duran 23 kun oldin
I am argentine and this is not the original chimichurri, just the Gordon invention.
Ryan Le
Ryan Le 25 kun oldin
I’ve watched this video a few times already and I’ve just noticed that Gordon cut the skirt steak with the grain...
roman craigle
roman craigle 20 kun oldin
I was hoping someone else noticed that. I was thinking that it should have been cut aginst.
skwigz21 25 kun oldin
I like Chef Ramsey and all but...that's not chimichurri.
Jayy-mac_ 25 kun oldin
I believe Gordon Ramsey puts olive oil with olive oul
PomPom p
PomPom p 26 kun oldin
what chacon do
what chacon do 26 kun oldin
*At the club* *Pulls out Stamp* Lets see these Skirts
Gerardo V.
Gerardo V. 27 kun oldin
Its raw...and oily!
Harleigh Quinn
Harleigh Quinn 27 kun oldin
eric 27 kun oldin
Ok, I would never question Gordon Ramsey on anything BUT I am surprised that he cut the steak WITH the grain and not against it. Am I missing something?
Isaiah Borg
Isaiah Borg 27 kun oldin
I love how Gordon was so happy to make that steak
Bryce Lorette
Bryce Lorette 27 kun oldin
Gordon sure does love olive oil
D F 27 kun oldin
What does "cook the steak at room temperature" even mean? Perhaps I'm being thick but... what does it meannnn
D F 27 kun oldin
I guess it's cooking while it's resting but it's misleading to say "cook the steak at room temperature" because you're not cooking it, you're taking it off the heat and allowing the residual heat to finish the cut.
Xarpz 27 kun oldin
david alpha
david alpha 28 kun oldin
I would literally eat anything as long as he made it
Tree And a Duck
Tree And a Duck 29 kun oldin
against the grain, mate
Jaaion Barnes
Jaaion Barnes 29 kun oldin
Eric Paulus
Eric Paulus 29 kun oldin
Coriander (aka cilantro) is disgusting
Desus BloodyShoes
Never seen a chimichurri made w/o vinegar before
Kerol Basri
Kerol Basri Oy oldin
Wow chef amazing use of lesung batu👍👍👍😄
ManuelRomz Bacungan
Drinking Game: Take a shot everytime Gordon says “In”
grilled olive oil with steak
Michal Stano
Michal Stano Oy oldin
IN OUT, ON OFF, UP DOWN, Gordon needs to see a doctor if he talks like this about food.
killedr Oy oldin
Awesome 10
Awesome 10 Oy oldin
It looks terrible :p
Mystery box
Mystery box Oy oldin
i didnt even notice how much my mouth watered till the end of the video :p
AlexonMusic Oy oldin
Gordon : Shallots me : Onions Gordon : Shallots me : Onions
It looks like he cut that steak with the grain... am I wrong?
Jacob Kennedy
Jacob Kennedy Oy oldin
Honestly, as delicious as most of these meals look... I can honestly feel Gordon Ramsey holding back a bit. He shows good basic techniques, good ingredients and mixtures, but rarely do any of these recipes change the game. I imagine most of his dishes at his restaurants are much more complex, and nuanced with ingredients and cooking techniques. This stuff is just basic cooking marketing, and Ramsey branded meals that he can throw together in a few minutes.
Michael Marc
Michael Marc Oy oldin
I was right there with you the whole way Chef.. Skirt steak is one of my absolute favorites, but please correct me if I'm wrong. At the end, you cut it WITH the grain. Cut it WITH the grain into 2-3 inch slabs, and then slice those slabs the other direction ( AGAINST the grain) into edible slices. Melts in your mouth!!! Fantastic recipe that I will try.
Smurfathon Oy oldin
Just here to read the comments lmfao
Hadrian Oy oldin
My grandma cooks better then this.And doesn't yell at anyone without a good reason and has a way nice accent to listen to .
Sarim Azeem
Sarim Azeem Oy oldin
Drinking game: drink everytime gordon says 'in'
鴿揚 Oy oldin
After watching all these, I order the McDonald take away :-|
Trust me Im a Doctor
Maybe before you start slaming your face onto the keyboard because of all the olive oil, you should do some research on the skirt steak, that would tell you it has almost no fat in it and it would be dry without that olive oil. Stop acting like you know everything, Gordon is one of the best chefs in the world and he surely doesnt need to be thought by some people in the comments who think they know everything.
dae Oy oldin
i swear the more i watch these the more i think i'm a chef
Tony Oy oldin
I pushed the steak into the grill and it ate it :(
Kx230 Oy oldin
Is there anything that you could substitute that is like espelette
Andrew Oy oldin
So this is the ChimiChurri I’m always hearing about.
Jerry T
Jerry T Oy oldin
SkrRt steak
DenMCX Oy oldin
I've literally NEVER seen Gordon Ramsay being so happy while cooking...
# 63G774298
# 63G774298 Oy oldin
Arzu Twice
Arzu Twice Oy oldin
I'm from Argentina and this is everything but chimichurri.
Mitch Battista
Take Matty Matheson’s skirt with a kale chimi over this any day
pollywaffle79 Oy oldin
And by the time you have made everything else, the beef has gone cold
Anthony Dinh
Anthony Dinh Oy oldin
This dude really cut with the grain
Gordon you didn't cut the steak against the grain!!
shiloh kimball
Just gently nick in out in out.
Louis CT
Louis CT Oy oldin
2% milk... A chefs dream! And this cracker thinks we got money to just buy exotic ingredients
Hugo Solis
Hugo Solis Oy oldin
WTF is wrong with this guy.
Milka Rodriguez
I love Ramsey, he’s a great chef, I would love to meet him sometime.
east47 Oy oldin
I doubt GR eats like that every day. He is cooking the steak like he would serve in his restaurant. When you go to a very high end restaurant you are going for a flavorful meal and enjoyable experience. In high end restaurants they use in their cooking large amounts of oil, butter, cream, etc. to create flavor. So no one can use that much fat at home every meal or they would weigh three hundred pounds.
Bmurf15 Oy oldin
Any substitutions for espelete?
Ace Oy oldin
He was making love to that plate at the end there. I’m aroused, I gotta say
gloco620 Oy oldin
Got my weekend meal.
Maverick space
I love how people think they have more culinary knowledge than him, you may work in a kitchen, or have gone to culinary school but this man has trained with world class chefs around the globe. Humble yourself.
Wicked Man
Wicked Man Kun oldin
Misterdeeh3000 dammit that’s the way he makes it!
Misterdeeh3000 8 kun oldin
?? But that’s not how u make chimichurri tho lol.
gay insults
gay insults Oy oldin
It's a white version of Carne asada. how can people use so much olive oil that's gross
Pewdiepie Oy oldin
From an Argentinian’s pov that chimmichurri looks dry, and the coriander is overpowering
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