Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch

Gordon Ramsay
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We’ve pieced together some of our favourite recipes from the channel into one Back to School special - tell us below what your perfect school lunch is?
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: amzn.to/2FznHtk
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8-Apr, 2017



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FG_Killaz 3 soat oldin
Imagine being his kid and eating great food for breakfast, lunch, dinner
It's Xavier
It's Xavier 9 soat oldin
I definitely want gordon to bake food from anime such as the curry balls from black butler, or the gotcha pork from fodd wars
Lagendary Gaming
Lagendary Gaming 22 soat oldin
Noting that chef cook that we cant get hungry😂
LesbianDinosaur ツ
The 3.7K dislikes are the mad lunch workers
Lucas Coppenger
Lucas Coppenger Kun oldin
Looks good but I’d be shitting my pants in school
Bobby Luna
Bobby Luna Kun oldin
Come to lee county schools and show them real food 🥘 how to cook . You would dye if you tried our food
Nojuseismas Nojuseismas
This doesnt have enough volume to feed the kids, most of them would still feel hungry
Sosowato wsomy
Sosowato wsomy Kun oldin
It says school lunch Me: wake up 5 hours before school. Starts cooking 5 hours later I’m still not done 😂
Gordon: "it's cured so doesn't need much seasoning" *spends about 4 seconds liberally seasoning with a whole grinder of pepper and salt shaker*
Rayyan Mehmud
Rayyan Mehmud Kun oldin
Gordon well I’m 14 but please I need your help or at least my school does my school doesn’t know how to make anything they put too much sauce on their pizza it’s a vocational technical regional high school known as Monty tech they have breakfast and lunch both which are disappointing
indetectedboys 2
i think gordon's cooking is sisig in Philippines
Gualberto Segura
Gualberto Segura 2 kun oldin
Okay what type of mom would have the time to make this for there kid?
Matthew Winterflood
Matthew Winterflood 16 soat oldin
T H E I R!
Gualberto Segura
Gualberto Segura 2 kun oldin
Gordon can you come to my school and shut it down for the bad fake lunch they give us
Gillian Daemon
Gillian Daemon 2 kun oldin
Nah.. y'know my mom's just gonna pack another lunchable
Ty Keiser
Ty Keiser 2 kun oldin
Today we will be making hot pockets with Gordon Ramsay. 1. Open the hot pocket 2. Put it in the microwave BUT before you heat it up, season with olive oil and salt and pepper. 3. Microwave 4. Pull it out immediately and burn your hands I hope you enjoyed Cooking My Way featuring Gordon Ramsay. 👍🏻👌👌🏻
Ruby Dawson
Ruby Dawson 2 kun oldin
Gordon guess what,One time our schools Lunch looked like goat diarrhea Says me And my friend, I refused to eat it and when I got home I felt un easy when I got home *I did not eat the food* Only if you can cook at our school 😆
Crash 2 kun oldin
I dunno If i'll go that far for a school lunch lol. But these looks amazing !
xNight_Fox 2 kun oldin
I wish he made food for my school
EngOB 513
EngOB 513 2 kun oldin
Reckon he seasoned his children rather than christened them.
Arctic pengumen
Arctic pengumen 2 kun oldin
He clearly likes it!
Bogdan Ciuhat
Bogdan Ciuhat 2 kun oldin
I am starving!!!!!
Bella Joly
Bella Joly 2 kun oldin
Me: ooh now I’m hungry what could I do? Go to cupboard get out weetabix. Season beautifully with milk! Lovely toast on the side covered with the most amazing butter! Start eating: EWWW! Mum the milks gone off.
Dr.Moose 2 kun oldin
No one: Gordon Ramsey: Drinks water Also Gordon Ramsey: *“ITS FUCKING RAW!!!!!”*
Jack Standish
Jack Standish 3 kun oldin
I usually just have a ham and cheese sandwich
2PAC6151 3 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey the type of guy to season his salt
Dr.Moose 2 kun oldin
Underrated af bro.
A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
Sorry gordon but who the fuck eats frites on bread
Jaiden Scott
Jaiden Scott 3 kun oldin
Are there any copyright issues with watching recipe videos like these, copying them, and then making my own youtube videos explaining how to cook the same recipes?
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
My mouth was watering throughout the video 😍
J8cob zzz
J8cob zzz 3 kun oldin
Just give them a lunchable
Mr.Robinson Cruiso H
Gordon Ramsay: Make dinner for his cat Gordon Ramsay‘s cat: Tastes the food Gordon Ramsay’s cat reaction: hmm, Absolute delicious
I am NOTHING 4 kun oldin
When the school is rich then they will do this.
Kaytri 4 kun oldin
thanks I’m never eating school lunch again
Silentecho1189 4 kun oldin
1030 at night and I have to be at work by 6am. All I want to do is as Gordon says it "satisfy my cravings", damnit UZvid!
Erin Landers
Erin Landers 4 kun oldin
I want everything I do in my kitchen to seem as easy as he made all that look. Also, his excitement over the doughnut was just adorable.
Sword of prophets
Sword of prophets 4 kun oldin
What person has the time to make a lunch like this?
Agent 4W
Agent 4W 4 kun oldin
*cat gets told to disappear* Cat: all around me are familiar-
Mr. K
Mr. K 4 kun oldin
You think using an electric beater would incorporate air a little better than hand whisking?
Cable Toast
Cable Toast 5 kun oldin
I almost ate my phone while watching this
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos 5 kun oldin
How tf am I supposed to do this is less than 10 fucking minutes??!!!?
Gina Ziccardi
Gina Ziccardi 5 kun oldin
Good food, but no kid in America wants these recipes for kids lunches lol I thought he was going to make a healthier pbj n chips lol
Puro Zombie
Puro Zombie 5 kun oldin
The thing is now the price of school lunch would be too high
Conner Monsjou
Conner Monsjou 5 kun oldin
I mean okay, but who the fuck is going to bring beans potatoes and stuff to school!?
Bloodymess56 5 kun oldin
before Gordon seasons his foods he seasons his wife
Colleen Dunn
Colleen Dunn 5 kun oldin
Chef Gordon Ramsay, PLEASE do a series like this on MasterClass. No doubt so many home chefs make delightful restaurant quality meals, but could do better for our kids, who want something simple.
Jordan D
Jordan D 2 kun oldin
He has two!
jacob warren
jacob warren 5 kun oldin
I thought that gordon was always a dickhead, but now i realize that if you stay on his good side he is a pretty cool guy.
OCFam 5 kun oldin
How is this better school lunches?? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Owen Yandell
Owen Yandell 5 kun oldin
How do i cook these in under 10 minutes for school?
a fat potato
a fat potato 5 kun oldin
7:49 what a bougie ketchup dispenser
Harry Brehaut
Harry Brehaut 6 kun oldin
Imagine having Gordon as a dad...
Wholesome 6 kun oldin
Can he please review my school’s NASTY TASTLESS LEFTOVER TAMALES THEY CALL LUNCH?????????
Game choose
Game choose 6 kun oldin
My lunch ladies need to learn the beginners guide on how to cook
samm sssja
samm sssja 6 kun oldin
He looks so sweet after cutting the doughnut
MilkyRox 6 kun oldin
Gordon, come to my school and please try to knock sense into the chefs there as the food is crap
SandboxArrow 6 kun oldin
I wish my mom would cook like this
龍昌秀 6 kun oldin
Gordon is a 9 year old, confirmed.
EVTG_Neko 6 kun oldin
More like a back to school *necklace*
Eliah Mimon
Eliah Mimon 6 kun oldin
Jesus those doughnuts look incredible
Eliah Mimon
Eliah Mimon 6 kun oldin
Someone says ew when they cut the scotch eggs in half revealing the yolk haha
Ghost 87
Ghost 87 7 kun oldin
Gordon is the only person that can squeeze out ketchup like that.
Super Zamas
Super Zamas 7 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay could kill any breathing organism in existence and turn it into something delicious
Shinix :D
Shinix :D 7 kun oldin
Gordon might be the worst and best dad in the world
Consensual Buttrape
His daughter said that he never yells when he's around his family. He only does it for business.
Saif-Allah Nadeem
Saif-Allah Nadeem 7 kun oldin
How would someone have time to make these for everyday school lunch. I just throw in a f*cking sandwich and fruit by the foot and thats it.
Peter Veresan
Peter Veresan 7 kun oldin
Hmmmmmm I’ll take eating cardboard over the school lunches any day of the week, the cardboard probably has more nutrition and doesn’t taste as bland as the school lunches. Maybe it’s what I eat but come on, how hard is it to make a chicken wrap and make it actually taste like chicken?
Parakeet Love
Parakeet Love 7 kun oldin
This is more like dinner than school lunch lol
App Help
App Help 7 kun oldin
I am always busy eating my Scotch Eggs?
Art_By_A_ Marvin
Art_By_A_ Marvin 7 kun oldin
So here for every parent, if you give this to your child, it will need a Tank to protect that lunch from other kids.
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis 7 kun oldin
That cat lives a better life than I do.
nermana alic
nermana alic 7 kun oldin
There should be a cafeteria nightmare tv show lol
Vy Ho
Vy Ho 7 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure he basically admitted he has mice in the house
Muralidharan nair
Muralidharan nair 7 kun oldin
*honey psssst dissappear* this killed me
Tinny Subset9705
Tinny Subset9705 7 kun oldin
Gordon can you cook for me pls
Amber Lights
Amber Lights 8 kun oldin
Who else started tearing up when he chopped the onion?
James Velkjar
James Velkjar 8 kun oldin
how the fuck am I gonna put that in my lunch kit without having it turn into a sweaty pile of dog shit
a fat potato
a fat potato 5 kun oldin
ice pack at the bottom and put the food in a container on top
Bakugo 8 kun oldin
I’ll stick to my lunchables
XxDeathxxTollxX 8 kun oldin
In my school, if you brought something like this, you’d have to fight everyday to keep your lunch.
Pandas Panda Pan
Pandas Panda Pan 8 kun oldin
Teachers getting paid more, school lunches prepared by chefs, sounds radical to Americans especially for the middle class.
Juan Olivera
Juan Olivera 8 kun oldin
This guy should start his own restaurant
a fat potato
a fat potato 5 kun oldin
he already has🤦 smh
Neo Francis
Neo Francis 8 kun oldin
is he cooking in a market?
Ritaf Avlaj
Ritaf Avlaj 8 kun oldin
Gordon is confirmed a 9 year-old, PewDiePie is quaking
goldingot_ 8 kun oldin
Imagine Gordon Ramsay making your lunch for school it would be heaven
Guidaツ 8 kun oldin
I cant do that in the morning. Gcgcfcydfcbfdcfdycgdcgyd
Riley Hixson
Riley Hixson 9 kun oldin
I want to be Gordon Ramsay’s kid
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 9 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay more like kitchen god
Everything Anastasia
watching him fill those doughnuts got me all hormonal man
TheRainbowUnicorn 9 kun oldin
sub to pewdiepie
WATERMELON_35 watermelons
Friday Phoenix
Friday Phoenix 9 kun oldin
American food has left the chat
sugar n spice
sugar n spice 9 kun oldin
I showed my mum this and she just gave me a look and made me a pbj sandwich and gives me a bag of cheetos
Milani Alcapone
Milani Alcapone 9 kun oldin
Fire🔥🔥🔥 yummmm and hes hot!!
Faisal Ilham
Faisal Ilham 9 kun oldin
ooooooooh sooo cute (the cat)
sChOOL Stories
sChOOL Stories 9 kun oldin
But how on earth am I going to put that in a container ?
ASMR slime _
ASMR slime _ 9 kun oldin
Gordon walks in the schools cooking class Gordon: sees kid using the wrong spice Kid: yay I think I got it Gordon: you fucking dick ! it’s not salt it’s salantro you know what ,fuck you get out of here !!
yulicia uwu
yulicia uwu 10 kun oldin
Where’s the classic pb and j
Wolf 10 kun oldin
If I got a dollar for every time he said “season beautifully” I would be on a cruise to Hawaii
Jøsë Chåvëz
Jøsë Chåvëz 10 kun oldin
This nigga eating beans
Shamiah Ledington
Shamiah Ledington 10 kun oldin
if he were to eat that at a restaurant, he would be screaming, as donut would say, his balls off.
Shamiah Ledington
Shamiah Ledington 10 kun oldin
has anyone seen that garlic press before?
VarERRORafied 10 kun oldin
My school lunches are so bad if they tried to cook this they would burn the school down
ray spark
ray spark 11 kun oldin
*Watches this video for 18 minutes* Nice! Cooks ready made noodles..
Looey 11 kun oldin
I want this man to be my dad.
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