Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch

Gordon Ramsay
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Vegetarian food is on the up, and here’s a brilliant recipe to get the absolute maximum flavour out of your vegetables. Herb, courgette and halloumi cakes with a watercress and roast tomato salad. Delicious.
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: amzn.to/2FznHtk
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15-Yan, 2017

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Perla Mangampat
Perla Mangampat Kun oldin
Idk eggs are vegetables already..
•Rosh• 2 kun oldin
Is egg vegetarian???...
Banshee Boii
Banshee Boii 2 kun oldin
I thought eggs count as non vegetarian?🍳 what do yall think
Clash Clans
Clash Clans 3 kun oldin
This is good af
Neo Sannyasin
Neo Sannyasin 3 kun oldin
Wow .... looks INSANELY deilshhh!!!! 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 👍👍👍👍👍 Never heard of halloumi burgers before!!!
Ahalya 3 kun oldin
A substitute for zucchini? Unfortunately we don't find that vegetable in our country :(
Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan 3 kun oldin
surprised he didn't slip in two pounds of lardons
Gold Standard Silver
Enough salt to kill the whole family
Ulla Zita Kring
Ulla Zita Kring 6 kun oldin
darn, that look awesome! Just started trying having meatless days, and this is definitely something, I'll have to try, those cakes, those tomatoes - yummi!!a p
Fate Series
Fate Series 8 kun oldin
The soup was rawwwwwwww
Summer Water lily
Summer Water lily 8 kun oldin
It’s looks delicious. But eggs not vegetarian.🤷‍♀️
Tasvir Mahmood
Tasvir Mahmood 8 kun oldin
Mr Perfectionist just made me love vegetables ❤
cedriczack 10 kun oldin
King56Fisher95 11 kun oldin
Make something thats gluten free
Arvind jha
Arvind jha 11 kun oldin
With eggs its mean not vegatarian sir
Christine Noke
Christine Noke 12 kun oldin
A challenge for you Gordon, vegan raw meals. I try to prepare a few a week, but haven't been very impressed with the results.
Anthony Blomfield
Anthony Blomfield 12 kun oldin
ho hum Come on Gordon do a real brilliant Vegetarian Meal. Infact Vegan.
Sanjushka B.B.
Sanjushka B.B. 13 kun oldin
Can somone explain this mucho simpatico guy that faking eggs are n o t vegetarian diet ingredients , ty :)
vansh prajapati
vansh prajapati 14 kun oldin
3:00 wasn't it vegetarian? He put an egg
Legette LINda
Legette LINda 14 kun oldin
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Ravi Chauhan
Ravi Chauhan 17 kun oldin
arent those just munchurian ball?
Mathew Opit
Mathew Opit 18 kun oldin
I didn't know salt and pepper we're vegetables
Newarrivals 20 kun oldin
Is it vegan recipe ? Then why u add egg into it
Using Egg How it is vegitarian dish?
Green Planet
Green Planet 24 kun oldin
Vegetarian egg😁😂😂
Kartik Dey
Kartik Dey 26 kun oldin
Fun fact: His body composition is 70% olive oil and 30% seasoning.
Solving Construction
I have always had good time for Mr. Ramsey. This dish unfortunately, was a long way from vegetarian or healthy. As for the salt, well, Gordon. Look for the facts on what salt (idodineless,) does to your arteries over a life time, as salt crystals' scrape the walls leading to cholesterol trying to cover the inflammation, resulting in hart disease. Real, good quality fresh food requires the minimum of salt, if any. As for the salt, it's trumped by chef's obsession with sugar. Now I'm leaving, my work here is done. 🤓
HRHooChicken Oy oldin
I don't know where he gets his halloumi but the stuff i have is super salty. Adding salt to the veg makes the cakes so salty they become inedible.
It's not vegetarian if there's egg in it
Gothus Touchstone Singularity
You have a show dedicated to vegan cuisine?
Angie pangie
Angie pangie Oy oldin
Free range eggs of course
Anushikha Mehta
Eggs are not vegetarian.
Rickman Oy oldin
Vegetarian food puts egg?
amit shukla
amit shukla Oy oldin
Come Mr. Ramsay...I serve you the gruel (Daliya). Your breakfast is very expensive and time consuming.
Remnant1217 Oy oldin
That doesn't do anything for me. I'm Vegan.. Next..
HRHooChicken Oy oldin
A vegan telling us he's a vegan? What a rare sight
Eleanor Christie
seeing the lackadaisical attitude chefs have to fat, particularly butter and olive oil honestly makes me terrified to eat out in a restaurant
J MO Oy oldin
You shouldn’t eat raw egg right?
HRHooChicken Oy oldin
Wrong. Raw egg is completely harmless. At least in the UK.
Maria J Andersen
So delicious 😃👌
Spicy Boi
Spicy Boi Oy oldin
Harindra000 Oy oldin
Vegetarian dish with eggs?
Parthasarathy T
Gordon has declared eggs as vegetarian eggactly as anticipated.😏
Finrod Oy oldin
You are acting like romans when they defeated carthagians...
Maria Frieda Markgraf
Lol, decided to become vegetarian a month ago.... then decided to search for Gordon Ramsay with vegetarian meals.... I don’t like tomatoes..... tbh, I don’t like any vegs, only strawberries, and that’s Wut I’ve been living off of
cutie 82
cutie 82 2 oy oldin
Omg watering mouth 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
travelswag84 2 oy oldin
Another excellent recipe from Gordon. I made this for dinner tonight and it was fantastic. I didn't add the egg and mint to the mixture but it still tasted amazing. This recipe is definitely a keeper.
Cheandre Van Blerk
Tried this last night and got a thumbs up from the whole family! 👍
Mo Miah
Mo Miah 2 oy oldin
How does he do the shape of the cakes so perfect
Marine Letuppe
Marine Letuppe 2 oy oldin
I'm a vegetarian who doesn't really like the taste of veggies on their own, but presented as a steak and all mixed together with a bunch of other flavours, you can be sure I'll eat them and ask for a second serving.
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Logic Police
Logic Police 2 oy oldin
Imagine him in bed. *Pants down. Dick out. OliveOl. In. Done.*
Kirtiman Phadke
Kirtiman Phadke 2 oy oldin
So eggs are vegetarian?
rutvi shah
rutvi shah 2 oy oldin
u even had to plan for a vegetarian lunch and yet u used egg....u should surely visit india....actually i guess u would have visited ....but it would be good if u have a long trip to explore our flavours
Critstix Darkspear
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens 2 oy oldin
How much Salt??
shoruba sekhar
shoruba sekhar 2 oy oldin
Egg is not considered vegetarian in Indian veg menu. What can be used as substitute?
Shadownet 2 oy oldin
Not really a vegetarian meal if he uses eggs as a binding agent...couldn't he have used something else?
Elena Huentemil Sotomayor gz
Cada vez , amo más al chef Ramsey
Rishi Ghosh
Rishi Ghosh 2 oy oldin
Egg is non vegetarian
Rahul Gaikwad
Rahul Gaikwad 2 oy oldin
We indian pure vegetarian people don't eat eggs...
illegal2 illegal2
why is he using eggs?
Lakshya Gupta
Lakshya Gupta 2 oy oldin
1) We indians don't consider eggs as veg. 2) Eating veg lunch doesn't mean eating raw salad. 3) This thing you made won't event be considered as half good snack forget about being lunch. 4) You should really work on your veg imagination, in this video you lack both.
Sumit Gupta
Sumit Gupta 2 oy oldin
When do eggs become part of vegetarian meals.
Zoe Dowd
Zoe Dowd 3 oy oldin
Any food with that salt sir???
Ada K.
Ada K. 3 oy oldin
Thank you so much for this recipe, Mr. Ramsay. I didn't even think about making patty/cake with shredded vegetables. The salad looks nice too.
Stav Dayagi
Stav Dayagi 3 oy oldin
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ByronRaver 3 oy oldin
wow,wow..with the salt there Ramsay laddie.
pooja lukka
pooja lukka 3 oy oldin
2 eggs alternative gram flour for vegeterian with soda bi car
jadachi1 3 oy oldin
don't watch this at night...(2:42am) great im STARVING
best gio
best gio 3 oy oldin
Do vegetarians eat milk product cheese
Seema Nawathe
Seema Nawathe 3 oy oldin
why are you're simple delicious recipes sooo expensive, olive oil is very expensive in india, water cress is as good as not available
Cool Craig
Cool Craig 3 oy oldin
Eggs are not vegetarian
flintbot 3 oy oldin
im vegetarian thanks
vidhi bubna
vidhi bubna 3 oy oldin
egg isn't vegetarian
Farnaz SH
Farnaz SH 3 oy oldin
What kind of cheese he’s using again? I didn’t get it
James Cabantac
James Cabantac 3 oy oldin
why there is egg? please explain? thanks
Christine Smil
Christine Smil 3 oy oldin
Life Skills! This is what kids at a young age should be learning in school.
akruti sinha
akruti sinha 3 oy oldin
eggs are vegetarian ???
ayushi jaiswal
ayushi jaiswal 3 oy oldin
Was it vegan ??🙄
Stephen Kevskiii
Stephen Kevskiii 3 oy oldin
It's not vegetarian because of the eggs
Kevin Amatt
Kevin Amatt 3 oy oldin
I roasted cherry tomatoes in my fan oven at 150 degrees C for 90 minutes and they came out burnt. Should it be Fahrenheit?
horneben55 4 oy oldin
Has anyone an idea of what the make of frying pan he is using? I need a new frying pan in my life.
Freigeist 4 oy oldin
Shouldnt he add the spicerys later that they dont burn?
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen 4 oy oldin
Where's nino
almonies 4 oy oldin
Salad, Vegetarian not a rabbit. Who wants to eat a salad, blaaa
Kavith F
Kavith F 4 oy oldin
How long do you fry the cakes for
Alex T
Alex T 4 oy oldin
Where do I find the ingredient list?
Simon Finch
Simon Finch 4 oy oldin
For the salt haters, he's using good quality sea salt which is actually quite sweet. Its a million miles apart from table salt.
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker 4 oy oldin
I'm going to spend 90 minutes (plus prep and serving and all the faffing around) making lunch? What a pretentious cunt. This is the most ridiculous, unrealistic recipe I've ever seen, Plus haloumi is revolting. No wonder GR hates vegetarians if this is the sort of shit he dishes up to them. Cheese and Branston sandwich.
giovoid 4 oy oldin
i think a multiple Michelin star chef with restaurant all over the world knows how much salt he should use
Dodgeviper 4 oy oldin
Looks great gonna have to try that halloume
debeerpaul 4 oy oldin
Is that a beef wellington at the end?
Jon Commons
Jon Commons 4 oy oldin
Today- Porridge. Firstly, add some Olive Oil...
Valetudo The Neko
Watch out with cheese, it's not always vegetarian
RaawanN Kaïba
RaawanN Kaïba 4 oy oldin
Vegetarian lunch with eggs
copperdaylight 4 oy oldin
cheese is not vegetarian, right?
Shelly Yaron
Shelly Yaron 4 oy oldin
Tasting raw egg? OMG Salmonella
Zoma sheikh
Zoma sheikh 4 oy oldin
Good recipe
M s
M s 4 oy oldin
Lol he added egg. Hence not a vegetarian dishes