Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch

Gordon Ramsay
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Vegetarian food is on the up, and here’s a brilliant recipe to get the absolute maximum flavour out of your vegetables. Herb, courgette and halloumi cakes with a watercress and roast tomato salad. Delicious.
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: amzn.to/2FznHtk
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15-Yan, 2017



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هاجس آلموت
هاجس آلموت 4 soat oldin
so ..so nice😍
Samuel Bunghai
Samuel Bunghai Kun oldin
Vegetarian lunch...proceed to crack an egg😂
Astha  Billore
Astha Billore Kun oldin
I liked this recipe of yours very much Sir. I would like to use besan(chickpea flour) instead of the egg and maybe some boiled grated potatoes. Also some grated cabbage to add to the flavour. Seasoning and salad just wow ! We Indorians (central india) also use the combo of salt n sugar both to many dishes. Simple to make and healthy and tasty to eat 😊🙏✨
My Littlehomeinparis
Why dont all the people doing video cooking give recipe in writing ? How are we supposed to print it out so we can use it in the kitchen ? This is a real shame
MAD Revengers
MAD Revengers 2 kun oldin
It isn't vegetarian Gordan Ramsy is a laier
C A 4 kun oldin
I love the end shot of a huge chunk of dead bloody animal for the vegetarian video... Lol
Petras Patronas
Petras Patronas 6 kun oldin
Brilliant as always :)
rounak agar
rounak agar 7 kun oldin
Egg for vegetarians 😂
Lina Jae
Lina Jae 6 kun oldin
Vegetarians don't eat meat but still consume milk & eggs
Kashish Jawed
Kashish Jawed 8 kun oldin
Woah, egg is part of vegetarian food 😐
Achintya Sagar
Achintya Sagar 11 kun oldin
Hallumi cake or whatever we call it vegetable cutlet
samia quadri
samia quadri 13 kun oldin
How is it vegetarian if you add an egg in??
samia quadri
samia quadri 10 kun oldin
+*INSERT ORIGINAL NAME* *HERE* pretty sure vegetarians do not eat eggs, but thanks anyway Mr etiquette!!
samia quadri vegetarians eat eggs and can drink milk, you're a vegan you moron
samia quadri
samia quadri 10 kun oldin
+*INSERT ORIGINAL NAME* *HERE* I come from the land in vegetarians I know what it means!!
samia quadri do you know what a vegetarian is?
kai knight
kai knight 12 kun oldin
You should search what a vegetarian is
Tapan Sharma
Tapan Sharma 14 kun oldin
Egg in Vegetarian food??!!
Tapan Sharma you're a moron my dude You're a vegan,not a vegetarian Get your facts straight
Tapan Sharma
Tapan Sharma 10 kun oldin
+*INSERT ORIGINAL NAME* *HERE* fucking research....ha ha....calm down buddy....
Tapan Sharma
Tapan Sharma 10 kun oldin
I don't know ur definition but in India vegetarian don't eat eggs
Tapan Sharma yes really,do your fucking research
Tapan Sharma
Tapan Sharma 10 kun oldin
Estiaqe Evan
Estiaqe Evan 15 kun oldin
Didn't knew egg can be added in a vegetarian dish 2:55
Estiaqe Evan
Estiaqe Evan 10 kun oldin
+*INSERT ORIGINAL NAME* *HERE* I think you've not understood what I've said...first go to school and then reply Mr.no name
Estiaqe Evan vegetarians eat eggs,are you dense?
seppo nurmi
seppo nurmi 15 kun oldin
why the fuck do you destroy food, never ever put sugar on you´re food
seppo nurmi
seppo nurmi 10 kun oldin
+*INSERT ORIGINAL NAME* *HERE* I know a lot more than you will ever know.
seppo nurmi you don't know much about cooking do you?
Richard Dono
Richard Dono 15 kun oldin
I have made it to the very detail today. If you use proper farming tomatoes, vegetables and herbs the taste is very intense. This is a very nice dish , tasty and looks great on the plate.
Akash Aki
Akash Aki 19 kun oldin
Is it technically vegetarian if u put in eggs??
Akash Aki learn what a vegetarian is
Android Gamer
Android Gamer 19 kun oldin
Says veg but put eggs later on
Android Gamer this is vegetarian not vegan moron
Unggul Prabowo
Unggul Prabowo 19 kun oldin
Hey. You must try indonesian salad called gado2. It’s healthier, tastier than gordon’s dish. It’s also best salad in the world.
Unggul Prabowo nah fam
Bluestone Green
Bluestone Green 20 kun oldin
A a a no egg please! Remember you're making vegetarian recipe?
Bluestone Green you fucking moron,eggs are vegetarian, do your research
Sheyda.nabavizadeh Nabavizadeh
can anyone tell me what is the name of vegtable in the salad? thanks
Augusta Septemberova
Works also great with tofu instead of halumi and flax seeds instead of egg ;)
Naigh-naigh Why
Naigh-naigh Why 25 kun oldin
OK so Gordon is addicted to salt and Jamie Oliver to is addicted to Olive oil
ǟռɨʍɛ ʄʀɛǟӄ
Wow... I dont see butthurt whites talking about Hand gloves
ǟռɨʍɛ ʄʀɛǟӄ
Egg is vegetarian???
ǟռɨʍɛ ʄʀɛǟӄ yes
Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar 27 kun oldin
Egg?? Vegetarian only to Gordon it seems
Nitin Kumar fucking moron,do your research
Julia Kurnik
Julia Kurnik 28 kun oldin
I did it. Im not sure if veggies inside the cakes are cooked enough. They are brown even more on the outside than Gordons ones.
Avery Ley
Avery Ley 29 kun oldin
3:53 GINGA
Chinmaya Sahu
Chinmaya Sahu 29 kun oldin
Pothula Sushanti
It was delicious. Is there any substitute for egg.
Egg vegetarian? How?
SAMANWAY SARKAR fucking moron
Miguel Valero Arcia
Wait, how is this vegetarian if he adds beaten eggs?
Miguel Valero Arcia because eggs are vegetarian you dumb fuck
Ralph Augustus
Vegetarian, Gordon... Vegetarian... No eggs... Egg doesn't grow on Vegetation. Vegetarian diet comes from Plants and fungi.
Ralph Augustus fucking moron,eggs are vegetarian
Akane Sasu
Akane Sasu Oy oldin
sir gordon, perhaps maybe u can make a single channel for vegetarian recipe. ☺
Test Subjects
Test Subjects Oy oldin
2:49 XD
Anthony Mehmet
I’m British of Cypriot decent . And have grown up on Hellim / halloumi. And I thought I had enjoyed eating Hellim . In every way possible. But Gordon’s recipe for Hellim cakes Is delicious !
Reenals Entertainment
hi ram am an Indian but I love u r cooking so much❤❤
Ruth Wilson
Ruth Wilson Oy oldin
1:54 this has a "TWO SHOTS of vodka" energy
suvarna deshpande
Gordon and veggies ? No way he calls it dog food shame on him don't know why he made this video
Sally Moodley
Sally Moodley Oy oldin
Looks delicious!!!!!!
Kavya Reddy
Kavya Reddy Oy oldin
Egg? I'm a vegetarian and I don't eat egg. Egg grows into a baby chick. It's not a vegetable.
Kavya Reddy learn what a vegetarian is dumbass
Nimit Vora
Nimit Vora Oy oldin
Eggs aren't Vegetarian my friend
Nimit Vora yes they are fucking moron
VibrantVirtue Oy oldin
V don't include egg in vegitarian food, right? Just checking
VibrantVirtue eggs are vegetarian..
saraha tantra
saraha tantra Oy oldin
He is going to kill with those tomato seeds Cheese yuck Bread crumbs yuck God why he is even cooking ?? Poor job
A is for Awesome
It's not vegetarian it's got eggs
A is for Awesome eggs are vegetarian you dense fuck
Byakuya Kuchiki
vag lunch with eggs ,,,ummmmmmmmmmmmmm
Pietra Trovitz
Vegetarian, not vegan, I hate it!
Pietra Trovitz learn how to read you fucking moron,you're a dumbass
Ayngaran Thamo
Hey Gordon im more predtor eats meat only like t rex loool
Bernd Schablowski
alright, thats not easy at all
jiveturkey23 Oy oldin
Those fucking tomatoes!!!!
Kadeer Ahmed
Kadeer Ahmed Oy oldin
Waooo i like it ...inshaAllah i'll try this soon
Heartless Dark
I hope to see gordon ramsey makes a video of cooking ratatouille
Ankit Doshi
Ankit Doshi Oy oldin
Eggs?? Vegetarian??
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown Oy oldin
Way to many different ingredients but looks nice
Suyash Kathar
Suyash Kathar Oy oldin
🤣🤣🤣egg is not veg
NIRMALA N Oy oldin
Do you know how to grow veg, forget buying them, forget eating them. One all this will come to an end, and then life will restart, at that time you will still be eating MEAT.🤣💃
stitcha123 Oy oldin
Botox. Hair Transplant. Fillers. TRT. Veneers. Done.
stephen richards
stephen richards 2 oy oldin
Sorry Gordon. You destroyed an excellent meal into poison for a diabete
Perla Mangampat
Perla Mangampat 2 oy oldin
Idk eggs are vegetables already..
•Rosh• 2 oy oldin
Is egg vegetarian???...
Banshee Boii
Banshee Boii 2 oy oldin
I thought eggs count as non vegetarian?🍳 what do yall think
Clash Clans
Clash Clans 2 oy oldin
This is good af
Neo Sannyasin
Neo Sannyasin 2 oy oldin
Wow .... looks INSANELY deilshhh!!!! 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 👍👍👍👍👍 Never heard of halloumi burgers before!!!
Ahalya 2 oy oldin
A substitute for zucchini? Unfortunately we don't find that vegetable in our country :(
Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan 2 oy oldin
surprised he didn't slip in two pounds of lardons
Gold Standard Silver
Enough salt to kill the whole family
Ulla Zita Kring
Ulla Zita Kring 2 oy oldin
darn, that look awesome! Just started trying having meatless days, and this is definitely something, I'll have to try, those cakes, those tomatoes - yummi!!a p
Fate Series
Fate Series 2 oy oldin
The soup was rawwwwwwww
Summer Water lily
It’s looks delicious. But eggs not vegetarian.🤷‍♀️
Tasvir Mahmood
Tasvir Mahmood 2 oy oldin
Mr Perfectionist just made me love vegetables ❤
cedriczack 2 oy oldin
King56Fisher95 2 oy oldin
Make something thats gluten free
Arvind jha
Arvind jha 2 oy oldin
With eggs its mean not vegatarian sir
Christine Noke
Christine Noke 2 oy oldin
A challenge for you Gordon, vegan raw meals. I try to prepare a few a week, but haven't been very impressed with the results.
Anthony Blomfield
ho hum Come on Gordon do a real brilliant Vegetarian Meal. Infact Vegan.
Sanjushka B.B.
Sanjushka B.B. 2 oy oldin
Can somone explain this mucho simpatico guy that faking eggs are n o t vegetarian diet ingredients , ty :)
vansh prajapati
vansh prajapati 2 oy oldin
3:00 wasn't it vegetarian? He put an egg
Legette LINda
Legette LINda 2 oy oldin
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Ravi Chauhan
Ravi Chauhan 2 oy oldin
arent those just munchurian ball?
Mathew Opit
Mathew Opit 2 oy oldin
I didn't know salt and pepper we're vegetables
Newarrivals 2 oy oldin
Is it vegan recipe ? Then why u add egg into it
Using Egg How it is vegitarian dish?
Green Planet
Green Planet 2 oy oldin
Vegetarian egg😁😂😂
Kartik Dey
Kartik Dey 2 oy oldin
Fun fact: His body composition is 70% olive oil and 30% seasoning.
Solving Construction
I have always had good time for Mr. Ramsey. This dish unfortunately, was a long way from vegetarian or healthy. As for the salt, well, Gordon. Look for the facts on what salt (idodineless,) does to your arteries over a life time, as salt crystals' scrape the walls leading to cholesterol trying to cover the inflammation, resulting in hart disease. Real, good quality fresh food requires the minimum of salt, if any. As for the salt, it's trumped by chef's obsession with sugar. Now I'm leaving, my work here is done. 🤓
HRHooChicken 3 oy oldin
I don't know where he gets his halloumi but the stuff i have is super salty. Adding salt to the veg makes the cakes so salty they become inedible.
CHETAN KANDA 3 oy oldin
It's not vegetarian if there's egg in it
Gothus Touchstone Singularity
You have a show dedicated to vegan cuisine?
Angie pangie
Angie pangie 3 oy oldin
Free range eggs of course
Anushikha Mehta
Anushikha Mehta 3 oy oldin
Eggs are not vegetarian.
Rickman 3 oy oldin
Vegetarian food puts egg?
Kaizzad Gustad
Kaizzad Gustad 3 oy oldin
Come Mr. Ramsay...I serve you the gruel (Daliya). Your breakfast is very expensive and time consuming.
Remnant1217 3 oy oldin
That doesn't do anything for me. I'm Vegan.. Next..
HRHooChicken 3 oy oldin
A vegan telling us he's a vegan? What a rare sight
Eleanor Christie
Eleanor Christie 3 oy oldin
seeing the lackadaisical attitude chefs have to fat, particularly butter and olive oil honestly makes me terrified to eat out in a restaurant
J MO 3 oy oldin
You shouldn’t eat raw egg right?
HRHooChicken 3 oy oldin
Wrong. Raw egg is completely harmless. At least in the UK.
Maria J Andersen
Maria J Andersen 3 oy oldin
So delicious 😃👌
Spicy Boi
Spicy Boi 3 oy oldin
Harindra000 3 oy oldin
Vegetarian dish with eggs?
Parthasarathy T
Parthasarathy T 3 oy oldin
Gordon has declared eggs as vegetarian eggactly as anticipated.😏
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