Gordon Ramsay | Before they were famous | Lobster Ravioli | Marco | 1989

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Triple Michelin star recipient Marco Pierre White with a very young Gordon Ramsay making lobster ravioli.
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21-Sen, 2018



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GunnerCat Soat oldin
Corded Hornet
Corded Hornet 15 soat oldin
People dont know this but gordon ramsey became the yelling and cursing kind of person when he went to America. Mostly due to the fact that hes pissed off by how many wannabe chefs he encountered that believe they can cook when they cant actually cook at all. In his previous shows he didnt scream or yell that often or curse at chefs when they made a mistake more or less just told them to wake up or hint that they have a few screws loose when they make an odd dish. He made a huge debut in America after realizing people watched his show bc of his new character and I think he just kept it up more for the acting and fame. Now hes been a celebrity chef for quite some time and lost a lot of touch in a kitchen since he lost 3 michelin stars from his restaurants but other then that hes a good cook and provides great entertainment.
Kiri Kiske
Kiri Kiske 23 soat oldin
before the cursing :p
Soul Alone
Soul Alone Kun oldin
Why aren’t they wearing hair nets
OwilNic R
OwilNic R Kun oldin
Sith lord just trained gordon ramsay back on 1982 But In 2019 Every one fears gordon when he scream But marco can make people fears by his presence.
Giovanni Bianconcini
Gordon Ramsay Begins.
Atarihitman Kun oldin
The look on Gordon's face, I dont know who's teaching who.
Mac Chenoweth
Mac Chenoweth Kun oldin
Whaaaat Gordon ramsy not yelling !!! My mind has been blown
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox 2 kun oldin
Marco Pierre is one of the best chefs on the planet. But Gordon’s up there aswell as being a fucking joker
Vahil Errante
Vahil Errante 2 kun oldin
ma vi fate spiegare da un inglese come fare la pasta?? XD . ma andate in Emilia Romagna va la!
Berlin Susanto
Berlin Susanto 2 kun oldin
No olive oil no party fucking yes
ANSsansart 2 kun oldin
I'm amaze and confused of gordon's hair logic.... Maybe just me
Hassan Mansoor
Hassan Mansoor 2 kun oldin
Only thing bugging me is Marco cooking with all that long hair hanging around
Junior DHMP
Junior DHMP 2 kun oldin
You can tell Gordon enjoys cooking just look at his face, I wish I could taste some of Gordon Ramsay cooking, I can imagine his food cooking skills delicious
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo 2 kun oldin
When Gordon was someone's bitch
Isaac Collins
Isaac Collins 2 kun oldin
He's so submissive lmao
Hooligan Lu
Hooligan Lu 2 kun oldin
Where’s the lamb sauce
The Irishpanic
The Irishpanic 3 kun oldin
Holy shit. That Thames into brought back memories
Kidus Yonas
Kidus Yonas 3 kun oldin
If this guy taught Ramsey how good was he?
Votso Sothu
Votso Sothu 3 kun oldin
Silent mode gordon
warlock 5576
warlock 5576 3 kun oldin
Hahaa that's Gordon ramsay being the little bitch
Juggie Bonebrain
Juggie Bonebrain 3 kun oldin
I'm so surprised...Gordon... quiet?
XPhantom 5656
XPhantom 5656 3 kun oldin
Gordon be like imma beat this fool
Max Baba
Max Baba 3 kun oldin
I have a feeling that quiet chef beside him would be swearing a lot someday.
Nate V
Nate V 3 kun oldin
Lol! When Gorden Ramsey was a little bitch.
Ultimate Bleach
Ultimate Bleach 3 kun oldin
That lobster is raw
Reiiz 3 kun oldin
Gordon bizarre adventure
Phantomus 3 kun oldin
When gordam was a rare steak, now hes a dried wrinkily well done steak
alycat411 3 kun oldin
Young Gordon?!?! Bitch I’m shook!
Megan Thames
Megan Thames 3 kun oldin
Did he always do thing so professionally ?
Syuna 3 kun oldin
Is funny an weird seeing Gordon be someone’s bitch lol
Name 3 kun oldin
Wow. This guy seems like he has potential. He should own a resteraunt or something. Or maybe he should go review other people's food?
marcoferro 4 kun oldin
per imparare bisogna andare dai migliori, bravo Gordon...
farhan ari
farhan ari 4 kun oldin
"Yes" -Gordon ramsey "Nice" -Jack
Carbo Rossa
Carbo Rossa 4 kun oldin
Marcopolo: ah let’s bring this chinese dumpling to Italy and we re-name it “Ravioli.”
D PANDA 4 kun oldin
From that to now that's call success
Jen Dart
Jen Dart 4 kun oldin
So you freeze them when done? Lol
Greasy Bassoon 19
Greasy Bassoon 19 4 kun oldin
Before Gordon was trying to locate the lamb sauce
Chilly the Snowman
Chilly the Snowman 5 kun oldin
Little did he know, he would be screaming for lamb sauce over a decade later.
flxwercxrpse 5 kun oldin
This feels so wrong he’s not screaming about the lamb sauce or how RAW something is
Kurt Torre
Kurt Torre 5 kun oldin
*Damnnn no wrinkles at all!*
Mai Neh
Mai Neh 5 kun oldin
Gordon smoked a big fat doobie😂😂😂 yea duuude!!!!
kyra williams
kyra williams 6 kun oldin
Gordon without the cursing 😕 fuck off.
B. T.
B. T. 6 kun oldin
A legend was born
Unordinary Olivia
Unordinary Olivia 6 kun oldin
so he's just always had wrinkles huh?
Doboykid26 6 kun oldin
I never thought Gordon not talking would make me feel so uncomfortable. 🤣
Bark 6 kun oldin
It's so weired not seeing Gordan screaming at shit
Robert Chow
Robert Chow 6 kun oldin
Cat got his tongue? Lol
JakeVilla 16
JakeVilla 16 6 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay then: Um do you know where I can find the lamb sauce? Gordon Ramsay now: *WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!!!*
NegativeSpace 7 kun oldin
Why was he such a whimp back then.
Daniel Velho
Daniel Velho 7 kun oldin
Gordon looks like a blonde wolverine with that hair
The main chef hairs is blocked my focus to Ramsay 😆😆😆
Banderascubsfan 31
Banderascubsfan 31 7 kun oldin
Remember kids; the student will always be better than the teacher
Christopher DiNunno Jr
goauld88 7 kun oldin
Glenn 670
Glenn 670 7 kun oldin
FK Me!
Iker Melwin
Iker Melwin 8 kun oldin
This is fucking disgusting 😂😂
bex4fifaHD 8 kun oldin
ITS fking RAW !
Sam Bee
Sam Bee 8 kun oldin
Di makabasag-pinggan e!
Bronson P
Bronson P 8 kun oldin
He was done playing second, just look 👀
JM Ambrocio
JM Ambrocio 8 kun oldin
I really like the sous chef, he has potential to run his own restaurant.
ラインRain 9 kun oldin
It’s strange because Marco is only a few years older than Ramsay. 5 years?
Safi Hasan
Safi Hasan 9 kun oldin
Gordon be like "this is Ravioli you fucking donkey!"
Soviet -potato
Soviet -potato 9 kun oldin
Witch Oanna
Witch Oanna 9 kun oldin
Harry Styles in his Prime ladies and gentlemen
Nothing Special
Nothing Special 9 kun oldin
This ravioli is bland!!
Blaze 9 kun oldin
LOL you can barely hear that yes from Gordon when Marco asked him about the pasta
Alex James
Alex James 10 kun oldin
There must always be two
Miguel Lavoie
Miguel Lavoie 10 kun oldin
His wrinkles remind me of "A curious case of Gordon Ramsay".
robobovis 10 kun oldin
Was him in Depeche Mode as well?
Ana Thorn
Ana Thorn 10 kun oldin
He's an apprentice here..nice to see him evolve 😋
Shiela Hazel Sabaria
Humble beginnings ❤️
Deja Porter
Deja Porter 10 kun oldin
He was cute back then, not anymore though.. 😍😔
Judith Braun
Judith Braun 8 kun oldin
He's hot now
Yesenia Tovar
Yesenia Tovar 10 kun oldin
I was waiting for "bloody hell fix your hair" lol Gordon accent lol
Caine7ify 10 kun oldin
Gordon almost looks like Steve Martin
Chi Chan
Chi Chan 10 kun oldin
My favorite part: When Gordon Ramsey says "yes sir" 0:51
Quebec ball
Quebec ball 10 kun oldin
1989: lv 1 cook 2019: lv 50 Cook's Boss
Praiseworthy Nobleman
I thought the first guy was Gordon
Expired Minds
Expired Minds 11 kun oldin
" I know I'm fucking learning"
Raina Mikaelson
Raina Mikaelson 11 kun oldin
24-year-old Ramsay, is so innocent
zukariah F
zukariah F 11 kun oldin
Rumor has it the secret ingredient for Harveys success was a Knorr stockpot in every dish.
Andre Bell
Andre Bell 11 kun oldin
Look at little gordon, so obedient 😁🤣
Filip Mikołaj Ż.
Filip Mikołaj Ż. 11 kun oldin
It's a very first time when i see Gordon Ramsey face as gentle and nice as never. It's amazing that this man was so adorable when he was young xD Now Marco in my eyes is the greatest chef in the world. And also i know why Gordon is so angry xD. He had really hard and serious master xD
giandebest 11 kun oldin
He looks like the skinny john cena or skinny johnny sins :/
Lemmonade Juice
Lemmonade Juice 11 kun oldin
He got wrinkles.
back number
back number 11 kun oldin
Learn from the best, listen well to be the best!
Chockalingam Senthilnathan
I too like my food with hair
streakersjt 11 kun oldin
Bruh...put on a hairnet
John Baha
John Baha 11 kun oldin
Bruh, I watch the video again and he still doesn't have a hair net on.
Voxy 11 kun oldin
What a donkey
Roberto 11 kun oldin
He already had a bad haircut at that time.
John Baha
John Baha 11 kun oldin
So why does it matter what haircut he has?
Roberto 11 kun oldin
01:23 He is probably thinking: "My God, this is terrible"
Аитор Хара
Аитор Хара 11 kun oldin
Lol that "yes" sounds like he knew he was the little bitch back then. LMFAO
So weird to see GR answering to other people almost quietly "Yes, Sir."
Hail Xenu
Hail Xenu 12 kun oldin
Can I have my ravioli with extra hair in it
John Baha
John Baha 11 kun oldin
Why would you want that? gross.
Peter Ordinary
Peter Ordinary 13 kun oldin
Crazy seeing Ramsey reacting quietly. I like it
world events frank goes global.
wow 1989 I was only 11.
Ewan Brotherton
Ewan Brotherton 13 kun oldin
Great we have all your hair in the ravioli
John Baha
John Baha 11 kun oldin
+Ewan Brotherton nobody? But it seems that you give a like to your own comments. How pathetic.
Ewan Brotherton
Ewan Brotherton 11 kun oldin
Who pissed in your mouth
John Baha
John Baha 11 kun oldin
+Ewan Brotherton no, obviously you can't tell a joke.
Ewan Brotherton
Ewan Brotherton 11 kun oldin
Obviously don't understand a joke
John Baha
John Baha 11 kun oldin
Who is we? Was this for you?
Devansh Kamdar
Devansh Kamdar 13 kun oldin
Apna Time Aayaga.
Bob Brainard
Bob Brainard 13 kun oldin
No donkeys were harmed in filming this video.
Arif Igo
Arif Igo 13 kun oldin
1:23 u cant imagine this lovely little guy in the future saying so much swearing words when eating someone food
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