Gordon Ramsay Cooks Sea Bass On A Car Engine!

Gordon Ramsay
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Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed Soat oldin
Gordon vs Stan lee
Esk8VlogCrew Soat oldin
Omg her voice is annoying 😂
DragonGamingYT NIDI
DragonGamingYT NIDI 2 soat oldin
James Lemon
James Lemon 3 soat oldin
Cooking bass on engine why not yet funniest reaction from the girls
Jack T
Jack T 3 soat oldin
What an annoying cunt of a kid
Ridro K
Ridro K 7 soat oldin
*Inspired by Jeremy Clarkson*
Hakim Benyam
Hakim Benyam 14 soat oldin
Gordian is smart
sdrawkcaB skaerF
sdrawkcaB skaerF 15 soat oldin
Tastes like fucking gasoline...
Mike G
Mike G 16 soat oldin
Does Gordon Ramsay even exist?
Lomel R.
Lomel R. Kun oldin
*can i cook it on my Tesla?*
Dichill Kun oldin
2:06 *So thats how she holds it* (Insert Lenny Face)
jazzzmine rodriguez
Please dont make this into a challenge people! Make sure it gets all that Valvoline oil taste darlin. Chef Ramsay takes his car to Firestone. Oil technician:There is a piece of fish on that cover there. Wonder how that got there? Chef Ramsay: wink wink 😉😉
Doggo Man
Doggo Man Kun oldin
She sounds like Peppa pig but older
Jason Raby
Jason Raby Kun oldin
God that voice is annoying. Sounding like ruby rube
llzermll 2 kun oldin
Why is he driving? Just put it in neutral and rev it...
hiphop connoisseur
hiphop connoisseur 2 kun oldin
Cunt stole the idea off Top Gear
Keihl Barnes
Keihl Barnes 2 kun oldin
Why dose her voice annoy me
Sebastian Emery
Sebastian Emery 2 kun oldin
her voice
SkittlesAreBig 2 kun oldin
her voice kills me
SharkBoi 3 kun oldin
Why does Gordon make videos when his comment section is filled with funny shit making fun of him. 😂
How am I supposed to know?
I thought the coconut was cheese.
JVIitch 3 kun oldin
These comments 😂
Lil kazoo o
Lil kazoo o 3 kun oldin
Gordon not to b mean you could have just ate water melon instead it’s a hot day so yeah
Ted Emerald
Ted Emerald 4 kun oldin
I don’t remember pizza looking like that.
CRABSY6 4 kun oldin
This is so fucking scripted and shit
hero of all monsters hero of all monsters
I heard that song from saints row iv the first song in the video
Krypton Crafts/Production
her voice in killing my eyes, shut up holy sh**
pee is stored in the balls change my mind
This video is fucking gay
My3tic Gh0st
My3tic Gh0st 4 kun oldin
Does ur daughter got beef with Jamey Oliver’s kid?
Golden Retrievers
Golden Retrievers 4 kun oldin
most popular kids in school
EvilP 1
EvilP 1 5 kun oldin
Geva Maor
Geva Maor 5 kun oldin
Man her voice is anoying
Kevin TV
Kevin TV 5 kun oldin
I do love Gordon's family. 😀👍
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 5 kun oldin
Holy shit I just realize that Tilly reminds me of Arya Stark.
McDonald's Big Mac
McDonald's Big Mac 5 kun oldin
Survival technique
blackshot gamer
blackshot gamer 5 kun oldin
She sounds like tracer
dr.treyours loves budder
Gordon I love you but Matilda's narration is uhhhhhhhh... how do I say this
Midnight Mustang
Midnight Mustang 6 kun oldin
He learned this from Top Gear!!!
Daymstar 123
Daymstar 123 6 kun oldin
Her voice is annoying and does not sound scripted at all....
this is bob
this is bob 6 kun oldin
Didn't top gear do this? '
royale king
royale king 6 kun oldin
It’s fookin RAW!!!
Bauer CA
Bauer CA 6 kun oldin
It’s funny how they didn’t think that the car engine wouldn’t cook it
johnathan li
johnathan li 6 kun oldin
Tilly is worst than Ali a
johnathan li
johnathan li 6 kun oldin
Tilly is worst than Ali a
johnathan li
johnathan li 6 kun oldin
Gordon just using Tilly’s tv show for views right
IOS Terraria God
IOS Terraria God 7 kun oldin
Never can Matilda be so annoying 😕
Fr0stBites 7 kun oldin
Sorry but Tilly's voice is REALLY annoying. She fuckin sounds like Dora, but British. "AI THINK DADDY'S GONE MAD! WHERE DO *_YOU_* THINK E'S GOING??" **The Map starts singing but it has a heavy Scottish accent**
McDonald's Big Mac
McDonald's Big Mac 5 kun oldin
Lol 👀
oof fornite
oof fornite 7 kun oldin
If i made a watermelon pizza he would be like ITS RAW Fuck OFF WHO PUTS GRAPES ON A WATERMELON 😂
Kevin Mccalister
Kevin Mccalister 7 kun oldin
This is like Gordon Ramsey clean edition
Lucky Evening
Lucky Evening 8 kun oldin
Can that girl just hit puberty so her voice becomes deeper so I don’t get a headache