Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Crab | Season 9 Ep. 5 | MASTERCHEF

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Gordon Ramsay demonstrates how to cook and prepare a crab dish.
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On season Nine of MASTERCHEF, award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich will put the latest group of contestants through a series of challenging elimination rounds, in order to turn one home cook into a culinary master. The winner will claim the title of MASTERCHEF, a cookbook deal and the $250,000 grand prize.
Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Crab | Season 9 Ep. 5 | MASTERCHEF
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14-Iyn, 2018



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The way I eat it is by eating the legs and opening the crab shell Btw crabs have very little meat in them so you would have to get a lot of crabs for a plate of crab meat
Jay Elex
Jay Elex Kun oldin
Music reminds me of national treasure
guruprasad YM
guruprasad YM 2 kun oldin
All the flavour of that crab is lost in that boiled water. 😂😂😂 idiots
arthaus 2 kun oldin
Looking at Joe's face seems like he's a bit not impressed 😂😂😂
kumbang akatsuki
kumbang akatsuki 3 kun oldin
God bless you Mr. Crab
Heikal Aminuddin
Heikal Aminuddin 4 kun oldin
Nino can do this also
Ivan Renov
Ivan Renov 4 kun oldin
Gordon’s so good that even the other chefs were impressed
yash vardhan Sharma
The way he cut that crab...they should cast him as the next villain after thanos.The crab would definitely be nominating him from heaven.
Susie Q
Susie Q 4 kun oldin
I cant even see what he's doing because of the annoying camera work
Joel Williams
Joel Williams 7 kun oldin
Tony Ferguson's the type of guy, who would reverse roundhouse kick the crab out of it's shell, flawlessly. Amazing!
Lemmonade Juice
Lemmonade Juice 8 kun oldin
Mr. Krabs feeling this.
Sheng Hong
Sheng Hong 9 kun oldin
Using my teeth
Sheng Hong
Sheng Hong 9 kun oldin
I’m chinese so I can eat it with shield
michael15 10 kun oldin
crab ravers are angry
305julzp 10 kun oldin
He throw a lot of finesse in that.
Phạm Nhật Minh
Phạm Nhật Minh 10 kun oldin
The title is "to cook" and it sounds confusing. Actually, he only knows how to take out the meaty savory parts as a whole. There are other techniques too e.g. "Cách ăn ghẹ BÁ ĐẠO của ngư dân Phú Quốc - Ăn không bỏ gì luôn". About the cooking/boiling part, it is already universal :)))
DeadMar13 YT
DeadMar13 YT 10 kun oldin
[Crab Rave stops]
Troy Martyr
Troy Martyr 11 kun oldin
Show should be called "How to cook like a boss" lol
Matt Vincent
Matt Vincent 11 kun oldin
F...i hate that bald guy judge..
Danica Ybañez
Danica Ybañez 11 kun oldin
Why bother with knives and scissors? Watch me use my hands and teeth😁
ReaLzEdits 12 kun oldin
This is called a skill? It literally cant get simpler.
Taron 1
Taron 1 12 kun oldin
It tastes much better if you remove the sections of meat from the crab before you cook it because if you don’t it cooks all the guts into the meat
Shane C.
Shane C. 13 kun oldin
Lot's of wasted meat. There is more meat in the legs than just the first knuckle. And what about the mustard? Guess it's all for show.
Shane C.
Shane C. 9 kun oldin
+Deadpool231 Lol... dude don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Gordon Ramsey fan. Love his work, love his food... but these Michelin star chefs waste a lot of food just for presentation sake. That's all I'm saying.
Deadpool231 9 kun oldin
Shane C. 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
Lolollol Wawww
Lolollol Wawww 13 kun oldin
Crab rave
Zed 13 kun oldin
R.I.P Crab Rave :,(
Deadpool 13 kun oldin
i can watch these all day
Micah Bisharah
Micah Bisharah 13 kun oldin
0:32 the way she says wow and then looks up at gordan😂 she fell in love right there
OmegaTheLord 14 kun oldin
Gordon, watching you cook makes me feel so at home and loved, and as if I've never been hurt. Watching you over the last few months nonstop has helped me so much to deal with the depression ive been facing. Thank you for doing what you do, I love you!
Lotus Root
Lotus Root 15 kun oldin
i know these shows are scripted but like cmon, do they have to act so impressed with gordon taking out the meat of a crab? Its like these people never ate a crab before, its not rocket science, my 4 year old kid can do it.....
강리혜 15 kun oldin
very Good !
Gussion Holy Blade
Gussion Holy Blade 17 kun oldin
I mean,its impressive for americans and chefs, but is it worth that skill to cook a crab ?
MagicalShrimp 17 kun oldin
del boy
del boy 17 kun oldin
I eat my crabs raw as I catch them wi my Jedi mind sword
Simon John
Simon John 19 kun oldin
I think I just wet myself
Trolls Ter
Trolls Ter 19 kun oldin
Wtf is this garbage? The best part is the brains.
THE HERO MAN 22 kun oldin
Can you eat The Shell why do you give Olive oil
Tusk Act 4!
Tusk Act 4! 24 kun oldin
Ladies and gentleman,he did it. *HE SEASONED THE WATER*
razzle dazzle
razzle dazzle 25 kun oldin
senthil ramanujam mohan
After watching this,my grandma says he spoiled the cooking of crab from the beginning - boiling it ,opening the shell, lost the flavours, juices..
THE CARTOONICS 26 kun oldin
Meanwhile I’m still here burning toast!
Hans 26 kun oldin
The music is like a fucken soundtrack for a game like mount & blade warband
hotdognobun 26 kun oldin
Why does everyone keep nodding their heads
AncientTunic195 _
AncientTunic195 _ 27 kun oldin
I’m convinced Gordon cooked Mr. Krabs in that one episode
EggyRepublic 27 kun oldin
1:39 bomb as been defused, counter terrorists win.
Holystarz 28 kun oldin
Gordon is a great cook
Your supposed to do that on a huge gold plate with s smaller plate turned over hiding a salad. Eat the crab legs with butter. Then dump the clump on your salad and enjoy.
blurNNesess Oy oldin
Crab rave
Sith Mige
Sith Mige Oy oldin
Do you feel it now mr krabs?
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert Oy oldin
gordon: *breathes* People: woooowwwwww
Andrew Slevin
Andrew Slevin Oy oldin
Everyone’s so surprised including the judges... these are competing to be the Masterchef... have they really never seen this before??
brettjern05 Oy oldin
Well I'm hard now
tony Cuban
tony Cuban Oy oldin
Jay Matane
Jay Matane Oy oldin
Thats a Michelin star chef right there.. Criticise all you want.. But this guy is where he is through shear hard work and determination
Jay Matane
Jay Matane 25 kun oldin
Thanks for the English lesson.. Its village idiots like you that make this world an interesting place to live in. Have a great day MORON
Harry Hart
Harry Hart 25 kun oldin
shear spelling is wrong its sheer , shear is related to strain in physics moron
fatima almiraan
fatima almiraan 28 kun oldin
Defeles Oy oldin
I like how he places the head of the animal on the plate, i bet if he would get an cow he would just put the cows head on the table xD.
Tom Tom The Pipers Son
I think I'm going to have to try that a couple of hundred times just to make sure I can get it right ;-)
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger Oy oldin
0:30 The black guys face 😂👌🏽 He's like tf???
Yusuf Naufal
Yusuf Naufal Oy oldin
"touch of olovoil"
DreTheChronic Oy oldin
That was a rapid 15 minutes
DilutedHero Oy oldin
Was the crab already dead or did he just dunk a live crab into boiling water?
Воробьёв Владимир
That's how mafia serves crab
CryptiK Oy oldin
*krusty krabs has left the chat*
Susan Smith
Susan Smith Oy oldin
Love him.
meep neep
meep neep Oy oldin
idk why they're always like *nods* *w o a h*
Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic`
Masterchef sucks !!! 👿
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 Oy oldin
And yet many people love it
Alonso Miyashiro
The final table is better
Flip Flops
Flip Flops Oy oldin
*No crabs were harmed*
DinoRaf RBLX
DinoRaf RBLX Oy oldin
bruh the other judges looked wowed lmao
santhanam krishnan bhaskar
Olive oil even here?
Aaron C
Aaron C 2 oy oldin
I wonder how much they were paid for their wow commentary and enthusiastic claps
Zirk Elite
Zirk Elite 2 oy oldin
Im hungry
José .:v
José .:v 2 oy oldin
Ninja has ligma
Chico P.
Chico P. 2 oy oldin
Have they never cleaned a crab before?
Charles Asuncion
Charles Asuncion 2 oy oldin
That crab is from the sea. . Right ? Why need to put salt on the water ? 😂😂😂😂 That crab is full of salt inside of its body. . .😂😂😂
Swift. TM
Swift. TM 2 oy oldin
They look like they just saw jesus
Sean Michael
Sean Michael 2 oy oldin
*_Mr. Krabs has left the chat._*
Raquiba Beyuta
Raquiba Beyuta 2 oy oldin
wow gordon.
Gabriel 2 oy oldin
*Asians grab a cracker and just rips everything open*
Wp Plus
Wp Plus 2 oy oldin
0:21 when you see your girl going through your phone but you tell yourself its ok
Tsuki Matsuda
Tsuki Matsuda 2 oy oldin
Poor crabby
Photographer 2 oy oldin
The Very Important Things : Salt
Stacy Oh
Stacy Oh 2 oy oldin
Ughh as a Korean not seeing the treasure inside the cavity be used was painful....it’s the best part. Throw some rice and sesame oil in there with it and mix mix mix....life.
vivek p
vivek p 2 oy oldin
a touch of olive oil
Drietfoga 2 oy oldin
What's up with the music it sounds like a video game soundtrack lmao
Saijin Jien
Saijin Jien 2 oy oldin
I need more than 100crab to fill my stomach. They have less meat, why do people eat it?
Syazwan Hafiz
Syazwan Hafiz 2 oy oldin
Bob Marley join masterchef 1:34
Imam Faisal
Imam Faisal 2 oy oldin
So.. He does salt the water
Scayron 2 oy oldin
Just boiled the poor crab alive :(
Maria Gu
Maria Gu 2 oy oldin
John Knoxville
John Knoxville 2 oy oldin
That hot chick tho.
J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen
Just did an episode with an amateur trying to follow Gordon through the crab presentation. It was definitely interesting...
Taka hiro
Taka hiro 6 kun oldin
You can see it on Epicurious but i don't think they had crab episode
Mark Kong
Mark Kong 2 oy oldin
I don't consider most of what he does very special. Why would I want to pay someone to shell my crab for me? Its half the fun. But to each their own.
J Jaks
J Jaks 2 oy oldin
This is me because..... Read more
DJ Raphael Gerald Setiawan student of SVP
x MeroZ1
x MeroZ1 2 oy oldin
I wonder what do they do in that fifteen minutes
z qa
z qa 2 oy oldin
Hahahah this guys don't knew what is to be poor when they were child's Lol.
Sharnam Khurana
Sharnam Khurana 2 oy oldin
No crabs were harmed in the making of this video
Michael Rosas Calderon
Aún te falto por hacerlo bien
Jack 2 oy oldin
What have they done to mr Krabs?
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