Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Scrambled Eggs | Season 8 Ep. 5 | MASTERCHEF

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Gordon Ramsay turns an ordinary breakfast into something extraordinary.
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On season Nine of MASTERCHEF, award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich will put the latest group of contestants through a series of challenging elimination rounds, in order to turn one home cook into a culinary master. The winner will claim the title of MASTERCHEF, a cookbook deal and the $250,000 grand prize.
Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Scrambled Eggs | Season 8 Ep. 5 | MASTERCHEF
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28-Iyn, 2017



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Bret Michaels
Bret Michaels 2 soat oldin
I hate their fake reactions. He could say “today we will be filling the ice trays” and they would go “ooooooooooh”
Roseemerald Sapphire
Roseemerald Sapphire 11 soat oldin
When u have nothing else to do without cooking
윤정인 23 soat oldin
Oops I undercooked and over salted and it over buttered mine I guess this is trial and error I’m so bad at cooking
Onslaught Jones
Onslaught Jones Kun oldin
Imagine being his kids and eating like that daily 😳
Stefan Pettersson
So much BULLCRAP sometimes in these series... I have worked as a chef in different restaurants since 1978 and have 2 guide Michelin stars 1985 in a restaurant in Sweden. I think these food-series is laughable sometimes. ...but I guess THE SHOW MUST GO ON. 🥴😊
mahchymk93 Kun oldin
Anything can be creamy with that much butter thrown in
Warren Shiang
Warren Shiang Kun oldin
He seasoned his spatula
irReLevANt GaMiNG
I prefer my cooked scrambled eggs instead of these diarrhoea eggs
TheJriffle Kun oldin
Exactly! My scrambled eggs are fluffy yet solid. Plus I don't cook like that I cook mine on low without seasoning the eggs to the very end otherwise they'll become tough.
Christopher - Vlogs
Those Reactions are *FOOKING* *RAW*
xydoit 2 kun oldin
I don't think that runny egg is tastier. They hate that. But good actors. I won't eat that.
Patrick Demot
Patrick Demot 4 kun oldin
Wait... You're supposed to make scrambled eggs in a pot??? I cook mine in a round pan
Just Dern
Just Dern 4 kun oldin
Just Dern
Just Dern 4 kun oldin
sandrizzie ramirez
sandrizzie ramirez 5 kun oldin
If I went to a restaurant and they served me scrambled eggs like that I would be grossed out🤮...I like my eggs thoroughly cooked
JohnnyV83 5 kun oldin
I don’t have a gas range, what do I set my electric to? Cooking them on medium seems to take about 12 minutes instead of 3...still turns out tasty, just not timely.
The Real Dr. Janus
He turns it on high since the pot isn't heated up
ThunderHockey TFL
ThunderHockey TFL 5 kun oldin
Darren Chan
Darren Chan 5 kun oldin
Where can I buy this? I enjoyed the demo
Michelle Powell
Michelle Powell 7 kun oldin
It gives me great pride knowing I'm embarking on such a harrowing adventure each morning when I make scrambled eggs 🍳
saleG 7 kun oldin
voilà.. Scrambled Butter with some Eggs
MIND NOVA 7 kun oldin
Bruh, look at the student’s expressions.
Twd cruz
Twd cruz 7 kun oldin
Even without creme fraiche and butter it's still good
nicoleX Xelocin
nicoleX Xelocin 8 kun oldin
That scrambled egg in china could be called a disaster
ThunderHockey TFL
ThunderHockey TFL 5 kun oldin
more like cat soup
JHo 8 kun oldin
Next.....how a master chef boils water
Anon Apoh
Anon Apoh 9 kun oldin
Nah scrambled eggs look too watery. I prefer dinner eggs. A little dry
Shmuelisalive 9 kun oldin
Didn’t even look good. Like that was a paste not eggs
weldinflowers 10 kun oldin
WAY too runny Mr. Dippity-do
weldinflowers 10 kun oldin
Anne Burrell called; she wants her hairdo back ; []
tonz lang
tonz lang 11 kun oldin
ewww... i hate runny egg
Treyon Daren
Treyon Daren 12 kun oldin
I just made it like this and i was wondering, im really eating eggs?!? its way to delicious
Citta Rasa
Citta Rasa 12 kun oldin
I think it not perfect scrambled eggs. Finee scrambled eggs, just fine not perfect!!! 🤘👀
Rajiv Mishra
Rajiv Mishra 2 kun oldin
Thanks for your opinion, master chef
Bayardo A Rugama
Bayardo A Rugama 12 kun oldin
A little under cooked for me. I don’t really like my eggs runny
hxysom14 :
hxysom14 : 12 kun oldin
No one likes their scrambled eggs like that.
Brian Givens
Brian Givens 12 kun oldin
1:48 the guy on the left Thank me later
KACHII 12 kun oldin
Egg souppppp
Deolen de Code
Deolen de Code 13 kun oldin
Definitely gonna be trying that out!!!
Azden soh
Azden soh 13 kun oldin
From the thumbnail i thought it was mashed potato
viel brazil
viel brazil 14 kun oldin
Charles boyle brought me here..😁😂
I am the father
I am the father 15 kun oldin
Chris Maejor
Chris Maejor 15 kun oldin
MULTIplayerRK Media
MULTIplayerRK Media 15 kun oldin
I tried making it and worked on it and now I turned it into a sandwich with some good old cheese and turkey
Ilay 16 kun oldin
Looks absolutely disgusting. Sorry but I like _chewing_ my food.
Max Power
Max Power 16 kun oldin
All I have are eggs and Pam spray tho 😂
Orangypie 19 kun oldin
I just realized how bright blue his eyes are
Amy Yun
Amy Yun 19 kun oldin
You don’t know how to make real korean food
Joseph Reichel
Joseph Reichel 19 kun oldin
bruh cooking in a pot not a skillet, you cooked mate?
Charissa L
Charissa L 19 kun oldin
This actually helped me make better scrambled eggs lol
Javier Zamora
Javier Zamora 19 kun oldin
I have chills
Jessie Sanders
Jessie Sanders 20 kun oldin
That dudes face at 1:49 is priceless
Austrian Bish
Austrian Bish 21 kun oldin
Since when is that this hard?
violet the dragon queen
I tried this and my God I've been blown away m
Milos Brkanovic
Milos Brkanovic 22 kun oldin
That looks fucken gross
Nico 22 kun oldin
Why would you have to teach people on Masterchef how to scramble eggs, seriously. If you cant scramble eggs you shouldn't be on a show like this. Watch the audition dishes for the Australian version, that is the level you should be at when just applying, this just makes Americans look hopeless in the kitchen.
Christian Chandra
Christian Chandra 23 kun oldin
When i ask for a scrambled egg in a hotel buffet, the chef does not put the eggs off the heat then on then off like what Gordon is doing here😂
Mc Owl
Mc Owl 22 kun oldin
Oh it's a buffet
Mc Owl
Mc Owl 22 kun oldin
Makes sense
Christian Chandra
Christian Chandra 22 kun oldin
Mc Owl I don't think Gordon's method is fast enough to be applied at the hotel's breakfast buffet. At a fancy restaurant yes but buffet no. Don't think the 10 people queuing behind me would be happy if it took a chef that long to make scrambled eggs.
Mc Owl
Mc Owl 22 kun oldin
Is the chef experienced enough?or just does it his/her way
Why do we exist, just to suffer?
This is literally just eggs
Tarihin Amına Koyanlar
I would cook them 40 seconds longer
Windy Hicks
Windy Hicks 28 kun oldin
Scrambled barf. Gordon's cute so it's worth watching
Windy Hicks
Windy Hicks 28 kun oldin
Looks more like puke
wilson k
wilson k 28 kun oldin
Pure gobbar
Humza Noor
Humza Noor 29 kun oldin
My reaction at 1:47
I AM BOSS 29 kun oldin
I was Continental Chef for 8 years trust me i can make better than him maybe 100000000 times....! Chef Ramsay practice 200 times before coming to stage still burn the toast and scrambled eggs like waste of food..
I AM BOSS 29 kun oldin
The way they all looking at Chef Ramsay, seems like kindergarten kids looking at strict teacher 👩‍🏫
Acid Wolf
Acid Wolf Oy oldin
I wanna see him make omurice. Let’s see if Gordon can make it.😏
dbugman68 Oy oldin
If I saw those eggs brought to me at a restaurant, I would send them back and ask them to finish cooking them eggs.
Jair Javier Valera Vargas
Esa mierda esta cruda que asco
Blue Boy
Blue Boy Oy oldin
Look at the dude at 1:49
Ramir Duria
Ramir Duria Oy oldin
The show needs to stop forcing the contestants to make an over the top reaction at whatever the chef is doing. Is the target audience so numb that they need to be bombarded by wild soundtracks and OA presenters to achieve some sort of stimulus?
Elizabeth Rochford
What them oohing about that raw
RunBeerRun5 Oy oldin
angry tv! i cant get enough aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
TotallyFrosty TD
1:24 Necco looks terrifying lol
Med YK
Med YK Oy oldin
Why you make cooking look so difficult when you should make it look easy because that's what star professionals do and you're not a star, you're just a selfish guy who thinks he's the god of cooking.
Blue _Doublekill
Oliffin Oy oldin
Where's the drizzle of olive oil?
Leeroy Jenkins nli
To die for
Janelo Rockz
Janelo Rockz Oy oldin
I did my own version of did. I put cream cheese in my recipe. And i tell ya, my brother loved it! He requests this everytime he goes home.
internet idiot
Those are raw eggs doe you moran, thumb downded this!
J.P Y.
J.P Y. Oy oldin
whooooa, uuuuuh ooooh clap clap clappity clap. The U.S. way of producting MasterChef makes it very childish
wS w
wS w Oy oldin
Beautiful scramble butter with touch of eggs
Asyraff Azalan
1:49 that face tho
Hien Hoang
Hien Hoang Oy oldin
"now be a good boy and give it to her in bed...the breakfast."
dumb nibba oof
I just made these
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Oy oldin
So undercooked, I was scared the chicken was going to run away smh
NoPr0bl3ms Oy oldin
the people in the background look like idiots
Amanda Gorby Freed
Sour cream is a good substitute for crème fraîche
Tammie Roberts
So what you're saying is I've been cooking eggs wrong my whole life? Right... Cool.
I tried this recipe and didn't like it. The creme fraiche turns the eggs into a milky egg cream that lost much of the lovely egg flavor.
+TaiwanDxT Yes but then it's no more Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs but normal scrambled eggs like I always made them.
TaiwanDxT Oy oldin
either add a substitute or just don't add Creme Fraiche, they'd still be creamy either way which is still ideal.
m1take Oy oldin
Those Eggs er not done 🤮
Thor Christensen
...if you like scrambled eggs creamy, I'm not gonna yell at you for that. But I'd never eat it.
David Yummus
David Yummus Oy oldin
Get some Mayo on that toast !
nomar manuel
nomar manuel Oy oldin
Anyone else noticed u only cracked 3 eggs but u can easily see atleast 4 yolks and im assuming a 5th that kinda broke off
Pete Su
Pete Su Oy oldin
Piercing blue eyes
Bella Rose
Bella Rose Oy oldin
Now those are some elevated eggs! 🍳😉
Wally Yung
Wally Yung Oy oldin
Leonard Davinceze
what are they so amazed about? stupid americans even see scrambled eggs an art
joker Oy oldin
Gordon: Now, turn on the oven Chefs: UUUUUUUH
omaxman Oy oldin
are these people from 3rd world countries? their reactions... lol
anonymous brand
My scrambled eggs are the best if u know what I’m saying
meow uzumaki
meow uzumaki Oy oldin
Can I not use creme fraiche? Cos it's kinda expensive.
meow uzumaki
meow uzumaki Oy oldin
+TaiwanDxT thank you for the tips! 😁
TaiwanDxT Oy oldin
+meow uzumaki I don't know but you could try it, it should as it's cream and you just need something creamy in the eggs.
meow uzumaki
meow uzumaki Oy oldin
+TaiwanDxT what about all purpose cream? Is it different?
TaiwanDxT Oy oldin
you can use Sour Cream or Heavy Cream, as long as it has a creamy texture you're fine.
Simon Oy oldin
= long time on toilet
Amin Rassaei
Amin Rassaei Oy oldin
very cool
Rawsagna Oy oldin
Next time I want to drink my scrambled eggs, I'll cook them this way.
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