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Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay fishes and prepares squid for the local fisherman in Vietnam.
#GordonRamsay #CookingShow
Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course - amzn.to/2BzAud5
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10-Fev, 2019



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TV Quang
TV Quang 4 soat oldin
tôi thích gordon ramsay trải nghiệm những món ăn ở Việt Nam, đó cũng là nơi tôi sinh ra - nước Việt Nam
Joshua Langdon
Joshua Langdon 5 soat oldin
Anyone notice Gordon's black eye? He must of cussed out the wrong Asian
SJ Taylor
SJ Taylor 14 soat oldin
I feel like it’s time to spread my wings and fly...to Vietnam.
Gou Matsuoka
Gou Matsuoka 3 kun oldin
*the krakin wants to know your location*
Little FriendlySloth
I love how Gordon Ramsay is such a great chef but he is always ready to learn from others.
DankOverload 5 kun oldin
How do you fish something when it's not a fish
Corey Gamble
Corey Gamble 5 kun oldin
If you’re not drunk, you’re not going home tonight. My kinda dude
Bryant Matthews
Bryant Matthews 7 kun oldin
Gordon is good because he doesn't mind traveling for new ideas
Kūpono_ono 10 kun oldin
The wives miss the squid more then them 😂
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 16 kun oldin
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 16 kun oldin
I've got a few days left to crack the enemy's cooking.
Kevin Strydom
Kevin Strydom 16 kun oldin
‘’calamari ’’ jk I don’t know the difference
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 17 kun oldin
Jaja ja
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 17 kun oldin
Chef parece un niño
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 17 kun oldin
Pls sub español gracias
Kestrel Huxley
Kestrel Huxley 18 kun oldin
"A true master still has the ability to learn"
stylist62 19 kun oldin
Fun fun🤣🤣🤣💓💕❤️💜💗👍🏻🧡👍🏻👍🏻
Atlanna Elkins
Atlanna Elkins 19 kun oldin
"not in a fucking wicker basket, no"
Cinnamonand spice
Cinnamonand spice 20 kun oldin
I love squid but I have to admit they are some nasty ugly looking little things.
King Lurch
King Lurch 21 kun oldin
It's all fun and games until the trees start speaking Vietnamese
jerry leroy
jerry leroy 21 kun oldin
What a shame to see all that garbage on the beach at 27 seconds into the video. I have noticed that a lot of the countries in those areas and india also don't give a shit where they throw their waste. Just SAD!
High Thinkuency Frequency Healing
A puff of dmt while listening to Terrence Mckenna and I wake up to Gordon Ramsey eating squid...what a trip Frequencies heal..blessings
dg1193 20 kun oldin
🌽 🏀
REVA Valdeolivar
REVA Valdeolivar 22 kun oldin
Please how can I find the headwrap that the guy is using while cooking?
Hyper Dude
Hyper Dude 23 kun oldin
Did they use flex seal?
Half broken Sayori
Half broken Sayori 23 kun oldin
Poor squidward
Moses Qiu
Moses Qiu 23 kun oldin
wtf hes left handed
starco fan vn 14
starco fan vn 14 23 kun oldin
Hi am from vietnam
Obsideon 25 kun oldin
Even watching them in that basket boat was making me seasick
Schmutz Lord
Schmutz Lord 26 kun oldin
they eat cheap and heallthy, we eat expensive shit.
Ricardo Quezada
Ricardo Quezada 27 kun oldin
Why use fish sauce?? Ramsey was like bro you just fucked it up lol
Charlie C
Charlie C 27 kun oldin
Nobody: Gordon: BaSkEt CaSe
FL4 X 27 kun oldin
“I’m excited to catch some fish.........but not in a fucking basket”😂😂😂😂
Ismet Konuralp
Ismet Konuralp 28 kun oldin
Much prefer this humble version of Mr Ramsey :)
Chris Ho
Chris Ho 28 kun oldin
we found something which can stunned GR !! Rice wine !
Daniel McGreger
Daniel McGreger 29 kun oldin
This is awesome i've been missing the Gordon travel content!~
Vichet S. Som
Vichet S. Som 29 kun oldin
Go Green
Go Green Oy oldin
Bloody hell -Gordon Ramsey
TheCancer833 Oy oldin
Love the simplicity
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
They've fished it dry for to many years
Justin Bejarano
Such a great show.
Hoshi - Waves
Hoshi - Waves Oy oldin
*He maybe a harsh military like dad, but he is sometimes a kind military dad!*
Eòghan Rosach
Eòghan Rosach 15 kun oldin
Spank me daddy, harsh or otherwise.
Alexander Ho
Alexander Ho Oy oldin
After watching I become more proud to be Vietnamese.
T GAY Oy oldin
Gordon is overrated
classy walker
classy walker Oy oldin
One thing me a chef Ramsey have in common is when we get mad the 1st thing outta our mouths are fuck an hell
Shohan Robert Lewandowski
That reverse race though 😂😂😂
your roommate
your roommate Oy oldin
*_Splatoon fans have left the chat_*
Arhum Zia
Arhum Zia Oy oldin
America has left the chat
Samuel Varghese Kodathu
"wives miss the squid more than the husband "
Jho Pizarro
Jho Pizarro Oy oldin
I admire your serenity with small people..You have a kind and humble heart Chef...keep it up! Love from Asians...
watermelon avakin
Anyone else hear Gordon call the lamps "tittie" lamps? Just me?😂😂
Mario Stinger
Mario Stinger Oy oldin
I'm in Vietnam all the time, the food is amazing. Sadly, I'm stuck in Jamaica at the moment and here, the food is expensive and it tastes like shit.
Dushaun Binns
Dushaun Binns Oy oldin
Mario Stinger where In Jamaica are you? I live here and you can get amazing affordable food if you want some ideas
Rajvir Ahmed
Rajvir Ahmed Oy oldin
Bamboo Boat Race - Ready 1-2-3 Gordon - In Reverse Gear 😅😅
The EastBay Artist
Gordon: "how do you like the squid I cooked?" Honored person: "blah blah blah...fublan blah. " Gordon: "what did he say?" Translator: "oh he said, perfect."
The EastBay Artist
+Enoch Chan He said,"why did this American add fish sauce to squid?"
Enoch Chan
Enoch Chan Oy oldin
I am really curious what he actually said
The EastBay Artist
I learned from Gordon how to cook perfect rice, pasta, perfect bbq hamburger and that your never too old to say what the fuck.
jerickson Arda
if im a rich man, i will do the same as you do mr ramsey i love your personality hehehe
Grace Renthlei
Squidward wants his family back
Roasted Lemon
Roasted Lemon Oy oldin
I have absolutely no interest in the show, I'm just here for Gordon Ramsey
francis alabag
Hey gordon im one of ur biggest from the philippines plssssssssss. Cook a food for me on my birthday on april 4, 2019
Space Mountain
Gordon cook the fishermen
NinniVK Oy oldin
I’ve been to that exact same restaurant at the end of the video so many times in my life. Love being reminded of memories from that place, amazing people who I’m close with and also amazing food for a cheap price! I love that place. Can’t wait to go back when I visit my family in Vietnam again.
Balu Bhasker
Balu Bhasker Oy oldin
Sir try survive in India it's the country with different types of foods sir try to survive in India states to get best foods in India sir ..
Paolo Pelaez Plaza
Gordon, you need to come to the Philippines. Im willing to personally take you all the best seafood markets for fresh fish and show you the culture!
Almighty Dorr
Almighty Dorr Oy oldin
Fockin hell
wobblyeyez Oy oldin
Gordon will you cook me a steak?
Februaries !
Februaries ! Oy oldin
The wives miss the squids more than the husband.. lmao made me laugh
iiamking Oy oldin
Do shows pay these people to do these things with them? They do right ?
Egg Rollz
Egg Rollz Oy oldin
You like squid big boi
Melissa Klein
Melissa Klein Oy oldin
Gordon, can you show us how to cook some cheap dishes that all of our broke asses can afford?
Cody Condon
Cody Condon Oy oldin
okay you basketcases!
Logan Leciago
Logan Leciago Oy oldin
Just wait until the sky starts speaking Fortunate Son
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright Oy oldin
side note Gordon is the biggest pussy when it comes to foreign alcohol !!
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright Oy oldin
okay...yeh...bloody hell
Alex Yap
Alex Yap Oy oldin
man this is the life. eating food you caught yourself and drinking with your buddies by the sea. what i'd give for this.
MSDaxtar Oy oldin
+Alex Yap Well ur probably gonna lose ur job ur wife is gonna leave u but u still can do it lol
Alex Yap
Alex Yap Oy oldin
+MSDaxtar responsibilities
MSDaxtar Oy oldin
Well u can do it who's stopping u
alejandro blanco
how do you watch the whole thing instead of cut videos?
Khor Liang Wan Khor Liang Wan
They should use flex seal so the boat doesn't leak
gokul Oy oldin
If it's the Squid that he caught, then isn't the Title supposed to say Gordan Ramsay Squishes & Cooks Squid? I'm done.
Chris Davis
Chris Davis Oy oldin
These Gordon Ramsay in Vietnam videos are so wholesome
soham das
soham das Oy oldin
Gordon ramsay is like the exact opposite of bear grylls
Leoni van Eeden
Gordon is just a big teddy bear. ..he just hates English people. ..bwahhaaaa
He is Scottish after all. ;P
LuL Oy oldin
Is it just me or is the camera man flying?
Lyle Allbritton
Those boats actually look kind of fun
Mikaela McCue
Mikaela McCue Oy oldin
At my grandmas we call those bombers
gordon is a ぷssy
Kyle Pearson
Kyle Pearson Oy oldin
Chef, Gotta row that boat like a welsh coracle :) what a cool experience!
Josue Galvez
Josue Galvez Oy oldin
Did he spit the drink ?!!!
Will Ow
Will Ow Oy oldin
Kitchen nightmares: gordon saying okay food is terrible Gordon’s great escape: Gordon saying okay food is delicious
Samuel Montez
Samuel Montez Oy oldin
Looks delicious
Mochisan Oy oldin
Omg it looks so good I wanna try it so bad
Boomstick1911 Oy oldin
I wish people still had this kind of appreciation for food. When you have to go out, catch it/kill it, and prep without a recipe, you realize exactly how much growing you need to do as a man. America, China and the EU are so decadent that they simply don't get it anymore. They have corrupt and wicked bastards controlling how they eat and will shove damned near anything in their gullet.
Boomstick1911 Oy oldin
+Odin Gerke I loved archery back in college, but I never got to take it very far. It's snowing here; makes me wish I was outside in hunting gear looking for a good kill. My whole life has been spent sedentary, and to be honest, I've always hated it.
Odin Gerke
Odin Gerke Oy oldin
+Boomstick1911 that's a big goal to be self reliant in this economy, you'd be missing out on alot of cool stuff. The hunting nice, just gotta keep it humane. I bet it would be an experience of a lifetime
Boomstick1911 Oy oldin
+Odin Gerke I still eat out more than I would like. Ultimately I want to eliminate the option entirely. I'd also love to go out one day and hunt for a meal. Perhaps a buck, or a wild turkey.
Odin Gerke
Odin Gerke Oy oldin
Don't worry some people still care, there's just not alot of us
Boomstick1911 Oy oldin
Looks fantastic
CowGames Oy oldin
why do i always watch these videos late at night, fuck me i'm getting hungry and i don't even like seafood
Nate Minor
Nate Minor Oy oldin
I am subscriber number 8655517
Ornstein The Sunbro
This is absolutely fascinating to see how different parts of the world gets their food
Yufan Xu
Yufan Xu Oy oldin
Gordon in bed: lights off. Condom on. Dick in. A little touch of olive oil... Beautiful
Josh Halo
Josh Halo Oy oldin
Bruh. Do squids really have Eyes like "that"
Adi W
Adi W Oy oldin
Gordon in a Casket Race is me during exams Just answering everything but don't know what i am supposed to do 😂
Saw Puzan
Saw Puzan Oy oldin
Show me your squid in 10 minute kek
Milooosevic Oy oldin
watch my recipes uzvid.com/group/PLaNQkhfp9FDP6XqjlohoFzzr0KkfykR9A
Momish Oy oldin
This inspired me ima go make a bolagna sandwich.
65akk Oy oldin
6:05 I bet he didn't lol
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