Gordon Ramsay Gets A HUGE Surprise For His 50th Birthday

Gordon Ramsay
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Rahit Chowdhury
Rahit Chowdhury 2 soat oldin
Thank God he didn't roast his family for any problems in food( if there was any) 🤣🤣 pls no more of this voice . I will be honest it's the voice u heard in kid shows(which is annoying)
far side
far side 3 soat oldin
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger 4 soat oldin
clay payton
clay payton 4 soat oldin
Happy birthday Gordon
V Benvegnu
V Benvegnu 4 soat oldin
If I want to hear children yelling I just need to leave the house thanks. Great thing they did though. Dunno why it couldn't be private but hey, people love celebrities.
Nisa Amalia
Nisa Amalia 4 soat oldin
AWW what a sweet surprise.. and what is it with you guys? Don't be so mean to Tilly :(
da_lollipop_kid_ 5 soat oldin
No way in hell he just turned 50 he looks like he’s in his late 50s
LLDUDE12 5 soat oldin
starts video on 50 volume* "CAUHNT BSBWHS A MISHTAH AND MISHESH RAMSAH "
Clout Zone
Clout Zone 6 soat oldin
The dishes are so small this is in realtime speed
FatCowzFTW 6 soat oldin
Lol that voice over is VERY FUNNNNY
Paola Uranga
Paola Uranga 8 soat oldin
I love Gordon Ramsay :0)
marc de faoite
marc de faoite 9 soat oldin
Just how many times can a man turn 50? Here's GR talking to Jimmy Kimmel about his 50th birthday 2 years ago. uzvid.com/video/video-NVHucSOgh10.html
Dean 11 soat oldin
I bought a bottle of lamb sauce for Gordan and shipped it in the mail
Bogus 11 soat oldin
i want to hear her say "Crikey! that's a huge croc"
eric lidahuli
eric lidahuli 11 soat oldin
Can gordon ever eat something before saying how it is and just enjoy the food😂😂
Youssef Tries  Gaming/ Fortnite & More
He gon die soon
ec j
ec j 12 soat oldin
I wanted to rip my ears off every time she spoke
horror chica
horror chica 12 soat oldin
tbf they should have surprised him with an idiot sandwich, should have smacked him right on the sides of his head with some soggy ass bread lmao
horror chica
horror chica 12 soat oldin
Mark Love
Mark Love 13 soat oldin
DJGAMING 13 soat oldin
Love u watch u all the time but please tell ur daughter to be quiet shes hurting everyone who watches these kind of vids
Ela A
Ela A 13 soat oldin
Some people are such miserable assholes!! its HIS YOUNG daughter, making the most amazing feast that most adults or anyone could pull off. OFCOURSE he will be excited and goofy!! let them be man!!! this was the cutest video, and the voice was exciting and it made my day. Thank you for this
Rocks ROBLOX Gameplay
Rocks ROBLOX Gameplay 13 soat oldin
James Abbott
James Abbott 14 soat oldin
You have a lovely family
Anas Abdi
Anas Abdi 14 soat oldin
fake taxi
iwatchyoutube 15 soat oldin
The pasta is FUCKING RAW
iwatchyoutube 15 soat oldin
The overdramatic voices are so cringe
Neta Ginsburg
Neta Ginsburg 16 soat oldin
Matilda's voice over made my ears bleed, she sounded really bad :(
Mr. Mustachio
Mr. Mustachio 16 soat oldin
1:39 OOF
Manolo Tusca
Manolo Tusca 16 soat oldin
Surprise surprise surprise vegan girls serving cat rib.
dannyyy -
dannyyy - 16 soat oldin
Gordon for prime minister
Scruffy Buttons
Scruffy Buttons 17 soat oldin
Jees i would have better satisfaction from eating Ghandis flip flop than listen to her
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 18 soat oldin
How do you get full from that shit
Jam 77
Jam 77 18 soat oldin
Cabbies don't use satnavs
Siert Oldekamp
Siert Oldekamp 19 soat oldin
Tilly really needs to stop screeching like a child :D
GooseDoes Things
GooseDoes Things 19 soat oldin
Subscribe to me if you breathe air
J G 19 soat oldin
I dont get it ? Am i missing something? Whats wrong with his daughters voice? Sounds absolutly normal and fine to me
Akash Timsina
Akash Timsina 19 soat oldin
Hey is she the voice of Dora?
Monica Williams
Monica Williams 20 soat oldin
"Maybe that's what happens when you get old" LOL!!
That guy from fortnite
Matildas voiceover should be a punishment instead of the death penalty
Bernard Hilfiger
Bernard Hilfiger 21 soat oldin
She should’ve played the Nino clip towards the end
Luke Cague
Luke Cague 21 soat oldin
He's only 50??
A Doggo
A Doggo 22 soat oldin
His surprise is the lamb sauce.
9le lazy
9le lazy 22 soat oldin
She talks to us like dora talkes to todlers
Sebastian Parfitt
Sebastian Parfitt 22 soat oldin
Matilda's voice is FUCKING RAW
Owem Smith
Owem Smith 22 soat oldin
It’s a voice I actually can’t stand how bitchy people are
leloup09 23 soat oldin
That voice is like nails on a chalkboard
Daniel Phillips
Daniel Phillips Kun oldin
Gordon had more wrinkles in the 80's than he does now :-D
Pradnya Gudekar
Pradnya Gudekar Kun oldin
I just love Gordon Ramsay... because my hubby wants to be like him and he is also one of the best chef... And I proud of u my 😍 love
ɢᴀʟᴀxʏ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ :3
It's B L A N D
road to 10,000 subscribers
when will he get the LAMB SAUCE back?
long tom silver
long tom silver Kun oldin
Those portion sizes tho. That's all one course for me lol anyone serves me a plate like that I'd throw it at them lol
Archer Low
Archer Low Kun oldin
This is so pure????
Rae A
Rae A Kun oldin
Who else has the same birthday as him (nov 8) :)))
StreyDoes YouTube
Hell's Kitchen: The meat is fucking pink in the middle!!! Fuck off all of you!!!! Get out!!! Matilda's Dish: It's pink in the middle. Perfectly cooked! Wow!
kirito the boss of life
Happy birthday
Infamous Bradley
Ramsays sons would take it up the ass
Andy Moss
Andy Moss Kun oldin
Super wowwie
amir ghazi
amir ghazi Kun oldin
Gordon the ever overprotective dad
Ainz Ooal Gown
Ainz Ooal Gown Kun oldin
A kid is capable of cooking better than 99% of the "chefs" on Kitchen Nightmares 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Methamphetameme Kun oldin
Jack is such a clone of Gordon
Methamphetameme Kun oldin
Bacon on my nipples, bacon on my nipples, a couple bad hoes lickin bacon off my nipples.
ItsAMe LewiG
ItsAMe LewiG Kun oldin
Did they just... eat one ravioli... W H A T?
Tim Dexter
Tim Dexter Kun oldin
There's nothing wrong with Matilda's normal voice it's just that here she's talking to us like we're watching Dora the Explorer or some shit lol
Stoned Idiot
Stoned Idiot Kun oldin
Override cringe.
Chris S
Chris S Kun oldin
Fucker looks 60
C OnGmail
C OnGmail Kun oldin
Aaaaaahhhh cringe!!!
ぴmari Kun oldin
Sorry but it's too annoying. She could've talked in her normal speaking voice..m
Anh Quan HOANG
Anh Quan HOANG Kun oldin
dat voice need to be well done
Nixy Kun oldin
I feel like he's 9nly saying it's nic3 because your his children
Sunny Thomas
Sunny Thomas Kun oldin
That much of food I eat in 1 bite.
Icey Grape
Icey Grape Kun oldin
Me: I wanna be tracer Matilda: *I'm already tracer*
Firestarter S
Firestarter S Kun oldin
Gordon’s 50 and he’s destroying chefs for breakfast
Gozewijn Goossens
No lamb sauce?
The Don
The Don Kun oldin
Shut up Matilda you annoying twat, you can't cook. And you sound like a 2 year old
Christopher McDonnell
I back Gordon Ramsay likes the smell of his own shit
*child makes dad dinner* Dad: "ITS FUCKING RAWWWWWWWW!!!!????"
K GEE Kun oldin
Sooooooooooo... they got him a slideshow for his birthday? Fuck that shit... I’d cut them off
K GEE Kun oldin
“Super wowwie” Ramsay’s kids are fucking weird....
K GEE Kun oldin
There’s too much garlic... FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF!
Nur La grande
Nur La grande Kun oldin
U know for a fact they didn’t make any of that shit.
King Escobar
King Escobar Kun oldin
By the sounds of her voice her balls have clearly not dropped..
phi pham
phi pham Kun oldin
Oh damn, thought he was 80 guess I was wrong
gopal singh
gopal singh Kun oldin
Happie Birthday the great Legendary Chef..🎁🎂🍰💐🍻
Steven Ruiz
Steven Ruiz Kun oldin
It’s fuuuuckin raaaaaaw
generic username
Give the cunt a jug of lamb sauce :)
Malik Diallo
Malik Diallo Kun oldin
you're stupid
bambi o
bambi o Kun oldin
Seriously I'd still be hungry...
Vankruze Kun oldin
Your 16 year old sounds like an 8 year old.
Patrick O'Neill
Patrick O'Neill Kun oldin
I wish Nino was the one narrating
Reya Rahman
Reya Rahman Kun oldin
why is this posted now when his 50th bday was like 2 years ago lmao
Hashirama senju
Hashirama senju Kun oldin
Ramsey is ancient
Daba Chowdhury
Daba Chowdhury Kun oldin
Wish you a happy birthday, Gordon. Really good!
Sanjog Wayne
Sanjog Wayne Kun oldin
Why's everyone hating on Matilda's voice?
Dale Dawson
Dale Dawson Kun oldin
Oh my god, that voice 😡
shahar saidof
shahar saidof Kun oldin
Its raw !!!
Daniel Pilkington
Matilda's voice is kinda patronising.
Mohammad Rana
Mohammad Rana Kun oldin
Dads gonna luv the FOoOoOD 😂😆🤦‍♂️
Aaron Robb
Aaron Robb Kun oldin