Gordon Ramsay Gets A HUGE Surprise For His 50th Birthday

Gordon Ramsay
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امجد امير
امجد امير 5 soat oldin
To chef Gordon Ramsay with family 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 😍😍😍😘😘😘❤💙💖💜💛💚💗I love it chef Gordon good father good boos good oll think 👪👏💝💖💐💐💐💎💎💎💎💎
Alice Fox
Alice Fox Kun oldin
He seems like such a lovely dad 😊 his children are very lucky to have him.
Orr Jake
Orr Jake Kun oldin
Gordon taking a pic of all the dishes...Proud Dad
Azra Gonzalez
Azra Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
I wonder if he describes food everytime he eats
Le Hoang Phat
Le Hoang Phat 2 kun oldin
so still not cry . ok tough guy 💪
debbie snyder
debbie snyder 2 kun oldin
Gordon’s kids are amazing cooks...how wonderful! ❤️❤️
shityshity 3 kun oldin
I dont get that fuss in comments about her voice
Rynn21 3 kun oldin
You don't need the...um...narration or the heavy editing. We just want to see real experiences.
Chiara May Tagao
Chiara May Tagao 3 kun oldin
They have a happy funny family
Lucy Claire
Lucy Claire 4 kun oldin
Matilda’s name is SO ANNOYING ahahahahahhahaa (no offence)
TG94 5 kun oldin
We're quite the hateful generation, aren't we?
poopうんち 5 kun oldin
This vid was posted in my bday. 😊
Khai's World
Khai's World 6 kun oldin
Look at adults getting off on a child's voice😡just so sad. You du d well my dear and as the years pass; I look to see your name on restaurants worldwide!
Kaitlin Smith
Kaitlin Smith 6 kun oldin
Matilda is so stinking CUTE
YummYakitori 6 kun oldin
I dig the British accent so I do not think any British narration can be bad..
K Y O 7 kun oldin
Kim M
Kim M 7 kun oldin
I’ll be scared if I was Gordon’s daughter because ur serving food to the best chef and what if you mess it up
Lunar The Wolf :D
Lunar The Wolf :D 7 kun oldin
johaon john
johaon john 8 kun oldin
Did they went to MAZE?
JRVBG 9612
JRVBG 9612 8 kun oldin
I’m still waiting for Chef Ramsay to critize his kids food
Amira Abdinoor
Amira Abdinoor 8 kun oldin
Matilda's voice tho.....
Sackboy Gaming
Sackboy Gaming 8 kun oldin
Gordans family: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gordon:Thanks!! Gordons family: Here's a lamb for your birthday! Gordon: "tastes the lamb" Gordons family"Do you like it? Gordon:Yes but I have one question Gordons family: What is it? Gordon: *WhErE's ThE lAmB sAuCe!!!!!*
badllama123 9 kun oldin
Gordon, your daughter has your humor and zingers, I loved watching this. Happy belated!
Pramisha Rai
Pramisha Rai 10 kun oldin
He has a great family
can i get 100 subs without a video
Tily looked afraid her dad would call her an idiot sandwich and tell her to fuck off you yanky danky price of doodle shite fuck off will ya
Pokemon lover
Pokemon lover 12 kun oldin
Her voice is awful😂😂
king hang wong
king hang wong 13 kun oldin
People who bash on Matilda's show voice so harshly should feel bad about themselves. And yes, the Ramsey folks are on TV - doesn't mean this sort of commentary won't eventually be read by them, whether they care about it or not.
Suresh Cumar
Suresh Cumar 14 kun oldin
Gordon is not just blessed with immense talent but with a amazing lovely family too. His kids are so adorable.
Richard Ivory
Richard Ivory 15 kun oldin
His daughters voice.... it's like graters to my ears.
R. 15 kun oldin
See Gordon smiles 😐😐 Hahahha... happy birthday
Mega Bucks
Mega Bucks 16 kun oldin
the surprise is lamb sauce
holo holo
holo holo 16 kun oldin
Let Tilly run Hell's Kitchen for one episode. I think it would be amazing.
Layloni Nunez
Layloni Nunez 17 kun oldin
Her voice is extremely annoying omfg
My Fisher
My Fisher 18 kun oldin
Wow dads getting sloshy
MrJobofo 18 kun oldin
I wanted Gordon to destroy matilda like a kitchen nightmares chef. "You call this ravioli? Tastes like boiled shite" because she is so fucking annoying the little brat.
azila azahar
azila azahar 18 kun oldin
its a beautiful video, beautiful family and all you could talk about is Matilda's voice? COME ON!!!
- Gacha Kpop 아름다운 - [Lovely]
Can you believe a young girl can cook better then most restaurants Gorden has gone too o.o
Mae88 B.
Mae88 B. 19 kun oldin
His wife aged well so beautiful!
Ravendran Mahendran
Ravendran Mahendran 19 kun oldin
Matilda's voice is what you would hear if Jo Jo Siwa was high.
Darren Kim
Darren Kim 19 kun oldin
Matilda sounds so happy in her narration, I wish I had that same amount of energy
DiRoRhys 19 kun oldin
Ok all the comments on Matilda's voice are really annoying me, this clip is a part of HER KIDS SHOW (on CBBC the BBC's children channel) therefore aimed at 7 year olds however as this is posted out of context on her dads channel you get people watching who aren't the target market. So I'd suggest checking out other clips of her show Matilda and the Ramsay bunch to get a better understanding around the fact it is a CHILDRENS SHOW. :)
Ghetto-🌟 19 kun oldin
Wadu AMN
Wadu AMN 19 kun oldin
Jack come in: NICE
Christopher or Chris/Critter C
the higher voice is to make it more entertainment there noting wrong with it. Keep up the great work who knows if we see the next kitchen night mare with his Daughter i want to try that meet looks so damn good
Reece Williams
Reece Williams 19 kun oldin
his daughter has the most irratating voice in this world!!! shoot her desd
James Cassar
James Cassar 19 kun oldin
So no lamb sauce?
infra sight
infra sight 20 kun oldin
Hmmm her voice sounds like a narrator on a kids show
Mr Mellow
Mr Mellow 20 kun oldin
Spoilt kids
Thomas Willard
Thomas Willard 20 kun oldin
I had no problems with the voice over.
Rishi Laddha
Rishi Laddha 20 kun oldin
Gordon may cry. Wow.
Skunk Nipples
Skunk Nipples 20 kun oldin
Later that day he disciplined his daughter because she didn't drizzle desert with olive oil
Harvinder Negi
Harvinder Negi 21 kun oldin
sexy accent
Vuki Z
Vuki Z 22 kun oldin
no stop with that voice
Shock300 Wave
Shock300 Wave 22 kun oldin
I think she is autistic
YO YO 23 kun oldin
I see wee gordy hasn't forgot his Scottish roots.
Lil Rifff
Lil Rifff 24 kun oldin
did he get minecraft?
Marija. 24 kun oldin
Gordon looks great and fit for his age whereas my dad looks like some pig laying on the sofa all day loool
bensum9111 25 kun oldin
My 3yr son made me eggs Christmas morning. With help. The memory will never leave me.
Juston Lionheart
Juston Lionheart 25 kun oldin
It never occurred to me that Gordon has a family. Let alone they be so adorable.
Precious Gerbily
Precious Gerbily 25 kun oldin
Tilly, I love your voice!!!
Sekar Leliandayani Soemadi
Happy birthday chef❤
Sekar Leliandayani Soemadi
Happy birthday chef❤
Out of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks, Int'l
His daughter is a 17 year old child! Lovely girl with a big heart. Those who can literally sit at home and talk about her voice is really left wanting in character. Geezzz
Kawaiistarbucksslimes !
She cooks better than Jamie Oliver.
林浩澄 26 kun oldin
Perhaps ,Gordon wants to say "Bloody Hell It is a piece of shit ,Who did it ? OMG it is my daughter . " Oh It is amazing
AirplaneFreak 27 kun oldin
Omg she should have done Tokyo Drift with the roundabouts.
Peter Darrall
Peter Darrall 27 kun oldin
How good it is to have money
ysa *
ysa * 27 kun oldin
Your daughters' voice reminds me of peppa pig's voice
s0menerd 2018
s0menerd 2018 27 kun oldin
2:51 Lachlan???
dix rael
dix rael 28 kun oldin
Happy 50th birthday as*face! Damn! Your forehead wrinkles looked like 70!
Incineration Burn
Incineration Burn 28 kun oldin
Imagine if matilda is not the driver... Are you fucking blind, the white carrrrr
Ralph Johns
Ralph Johns 28 kun oldin
althó i agree the narration is really high pitch,..... Give the (teenage)girl a brake will you Please .? she sounds like a happy daughter who is genuwine excited bout dad's birthday.
Emily Davis
Emily Davis 29 kun oldin
her voice omg
i Eat Her Booty
i Eat Her Booty 29 kun oldin
That car seems very familiar
TomTheGoose Oy oldin
Imagine if gordon said tilly is"a fucking donkey" and told her to fuck off that would be quality
Jonathan Gonzalez
I actually thought Matilda’s voice was cute. xD And the narration bit as a whole was endearing.
Terren Maplethorpe
Gordon likes how the restaurant looks. Buys it
Nabanita Kundu
Awwww... that was sooooo sweet!
Chris Chan
Chris Chan Oy oldin
Part of me is waiting for he to say to his kids "IT'S F*CKING RAW"
Yair Salman
Yair Salman Oy oldin
It’s, RAW
Dilan Rice
Dilan Rice Oy oldin
Wow what a gift!!! Ramsey looks amazing for 50
Wendy Marvell
Wendy Marvell Oy oldin
Seeing Gordon enjoy his birthday like a normal person somehow makes me feel weird
LastGhostBoi Oy oldin
Take a shot every time he says wow
John Laws
John Laws Oy oldin
Matilda sound like a dora the explorer......
chiara marchesini
Matilda is a chef already...really amazing💙💙
Jessica Theios
"wow dad's getting slushy maybe thats what happens when you get old" SAVAGE
Aneecraft Oy oldin
You mean 80th birthday?
Bork PomPom
Bork PomPom Oy oldin
Her narration reminds me of that one Australian zoologist. Nice,
Radiant Lennox
Happy birthday to you and you earned all of your respect and you deserve the respect
NovaFrost Oy oldin
i wish i have a family like u guys :)
Zhansaya Kozhasbayeva
why are people complaining about her voice...lol she's only a child
Ana María Suárez
I added one more WOW to the video... WOW!
The Helghan Empire
FOOLS Gordon doesn't age he simply grows more powerful with each use of the lamb sauce!
Raine Diaz
Raine Diaz Oy oldin
her voice is like the dora's voice overs
Paulene Ross Rainbows & Butterflies
A lot of hate towards Matilda's voice I think tilly is actually so cute and sweet! Also can you cook?😂
Paulene Ross Rainbows & Butterflies
Till is so cute I can't ❤️😩
Ashley kitchings
Omg they did an AWESOME job! So happy to see them following in your passion for food.
Justin Time
Justin Time Oy oldin
Happy Birthday,Chef Ramsay!
Bethan Holly
Bethan Holly Oy oldin
Tilly has been brought up narrating things as a kid, for other kids. she's made a career out of it. get over it 😂
Micke B
Micke B Oy oldin
he looks more 60 than 50
4 kun oldin