Gordon Ramsay Goes Behind The Scenes At Plane Food

Gordon Ramsay
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Based in London Heathrow Terminal 5, Plane Food brings a unique eating experience before your flight. See more at www.gordonramsayrestaurants.com/plane-food/




6-Dek, 2018



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GlidingChiller Kun oldin
"Light food that doesn't make you sleep for three hours" Proceeds to eat full english breakfast with fried eggs, fried bacon, fried sausage.
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin Kun oldin
PLEASE open this Restaurant In INDONESIA AIRPORT.
scott gurney
scott gurney 2 kun oldin
Is that fresh crab meat Gordon.........Like u give other places a hard time about in your in your wankie shows..I think not
Tokhir Turaev
Tokhir Turaev 7 kun oldin
“@&&$));;:/ writing wrong computer
Tokhir Turaev
Tokhir Turaev 7 kun oldin
I’m bileve you Gordom Ramsay I’m your food crazy food you best chef
Michael Loreantz
Michael Loreantz 8 kun oldin
1:50 I love how this guy just copies Gordon’s style of speaking.
GoukenslayWAO 9 kun oldin
probably pricey as fuck.
ilovefunnyamv2nd 9 kun oldin
that reasturant is clickbait, and its bullshit this restaurant doesn't have a chain US side. Certainly giving a perk to travel to london though
Omaegus 9 kun oldin
so this is basically a commercial?
golgo 13
golgo 13 10 kun oldin
i would not mind dropping 20 bucks at a ramsay joint
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 10 kun oldin
The food probably costs more than the plane ticket
Charlie Woodward
Charlie Woodward 10 kun oldin
Let’s go to one of my favourite restaurants! (It’s his own restaurant) wow... mr vain much? xD
123 456
123 456 6 kun oldin
Well he does have high standards and his own restaurants meets it. Plus he’s featuring it in his own UZvid channel. I don’t see how that’s bad
Pierre Paniagua
Pierre Paniagua 11 kun oldin
How is sausage and bacon not heavy?
carforumwanker 11 kun oldin
what a cunt o have his sons hair !
H. Sharath Kumar
H. Sharath Kumar 12 kun oldin
Gordon is the Steve Jobs of the food industry.
Russell Vedia
Russell Vedia 13 kun oldin
*flight assistant serves airplane food to Gordon Ramsey at 1000ft in the air* Gordon Ramsey: TURN THE ENGINE OOOOFFFFF I WANT EVERYONE OUT NOWWW
Revolutions88 14 kun oldin
Jay Man
Jay Man 19 kun oldin
Wow!! Impressive!!
Marcos Carranza
Marcos Carranza 19 kun oldin
The goat 🐐
Matthew Suffidy
Matthew Suffidy 21 kun oldin
Dude is plugging himself it seems. Ramsey had something to do with a Montreal place near Ottawa here, but I generally don't go there, so.
BaeThe3rd 21 kun oldin
Ramsay - “Now my plane takes off in 30minutes” Plot twist *walks straight out of the airport headed back to London*
BaeThe3rd 21 kun oldin
Of course it’s his favorite restaurant. It’s HIS restaurant!!
Hoàng Nguyễn
Hoàng Nguyễn 22 kun oldin
before taking off, if we are not used to eating such rare food, we may get some problems on flight. So I think medium cooked dishes will be more appropriate
Anna Yandow
Anna Yandow 23 kun oldin
I would have to say that when I ate here, it was some of the best and tasty food I had ever eaten before a flight!!!
DrinkCentral 24 kun oldin
Suren Jagadeesan
Suren Jagadeesan 24 kun oldin
Fuck the flight......I'm gonna set up a tent near that place...
freakyflow 26 kun oldin
Rule number 1 for me ...Never spend x2 the money on food at a airport ...Rule 2 never eat buffet at a strip joint Rule 3 if they say just try! it when you ask what it is ...its about to go down hill from there
SxIdierman 26 kun oldin
does this food make you gassy? I think that's a valid question.
Dan O
Dan O 28 kun oldin
Wonder if he got a bill for his meal?
50-60$ a plate.
edward kent
edward kent Oy oldin
is he no a hun though................wouldne trust the basa makin toast.................
HeavenHammer Oy oldin
3:08 now how do they make that bacon without all the cummy white shit leaking out of it?
James Buxton
James Buxton Oy oldin
0:53 lightly scrambled c'mon Gordon
Son N.
Son N. Oy oldin
Gordon Ramsey eats airlines foods, is disgusted, opens a restaurant where you can take the food with you on airplane
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares Oy oldin
Hey Gordon. Can you hire more cheap labour at your restaurants in exchange for expensive food? Donkey!
Rob Draper
Rob Draper Oy oldin
"So I've never been a fan of eating heavy food before a flight..." *eats full English breakfast*
poor fucker, if he spent more than 5 minutes in the uk these days he'd remember what a real full English was.
The 4 nachos at 2:01 cost 12.75..... wtf!
Mercy Oy oldin
that bacon is slimy as shit, where's the crisp dog?
Keetz Oy oldin
a while back i was flying from guangxi to scotland, in a nearly 20 hour journey. if you don't know, cheese isn't really a thing in rural china. so i missed it after being there for about a month. so, while connecting at heathrow, i stopped by this place for a much anticipated western meal. i forgot what i ordered because i was so horrendously tired. all i remember is that it had cheese, and that i nearly cried tears of joy lol
what you flinching at bro 0:46
Anthony Pearlman
I bet Gordon Ramsey puts creme fraiche in his hair
Em Dee
Em Dee Oy oldin
not what I expected.. hoped for actual food you get in an airplane
Bloodflame_ 92
The most amazing
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins Oy oldin
I just voluntarily watched a 3 minute advert...
xxx damxx
xxx damxx Oy oldin
i tried that restaurant .i had the burger and my friend had a stake , they were quite average . We also both ordered a dessert and it was nice but too sweet . Price was higher than it should be , generally quite a average restaurant for my taste .
Jarkko Vaananen
"One of my favourite restaurants".... One of his own. Lol the ego
Jeddah boy
Jeddah boy Oy oldin
where are the people who feel disgust when they see street food cooking food with no gloves. but doesn't bats an eye of this fantasy rests.
It's his own restaurant
Simply Sw3G
Simply Sw3G Oy oldin
Lol I read that title wrong
Ty The Monster
You always want to eat light before a flight...*FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST*
Major Red Ball
They cut out the video at the end before Gordon can comment LMAO
The Cat
The Cat Oy oldin
Not what i imagine of plane food
JelloHazzard Oy oldin
too bad it's so expensive
Aquarius Oy oldin
No one is going to buy expensive ass food at an airport
MrJobofo Oy oldin
He's looking like a middle aged Johnny bravo these days!
Am I the only one who genuinely enjoys airports?
K1 Oy oldin
3:04 i don't think chief liked it
K1 Oy oldin
At my airport the best thing we got is an auntie annies
dane avital
dane avital Oy oldin
Id rather hav a pot noodle and bag of watsits
Sandra Oy oldin
The raw bar is RAW!!!!
Sandra Oy oldin
I've been to Heathrow a few times. How did I miss this restaurant?!
Alidashty1 Oy oldin
Chilli tartar.... I pity the person sitting next to whoever eaten that
Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke Oy oldin
Where the fuck are the beans on the full english!?
Tim Muttoo
Tim Muttoo Oy oldin
Definitely hands down the best place to grab a meal before your flight at Heathrow
E6hosting Oy oldin
That fry up looks like crap, can't believe ramsay would settle for that in a restaurant with his name.
Chug Norris
Chug Norris Oy oldin
i cant watch the video?? must have add block on?
Andrew Zhao
Andrew Zhao Oy oldin
The mushroom with their full English is incredible
αlinuș Oy oldin
" One of my favorites restaurants from this airport " *Gordon Ramsay restaurant near him* I see what you did there Gordon .
eon bollon
eon bollon Oy oldin
Sam D
Sam D Oy oldin
the food there is quite nice and not too overpriced but it did take about 20 minutes for my food to arrive.
David Paterson
"I don't like to eat heavy food before a flight". Eats full English breakfast.......
Majowh Oy oldin
Full English..The best meal in the world!!
SUB3ERO !! Oy oldin
Quality food .....
Spxctre Oy oldin
I thought this video was about the food they serve on a plane cos that kind of food is trash
elisa adore
elisa adore Oy oldin
Ohhhh why they dont wear gloves????????????????
Joshua Medrano
Cashmeoutside Howbowdah
Fucking shit. the tuna tastes like Ghandi's fucking flip flop. I'd rather eat plane food on flight fucking 93 right before it crashed in to the twin towers you fucking donkey WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE
Mide Songz
Mide Songz Oy oldin
And I bet that breakfast at T5 is £125?
Benemy Oy oldin
No beans were hurt in this filming.
xx Dig Bick xx
Itass rawww the egg iss raawww😂
Paul Broggan
Paul Broggan Oy oldin
Tilly does my nut in
George Mantz
George Mantz Oy oldin
i ate there......... neveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!! will i ever eat there???? im from greece i got no money
RemU Oy oldin
3:03 "It's fucking dry!"
May Choy
May Choy Oy oldin
Gordon was pretty clever opening this restaurant tbh.
Jim Talor
Jim Talor Oy oldin
Nice..nice, a nice hearty meal so you can belch and fart at 35,000 ft in an enclosed space!
KNO Oy oldin
Full English breakfast looks so acidic. I would throw up in the plane. The smoked salmon on the other hand seems like an awesome idea.
ChrisBlaze Oy oldin
and it only cost your plane ticket
HunterShows Oy oldin
Nice Indian restaurant.
ASMR Drop Out
ASMR Drop Out Oy oldin
Feels like a meal at gordons would be the same price as my ryanair ticket 😷
Tom Gabriel
Tom Gabriel Oy oldin
All very delicious But i can't imagine the prices....
D.B db
D.B db Oy oldin
I just willingly watched a 3:20 advert. That's how it is done.
Dawoud Shah
Dawoud Shah Oy oldin
Eats his breakfast (camera turned off)... ThE PlATe iS FuCkING RaWw
Greaser5550 Oy oldin
He looks fucking awful these days
Joe John
Joe John Oy oldin
silas turner
silas turner Oy oldin
oh yeah yeah
Jason Yu
Jason Yu Oy oldin
I have been there before and even the caesar salad tastes amazing! still the best caesar salad i have ever had
Bdhacker101 Oy oldin
Sooo let me get this straight..... He's at Heathrow airport in London to visit "one of his favourite restaurants" which turns out to be one of his restaurants?? I've never seen someone this narcissistic - _____ -
we9 Oy oldin
I don’t know if I’m more pissed at the fact it’s an ad or that they only serve 1 sausage with the full english?
ben20012004 Oy oldin
It's shit.
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