Gordon Ramsay Goes Behind The Scenes At Plane Food

Gordon Ramsay
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wang wang
wang wang Soat oldin
Anyone notice how the eggs and sausage were arranged
Patrick Simpson
Patrick Simpson 3 soat oldin
Fucking legends
Anthony Walsh
Anthony Walsh 7 soat oldin
Those scrambled eggs looked more like broken up omelette
Ruby from KARMA
Ruby from KARMA 4 kun oldin
can't wait to try this food when i fly to London in march looks so good my mouth is watering don't care about the price just give it to me now
rosser man
rosser man 5 kun oldin
Gretsch Drummer
Gretsch Drummer 9 kun oldin
Vile human being !
ian macegan
ian macegan 10 kun oldin
Still a prick
-KracN- 10 kun oldin
Heathrow isn't even that far from where I live in London I might just go for the food and then go home
dede will
dede will 10 kun oldin
Should be called airport food dumbass.
lyanna lyanna
lyanna lyanna 10 kun oldin
i was there food is delicious prices very decent i actually paid 8 $ for shitty fast food hamburger at healthor and one can eat there great meal for 14-15 pounds at ramsey restaurant..i was affraid too that prices will be crazy but not at all..deserts are then same price like in any terminal restaurant
Meh K
Meh K 11 kun oldin
Hear that? Apparently crab is really good for "flying".
Mat Watson
Mat Watson 11 kun oldin
"Tilly's treats" :)
卒Cнɿᴙψ ͜
卒Cнɿᴙψ ͜ 12 kun oldin
Can't believe he is roasting people on Twitter.
Dian Sari
Dian Sari 12 kun oldin
Waw western food,wanna try someday
IIYosh Yoshh
IIYosh Yoshh 13 kun oldin
Nice hair gordo
Vignan Kamarthi
Vignan Kamarthi 14 kun oldin
went to it, it was good
TreyLOGS 15 kun oldin
Sits down at the end, takes a bite ... "ITS FUKIN RAWWWW!"
Derrick McAdoo
Derrick McAdoo 15 kun oldin
Triangular crayons so they don't roll. Genius!
C for Chi
C for Chi 16 kun oldin
He is do lovely and amiable 😍
K L 17 kun oldin
I love how they're normal with their boss. You must be next level if you work at Ramsay's restaurant.
Itz Dusty
Itz Dusty 17 kun oldin
Wow I’d never think he’d say one of my favourite places plain food
Dannysubliminal 18 kun oldin
ridiculous prices.
Carlos 406
Carlos 406 18 kun oldin
Lol, his profile pic looks like Hawk Eye at first glance
Laura Snow
Laura Snow 19 kun oldin
I was so thrilled this day because I got to meet and have my picture taken with Chef Ramsay.
Alan Rodrigues
Alan Rodrigues 19 kun oldin
but are any of these items b o n e l e s s ?
Frances Brooks
Frances Brooks 19 kun oldin
Maverick Watch Reviews
Chef, do you really think people want fine dining while watching the poop truck suck the poo out of an airplane at the gate?
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken 19 kun oldin
Oh my god, its covered in grease! That was dreadful.
ll Skyzx ll
ll Skyzx ll 21 kun oldin
ngl giggling sausage defo would be better😂
Dgdaan Oogn
Dgdaan Oogn 22 kun oldin
I guarantee that's overpriced for what you get.
Jayden Khaddage
Jayden Khaddage 24 kun oldin
I want to travel just to eat there
Karlson Kowalsky
Karlson Kowalsky 25 kun oldin
I went there today. I ordered full English breakfast with pouched eggs. Eggs were kinda cold and there was not much on a plate. Not the nicest staff. A lot to improve in the customer service department. I have to say the food was served very quickly. Bottom line. I paid around 29 £ for full english and two cups of coffie. I was expecting a bit more for the price... I also visited Ramsay's Pub &Grill at Caesar's palace in Las Vegas. Complitely diffrent experience. Outstanding customer service. Superb food. Best fish and chips I ever had in my life! Anyway hava great day everyone
SmallRippedOne 28 kun oldin
the reviews aren't too good on google, trip advisor etc.0.
Chris M
Chris M 28 kun oldin
Looks amazing!
Jubzy Oy oldin
Lol Gordons just egotistical and arrogant , so much pressure on these guys for that 10 minute window, and his staff work their absolute knackers off for shitty pay because he abuses their passion
PaulSanity XD
PaulSanity XD Oy oldin
3:03 that face though.... I smell something RAW..... 😂
mr jama
mr jama Oy oldin
Why did my adblock not work? 3:20min ads :/
mikkelhaxer Oy oldin
Ok. If i ever are traveling with airplane doing a mid stop in Heathrow and there`s enough time, i sure as hell will drop by Plane Food for a quick meal.
Dong Nguyen
Dong Nguyen Oy oldin
Tilly Treats. Neat.
Shane Ellis
Shane Ellis Oy oldin
This is a dandy idea
Siobhan O'Connor
Misleading title.
John A Newton Blogger
Blah Blah, more money for him ,blah £13.75 for Breakfast, plus 12.5% service plus cover charge £20 for egg an bacon and a coffee, no bread included , you know what to do.
Krishi Animations
*reads title* me: o god here we go
General Grevious
"please enjoy" stands there for 5+ seconds smiling awkwardly at them not sure you can enjoy that
Luke gamer
Luke gamer Oy oldin
We're is the lamb souce
TofuDelivery Boi
Moooooooom! can we go to the airport pliiiiiiz
Tiborius V
Tiborius V Oy oldin
Me: Oh ... wait ...this is just an ad with a clickbait title.... Gordon: Nice
Speculum81 Oy oldin
Did I just watch an ad for an overrpriced restaurant at an aiport?
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Oy oldin
Eats tartare. “It’s rawwwwww”
Kevvy Kim
Kevvy Kim Oy oldin
Airport food is already over-priced. I can only imagine how much those food would cost
scrw YT lili
scrw YT lili Oy oldin
i miss read it as PLAIN food... and expected his reaction... BUT... he seem to enjoy it.. and i realized his PROMOTING his restaurant.. 😐
What's on his head. Old man with a school boy hair style.
Galactic123 Oy oldin
"Full English" my arse! Everyone knows it's not a Full English unless it has baked beans, black pudding, pig ankles and donkey teeth!
biocybernaut Oy oldin
Bacon and sausage, that's guaranteed to give you nightmares on your flight nap...
biocybernaut Oy oldin
"It's really good for flying" Um, right... how so?
barx Oy oldin
he learned whats the deal with airline food
Uhhhhhh - U11 - IRU - W
Yeah yeah yeah.... The food.. looks delicious, must taste delicious.. But.... *IS IT AFFORDABLE IN THE $1-10 RANGE, THATS MY PRICE*
Polux Troy
Polux Troy Oy oldin
The man knows how to merchandise himself
Legend Hang
Legend Hang Oy oldin
Normal day:working hard. When Gordan Ramsey comes :work twice as hard
MO Rishi
MO Rishi Oy oldin
Thx I will stick to my chipotle
Jim sworthow
Jim sworthow Oy oldin
flip flop
flip flop Oy oldin
The food looks like a dry, rubbery, bland, dog food looking, greasy, microwaved piece of overpriced vomit turd looking sacks of rotten grandma vomit.
Wolfeshlegelsteinhausenber- gureneinelleston
Dis kid triggered every day
Bet it costs an arm and leg. Airport prices are already hacked sky high, not to mention its high end fine dining.
Leftover Enchilada
If Gordon served me food that would make my day
xspringrose Oy oldin
Same lol 😊
Gordon: “you good?”
Salty Bitch
Salty Bitch Oy oldin
I just guess planes go down and kill that person who had food there could be like well....Atleast they had a divine meal 😂
Leef Loud
Leef Loud Oy oldin
1:05 That shake could've break his hand Tbh lol.
this video makes me very hungry
R.I.P X Oy oldin
Gloves not being worn😐
WhatIs SpaceRabbits
Take a shot every time he says elegant
MANIAC 77 Oy oldin
My favourite restaurant, his restaurant 🤣
Stacey Dash TV
hes a liar.
Lily Lister
Lily Lister Oy oldin
What gordon says " this is one of my favourite restaurants" What gordon doesnt say "because i fucking own it"
Sharpy Oy oldin
Gordon is like a fine wine, gets better with age ;)
XxWolfThe KnightxX
Dream food!
CutiePaws 2
CutiePaws 2 Oy oldin
Dave Hyler
Dave Hyler Oy oldin
Somehow I don’t think any airline short of Emirates will be serving Beef Tar-Tar... 0:16 ...and yes I’m aware that this is a airport food stand/eatery (refusing to call it a restaurant) and not an actual in flight meal, but one; most people who came to this video were wanting/expecting to see Ramsay’s take on an in flight meal and two; it’s literally called “plane food” implying, or at least being inferred by most, something that you WOULD order on a plane. Simply being given a to-go box like we see towards the end does not really make it plane food. I mean, I’ve ordered some great meals in airports and would take them on the plane to eat (assuming they weren’t hot food items and would last that is) but that does not make it “plane food”. By that definition, anything would be plane food if you take it on a plane. Brennan’s Steak? Plane food. Smith and Wolensky? Plane food. Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road? Plane food.
Christian Jensen
Tilly the Killer at games
I love Tilly’s show my name is tilly to
Jonathan Smith
I love it when Gordon is happy!
Ro B
Ro B Oy oldin
Tang 7
Tang 7 Oy oldin
Hold on a second we’re all forgetting one big thing: First class only
Theo Sympathique
0:57 when I slap your mother’s ass
Henry Hung
Henry Hung Oy oldin
Hong Kong airport would be perfect for that place
Matthew Golod
Matthew Golod Oy oldin
Still more oil than Popeyes dick
No No
No No Oy oldin
Bada bing!
den525 Oy oldin
Was hoping Gordon would review ACTUAL PLANE FOOD!!
spoogeboob Oy oldin
Becks Shin
Becks Shin Oy oldin
Poor online reviews...
Edward Walters
Didn’t mention the cost though did he
William P
William P Oy oldin
This was obviously acted out. See how nobody thinks twice about how there are a ton of cameras around? Most people would be going crazy asking for autographs and pulling out their phones for pictures.
Star Science
Star Science Oy oldin
Theyre used to him; due to this, it seems acted out
William P
William P Oy oldin
they have the best b-roll for the best airport food and because gordon is rich af
PolarKing Oy oldin
Yeah okay, but what about the cost?
Wendy K
Wendy K Oy oldin
Went there once for breakfast before taking our flight, the service is painfully slow. Slow to serve, slow to make payment forgot one of our order. Taste of food just alright nothing make you wow... Never went back again even though we travel much and always passby.
Dirty Demon
Dirty Demon Oy oldin
Wendy K Lol
Mikhail Angela
Not an advert if its actually good, then just an endorsement
Tom Cutter
Tom Cutter Oy oldin
This is just an advertisement
Mag Oy oldin
I'm so fucking hungy right nooooooooow
William P
William P Oy oldin
Watch mark wiens or the food ranger it'll make you hungryer
Vakaris Vainorius
This restaurant is incredible! And Gordon Ramsay too🙂
Izzo Be
Izzo Be Oy oldin
I was in London and i did not know about this :((
This Guy
This Guy Oy oldin
Was it just me or were you guys expecting him to suddenly spit out the food and shout "This is F*CKING RAWWWWW!!" near the end there