Gordon Ramsay Helps Matilda Cook A Giant Burger

Gordon Ramsay
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Prof omar
Prof omar 4 soat oldin
Its massive 😉
David Kehley
David Kehley 6 soat oldin
She is so gifted just like her father
flora hora
flora hora 7 soat oldin
she’s so cute omg i love seeing them together
HackingCrumpets 11 soat oldin
It’s not a a good idear to rub your bum in dads head I don’t think them stupid brits would complain
MrFelix47 14 soat oldin
Did Andrew invite her for Dinner?
Pink Shinobi
Pink Shinobi 21 soat oldin
Shes hot
animal lover
animal lover 21 soat oldin
Is he really her dad
Nyuam Yang
Nyuam Yang 22 soat oldin
She said, "rubbish dad". Lol! Gosh, I love this family.
Arlene Nguyen
Arlene Nguyen Kun oldin
She’s so cute!
nguyen xuan thuy
What happen tớ jack
pqhcqkes Kun oldin
Xavty Kun oldin
"rub your bun on your dads head" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Another Person
Another Person Kun oldin
To me mustard does not belong on a cheeseburger. It only belongs on a good hot dog.
jennifer R.m
jennifer R.m Kun oldin
Is it me or does her voice makes me very annoyed
Ali C.
Ali C. 2 kun oldin
Massive like her size
Krissytal 10
Krissytal 10 2 kun oldin
ツHoney 2 kun oldin
seeing gordon laugh makes me happy
Sennan Whitelock
Sennan Whitelock 2 kun oldin
Where he go?
Mansour Sabah
Mansour Sabah 2 kun oldin
The accent do
SAMurai2K18 2 kun oldin
This makes me cringe
Kim_ Jae Rin
Kim_ Jae Rin 2 kun oldin
Rohan Nair
Rohan Nair 2 kun oldin
0.50 gaajar ka halwa bana rhi thi Indians smje toh like kro
Vince 2 kun oldin
Matilda looks like the better version of gordon ramsay. I mean the way that she speaks, she looks like she will not swear.
Geovanny Galvan
Geovanny Galvan 2 kun oldin
That looks disgusting
Jack O'Connor
Jack O'Connor 2 kun oldin
Gordon’s a good dad
Astro Man
Astro Man 3 kun oldin
H ze hd .ur.u4. J. Hrngdmu myd. Hd. G dsyzmjenhejz ehmzhemzeuzsmuzleuxmdumxhrm jmhzdmzhd9mzhe oq It is going to be massive
Gaming4Brownies 3 kun oldin
This isn’t better than healthy junk food
Dave adverse
Dave adverse 3 kun oldin
Like Dad, like daughter
DEVIL JANER. A 3 kun oldin
Did gordon break his leg?
Sno Bear
Sno Bear 4 kun oldin
the dislikes are all of the chefs gordon has roasted in his career 😂
Gaming Boy
Gaming Boy 4 kun oldin
Ik who Matilda is but I had now idea Gordon Ramsey was her dad?!?!
Muffinlovethreadbanger Thereadbangerfan
My dad left me when I was 10......
Just a Typical guy
Just a Typical guy 5 kun oldin
Dont rub your buns on your dad’s head kids.
Shyam Nandan Prasad
She speaks like Gordon
Mitch - Datway
Mitch - Datway 5 kun oldin
Holy shit Gordon made a mistake
XxxJeffyxxX 5 kun oldin
Someone replace this audio with some audio from hell’s kitchen so we can have gordon ramsay swearing at his daughter
The Jokler Valeska
The Jokler Valeska 5 kun oldin
Why am I getting a cloudy with the chance of meatballs vibe? 😕
Tucker Drums
Tucker Drums 6 kun oldin
Can you imagine living with Gordon Ramsay and eating some of the best food everyday
catherine 明珠chan陈
It looks amazing! But you missed the K.E.Y. Ingredient, C H E E S E, we always need a cheese to a burger
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 6 kun oldin
When Gordon Ramsay’s daughter calls him a rubbish dad Gordon: lol When people calls Gordon rubbish Gordon: bitch what you say
Iccai Dion
Iccai Dion 6 kun oldin
Queens_efe 6 kun oldin
Rubbish dad XD
VlaD V
VlaD V 7 kun oldin
I can see tilly soon will b a great chef and she gonna b like daddy..but an attitude will change a lil bit xD
Angel Wong
Angel Wong 7 kun oldin
Gordon tries the burger Gordon: RAWWWWW!!!!!!!
Beans Iban
Beans Iban 7 kun oldin
Chef dad gets burned 😂
Iza Vlogs
Iza Vlogs 7 kun oldin
This is so wholesome
jason nicholson
jason nicholson 7 kun oldin
This contradicts all of gordans insults to chefs. I don't understand this bullshit non chef recipe of a 'massive' burger.
Sir Digby Chicken Ceaser
I like how Gordon just bulldozers in there and starts trying to pick up the pan with his crutches.... Hells Kitchen lol
rinjoo 9 kun oldin
*aggressivly smacks bread on Gordon’s head* *”WHAT ARE YOU”*
Roberta Lozano
Roberta Lozano 9 kun oldin
No wonder he gets upset at people who call themselves chefs.
Bsbbdgsvev Dndhdynwnwb
And right before this I got an add saying eat more healthy
Toxified Sushi
Toxified Sushi 9 kun oldin
BUNS ;) I’m not sorry
Toxified Sushi
Toxified Sushi 9 kun oldin
Cooks better than me
Lil Bell Raps
Lil Bell Raps 10 kun oldin
I can’t believe Gordon Ramsay is having his 5th baby 🍼
Rosanna Melendez
Rosanna Melendez 10 kun oldin
What happened to jack!!!!!!!!
Lawrence Jae Abengoza
Muneerah Syed
Muneerah Syed 10 kun oldin
Imagine this girl or her father collaborating with Hannibal Lecter (the show version).
Awesome Us
Awesome Us 10 kun oldin
Jack: **nice**
Gameboy 11 kun oldin
I like how she talks about every step it's nice but it's crazy how her dad is one of the biggest chefs in the world and she doesn't know how to cut an onion the right way 🤣😂but it's ok
Marie Gile
Marie Gile 11 kun oldin
What are you!? ... An idiot sandwich 😂
Traditional kitchen The Algerian
Encourage my channel Traditional dish🍛🍛🍛😋😋
Sebastian Zacarias
Sebastian Zacarias 11 kun oldin
I cant believe matilda tempted to call his dad an idiot sandwich that takes balls
Gabrielle Valle
Gabrielle Valle 11 kun oldin
while your rubbish dad corrects his bun cutting...
leanna s
leanna s 12 kun oldin
She could be the voice for a kids to show
Britney Elsie
Britney Elsie 12 kun oldin
*first time i’ve seen gordon smile*
Lily’s lifestyle
Lily’s lifestyle 13 kun oldin
KappaKorps 13 kun oldin
Pure wholesome Gordon
☻Here's My Opinion☻
Tillys outfit!! 👀
BIG DADDY 13 kun oldin
1:10 that’s what she said
Having Gordon Ramsay as a dad sounds awesome
Daisyle 125
Daisyle 125 14 kun oldin
she sounds like sealand :/
Daniel Sarmiento
Daniel Sarmiento 14 kun oldin
Raji Nair
Raji Nair 14 kun oldin
Matilda is so cute sir...
21Youngstars ZH97
21Youngstars ZH97 15 kun oldin
0:46 Gordon would cry if he saw this...
EcoScratcher 15 kun oldin
Looks disgusting
Matthew Sherwood
Matthew Sherwood 16 kun oldin
Click on my profile and watch my playlists Not a spam question
IDFC BAS 17 kun oldin
Godon Ramsey has a browken lewg ormyrgowd sorry its just an Accent 🤣🤣
Dathan Trinh
Dathan Trinh 17 kun oldin
I am going to make a GIANT BURGER! But... ITS GONNA BE MASSIVE.
Officer Hugh Downing
*yOu BrOkE mY bUnS!*
Connie Wijaya
Connie Wijaya 18 kun oldin
I love tilly’s reference to the idiot sandwich😂 2:09
Stian klippe
Stian klippe 19 kun oldin
"because its so big, i need my dad to help" that sounds weird
CJ network
CJ network 20 kun oldin
Toast your buns mhh
velvet thunder
velvet thunder 20 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay junior
Spasm Fox
Spasm Fox 20 kun oldin
Onions doesn't make me cry because I stay away from it.
Etix xitE
Etix xitE 13 kun oldin
Is that why u Always are sick?, i've never been sick for over 20 years, and everytime i try to fake sick and visit doctor, he says i'm healthy everytime i visit him… it's not fun to be healthy, you can't stay home from work then… so you're lucky that you don't eat onion, because then you can be sick and stay home...
Neyla Wongso
Neyla Wongso 20 kun oldin
hubay haider
hubay haider 21 kun oldin
“While your rubbish dad...” yea Gordon Ramsay.... rubbish 2:00
Neyla Wongso
Neyla Wongso 21 kun oldin
Jake Lawson
Jake Lawson 22 kun oldin
Urrr some interesting cutting skills????
ThatFilmBuff 22 kun oldin
It’s so funny that for a man who cussed out customers, owners, and other cooks, he’s also one of the nicest people on the planet
Noor Hussain
Noor Hussain 23 kun oldin
this was cool
Taylen Plays
Taylen Plays 23 kun oldin
It's fucking..... *RAW*
Diablo havoc
Diablo havoc 24 kun oldin
Who's an idiot sandwich? Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course lol desc.
Jack Guyett
Jack Guyett 24 kun oldin
"rubbish dad" WOW gordon you just got roasted by your daughter
PassTekk 24 kun oldin
One mossive borger A relay Sharp knoive
Khârn the Cuddly
Khârn the Cuddly 24 kun oldin
Tilly is like her father with less swearing
Dan Smokey
Dan Smokey 24 kun oldin
Id have a go on her burger 😈
Honor Rooke
Honor Rooke 24 kun oldin
Congrats on the injury, couldn’t stop laughing xD
glendalikesfood YT
glendalikesfood YT 25 kun oldin
Does anyone think that she speaks like gorden or is it just me
MrLPGuy1 26 kun oldin
I bet Matt Stonie would eat that.
Etix xitE
Etix xitE 13 kun oldin
Yep definitely!
yacine 28 kun oldin
Rubbish dad?!?