Gordon Ramsay Loves This Restaurant

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Gordon talks about eating at a famous Austin restaurant called Franklin’s BBQ and reveals why he’s never taken a to go bag until his visit there.
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Gordon Ramsay Loves This Restaurant




26-Okt, 2016



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Fikrlar 759
Señor Dovahkin
Señor Dovahkin 4 kun oldin
I wanna see a Roast battle between G.Ramsay and J.Ross.
Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il 9 kun oldin
Jimmy is wrong, the best dining place in Austin Texas is on Mia Khalifas ass.....
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia 11 kun oldin
Austin has some of the worser BBQ in Texas.
Helen Sae
Helen Sae 26 kun oldin
How doesn't Gordon know that it doesn't help starving yourself, it works better eating earlier to fit more
Austin Phillips
Austin Phillips 27 kun oldin
Please don't say "American" BBQ, Jimmy... it's Texas BBQ.
Beejay The Baker
Beejay The Baker 27 kun oldin
Where's the LAMB SAUCE!?!? 🤣🍖
NialteA xcx
NialteA xcx Oy oldin
Giggity Giggity goo
Nesta Nesta
Nesta Nesta Oy oldin
The state of his hair! ffs.
AniMaster 9000
For some reason, I can’t keep up with what he’s saying. Idk if it’s the accent or the speed at which he’s talking, I don’t understand some of the things he says
Football is here
Jimmy kimmel suck. no talent sucker
Articfly Gaming
Nino is impresses
Gary M
Gary M Oy oldin
They both need a skin taper haircut . Smh
“My body is a doggie bag” Hahahahaha love that
Ain't he from Scotland
Ajay Anupam Marandi
Gordon is fuckin' humble guy. 😁
Mack Schell
Mack Schell 2 oy oldin
I’m 13 and 1 million dollars I can make better food I’m a darn pro
- Melt Your Headaches -
I got a McDonald’s ad before this and thought “wow I never woulda imagined”
Benjamin Sanburn
Benjamin Sanburn 2 oy oldin
Jimmy talks way too much
Madd Genome
Madd Genome 2 oy oldin
Gordon Ramsey sucks whale chodes for spatulas
Narf 2 oy oldin
It was pretty cool that he got some food for his driver too. Good dude
Yong Jian Yi
Yong Jian Yi 2 oy oldin
I noticed that Gordon qualified the statement of why the rest of the World doesn't have great BBQ and replaced it with England, because there are many great BBQ places around the world.
Eros Viana
Eros Viana 2 oy oldin
Clearly he hasn't been to top notch Brazilian Churrascarias. Or even Argentine.
Riccardo Perissinotto
argentine's BBQ (hasado) is rhe best BBQ in the world, but hey he's british he cannot say that
The wondering Englishman
Try Ukraine Lviv for great BBQ
Quidditch Attention Seeker
I dreamed I was a scientist measuring matter, but found it kept moving. Thus, my findings were given the name OF? *Quantum.* *Mechanics.*
Sao Cungduoc
Sao Cungduoc 3 oy oldin
It's easy. Just pay 20$ for someone to stand in line for you. The food is 20$ more expensive, but if you're in a rush, it'll be worth it!
Rudi Johnson
Rudi Johnson 4 oy oldin
one of the biggest c*nts in world tbh, id take trump over this guy
Ben W
Ben W 5 oy oldin
kimmel keeps interrupting him its annoying.
Gabriel C.
Gabriel C. 5 oy oldin
he didnt cut the line, he probably ordered the pickup that you have to order at least 5 pounds of meat.
Shayan Popal
Shayan Popal 5 oy oldin
Gordon Ramsay.
Jamie Fraser
Jamie Fraser 5 oy oldin
Why is it american tv hosts always refer to people from the uk as being from england or being english. You couldnt get a more scottish accent than gordon ramsey.
Ben's Dad
Ben's Dad 5 oy oldin
Gordon doesnt even have a scottish accent
Van's Videos
Van's Videos 6 oy oldin
666 comments. Now 667.
Andy Mandujano
Andy Mandujano 6 oy oldin
Waited 6 hrs in line and it was worth it. Highly recommend Franklins!
TheLittleTwo 6 oy oldin
The stars at night are big and bright...
Mr Pokiesmeister
Mr Pokiesmeister 6 oy oldin
How much would that whole platter for 2 costs? I am guessing 100 bucks
Scott Shafer
Scott Shafer 6 oy oldin
pretty much yeah, but it's like 3 pounds of meats and a pint of slaw and a pint of potato salad.
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 6 oy oldin
square crap bread nah not for me
Peter Spence
Peter Spence 7 oy oldin
What is happening with Gordon's hair? Is that Dragon Ball Z thing?
Alex Bishop
Alex Bishop 7 oy oldin
My dude looks like Steve Kerr 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mário Lindberg
Mário Lindberg 7 oy oldin
Jimmy, you gotta try the Brazilian barbecue and the steak houses we have here! There's nothing like those! Believe me!
Encrypted Aqua
Encrypted Aqua 8 oy oldin
My uncles Tom @MicklethwaitCraftMeats is superior
Eli Suryana
Eli Suryana 8 oy oldin
Gordon seems like a nice guy talking to other people
J_s92 8 oy oldin
They don't have American sized portions in Europe so I'm sure he finishes everything without needing to take home
FreshlySnipes 8 oy oldin
Franklins BBQ Is SOOOOOO LIT 🔥
Prime Time
Prime Time 9 oy oldin
Proud to be from a city that has a Gordon Ramsay approved resteraunt
Alexandre Martins
People need to come have barbecue at barbecue houses in Brazil. Seriously. A tray for two? How about people coming every 2 minutes to your table with a 3-foot stick full of delicious barbecued cuts of various meats (beef, pork and lamb, and also sausages) together with trays full of whole barbecued beef shortribs and stuff like that, together with a full buffet of salads, pasta and cheese? And that never stops until you either ask for the bill or die right on the table. You also get rice, french fries and other stuff (which I ignore, because I'm concentrating on the meat) at no extra cost. The most expensive ones are around $50 a head, but you can find good ones for a third of that price.
dj magz
dj magz 9 oy oldin
Classic american interviewers like himmy pulling the "why can only americans cook so good...". Trying to make a traditional country dish about the difficulty. Why cant americans make proper crepes? Why cant americans make proper kebabs? Its not that "they" cant. Its not in the genetics of the inhabitants or that they're not skilled enough to master the dish. Its just that its not a popular dish in that country. Smh jimmy angling the BBQ making in the US as the americans are better cooks etc. Badly explained but sure you get my point.
echo gameing52
echo gameing52 9 oy oldin
I'm teaxen and I'm so happy now
Turkish Jiujitsu
Turkish Jiujitsu 9 oy oldin
Go to Gaziantep the birth place from the kebab,baklava and lahmacun. You will enjoy it a lot guys.
Ricky G
Ricky G 9 oy oldin
Mike Tayon
Mike Tayon 9 oy oldin
BBQ & beer! God bless America! :)
Kenneth Sims
Kenneth Sims 9 oy oldin
Whats to like about Jimmy Kimmel? Not a damn thing! MAGA 2020!
Bloody Nightmares
Idk why, but when Gordon Ramsey talks, it sounds like Stewie from Family guy.
Nothing Anything
Nothing Anything 9 oy oldin
How generous to give his driver a doggie bag...bad ass!
Crystal Rowe
Crystal Rowe 9 oy oldin
Giving your driver your leftovers is a terrible thing to do, he should have ordered him a meal to go.
Callam Bagshaw
Callam Bagshaw 9 oy oldin
thats racist ...
2dasimmons 9 oy oldin
WHY are folk agains NICE DISHES, eating utensils, often these days?!
Scott Shafer
Scott Shafer 6 oy oldin
they still use forks knives and spoons but when eating bbq it's better if your portions are too big to fit on a plate
Joshua Spector
Joshua Spector 9 oy oldin
oh man, my family takes food home from restaurant all the time. and they like usually dont ever eat leftovers, so it works great for me. :D
Daniel Freij
Daniel Freij 9 oy oldin
Nice to give food to the driver☺
ErkanKarabagli 9 oy oldin
Falsified salsa and Tostito chips with guacamole paste
Boo Radley
Boo Radley 9 oy oldin
I freggin’ love Gordon!
Reefer 9 oy oldin
to go bag is an exclusive american thing
Lucas Briancini
Lucas Briancini 10 oy oldin
Jimmy never tasted Brazilian BBQ... sad
Aaron Monterola
Aaron Monterola 10 oy oldin
*Bold* --Strikethrough- _Italic_
ThunderTurtle 10 oy oldin
You were in Austin and didn’t have barbecue at the Salt Lick?
ThunderTurtle 10 oy oldin
stretch141000 take it back
stretch141000 10 oy oldin
Franklin is the gold standard, most other places near there are tier 2.
Odilton1 10 oy oldin
Brazilian gaucho bbq grilling is one of the best in the world, right there with the Argentinians gaucho style of grilling, hard to beat, period....
Odilton1 10 oy oldin
stretch141000 Definitely. I agree if you prefer it smoked, Texas bbq is probably the best. But there is a vast world out there with distinctive style and ways of doing it according to their culture, and when it comes to beef and direct heat, Brazilians and Argentinians do It BEST. Thanks
stretch141000 10 oy oldin
That is why South American bbq will never touch Texas bbq. Sure it might be the best way to grill, but slow cooking in smoke pits is the best way to do it period.
Sandra 10 oy oldin
Yep wrapping it up to go is not common in England. Maybe whole of Europe. But it just wasn’t done.
thenerdnetwork 10 oy oldin
The real question is, is why does he not open up another restaurant, using the same exact standards and products that he currently has, and open it up far away in a different part of the country... and just absolutely make tons of money doing it, and providing this delicious one of a kind barbecue to so many other people that have not ever had it, simply because they just never have a chance to go to Texas? I think Gordon even hinted to this at 2:54 I am sure he has enough money to do this and if not, a small group of investors to do it...
Scott Shafer
Scott Shafer 6 oy oldin
... you know nothing about franklins if you say he sells burgers the only things he has that are close to 28 dollars are a POUND of brisket, pork, etc
Scott Shafer
Scott Shafer 6 oy oldin
because he loves the connection and running it himself
Crystal Rowe
Crystal Rowe 9 oy oldin
Not all people can or will pay 28 dollars for one of his burgers. His food is really overpriced and overrated in the states.
Flat Earth is Retarded
Iv'e heard Franklin's is the best.
KRAZY K 10 oy oldin
Why does he look like vitaly
Rebecca Monroe
Rebecca Monroe 10 oy oldin
No offense for American Barbecue, but if you havent gone to South America, especially Brasil and Argentina, you have no idea of what a real Barbecue is....
Odilton1 9 oy oldin
Rebecca Monroe Without a doubt, is hard to beat a gaucho style of bbq, especially from Brazil or Argentina. Im with you.
Matt Tran
Matt Tran 10 oy oldin
gordan ramsey looks like an older naill horan
Matt Savage
Matt Savage 10 oy oldin
Got there an hour after they opened, stood in line for three hours. Got to the front, and they said "sorry, we're all out".
Koshik Raj
Koshik Raj 11 oy oldin
Oh! So he does like some food on this planet? :D
Connor Manning
Connor Manning 11 oy oldin
Texas bbq is life
adrenaline 11 oy oldin
Gordon is a special human. No drugs, nothing, just pure passion. He is just an amazing human being. I have no idea how he musters up his enthusiasm 24/7 but somehow he does, it's just amazing. He could have became anything he wanted, US Navy SEAL? No problem. This guy's mental game is unreal.
LifeSucksMan 11 oy oldin
LET HIM TALK!!!!!! You donkey!!!
gunty mctabish
gunty mctabish 11 oy oldin
hello my name is ninooooooo
joaquin rosebluff
joaquin rosebluff 11 oy oldin
i would love to live in austin
Busko & Pilipino
Busko & Pilipino 11 oy oldin
I am like gordon ramsay i always swear while talking to my friends
Dᴀɴ ɪᴇʟ
Dᴀɴ ɪᴇʟ 11 oy oldin
Fluoride Jones
Fluoride Jones 11 oy oldin
*Nino* would never ask stupid questions, like Jimmy.
J Holts
J Holts 11 oy oldin
Finally, a chef who speaks out against the dreaded leftovers
Sebastián Marín
Sebastián Marín 11 oy oldin
Argentinian BBQ IS the BEST in the world
stretch141000 10 oy oldin
Robert Eichler
Robert Eichler 11 oy oldin
only bbq that can stand up to US bbq is korean bbq
DrSmallarms 11 oy oldin
Canadian BBQ is pretty good too
Kaizx456 11 oy oldin
Kansas City joes is better
TheBadassOne17 Yil oldin
Lies! he has taken a to go bag in kitchen nightmare
Chickenman 9161
Chickenman 9161 Yil oldin
When he’s not yelling he sounds like such a nice guy
akaZimba Yil oldin
Franklin's doesn't brine anything
iam1ina1000000 Yil oldin
Loving Gordon's new hair piece... he looks 10 years younger!
Dyers88 Yil oldin
you want bbq go to South Africa....Braii!!!!
Nikki Hunt
Nikki Hunt Yil oldin
Does Jimmy Kimmel ever actually let a guest speak without interrupting them?
Crystal Rowe
Crystal Rowe 9 oy oldin
They only have a limited amount of time Gordon wasn't his only quest that day so he tries to ask as many questions as he can.
Albert 11 oy oldin
Nikki Hunt the shows only 1 hour
BldgWha7 Yil oldin
Used to love Kimmel when it was an actual talk show and not a political lecture pulpit.
Score for Texas.
Laura Strong
Laura Strong Yil oldin
Mmm... over 20 years of eating out lol
Kakashi Hidden Bape Village
*yee yee*
Julie Walker
Julie Walker Yil oldin
I love Chef Ramsay. How many people in his position would think of the driver like that? He may be a bit OTT, but he's really one of the good guys.
alieNusss Yil oldin
Jimmy, you need to come in Romania to eat my bbq, in forest, made with wood.
techandgames ultra
Your fish is so raw...it is still finding Nemo
Fred Fisher
Fred Fisher Yil oldin
MIO Yil oldin
Got to love the guy , down to earth and a top chef .
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