Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Las Vegas - Ultimate Cheeseburger!

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The Ultimate Cheeseburger ($15) at Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood may just be the ultimate cheeseburger.
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19-Okt, 2018



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steve french
steve french 10 soat oldin
Had this. Average for a burger, no way near good enough. Five Guys is 10x better.
Gregory J
Gregory J 21 soat oldin
well done is the only way to go, good vid
All You Can Vegas
All You Can Vegas 6 soat oldin
Thanks, Gregory!
serialchiler Kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey ain't even a good chef..
rah rah
rah rah Kun oldin
I like these videos a lot but I WISH you would be more adventurous in your selection. You always talk about what you do not like and really you get the same thing; TYPICAL MIDDLE OF THE ROAD MIDWEST MEAT AND POTATOES. I mean you go to GORDON RAMSEY and you are over the moon for THE ULTIMATE CHEESE BURGER while passing over the Lobster Burger and other more exotic offerings that would really make this more interesting. All you did was sit there for 20 minutes to order a hamburger and some onion rings. (Yawns) Try thinking about your audience we all know you don't like much but we DO! SHOW the meat and potatoes and let us see its there; " hey they meat and potatoes but let's try something I think you all may like or want to see." We all know we can get MEAT AND POTATOES OR SPAGHETTI in Vegas. My two pesos since Im out of the country watching this.
Joan Edwards
Joan Edwards Kun oldin
6:54 you seem like a very uncoordinated person.😕
john doe
john doe 2 kun oldin
Ramsey would never eat in a noisy place----EVER His resturants are all sub owned with his great recipes ,,,,but you would never see him with his family in any of those restaurants
5:15 that’s girl passing by is a savage to asked that question.... well since he’s cutting a burger with knife so..... 😂
bandamakarony 2 kun oldin
So fucking expensive...18 dollars burger plus taxes plus tip...and onlt fries 8 dollars? Jesus
Zach Young
Zach Young 3 kun oldin
Well done???? Jump off a cliff, mate.
Ridiculed Victor
Ridiculed Victor 5 kun oldin
Who tf cuts a burger in half...
juan reveles
juan reveles 6 kun oldin
worst steak ever!!!! chili's steaks are better. from now on ill just watch his shows
Jim Cole
Jim Cole 6 kun oldin
The burgers were good. My girl ordered the impossible burger. Said that was amazing. Bullshit there is an up charge from real meat 🍖.
The Pick Of Destiny
She called me love 😂
Kishor Devadiga
Kishor Devadiga 6 kun oldin
5.23 She called me love 😂
theslowevo 7 kun oldin
We do not call them “freedom fries”
Logues Life
Logues Life 7 kun oldin
Such a good restaurant! We ate there last year and for a girl that isn’t a big fan of beef, my hamburger was amazingly good!!!
Purple Sparkle Felicity
I love your channel Derrick
Purple Sparkle Felicity
+All You Can Vegas your mat certainly welcome Derrick
All You Can Vegas
All You Can Vegas 7 kun oldin
Thank you!
Ben Ritchey
Ben Ritchey 10 kun oldin
I hate when he picks up half of the burger and the other half is still attached and falls apart. 5:25
Karl XII of Sweden
Karl XII of Sweden 10 kun oldin
Why do Americans dress up so bad at restaurants. In sweden we dress up with shower , new washed costumes just to go to the store
Jude Frazier
Jude Frazier 11 kun oldin
Looked awesome Like mine well done too 👍🏻
All You Can Vegas
All You Can Vegas 11 kun oldin
Scorpio Life
Scorpio Life 12 kun oldin
I like my burgers when I eat one WELL DONE as well. I don't like drinking blood!
Root Nixlz l نكسلز
Yall say its overpriced Well youve never seen the restaurants in saudi arabia a whole meal of a burger a fries and a drink would averagely cost you 30$
Vinnie Bruno
Vinnie Bruno 20 kun oldin
You don't want Gordon yelling at you !!!
SYOTOS 88 22 kun oldin
This is why we told the British to fuck off. $30 a hamburger. I can go to the best burger joint in LA and pay half that.
APCWORLDSUXAZ 23 kun oldin
I just picked up a smoked ham shank for 8 bucks and a pork loin for 11.26 both on sale...… who is dumb enough to buy 15 dollar hamburger.
R4COON R4MPAGE 23 kun oldin
Wait he didn’t order the F word burger
Felix Alvarez
Felix Alvarez 24 kun oldin
You ordered your burger well done? You ruined it.
Amir Nuriddin
Amir Nuriddin 25 kun oldin
They close at 12? Nothing should close at 12 in Vegas
oG Vengeful
oG Vengeful 25 kun oldin
Am I the only one that read the menu in Gordon’s voice.
Vikki Marker
Vikki Marker 28 kun oldin
my new favorite person
All You Can Vegas
All You Can Vegas 24 kun oldin
Thanks, Vikki!
Tarihin Amına Koyanlar
I am so hungry
MountainDew Oy oldin
lol 20 minutes for a well done burger. And the music is too loud it's a restaurant not a disco made me laugh because that's what Gordon said on one of his episodes.
Azim Shabaruddin
Cant take review from someone who take their burgers welldone
Christian Canlas
*jUsT fRi3s*
Attila Banovits
Taking advice from a guy who can’t Fu**** read . Lol ok
borna asi
borna asi Oy oldin
Lmao, literally any restaurant (not fast food joint) will charge u 15$+ for a bigger (most come with fries tho). Even Denny’s charges 13$ for a burger😂. Rlly good prices, pretty nice restaurant and good service, definately a go-to restaurant if your in LA
VirenYoutube Oy oldin
side tables are so tightly stacked
COACH DEE Oy oldin
Gordon has balls , he would of threw that food up for sure
Well done, I'm your fan for life
Saptak Biswas
Saptak Biswas Oy oldin
Ya your mom is crazy
MaSTerOfGaMEs Oy oldin
why would gordon play let me love you ??
cykacookie tardovic
U go to bland area 51...
Bakalaka Gaming
who eats a burger well done?
Anthony Rodriguez
Mmmmm .....shut ur channel down!!!! (Well done)
Andrew Fair
Andrew Fair Oy oldin
Gordon Ramsey needs a reality check in terms of value. You just get a BURGER. No chips, or salad. That's overpriced as hell
dstunna 808
dstunna 808 Oy oldin
well done? wtf is wrong with u man
Ash bash
Ash bash Oy oldin
She just called me love ..lol
Justin Parsons
Lmaoo “that’s right I like my burgers well done!” He’s so proud to be eating hockey pucks 😂
Mark Little
Mark Little Oy oldin
Bacteria grows on the surface of meat, ie. when in contact with oygen. Steaks roast joints etc can be served rare as cooking at high temperatures kills bacteria on the outside of the meat, bacteria will not grow within the meat as there is no oxygen, until of course you grind it up in a mincer to form a burger patty. Put simply mincing steak allows oxygen to the meat and therefore bacteria can grow, the only safe way to cook a burger is well done.
Matt K
Matt K Oy oldin
What is wrong with you?
Emma Skylet
Emma Skylet Oy oldin
She called me love it’s amazing food I love it
Nicholas Truster
Yea the music is way too loud lol but the food looked good
Riflix Oy oldin
well here i thought gordon hated greasy food
I bet no amature will work there
Robert Takacs
Robert Takacs Oy oldin
Went to Gordon Ramsay restaurant, ate a FUCKIN CHEESEBURGER
failed Oy oldin
one of these days ill find someone who looks at me the way this man looks at that burger =[
Pink n Bling
Pink n Bling Oy oldin
I can’t wait to get there and try this place in June 2019!! I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay!! Great video Cheers from Canada 🇨🇦
All You Can Vegas
Nice! Let me know how you like it!
mostmost1 Oy oldin
Thats a nicely cooked burger. Most places burn well done burgers.
Billybig37 15
Billybig37 15 Oy oldin
If u had asmr in the title u would have diomand playbutton
Jaden Rowan
Jaden Rowan Oy oldin
Well done is the best, any blood makes me gag
Hightimes Oy oldin
Mr StEaL uR gRaNdMa
8 dollars for sum fries?!?!? imma stick to mcdonalds😂
Diana T
Diana T Oy oldin
I've been there and we had to wait almost 45 min. to get our order. I was not impressed with the burger and left half of it there. They overprice because of his name. I wouldn't go back.
D.R. W
D.R. W Oy oldin
Burger, fries and a Pepsi - $30 + $6 tip ? Nope. I don't think you can trust a burger place that serves ketchup in those thimbles. Hell, even Gordon Ramsey says his fav burger is In an Out. If you ever go back, do a Kitchen Nightmares type review complete with walking back into the kitchen and taking apart the chef. About time Gordo caught a little Karma. (PS. Loved this video)
Deimos Oy oldin
I better get my food brought to me with a golden fucking bust of Rramsay's head for a price that high.
oxidius Oy oldin
Burger bun looks way to dry and bottom looks soggy
4:46 Gordon Ramsay would’ve made fun of the name on the plate if he was on somebody’s restaurant “it’s hideous” LOL
s1destepp Oy oldin
Small dip pots for big onion rings..what a shame,you should sue them for that
MovieHound17 Oy oldin
I tapped when you say you order well-done burgers lol. That makes no sense my dude lol u could have stayed home and had frozen burgers on your grill for 20ins. Well done you sir should be shamed to call your self an American man.
richeyrich81 Oy oldin
Chef Ramsey talks so much shit about other people's menus... Look at his... And fries don't come with a burger bloody fucking outrageous
TR Oy oldin
No lettuce and tomato?
Lydia Graham
Lydia Graham Oy oldin
I want to eat there
Joe Casson
Joe Casson Oy oldin
That burger is NOT well-done... it is barely done properly... but I guess you have say well-done at a snobby place like that in order to not get a raw burger.
Joe Casson
Joe Casson Oy oldin
Only a damn idiot would overpay for a nasty burger just because some other idiot's name is on the restaurant.
2 joints
2 joints Oy oldin
lol derek..did chef ramsay have a mini roller coaster put into the restaurant with flames underneath??? hahaha
Bob Bagel
Bob Bagel Oy oldin
Burger looked blanned and boring honestly onion rings looked disgusting
Stephen Hogan
Stephen Hogan Oy oldin
You should have taken a bite and said "Bloody hell. Bland. Fookin' disgoostin. Tell the chef to bugger off."
Lord Voldemort
Sorry, couldn't take you seriously after the well done meat.
Christopher Pawloski
You lost me at well done> Idon't care where you eat - yuck.
passtheBuck Canuck
You kinda look like a ' Sheldon took up drinking whiskey and moved to vegas' sort a thing....lol
FOSology Oy oldin
A Gordon Ramsey burger cannot be well done! By definition!! Hence, you did not eat a Gordon Ramsey burger!
Jack Witcombe
Jack Witcombe Oy oldin
Imo that burger looked pretty basic and more bun then anything. Onion rings looked great though
SoLTronkV Oy oldin
burger bakar abang burn is a tasty burger around my area.
D L L Oy oldin
Backyard=AMERICAN cheese😂😂😂
Monica G. Davis
I think I’ll try Gordon’s burger. I had to go on a cruise to try a Guys burger. So I think this will be a bargain. Your so funny Derek! Hey 👋 by the way, your fingers got oily! Proving that you can pick up the fried chicken and eat it . 😂Caught you!
All You Can Vegas
AirSoos Oy oldin
Some of the people in this comment section are so butthurt over a burger being well done...Seriously, grow up, he likes it that way so let him eat it that way, no one gives a flying fuck what your so called "3 star michelin restaurant" taste buds think about meat, let the man enjoy his food.
ToyCarCrash Oy oldin
Why do people think raw ground beef is good? We’re literally not supposed to eat that shit raw.
Maivjyk Oy oldin
Well mannered people cut their burgers. I don't eat raw meat either. Has to be well done or medium well done.
John John
John John Oy oldin
You some nobody who treats an expensive posh restraunt like q fast food place. Why dont you do some exercise and stop being so full of it
John John
John John Oy oldin
It's not a fast food restraunt. The restraunt is baced on him.... and you dont get standard food in posh restraunts...
chloet182 Oy oldin
Why is everyone surprised at him ordering well done ?....the same guy who thinks Hershey’s chocolate is the “best” and goes to buffets with top notch fresh seafood but always goes for the fried chicken and boxed mash potatoes....oh and hates truffle 😂.... but I love his videos nevertheless! 😊
SlashTag GT
SlashTag GT Oy oldin
I would rather eat a cheese burger with extra cheese in macdonald
John Kroll
John Kroll Oy oldin
So mr. Kitchen gestapo cooks the fucking easiest things to cook, fried crap, fries, onion rings and burgers.
Steffi Lauren
Steffi Lauren Oy oldin
Why you mentioned she called you love? She tried to be nice and casual. You, guests, are so difficult to deal with 🤦🏻‍♀️
Amin Barray
Amin Barray Oy oldin
+Steffi Lauren nvm i found it
Steffi Lauren
Steffi Lauren Oy oldin
Amin Barray sorry didn’t write it down. Guess you should watch it to notice but he mentioned it two times when the waiter approaches him
Amin Barray
Amin Barray Oy oldin
What minute ?
hunnispyce 2 oy oldin
Takes less time to eat with your eyes🤔....find someone more appealing😒🤢
Matt McCloud
Matt McCloud 2 oy oldin
Where’s the F WORD burger
Scorpius 2 oy oldin
Let me get this straight. 17 bucks for a burger and the fries aren’t included? And they’re 8 bucks? Gordon, I love you, but come on!
I don't know
I don't know 2 oy oldin
Damn i need to take a look at these
terrance78 2 oy oldin
well done??? knew that meat looked burnt.
Loyalty1269 2 oy oldin
Sir how stoned were you when you sat down to eat
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