Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Las Vegas - Ultimate Cheeseburger!

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The Ultimate Cheeseburger ($15) at Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood may just be the ultimate cheeseburger.
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19-Okt, 2018

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Isaac Mazzonetto Rodrigues
Gordon hansey é minha referência em culinária, o admiro muito.
Elvis Boulala
Elvis Boulala 3 soat oldin
nice video
All You Can Vegas
All You Can Vegas 2 soat oldin
Thank you!
Robert Calderon
Robert Calderon 8 soat oldin
She called you love so you can leave a tip 😂😭
Arshi Fatima
Arshi Fatima 14 soat oldin
5:20 she's called me love
Birdie S
Birdie S 20 soat oldin
I don't eat beef but those onion rings looked awesome
Birdie S
Birdie S 20 soat oldin
The pork shank running joke lolol
MystiCalBEING89 Kun oldin
so is 20 mins along time to wait for food in a restaurant in the US then cuz thats not long to wait for food in the uk, and its funny u dont no what crisps r
Blaze Kun oldin
Kkona people Feelsbadman
TeleTravis Tv
TeleTravis Tv Kun oldin
You'd assume that the ketchup was for the burger when u ordered an oinion ring
Brandon Hickey
Brandon Hickey Kun oldin
That bee backpack though 2:07
All You Can Vegas
ExtremeBlueSky 2 kun oldin
Well I like pretty much all the recipes that Chef Ramsay has provided but this one just seems a fall short in my mind. He is from England so he doesn't really understand the essence of the American Grilled Burger. Cooking on gas is his first mistake blending the meat with egg is something that is questionable as well.
dixon cas-oy
dixon cas-oy 2 kun oldin
Wow i love to taset that here at the philippines
Swipez 2 kun oldin
Video should be titled: "another stupid American who cannot pronounce words properly"
Plug 2 kun oldin
Vegas baby!
andrew duece
andrew duece 2 kun oldin
She just called me love
Colin O'Reilly
Colin O'Reilly 2 kun oldin
How much did they pay you
Deni Katsman
Deni Katsman 3 kun oldin
Everybody is so cheap in this comment section, it’s funny. Yeah, sorry it’s not your typical $1 cheeseburger from mcdonalds! On top of that $15 bucks for a burger in a casino/hotel that has 3 top cheeses in it is nothing. You guys have probably never left the united states.
dude14377 3 kun oldin
Crisps are chips for you. Our chips are your fries.
Tom Su
Tom Su 3 kun oldin
Farmhouse burger is my favorite but with the old Duck Bacon!!! I eat there every time I’m in Vegas!
Khiya King
Khiya King 3 kun oldin
I will be going there in a couple weeks for shore 😊😊😊😀😀😁😆
NPC NPC 3 kun oldin
What a rip off
paul 3 kun oldin
$8 for fukn fries?😲😲😲😲
Bryce De'Laney
Bryce De'Laney 3 kun oldin
Try rate to medium rare for a real order
Bryce De'Laney
Bryce De'Laney 3 kun oldin
Well done not a real order, hope it taste chewy
Suresh Cumar
Suresh Cumar 4 kun oldin
Burgers are supposed to be well done. Isn't it???
Roberto conte
Roberto conte 4 kun oldin
I Really need that some one give me the recipe of brioche buns .... I'm here just for that. i'm a professional cook but i really want this recipe. Any 1 help me for that please .
Sangam Shrivastav
Sangam Shrivastav 4 kun oldin
Animals are not sandwiches and shoes, they feel pain like us, plants don’t, they don’t have a brain connected to a nervous system, they practically can’t feel pain, that’s a fact. Turn vegan, it is the ‘only’ ethical way to eat and live.
FUMANDO MOTA 4 kun oldin
Gordon was born India 🇮🇳
905 North
905 North 4 kun oldin
I live in canada and all the restaurants here menus are priced the same , id say the prices are damn good for vegas!
Declan Tam
Declan Tam 4 kun oldin
You’re gonna get copyrighted for all that background music lol
Martha Anderson
Martha Anderson 5 kun oldin
How tf can you hate truffles?
CAMREN FULLER 5 kun oldin
Don’t complain about the price and then buy everything you complain about Lolol, he got you to spend your money💁🏽
Greg Merino
Greg Merino 5 kun oldin
I'd rather get whalburger down the street.
DefinatelyNotABot 5 kun oldin
UZvid recommendations
Loreal Madonna
Loreal Madonna 5 kun oldin
Jesus Christ I have found a reason to live now! I have to go there! I will spend the next year planning this meal!
Christian Morales
Christian Morales 5 kun oldin
I thought I was gonna hear Gordon Ramsey loud voice curing out his blue and red team fuck off Fucking L You donkey
Lisa Cruz
Lisa Cruz 5 kun oldin
I love your honest review lol your facial expressions when your trying the food!!! Loving it!💖😘😘😘😘
Zackstep Gaming
Zackstep Gaming 5 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay: Sir is that fucking delicious
Cristian Ibarra
Cristian Ibarra 5 kun oldin
I clicked off when I saw the burger well done
Julien Le Chatelier
You cant eat this burger...lmao
Driftar 5 kun oldin
Should’ve ordered raw smh
ADudeMulti 5 kun oldin
Whoever orders burgers well done needs to seriously reassess their life choices
franklin gonzalez
franklin gonzalez 5 kun oldin
Well done? Might as well have gotten a cardboard burger
Vavazelus 5 kun oldin
Fries==>8.00 dollars? Fuck Gordan up the rectum.
Vavazelus 5 kun oldin
Man, Vegas has sure become pricey and greedy. 15 dollar burgers and fucking resorts charging guests for parking! Un-real.
FaZe Megabloker
FaZe Megabloker 5 kun oldin
*goes to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant* * hears Rihana’s music*
Estatic Gamer
Estatic Gamer 5 kun oldin
He is about to risk it all because that lady calling him love every time she talks to him
My Guitar
My Guitar 6 kun oldin
It's RAW!!!!!!!!😁
Alejandro Jimenez
Alejandro Jimenez 6 kun oldin
I like mcdonalds
Will B
Will B 6 kun oldin
Anyone else waiting for him to get a copyright strike from the music in the background
ImpactoDelSur Enterprise
Patties should always be well done, for safety reasons.
Alexander TT
Alexander TT 6 kun oldin
Overpriced meh Just paying for a name Not for fun and enjoyment Maybe both... I miss McDonald's playgrounds
Charles B.M.
Charles B.M. 6 kun oldin
I rather go to Whataburger.
Al Vaillancourt
Al Vaillancourt 6 kun oldin
My local bar has onion rings just like those..... $6
Mike Maclean
Mike Maclean 6 kun oldin
Hahaha big gordo is robbing you stupid yanks blind hahaha
Killswitch 6 kun oldin
Shouldve got medium rare
henkestenke 6 kun oldin
Nino would not have left you waiting for 20 minutes.
XD Ur Mom
XD Ur Mom 6 kun oldin
“She called me love”😂
jamd1421 7 kun oldin
She called me love lol
Jace The Face
Jace The Face 7 kun oldin
You need to order some burger cutting lessons 👍🏽
Miguel Ángel
Miguel Ángel 7 kun oldin
Looks dry and just a freaking mess of chesse..
Tim 7 kun oldin
What a friggin rip off....
Ookami x
Ookami x 7 kun oldin
I am hungry
Matty Andrews
Matty Andrews 8 kun oldin
4.26 - Are those black finger marks on the plate? Shut it dowwwwn!!!
Manuel Hung
Manuel Hung 8 kun oldin
Why well done? Ridiculous
Infinity Jones
Infinity Jones 8 kun oldin
I like my meat well done too though 🤷🏾‍♀️
ryry998 8 kun oldin
17 bucks for a burger and no fries come with it? I will stick with five guys.
sarge505050 8 kun oldin
Well done? Really? Someone needs to slap some sense into you!
Kimo The cat
Kimo The cat 9 kun oldin
Goes to Gordon's Burger joint gets well done burger 🤦🏼‍♂️
Anthony Moreno
Anthony Moreno 9 kun oldin
Wierd flex but alright my guy
Jules Vega
Jules Vega 9 kun oldin
Did u just order a $10 shake?
Jolo7t 9 kun oldin
you don’t ask for a well done burger in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant ... I bet the chef was like wtf how do I do that?
Jolo7t 10 kun oldin
These aren’t even as expensive as I imagined it to be, not bad
deeprose4 10 kun oldin
Crisps are chips in the USA, not fries, and chips in the UK are fries in the USA.
Josue Camarillo
Josue Camarillo 10 kun oldin
Thank you good Sr. Subscribed.
Sweet toto
Sweet toto 10 kun oldin
Well done 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
mugaward 10 kun oldin
Ed Helms!!!!! hahahaha.....
An Gorta Mór
An Gorta Mór 11 kun oldin
An Gorta Mór
An Gorta Mór 11 kun oldin
Nathan Belair
Nathan Belair 11 kun oldin
Orders the most bland burger in the restaurant too
andre Rodriguez
andre Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
Place is trash burgers r terrible been there twice.
Gage Moore
Gage Moore 12 kun oldin
Trying to dip the onion ring reminded me of the bad acting on almost any infomercial.... cmon bro
BFS Pete
BFS Pete 12 kun oldin
You guys call crisps chips. Not fries... 🤣
boncoon 12 kun oldin
Yummy. Seeing Mr Ramsay would be the best!
jeremyviromek 12 kun oldin
that looks amazing
jeremyviromek 12 kun oldin
crisps are chips not fries
Luis Laguna
Luis Laguna 12 kun oldin
I stopped watching when he said well done burger
hello random person how are u doing
The way u eat is terrible when u cut the burger u shredded the bread
Hockey dude 21
Hockey dude 21 12 kun oldin
I can legit make the Burger at home man is that overpriced.
Karen Reed
Karen Reed 12 kun oldin
Wow....noisy and loud in there.... Food looked really good and well prepared.... On the expensive side, but well worth the price from the looks of it....
jpug 12 kun oldin
The music choice👌🏼
Chris Castro
Chris Castro 12 kun oldin
Man, what are you doing making food reviews when you order your burger well done! I bet so many people unsubscribed your channel after this episode!
pedersenist 13 kun oldin
I thought that Gordon Ramsey will kick you out if you order a well done meat in his restaurant
Azehm 13 kun oldin
the family sitting next to him 💀💀
Monkey Luffy
Monkey Luffy 13 kun oldin
Yuck his burgers are too overpriced
sulaiman gh
sulaiman gh 13 kun oldin
15 $ is nothing for the perfect cheesburger
Ghdtreb 13 kun oldin
Burger King is ok for me
Shako Yousif
Shako Yousif 13 kun oldin
“Is too much music at this place is not disco is restaurant” 😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
MOAR KRABS 13 kun oldin
it should be called British Burgers instead
KH4N Assassin
KH4N Assassin 13 kun oldin
“She just called me love”