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Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!
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24-May, 2017



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Adrian Gonzalez Silva
Adrian Gonzalez Silva 25 daqiqa oldin
The main question here is that was he born seasoned?
ImVibeTheGoat Soat oldin
Gordon Ramsay making a burger for me is like me tryna make a burger but it ends up not done. Gordon Ramsay: It's cooked beautifully Me:*Spits out a bite of the burger*And tells him wtf is this get out of the F#*% kitchen Me:Fk outta here with your seasoning headass! boi finna get you salty season ass!
Alex Rubino
Alex Rubino Soat oldin
Does he eat these burgers or have sex with them after this video?
Cadeem Latham
Cadeem Latham 3 soat oldin
My kidneys failing me by just looking at this..
Sam York
Sam York 3 soat oldin
So what dose his wife do I thought she was suppose to be in the kitchen
Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett 4 soat oldin
*piping hot*
The Gaming warrior
The Gaming warrior 4 soat oldin
hello my lamb sauce god
Keynomaru 5 soat oldin
Looks pretty pink after he cuts it in half there >_>
juanreds007 5 soat oldin
me: Let´s cook my kitchen: *catches on fire*
angelique gamble
angelique gamble 6 soat oldin
I think it's funny he makes up words flavorsome do you mean flavorful
HUGESTIR06 7 soat oldin
Now I know why Kim has a fat ass
LookUpNeo 8 soat oldin
super duper
super duper 9 soat oldin
Poor Stevie wiuld walk off the cliff looking for Gordon grill.
no name
no name 9 soat oldin
season 99999 episode 1
Louis Stanley
Louis Stanley 9 soat oldin
a crusty crab
C Patton
C Patton 10 soat oldin
The only reason mr ramsay is popular is because he is a jerk to people on tv.
Kuizawa Cola
Kuizawa Cola 10 soat oldin
Mr Krabs and SpongeBob is proud of you !
Satnam Singh
Satnam Singh 10 soat oldin
This didn’t seem very Gordon Ramsey
Dean Finch
Dean Finch 11 soat oldin
Reminds me of Jamie Oliver with his butter nonsense. I mean, were trying to be healthy then you get these chefs going 'hey use up 1/2 kilo of butter a day making this fine assed gout inducing food'.... *takes a bite out of burger I just made while watching this*
Slashug .R6
Slashug .R6 11 soat oldin
Dean Finch
Dean Finch 11 soat oldin
Did he just season some onion?... why?
Micaela Royo
Micaela Royo 11 soat oldin
Oh my gosh, his burgers look a.ma.zing!! I cant wait to eat those
Nicolas Molini
Nicolas Molini 12 soat oldin
There is a little burger in that salt
Orhun Uğur
Orhun Uğur 13 soat oldin
Who thinks this burger is oversalted?
Jayden _Playz
Jayden _Playz 14 soat oldin
Step 1: Have 100 tons of salt and pepper. Step 2: Take a bit of the burger. Step 3: die due to really high blood pressure.
iiCooXie 14 soat oldin
So, this is the krabby patty secret recipe?
Oh Yeah Yeah Trooper
Oh Yeah Yeah Trooper 14 soat oldin
This is how many times he puts salt and pepper ⬇
Suleman Syed
Suleman Syed 14 soat oldin
this is not how to cook a burger.
FlippyGamer 72765
FlippyGamer 72765 15 soat oldin
That burger is very *_T H I C C_* , now Kim Kardashian is jealous.
Cristi Baleanu
Cristi Baleanu 15 soat oldin
Here you can learn how to cook a perfect burger: wishes2.com/llyq
Andrew LeBlanc
Andrew LeBlanc 15 soat oldin
nobody seems to mention the excessive amount of mayonnaise to go with the extra dose of salt. Too much mayo = yuck.
Zornstein 05
Zornstein 05 18 soat oldin
Yall are talking mad shit for someone within seasoning distance
Tlot Pwist
Tlot Pwist 19 soat oldin
Lord Ramsay blesses you With a good peppers' pray
shane lauer
shane lauer 19 soat oldin
I wonder what he uses for his energy? Surely no one would normally be 40 something and have the energy of a young 12 year old boy, right?
Totally Gordon Ramsay
Totally Gordon Ramsay 19 soat oldin
I seasoned my wife.
Christopher Toole
Christopher Toole 21 soat oldin
the stevie wonder joke was of poor taste
Myles Sermon
Myles Sermon 21 soat oldin
Gordon Ramsay sure love his salt
Mister Bean
Mister Bean 23 soat oldin
disgusting amount of meat. who the fuck is supposed to eat this piece of shit?
decro 23 soat oldin
Holy crap this guy is good, hes a chef and a chear leader. S A L T what does it spell? SALT.
Alisha Farnham
Alisha Farnham Kun oldin
that bun knocking over the oil made me lose it
MasterCrafter Kun oldin
I swear, watching this video almost makes me want to try a burger. Havent eaten one in like 2 years
SandboxArrow Kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay - God of Seasonings
Billy Williams
Billy Williams Kun oldin
Dominion 2018.
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Kun oldin
I wanna come home every day to Ramsay making burgers for me And im not saying no homo i want all the homo
Īťø Žÿł
Īťø Žÿł Kun oldin
Dujo ‘
Dujo ‘ Kun oldin
its raw
Anthony Tudino
Anthony Tudino Kun oldin
bonabba tea
kermit suicide
kermit suicide Kun oldin
Imma just u know U fucking donkey that looks like a fucking camels toe disgusting shit
Chris Hovnanian
Chris Hovnanian Kun oldin
9:33 Now that's Murica
rah rah
rah rah Kun oldin
And you know Stevie Wonder as his neighbor has a KEEN sense of smell, It must drive him crazy to live next door to Gordan Ramsey!
Mathias White
Mathias White Kun oldin
He forgot the cucumber and ketchup.. and wayy too much salt
Azure Revi
Azure Revi Kun oldin
Who in 2019?
Erick Perez
Erick Perez Kun oldin
But is In-N-out burger is better than Gordan's
fuck now I'm starving.
BobTheHedgehog Kun oldin
I tried to do this and my house is now in flames
Airik Luna
Airik Luna Kun oldin
He literally yelled at a guy for making a burger that was too big to get in you mouth. PS I know your an amazing chief but wash your damn hands more. All of these media darlings need to wash up before grabbing utensils and seasonings, you would be fired at a shit hole. Have any of these guys walked through proper cleaning? If so I haven't seen it.
TheMarkes05 Kun oldin
Every time he says seasoning take a shot. You will be drunk pretty fast
Aizy_ Kun oldin
Jordans kid be Like: dad, what Do We have for dinner? Jordan: salt and pepper, with some olive Oil! Jordans kid, nice
The EastBay Artist
The showmanship was great
Yağız KEŞ
Yağız KEŞ Kun oldin
Nice burgered season
Gary Drake
Gary Drake Kun oldin
Make me a burger any day
Mlg Jesus left the chat
Gordon Ramsay's burger : more than my house
Robert Marcus Grimshaw
Baste in grass fed ghee, delicious...
the blue wind gang
kyle watkins
kyle watkins Kun oldin
You have begin seasoning the cow as soon as its born.
stndrds79 Kun oldin
Stevie wonder can smell them but he can’t see them
2:46 lightly season them *pours it all over the onion*
Lee Guerrero
Lee Guerrero Kun oldin
Shit talkers are annoying he's not a top famed chef for no reason. Sounds like a bunch of jealousy to me. The burger looks good to me better looking than the McDonalds crap they serve.
Why Google?
Why Google? Kun oldin
Oil AND butter xfd
LeakTopCenter Kun oldin
Those are saltier than my brother when he loses in fortnite
Kelp0 Games
Kelp0 Games Kun oldin
How's he just flip the burgers and not react to the fire touching his hand??
Namel X
Namel X Kun oldin
Yeah he did say salt and pepper alot
ROBIN minj
ROBIN minj Kun oldin
Henrique santos
Henrique santos Kun oldin
Is a perfect tutorial, but not a perfect burguer
Its His Fault
Its His Fault Kun oldin
all that salt and pepper yum
Weltsaal Weltsaal
I hate you, because you are there, i am here. Let us change our places!
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown Kun oldin
A gas grill... I'm crying inside.
Dank, Danker, yet Danker
Pepper Pepper Pepper
EmuGaming Kun oldin
Thanks good sir now I know how to die faster
Zero_RR Kun oldin
I'll litely toast your buns.
Eclip Kun oldin
Challenge: Take a shot every time he says “burger”
Syed Suffian
Syed Suffian Kun oldin
Padu beb studios brought me here...
granny pants
granny pants Kun oldin
oh gordo, thats my recipe
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Kun oldin
In my opinion the best burger is high quality fresh meat and cheddar cheese on a bun. If you have ever been to a Kinkaids Burger place you know what I'm talking about. You don't need millions of ingredients on a burger, just like you don't need grape coffee
Don Vergas The Sage
He forgot the fucking lamb sauce
BLACK JACK Kun oldin
On she goes....lol
spadgm 2 kun oldin
Man! wish I was there with Gordon!
Sewer Slide
Sewer Slide 2 kun oldin
I nutted
Mike De paz
Mike De paz 2 kun oldin
legal nz
legal nz 2 kun oldin
*20k **#DISLIKES**....🤔🤔 are people who can't cook or in denial🤪👊*
James Dale
James Dale 2 kun oldin
Fuck you! You suck!
Haydn Gilmore
Haydn Gilmore 2 kun oldin
This vid is always in my recommended when I’m hungry
NewB DaKoda
NewB DaKoda 2 kun oldin
Haha he said Shrinkage! 5:04
Trey Savage
Trey Savage 2 kun oldin
Gordon forgot to season the salt and pepper
Chris Conn
Chris Conn 2 kun oldin
He says lightly season and then proceeds to season 20 times
tanju tanju
tanju tanju 2 kun oldin
its all good but burger looked raw in the middle,
Steven Barrett
Steven Barrett 2 kun oldin
I’d love to see this guys health report with the amount of salt he uses.
kiracazador 2 kun oldin
el tomate y la lechuga van arriba maestro! arriba!!!
dulcilass 2 kun oldin
How do I get a Ramsey burger with no salt or pepper and fully cooked as in well done? Oh and no cheese, please. I have never like cheese burgers. And can I get a knife and fork to eat it with. My mouth isn't hinged to open enough to bite into that burger.
PowerfulPreacher 2 kun oldin
Pickles? Common seriously?
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