Gordon Ramsay's WEIRDEST Hotel Rooms on Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay
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[AP-STUDENT] Jieco Andres Lao
Everytime gordon tries to touch or use a furniture and ended up breaking got me ded
OhhSplash Krs
OhhSplash Krs 18 soat oldin
Props to anyone that can defend themselves with a telescope
I wish i would be a little more like gordon
Robert K
Robert K Kun oldin
Gordon, no judgement, but is this the best you and your producers can come up with? Life moves pretty fast, enjoy it, and forget this shite. and if you need new management call me.
Quazzy Modo
Quazzy Modo Kun oldin
Its fu*+Ing raw!
ScreamToASigh Kun oldin
WAS mold. Not were. Unbelievable. And that room... Maybe she should try something that doesn't require thinking.
Syrena Xhaferi
Syrena Xhaferi 2 kun oldin
he is kind of hyper critical
Roundabout Airsoft
Roundabout Airsoft 2 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey, the judge of not just food, but Homotel rooms as well.
Rockstar Rahul - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale
Don't go for cheap hotel
Darwin Sacay
Darwin Sacay 3 kun oldin
weird things is for weird people
royalpeach 3 kun oldin
Guys have you seen this already? 😬😱😱 uzvid.com/video/video-YuoKXx17uV8.html
Bren Cody
Bren Cody 3 kun oldin
Isn’t he a cook? How does he know how a hotel tastes.
young bubbles
young bubbles 3 kun oldin
Watching this makes me feel like I'm in trouble by chef Ramsay
goofed86 3 kun oldin
Nees more lamb sauce
Henry Edge
Henry Edge 4 kun oldin
i went on the keating website and they changed the sheets back to the old red ones
Henry Edge
Henry Edge 4 kun oldin
and the chair
Henry Edge
Henry Edge 4 kun oldin
i want more hotel hell
ennoidyam 4 kun oldin
I literally used to know the nasty chick, Sara from Hell's Kitchen Season 2 who got chewed out for using a non stick pan on scallops and farted on Ramsay during the Finalists photo shoot (she was one of the final 4). But she turned into this stuck up delusional bitch when she came back and I couldn't stand talking to her anymore. Mostly because she was so proud of having farted on Ramsay like it was a badge of honor even though it made our whole city look bad, and she came back talking shit about Ramsay like she knew him his while life and was a better chef, and blamed him that she got booted and didnt win. It was annoying. My then bf was a Moring Radio talk show host and had her on the show a few times and she was just nasty. She would talk about nasty shit like "chocolate stars" (shit stains left in gay mens sheets) then go right into trying to promote her catering company which wasnt doing well. Like, bitch of course its failing - who wants to buy food made by a nasty vulgar bitch who farts on celebrity chefs and talks about shit stains on the radio? She was super arrogant like she was a real celebrity but was so broke she drove a ratty ass car, and my BF had a huge 6 bedroom house but he lived alone and never used the whole 2nd floor so he would let his down & out friends stay in rooms up there temporarily, and he let that broke ass bitch have a room. Once he threw me a big birthday party BBQ at his house and invited a bunch of people and was like "Hey we should let Sara cook" and I was like "eww no I dont want her near the food or even at the party, gross". His room was downstairs so sometimes when I would stay over and he was out golfing or something I would wake up in the morning and hear that bitch come in from whatever the fuck she did all night, go upstairs, then leave again. I never let her know I was there cuz i couldn't stand her. Then she got a temporary job as Justin Beiber's personal chef while he was touring on the road, and I'm like " good for you! Hot pockets and pizza rolls - something you know how to make 👏!" After that she had a little spot with some other chefs on the Food Network that I never watched. Idk whats up with her now and I don't care but this video reminded me of that nasty bitch. Ok bye
Numbas Music
Numbas Music 4 kun oldin
funkymum2007 4 kun oldin
Sammy Nichols
Sammy Nichols 4 kun oldin
I love the way the employees turn on the boss
Sammy Nichols
Sammy Nichols 4 kun oldin
If you think that is bad just go to any hotel in fl it's worse way.way worse
SpyengoEen 4 kun oldin
That last room was fucking bizarre. Bloody hell.
Mariyam Ibrahim
Mariyam Ibrahim 4 kun oldin
The first thing he says as he enters the hotel room: *What's that smell of lemon!?* Yeah..he's a master chef...
Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde 4 kun oldin
Gordon is a pompous cunt with more frowns on his face than an elephants asshole
Brad King
Brad King 4 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing big G hope you are well God loves you deeply Shalom 🐕🎇🎉🎈🎊🎆🏔️⛰️🏞️🌶️🥑🍅🥕🌽🥔🍓🍌🍏🍍
Sugar Duck
Sugar Duck 5 kun oldin
Laila Mansoor
Laila Mansoor 5 kun oldin
Hotel... Not Trivago
dalia Rosenzweig
dalia Rosenzweig 5 kun oldin
Spoiled brat
fuck you all
fuck you all 5 kun oldin
when he said bloody hell it sounded like ron
Zen Master
Zen Master 5 kun oldin
@4:00 "it smells like someone *SHAT* under the bed" 😂😂
no hassle
no hassle 5 kun oldin
I bet you Gordon is a real slob at home.
Boomanlewis 5 kun oldin
Making your bed can bring bed bugs
M4 Media
M4 Media 5 kun oldin
How much would some random American love some brown American to tell them 750$ a night. Like, do you know average prices from America? Are you actually from here? wtf is this?
M4 Media
M4 Media 5 kun oldin
OH wait he's probably Canadian.
my wig got snatched from jiminie's hot body
MuStaCHeSTEF 5 kun oldin
I thought he was a chef not a fuking whatever
Madeleine Mcilroy
Madeleine Mcilroy 5 kun oldin
These hotel rooms look like they need lamb sauces
RJ zero
RJ zero 5 kun oldin
That place is DISGUSTING No pun intended
Loli 4Life
Loli 4Life 5 kun oldin
Jeremiah Young
Jeremiah Young 5 kun oldin
Damn that outro got me
Jeremiah Young
Jeremiah Young 5 kun oldin
Hotel: Trivago
Billy Wilson
Billy Wilson 5 kun oldin
Those 2 spoild brats make me sick. And you would go there saying"oh, they own a hotel, and deserve respect" and then treat the cooks like their cooks, when these 2 fuks should be in the fuckn kitchen learning about what life is really like. They deserve No Respect.
•CAT COMIX TM• 5 kun oldin
3:14 •Your welcome•
Raheem Payne
Raheem Payne 5 kun oldin
1:54 Lämp
Freddie Jackson
Freddie Jackson 5 kun oldin
John Taylor
John Taylor 5 kun oldin
Im going to be doing culinary school but i have autism well it be ok
xMidniight 5 kun oldin
*hE’s A PiCkY oNe*
Angela & fiji
Angela & fiji 5 kun oldin
When Gordon is disappointed he is bloody disappointed.
DutchTheCoolToad DTCT
I never thought that Gordon was British until I found out recently what his accent was, I'm from America, I always thought that he was Austrian or something
Loveness Remen
Loveness Remen 5 kun oldin
300$ a night for a room room that smells like shit 😂
Vaggelis007 YT
Vaggelis007 YT 5 kun oldin
Omaioa Mo Shindieru
Jungkook’s Shiny Coconut Hair
Ramsey: What the fuck is this? Server: Ice cubes sir Ramsey: Bloody hell
Alec Remoticado
Alec Remoticado 5 kun oldin
99% of Comments: Gordan Ramsay memes 1% of comments: NNNNNNIIIIINNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO
honociti 2
honociti 2 5 kun oldin
"wardrobe" near two electronics. yes.
Byakuya Kuchiki
Byakuya Kuchiki 5 kun oldin
These hotels are fookin raw
「Eternity」 5 kun oldin
Chef: Serves a food Gordon: Its Cold Chef: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) *walks in the kitchen section* Chef: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Gachat7ber 5 kun oldin
Hotel? Ramsey.
Tori Palios
Tori Palios 5 kun oldin
Nice hotel but *wheres the lamb sauce*
kendavlad. 5 kun oldin
Hotel? Trivago
ImHandsome Plays
ImHandsome Plays 5 kun oldin
4:41 when you can buy a godly pc instead of staying in this hotel for 1 day
floofy fluffy
floofy fluffy 5 kun oldin
Jaiden animations would be excited to watch this
clubredken 5 kun oldin
I wish my daddy bought me a hotel. And then after I screwed it up i'd just call Gordon and go on his hotel hell show. And have him fix it for me. heh heh
tea leaf
tea leaf 5 kun oldin
these rooms don’t have nearly enough lamb sauce
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22 5 kun oldin
The owners decided to 86 the room.
Jonni_Darko 5 kun oldin
Gordon's great
Jose Arguello
Jose Arguello 5 kun oldin
No entiendo el inglés pero bueno :v
Branden Smith
Branden Smith 5 kun oldin
Maria Kitty
Maria Kitty 5 kun oldin
Does anyone know the name or episode of the last hotel in the clip?
Toast Morgan
Toast Morgan 5 kun oldin
It needs Lamb Sauce
iM jUst sO bOreD
iM jUst sO bOreD 5 kun oldin
Hmm .. needs a lil more *Chungus* *oof wRoNg vid*
Mr. Meme God
Mr. Meme God 5 kun oldin
*Where's the lamb sauce!?!*
Luke Tuffnell
Luke Tuffnell 5 kun oldin
It's great but there's one thing wrong with this room: *WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!*
Zion Williams
Zion Williams 5 kun oldin
Bloody Hell 😭😭😭 Gets me everytime Gordon Ramsay does it better than ron
Majid Ali Mirza
Majid Ali Mirza 5 kun oldin
4.54 last time I checked living room is for sitting not for taking bath :D
Taimy Garcia
Taimy Garcia 6 kun oldin
Who just came here for the Thumnail??😁🤣
SAL'S A/C 6 kun oldin
*Is someone going to make up the beds?* They are made. I laughed to death.
ThatOne SaltySpud
ThatOne SaltySpud 6 kun oldin
This water is dry and overcooked.
TheBEaSt 12
TheBEaSt 12 6 kun oldin
isa cottege
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 6 kun oldin
Gordon: Has sex with wife Gordon: Ur pussy is dry and moldy
Yuhhh it’s Brayden Yuhhh
“And they prolly should have heheh”
Jax 6 kun oldin
350 dollars a night for a room that smells of shit😂😂😂😂 I cant breath
Jax 6 kun oldin
When that canopy fell down I almost pissed myself 😂
jason 6 kun oldin
episode of the first hotel?
owo god
owo god 6 kun oldin
*hotel? trivago*
Arturo Martinez
Arturo Martinez 6 kun oldin
Lol when it got to the ghost part I thought they were going to start blaming all the bad things on the ghost so they don't have to fix it like on HIMYM 😂
Alannah Mc Elvaney
Alannah Mc Elvaney 6 kun oldin
*Nino has left the chat*
Kafeteria Tv
Kafeteria Tv 6 kun oldin
Reaction Never Judge anybody : uzvid.com/video/video-BbjnwsTuzEo.html
RENEGADE Motorsport
1:47 This is most plastic looking human ive seen in this year so far
eli eli :D
eli eli :D 6 kun oldin
gordon smiling makes my day
Trinity Rose playz
Trinity Rose playz 6 kun oldin
Mom: good thang you havent been in room 16 there is a ghost in there Ramsay: you havent been drinking have ya?
Trinity Rose playz
Trinity Rose playz 6 kun oldin
Ramsay: I'll have a cup of water Waiter: * serves him a cup of water * Ramsay: ITS RAW!!
Jacob Castoria
Jacob Castoria 6 kun oldin
don't say GOD and JESUS name in vain love him and prays them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick Khoury
Patrick Khoury 6 kun oldin
I think the ghost is more scared of Gordon
The ending
Battlefield Veteran SA80 gaming
Any fully grown woman who calls her father daddy is a fucking prick
a lee
a lee 6 kun oldin
Lol I love how Gordan Ramsay so out spoken n just real. . 👍
Chandrakala Voggu
Chandrakala Voggu 4 kun oldin
Kara Brooke Attebury
God that man would bitch at heavens gates. I like lemon smells. What a dick. I hate this guy. I don't find anything at all intelligent. Now this place had some shitty stuff going on, but he's carrying on over nothing on air freshener.
Eron Sadiku
Eron Sadiku 6 kun oldin
Gordon I subscribed and liked! :D
Iconic Jaylah
Iconic Jaylah 6 kun oldin
I want some chicken medium rare
Laspapasfritas por favor
The male bellhop in the first clip looks like Justin Trudeau and no one can convince me otherwise
jayvee valente
jayvee valente 6 kun oldin
What is that smell?