Gordon Ramsay Served The Smallest Portion Of Mussels He's Ever Seen | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Upon seeing his Mussels Marinara, the first thing Gordon says is "Are You Sure?".
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6-Fev, 2019

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Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 31 daqiqa oldin
I went to a Pub and ordered mussels as an appetizer. They gave me a bowl full of enough mussels to feed an army.
Soa Music
Soa Music 3 soat oldin
did anyone else notice 4:32? the guy in white
MrWells3000 5 soat oldin
Has to be one of the trashiest restaurants featured on this show.
voiox 6 soat oldin
It is 2019. Don't upload interlaced videos.
Austrian Bish
Austrian Bish 6 soat oldin
iiCloudish ii
iiCloudish ii 7 soat oldin
why does nicole seem so off though
JustinBieber 8 soat oldin
1:02 look how concerned Gordon looks haha, yeah Gordon cause you totallllllly abstain from name calling and disrespect in the kitchen pshh give me a break
Sazzad Hossain
Sazzad Hossain 8 soat oldin
Baby vomit.
netweed09 16 soat oldin
I like Gordon,, but really, can he talk about portion sizes with the ones he serves that require a microscope to locate before you tuck in?
Taetaeisthesun_1 17 soat oldin
Anyone notice how the bad food is cooked by poc!!!!
helookalikaman79 20 soat oldin
The waitress that is serving Ramsey is a bit NUTS and looks like she wanted a "clownish" theme.. 15 layers of the same color make-up then PULLED her hair back to make it look like a wig behind the hair band. Her behavior, and that mouth should have gotten her fired... The owner is a MORON, saying even if Ramsey hates the food she is not going to change it, so why call for Ramsey's help? Waitress Nichol is nice and honest but seems a bit stoned...
YouTube Algorithm
YouTube Algorithm 21 soat oldin
1:11 Gordon: wow Meanwhile in hells kitchen
CryMyself_ ToSleep
CryMyself_ ToSleep 21 soat oldin
"Its been beaten the crap out of" Sooo They beat the meat????😏
Not Suree
Not Suree 22 soat oldin
"A lot of name calling" Ramsays kitchen is literally a GTA chat server
Tim Whitford
Tim Whitford 22 soat oldin
To be fair, you really can't have fresh mussels on a menu that's 5 pages long in a failing restaurant... not saying the excuse is good, just that it makes sense
SquidBell 23 soat oldin
Why does every chef wear a doorag
Racks †
Racks † Kun oldin
Gordons hair bothers me its so messy and dry lookin
lukev024 Kun oldin
Y’all still don’t think this is staged? Lol
Leonel Roman
Leonel Roman Kun oldin
Official Lil Rhymes
2:29 😂😂
Crystal T
Crystal T Kun oldin
Baby vomit...😂😂
malac Kun oldin
U can do something about it your the owner aren’t u ?
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed Kun oldin
Hey I may be crazy but if it’s bland or needs more salt get some salt🤦‍♂️
Arty Kun oldin
she drug addict
DieselBudgie Kun oldin
1:03 There's a lot of...name-calling... Gordon: Visibly tries to not call her a donkey
Master YRU
Master YRU Kun oldin
2:10 I did not over cook it mom Gordan:this is soooo over cooked Me: lol
Danny Dorko
Danny Dorko Kun oldin
if you're a woman, gordon will either call you darling or a bitch...there's no inbetween.
Knox Games
Knox Games Kun oldin
3:45 well so that means that he has eaten Baby vomit as well. I know what he said when he ate the vomit. Its *'RAW' 'BLAND' 'HIDEOUS'*
Augustine Coronado
Just throw lamb sauce on everything and it'll taste perfect
Diazination Kun oldin
Nicole sounds stupid af her voice is ruining my psyche
Physickle Kun oldin
Don't go to the circus to hire restaurant employees.
iceice eyes
iceice eyes Kun oldin
That girl was so high on something.
Martin Kun oldin
Even if the plate of mussels tasted at least decent then a fair price would've been 2 dollars or so for the quantity.
Fettywaps Lefteye
i like the server lady...
Bad Mother Fucker
If flour is raw how come veal is over cooked?
One in a billion
Got me confused there. Add a "was" before "served"
TariqPlays Kun oldin
I dare u to make Pakistani dishes like chicken achari handi, dum biryani, kheer, etc
Sexual Bill
Sexual Bill Kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey I’d let you eat me😍
shah danial
shah danial Kun oldin
The owner seems like her tits gonna pop out anytime out of her shirt
z Scuzzy
z Scuzzy Kun oldin
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Kun oldin
Hot wings don’t sound so bad
Anya Mazur
Anya Mazur Kun oldin
I’m very confused on how triggered everyone gets by his comments. They obviously know who he is and how intense he can be so they should at least get themselves prepared..
Lucifer Light
Lucifer Light Kun oldin
Why serve him a large serving,hell just call it horrible and return it ;save food!
Jum Broni
Jum Broni Kun oldin
Wonder if Gordon has ever been happy
GOD 2 kun oldin
that is the problem with most restaurants that are under performing they have too much on their menu and they have to freeze everything. They need to realise their restaurant needs a theme and a specific set of dishes that fit the theme of their restaurant.
Magnetic Hawk656
Magnetic Hawk656 2 kun oldin
Ahh Dio He made a JoJo reference
Magnetic Hawk656
Magnetic Hawk656 2 kun oldin
We refuse to serve substandard food But serves less than substandard food which is even worse
poe 2 kun oldin
Lol.. I can buy 1.1 kg of mussels for 8 dollars frozen and not in a shell
17teacmrocks 2 kun oldin
that does make sense. if you see a restaurant with a giant menu, unless they have nonstop customers, there's likely to be a lot of old inventory
Nino would have finished that plate
L BF11
L BF11 2 kun oldin
all these poor restaurant owners trigger me
XbillabongjohnX 2 kun oldin
Meth. Keep your waitress alert while your business is failing.
Carina Adams
Carina Adams 2 kun oldin
The manager bowing to Gordon 5:58 😂
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 2 kun oldin
Nicole scares me.
Cynthia Elyssia Lane
I feel like the server with the flowers on her head sounds like she just smoked a blunt lmfao
Wolverine200097 2 kun oldin
Why does it seems like people never watch this show or any episodes so they have this genius idea! Owner: Hey guys how about we watch the episodes and fix up the place...... Nah let’s just call him in here so we can be insulted even though we should always clean the kitchen and sh*t!
Joao Oliveira
Joao Oliveira 2 kun oldin
"you disagree with the flavour?" AHAHAHA
Zieria 2 kun oldin
The serving size of muscles, that's about the average size for any meals in any place in australia, stingy and expensive here.
sean ahmed
sean ahmed 2 kun oldin
the editors on gordon ramsey's shows should get an "excellence in being a smartass" award! 1:26
Tom 2 kun oldin
It's not a 5 star... wtf..
Mario Playz
Mario Playz 2 kun oldin
*N I N O*
ThatGuyLuca 2 kun oldin
Most used words by Gordon: Wow Man Raw
Executor Arktanis
Executor Arktanis 2 kun oldin
6:00 he has got a point
Mike Zigi
Mike Zigi 2 kun oldin
All that BS about fresh and the asshole serves frozen in some of his locations
J Nuy
J Nuy 2 kun oldin
People theses days, am I right? XD
stuart kane
stuart kane 2 kun oldin
Gordan serves the smallest portions for the maximum price in his restaurants
miklos alice
miklos alice 2 kun oldin
Sister it's your fucking restaurant don't fucken be disrespectful and a bitched like that I would so bitched slapped you verbally not Physically learn to have class and Manners and some brains and don't keep acting like a dumb fool with an attitude.
John 3.16
John 3.16 2 kun oldin
Why go tight ass on the mussels with gorden ramsey????? WTF... MORON CHEF.
Dale De Morgan
Dale De Morgan 2 kun oldin
Why, in all these vids, do so many of the women, (particularly) have such unkemp hair?
moo cow
moo cow 2 kun oldin
i hate unknowingly ending up in places like this ! these types of people deserve to be unemployed !!
v0d3r 2 kun oldin
BLACKQUAMAN 2 kun oldin
Gordon comes to visit my house Me: Would you like the temperature on hot or medium rare😭
Victor Franca
Victor Franca 2 kun oldin
Which episode and season is this from? I want to watch the whole thing
cherryorangez Kun oldin
s7e9 - Bella Luna
Nils Nyberg
Nils Nyberg 2 kun oldin
"The flavor is not bad" "I disagree" "You disagree with the flavor" These people are fucking retarded
Sirius Raycraft
Sirius Raycraft 3 kun oldin
Gordon reading that thing at the start was like yep I strongly doubt that
Slighty Stoopid
Slighty Stoopid 3 kun oldin
She's a fat little stubborn shit no wonder her restaurant is closed
MMaya 3 kun oldin
Nicole looks like the hippiest hippie I've ever seen, she also looks like she eats acid for dinner every night...
Михајло Милошев
lazar ate this at the restauraurauraunt
Big Jims Shed
Big Jims Shed 3 kun oldin
Eat that shit you don't pay for it eat it
Big Jims Shed
Big Jims Shed 3 kun oldin
Gorden eat that shit
sofdrink 3 kun oldin
"I'll remove it" F in the chat
Love his Breitling
bopp9 3 kun oldin
You should let us know from which episodes these clips are from
Kenneth  Carpenter
Kenneth Carpenter 3 kun oldin
Please come help my restaurant says he doesn't like it owner ur crazy that's it's made.
christi taylor
christi taylor 3 kun oldin
I hear veal I'm automatically going to give it a thumbs down
Kenneth  Carpenter
Kenneth Carpenter 3 kun oldin
Please come help my restaurant says he doesn't like it owner ur crazy that's it's made.
randolph patterson
randolph patterson 3 kun oldin
She tries her best, it's just that she has serious issues with her methabolism.
Plague of Sharks
Plague of Sharks 3 kun oldin
I think that its so hilarious that he just insult the fuck out of everyone and they just say “thank you, Chef” XD
Stefan Koni
Stefan Koni 3 kun oldin
A dealer at service?! PERFEKT!
v montclair
v montclair 3 kun oldin
Gotta b high to deal with Gordon Ramsay shit if it was my choice it b alcohol and zanax ust in case I get yelled at I'll n like , @hhhhh who cares I didn't cook the salad chef it was Bob I'll get him for u after I nod out
striumph666 3 kun oldin
Nicole looks like she's tripping on acid lmao look at those pupils
Pxtals 3 kun oldin
If gordon does not like it, i wont either!
SaralisaL 3 kun oldin
3:40 the dude just turned into Jim from the office with that look lmao
Hastre 3 kun oldin
Waitress looks like she came back from Woodstock
brown demonia
brown demonia 3 kun oldin
Muhammad Maaz
Muhammad Maaz 3 kun oldin
*B A B Y V O M I T*
qwertiedota 3 kun oldin
My microwave food look better than these... I should start a restaurant too.
reiwell del
reiwell del 3 kun oldin
1:02, when she was talked about the staff name calling. Gordons reaction is gold because he would do that himself.
unixmonk 3 kun oldin
Who would serve day old pasta at a restaurant? There's nothing Italian about this at all. Gross
Onion 1745
Onion 1745 3 kun oldin
3:15 i also do some vids
Prithviraj Maity
Prithviraj Maity 3 kun oldin
The owner doesn't deserve any help from anyone
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