Gordon Ramsay Served The Smallest Portion Of Mussels He's Ever Seen | Kitchen Nightmares

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Upon seeing his Mussels Marinara, the first thing Gordon says is "Are You Sure?".
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6-Fev, 2019



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Tony Brazil
Tony Brazil 11 soat oldin
What do you mean that’s the same size at olive garden
Instrent GameZ
Instrent GameZ 18 soat oldin
Why are restaurants in the USA so shit? In UK the majority are good
Burgle King
Burgle King 23 soat oldin
pre cooked penne...
Loyalty1269 Kun oldin
That’s the saddest plate of mussels I’ve ever seen
No Dignity
No Dignity Kun oldin
Scotty Papa
Scotty Papa Kun oldin
When your chef looks like a guy who just got outta jail in a fake high end style restaurant haha and then the owner says it not gonna change anything because fuck it I’d just leave
Barry Y
Barry Y Kun oldin
"You disagree with the flavor?" I lol'd
evildewby Kun oldin
Them titties on rosario though....like to wop that chubby cunts hooters
Youtube Account
Youtube Account 2 kun oldin
"8 out of 10? Trust me right now its not even 8 out of 100" LMAOOO
TEXASBARZ325 Da champ
Would it have killed nicole to put on some fucking makeup?????
Pleasurable Frog
Pleasurable Frog 2 kun oldin
The veal looks like vomit
Apollo3 2 kun oldin
“I did not overcook it” -chef Gordon “it’s so over cooked”
Firewolfcaves 2 kun oldin
I wouldn't evwn touch the food they serve there, looks so unappetizing and yet they wont accept Gorden's help
twiggy the random
twiggy the random 2 kun oldin
When the owner said the flavor was good and Gordon said it doesn’t, she started a eye twitch in rage
Izzy SoDope
Izzy SoDope 2 kun oldin
I like that crazy haired older waitress, polite thru the whole ordeal. Props
Manue Sophie
Manue Sophie 2 kun oldin
Nicole is a moron 😂😂 Savage
Jeff Liss
Jeff Liss 3 kun oldin
Baby vomit. Mmmmmm
Massood Sam
Massood Sam 3 kun oldin
No offense but why is most of the staff so sunburned?? 🥵😐😬
1870 Preußen
1870 Preußen 3 kun oldin
6:07 Altough this guy has taste buds worse than a parrot, he said something that isn't a bad excuse
Chubbs Anthony
Chubbs Anthony 3 kun oldin
Mfr is a crybaby
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Nicole😬 could use a facial.
maharaj dutta
maharaj dutta 3 kun oldin
Wait so Gordon has tasted baby vomit too? 😂😂😂😂😂
Glåcii The Pastelish Angel :3
We can’t have fresh mussels when the menu is extremely long! Tru dat
Lil, Charmander
Lil, Charmander 4 kun oldin
I will shit myself if I would hand over my *pizza rolls to Chef Ramsay* so he can review them 😖😭
Anton Johansson
Anton Johansson 4 kun oldin
The ladies looks like meth heads
David 4 kun oldin
God I grind my teeth every time he tastes something that looks like shit or cum on his plate.
Yuno Gasai x
Yuno Gasai x 4 kun oldin
Waiter: “Nicole, is a moron” I can see why.. she high as fuck XD
Kwee 4 kun oldin
-Opens menu *Cue Dramatic Music*
Nagy János
Nagy János 4 kun oldin
Nothing is better than opening up a pack of chips and watch Gordon criticize the food they served him with :D
holysparkbatman 4 kun oldin
3:26 the only logical person I’ve ever seen on this show. Why in the HELL would you serve GORDON RAMSAY day old pasta? YYYY.
Wataterp 4 kun oldin
zlukq 4 kun oldin
At least sync
Tinheart Nowak
Tinheart Nowak 4 kun oldin
*There is lot of disrespectulness* "she is a moron"
Henry Novas
Henry Novas 5 kun oldin
can someone tell me which season is this on an episode
mike856ms 5 kun oldin
$2.25 a muscle? Highway robbery. It Should be a minimum of 30.
Queen Moon
Queen Moon 5 kun oldin
I like how they audition for the show bc they need help and the first thing they say is "IM NOT CHANGING IT! wtf?!
Chris Maxwell
Chris Maxwell 6 kun oldin
If you serve that portion of mussels with that much sauce, you better give me a whole loaf of bread to finish that sauce off.
obeyy Jacky
obeyy Jacky 6 kun oldin
8/100 😂😂
Elier 28 C
Elier 28 C 6 kun oldin
Google User
Google User 6 kun oldin
American food is hideous
Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney 6 kun oldin
well what did we give him? penne cooked yesterday. it still tastes GUDE. (looks at guy, and then camera) *:/*
VPagon 7 kun oldin
Why does everyone have... greasy skin in this episode...
Godzilla 2019
Godzilla 2019 7 kun oldin
Welcome to the life of school food
Just Anoman
Just Anoman 8 kun oldin
Well, the chef at least knows something--that fresh stuff don't work when menu is too large. That is actually one of Gordon's main modification to menus: shrinking them so that stuff can actually be fresh and kitchen can handle it.
yang lin zhao
yang lin zhao 9 kun oldin
Penne à la vodka? ._. Damn
Jungkoconut 10 kun oldin
Y'all know what season and ep this is from? Edit: nevermind I found it
Devy Dev
Devy Dev 11 kun oldin
"You expected good pasta? Too bad. It was me, Dio!"
Steven Angel
Steven Angel 11 kun oldin
"If Ramsay doesn't like the veal, there's nothing I can do about that because thats the way its made and Im not gonna change that." okay sure keep serving shit food till you go out of business
2Coop 4U
2Coop 4U 11 kun oldin
0:51 Why are they letting ugly ass people be waiters? She needs to be washing dishes in the kitchen.
Mr. Triggavelli
Mr. Triggavelli 12 kun oldin
Lady:just it the pussy Gordon: i cant Lady: why Gordon: your pussy is bland
Chad wran
Chad wran 12 kun oldin
worked in restaurants for 20 years. this show makes me smile for some of my old jobs but also say "oh yeah, we did that too" 2-5 stars, 10 dollars a day or 800 a table..... it was always a gamble. wont do it again. but everyone should
Raphael Loh
Raphael Loh 12 kun oldin
*Owner:* There's nothing I can do if the customer (professional chef) doesn't like it... I'm not gonna change it because this is how we do it!"
scaf 12 kun oldin
You don’t have to change the veal you just need to cook it better 🤦🏿‍♂️
Pizza goes splat
Pizza goes splat 14 kun oldin
That's veal???
Chae K
Chae K 14 kun oldin
That veal looks raw
M Thomas
M Thomas 14 kun oldin
Nicole is methed up. Next time just say no bitch
David Hoch
David Hoch 14 kun oldin
These People Fucking Scare Me
Dylan Dreisbach
Dylan Dreisbach 14 kun oldin
"We want Gordan's help" "Your food is bad" "No, it's not" "Yes it is" "well that's your opinion I don't want you to critique my food"
Sai Tama
Sai Tama 23 soat oldin
+Branden Baltimore Because it's scripted. Nobody wants to see a restaurant with good food. They want to see Gordon taking a piss out of people. He is a shit cook in the culinary world. Nobody takes him seriously. lol
Branden Baltimore
+Sai Tama I mean still it's what happens everytime 😂
Sai Tama
Sai Tama 2 kun oldin
I hope your realize the show is scripted. lol
David Schosser
David Schosser 15 kun oldin
Thou shall not serve Chef Ramsey frozen food ☝️or microwave his food
Ellie Watson
Ellie Watson 15 kun oldin
The first meal looked like paper😑
Kap3z1 15 kun oldin
I feel really bad for these cheffs in this restaurant.
Final Gaming
Final Gaming 16 kun oldin
3:34 Jim look from sous chef(they guy in the white attire)
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete 16 kun oldin
The waitress looks like she gives bjs during lunch break .LMAO
richie bitch
richie bitch 17 kun oldin
chef : i did NOT overcook it ! gordon : this is so overcooked LMAO
Kelly Star
Kelly Star 17 kun oldin
Lol Nicole is high as fuck.
Lea 17 kun oldin
not to be rude but it looks like nicole looks like she might needs some help with stopping doing meth.
Rafael Medranosf
Rafael Medranosf 17 kun oldin
Tha is wrong always this Chef is right tha is micro way Chef but tha is this woner wan cause they don't know about standard of de classic food Italian tha two guys look on the dishwasher profile tha lady say the veal was saltimbocca tha is idiots discussing to someone who have tha experience on the kitchen hop tha change cause have all ingredients but it is wrong process of this guys!!
steven mulya
steven mulya 17 kun oldin
Does this vid use 90’s graphics to make the food look more disgusting
trinton sauvola
trinton sauvola 18 kun oldin
Nicole has def been to burning man
T a T o
T a T o 18 kun oldin
Math teacher : "Traci,what's the answer?" Traci : "I cannot answer that."
Matt Frazier
Matt Frazier 18 kun oldin
How can you make veal disgusting??
a J
a J 18 kun oldin
I have never seen pasta in a gravy like that... Gordon is not exaggerating. When the is excess of water / puree wherever the f that was added... It dilutes the flavours.
Shaun 18 kun oldin
Every resto chef :gordon will love our food
Neko Hanako
Neko Hanako 19 kun oldin
Freedom Fox
Freedom Fox 19 kun oldin
3:41 Jim from the office but in a kitchen
Horacio Landin
Horacio Landin 19 kun oldin
Italian chef: "Oh Dio" *WRY INTENSIFIES*
Just Monika.
Just Monika. 19 kun oldin
they seem like druggies
Rick Mike
Rick Mike 19 kun oldin
3:48 is me when I find out school is tomorrow
Rick Mike
Rick Mike 19 kun oldin
Restaurants ask for Gardens Help. Gordan:Rages at the food. Restaurants:Deny the fact that the food sucks
Link Pretty Ass
Link Pretty Ass 20 kun oldin
"We get it from the buuchaa" ugly ass hoe
Alex Moon
Alex Moon 20 kun oldin
Bella Luna was my middle school name, given by my teachers because of my last name (Luna)
Rexy Instagram
Rexy Instagram 20 kun oldin
This guy always has opinions about every food he eats
Hollow Saber
Hollow Saber 20 kun oldin
Owners: „We refuse to serve substandard food“ Gordon: *“wE rEfUsE tO sErVe SuBsTaNdArD fOoD“*
Gevor07 21 kun oldin
2:30 my favorite part
Trevor Phillips Enterprises
kind of feel bad for that one sister trying to fix things up and the other just being a total bitch not even giving a fuck. the opportunity is there. but shes not willing ot take it
Zak 21 kun oldin
Nicole looks like a turtle that had a failed abortion done on her.
Noone Special
Noone Special 21 kun oldin
am I the only one who hears "are you short?" when ramsay gets the mussels?
HW2800 21 kun oldin
Baby vomit! LOL!
Doug styles
Doug styles 22 kun oldin
Why's he even ask if anything is frozen?! It's all frozen.
Gamer Stan
Gamer Stan 22 kun oldin
me serving Gordon Ramsay a glass of water. Gordon : *uhhhh cold , wet , bland , disgusting! get this the fuck outta here*
lovelao76 22 kun oldin
This family is in the wrong business. They shouldn’t be allowed to serve food ever again.
Hat Tastic
Hat Tastic 23 kun oldin
3:48 human pikachu surprised meme
Samantha Khamraj
Samantha Khamraj 23 kun oldin
Nicole nicole ...
Happy Cat
Happy Cat 23 kun oldin
They should have Gordon cook a dish and their chef cook the same dish and do a blind test
Malgremor 23 kun oldin
Nicole should have her own YT channel...
zyonix 23 kun oldin
Waitress to Gordon : "Yes chef, that will be right up, thank you. :)" Waitress to chef : "Yo fuckers I need some vegetable soup!"
Merle Parson
Merle Parson 23 kun oldin
gordon the best
Ashley ღ
Ashley ღ 24 kun oldin
nicole is the weird horse girl from elementary all grown up
freddey 43
freddey 43 24 kun oldin
3:00 when I first saw that I thought it was a plate of just straight up carrots 🥕
jon z
jon z 24 kun oldin
4:50 that edit
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