Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!

Gordon Ramsay
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Check out who wins the challenge on Madelaine’s Page: uzvid.com/video/video-7aZj_XeqozA.html
To celebrate this summer’s all new season of MasterChef, and his billionth view on UZvid, Gordon is set a mystery box challenge by fellow UZvidr, and star of Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch!
There’s only one thing Gordon doesn’t know……it’s a Vegan Cook off!

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6-Iyn, 2018

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Dylan Jackson
Dylan Jackson 4 soat oldin
Lamb sauce *L O C A T E D*
Dylan Jackson
Dylan Jackson 4 soat oldin
Are all vegans *T H I C C*
Shanaya 4 soat oldin
Who came here after this bitch took the presidency from veronica?
Universal Robina
Universal Robina 5 soat oldin
Gordon Cheated
Renz Daryle
Renz Daryle 6 soat oldin
I wonder if gordon does this to the other chef's
林JohnLin 8 soat oldin
i have a restaurant located in 8 ave, Brooklyn the heart of Chinese community. Wonder that if you want to do a business with me. Big fan of you. Hope to hear you back
Alissa Avila
Alissa Avila 11 soat oldin
I was like,"What, I can't hear anything," well if I had my headphones on then I would hear duhh😂
Tori H
Tori H 15 soat oldin
Lexi Rogers
Lexi Rogers 15 soat oldin
is everyone else creeped out by when he called her hot?
jacob romero
jacob romero 16 soat oldin
I honestly hate this girl because of Riverdale
Vineet Verma
Vineet Verma 17 soat oldin
You have a reputation to be .....firm
rainbowboyu 18 soat oldin
Who knew Gordon was a cheatin ass. Lol obviously scripted but I still think it's hilarious.
Софи Ли
Софи Ли Kun oldin
У меня так не получится
Dick Longflop
Dick Longflop Kun oldin
Is that the female from riverdale???
indaystocome Kun oldin
Go Gordon get into it, some of us not full vego but like to have meat or animal product free nights.
James Thomas
James Thomas Kun oldin
When i first read it i thought it said "Gordon ramsey vs Madeline Mccann"
How sweet Gordon Ramsay shows himself as a loser in front of her by some cheating to encourage her.
GrassVanguard Kun oldin
3:01 Ultimate friendzone
MooGant Lee
MooGant Lee Kun oldin
Pannu Garry
Pannu Garry Kun oldin
ur best sir
Read More
Read More Kun oldin
I am an idiot sandwich
Kevin Carranza
Kevin Carranza Kun oldin
If ya are wondering who is she shes from riverdale she plays as cheryl blossom
jakubkrcma Kun oldin
Wow, her EYES! :-)))))))) (BTW: I have been a vegan for 23 years now - most of my life...)
Wanda's Place
Wanda's Place Kun oldin
love you Gordan
Naomi Kun oldin
HI CHERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apple Sheep
Apple Sheep 2 kun oldin
“The hottest actor” -Gordon ramsay
halo halo the wapoer
Tf you. 😠😠😡
HUQUE 2 kun oldin
I want to be there when Madelaine tells Gordon: "You served me RAW carrots?!?!". Also I couldn't sleep with a vegan no matter how hot they are.
Caroline Hao
Caroline Hao 2 kun oldin
Lol that looks like my grandpa’s armpits
Zuo Miaomiao
Zuo Miaomiao 3 kun oldin
her accent made her less hot
Hannah606 3 kun oldin
Vibe Replayz
Vibe Replayz 3 kun oldin
She finer than a fine point pen
BrainBowCrazzy 3 kun oldin
Gordon keeps looking at the countertops like there is an audience there.
Catzilla GamerYT
Catzilla GamerYT 3 kun oldin
She is better in vegan food but gordon is the master of meat
KaeXD2180 3 kun oldin
KaeXD2180 3 kun oldin
EON 4 kun oldin
Gordon will always be Gordon....
ashtynn jervis
ashtynn jervis 4 kun oldin
Gordan master pick pocket
kenjefferson cortez
good boobs
shade Rude,Emo{Life}
Gordon Ramsay Dam savage
TheAustriaco96 4 kun oldin
Jesus christ she's gorgeous, need to find myself a vegan girl!
shut up
shut up 4 kun oldin
it’s all staged
Barnes466 4 kun oldin
I came here for the box, err and the rack
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 4 kun oldin
She is vegan and has a thicc ass 🍑
Jimmy Anderson
Jimmy Anderson 4 kun oldin
kelp noodles lmaoooo
Oier Lanera
Oier Lanera 5 kun oldin
madelaine is rthe bset
Irma Gomez
Irma Gomez 5 kun oldin
He looks like he could be part of One Direction with that hairstyle
Scott J
Scott J 5 kun oldin
audio is jacked up
Anthony Fullo
Anthony Fullo 5 kun oldin
He cheted
Llamacorniverse 5 kun oldin
My favorite fucking 2 most god omg
budakjahat1984 5 kun oldin
Damn..those vegan breasts are so damn fine..
No Name
No Name 5 kun oldin
I just wanna see her tits
Word to the Wise Podcast
Gordon couldn't give a damn about cooking; he was enjoying the eye candy. This chick's channel sucks, by the way.
william healey
william healey 5 kun oldin
Hey Gordon!! Your hair's gone a bit Gary Rhodes mate!
Sunny Farquhar
Sunny Farquhar 5 kun oldin
She looks like pornstar Ella Hughes
farjana akther
farjana akther 6 kun oldin
I swear that person is in F the prom
Dorothy Marie
Dorothy Marie 6 kun oldin
This was funny
Stav Dayagi
Stav Dayagi 6 kun oldin
There’s nothing better than finishing your day with a sweet and soothing red tea latte that’ll keep your metabolism burning all night long, right? So… Try out this delectable red tea latte tonight and let me know what you think... goo .gl/UkpV2m
maybeDOS 6 kun oldin
GET IT RIGHT BITCH! it's his grand-dad's armpit hair.
Cooking With Skeletor
Hello Gordon Ramsay, i am Skeletor and I have a cooking show, I wanted to ask YOU if you wanted to me on MY cooking show :D
just jesse
just jesse 6 kun oldin
i would die for her
Shravan Ganesh
Shravan Ganesh 6 kun oldin
Who won?
hades773 7 kun oldin
Fuck she's a catch
Shay Roemer
Shay Roemer 7 kun oldin
Christina Tosi!!! She is amazing
dustin swank
dustin swank 7 kun oldin
Still bummed there’s no wah in this.
SWProductions 7 kun oldin
Love this so much!
CreationofDeath 7 kun oldin
Coocking vegan?! This is heresy! :D
MissAquaGamer 7 kun oldin
Her dish looked disgusting, but probably tasted good. And his looked good but probably tastes disgusting 😂😂
Msbonehunter57 7 kun oldin
Jayden _Plays
Jayden _Plays 7 kun oldin
Shit she is sexy
Qrow Summer-Rose
Qrow Summer-Rose 8 kun oldin
This girl just became the sexiest red head I know
Styneslad 8 kun oldin
she's hot as fuck
Minty Ants
Minty Ants 8 kun oldin
Hi Gordon Ramsay I normally watch you judge Masterchef junior
KaraLondon Vaughn
KaraLondon Vaughn 8 kun oldin
Gordon cheated
brt d
brt d 8 kun oldin
I think fapping is not enough.
Wildspider16 8 kun oldin
Anyone here from Riverdale
Nuper In Nocte
Nuper In Nocte 8 kun oldin
It just cracks me up when he says hottest. That emphasis on the o.
Katrina Shelise
Katrina Shelise 8 kun oldin
Love her hair
Your Neighbour
Your Neighbour 9 kun oldin
It is said that Gordon still has not found the lamb sauce.
nutella no nut
nutella no nut 9 kun oldin
Cherry bombshell with nude lipstick is gorgeous!!!
keso på mackan
keso på mackan 9 kun oldin
So guys, we did it...
Julian Lechuga
Julian Lechuga 9 kun oldin
its so hilariuos to see gordon being judged when he is the judge but then i remember that everything is scripted
Kayla Hernandez
Kayla Hernandez 9 kun oldin
*Madelaine walks out* Me: Sh*t why’s she always so hot *also me: nosebleed *
xmimohx 9 kun oldin
Soooo who won 😭😭
Koala squad Xoxo
Koala squad Xoxo 9 kun oldin
I already know Gordon Ramsay would win XD lol lmao
Rowan R.
Rowan R. 9 kun oldin
oh god im gay
Poképek 9 kun oldin
Those tits😍
Martin Ruvalcaba
Martin Ruvalcaba 9 kun oldin
Madelaine is bae
magde 9 kun oldin
I never knew I needed this in my life
Leah Xx
Leah Xx 9 kun oldin
The awkwardness when she said I’m vegan 😂😂
Tanay Verma
Tanay Verma 10 kun oldin
ThatGuy Joey
ThatGuy Joey 10 kun oldin
Rocking those balenciagas
Michael Shete
Michael Shete 10 kun oldin
I loved it when you came to master chef Australia for one week and I had one question did u create the master chef show
Zincon Cabig
Zincon Cabig 10 kun oldin
Is that cook show off or a date just asking. -_-
sweetniall 10 kun oldin
Vegan???? To the guy who always makes sure in his menu there’s a Wellington??????
Fari Vlogs
Fari Vlogs 10 kun oldin
Please Subscribe my UZvid channel Fari Vlogs
softbatch! 10 kun oldin
Ramsay likes vegan and vegetarian food so long as it's seasoned beautifully, has pleasant textures and is visually stunning. He had a competition show, I think it was The next top restaurant or something like that and the runner up was a vegan/ vegetarian place!
BIG BLOCK FORD 10 kun oldin
she's hot af
Reece Michelle
Reece Michelle 10 kun oldin
Would've watched if it wasn't a vegan cook-off
Hamza Waqar
Hamza Waqar 10 kun oldin
Cook JINGO JANGO next ...