Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!

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Łlooîîtÿ uh Hhfttwę
Really fake
Nsk.rOOm_ZmShop Russia
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steven sparkz
steven sparkz 21 soat oldin
dam look at her beautiful fat ass ... mm mm good
steven sparkz
steven sparkz 21 soat oldin
she's gorgeous
PumpkinPuppy Kun oldin
2:44 that joke is horrendously painful.
Bianca Editz
Bianca Editz Kun oldin
.....is this *CHEATING* ???
ukaye 2 kun oldin
ermmm i click becuase of the girl
Ngamer 2 kun oldin
Kelp Noodles It looks like my granddad's armpits
Justin Twite
Justin Twite 2 kun oldin
Where’s the fookin lamb sauce
David O'Rourke
David O'Rourke 2 kun oldin
I'd shaft her
Injustice 2 kun oldin
Ramsey first thought...not a real vegan with those tits
Daryl Lonigan
Daryl Lonigan 2 kun oldin
I refuse to believe that hot can be such a shit human.
Ya-Boi-Insanity 2 kun oldin
Honestly she looks like April from Grey’s Anatomy.
I Dance
I Dance 2 kun oldin
Madeline sounds like my band teach lol
SuperAsain Dude
SuperAsain Dude 3 kun oldin
Spacek Tv
Spacek Tv 3 kun oldin
Part 2 here: pornhub/Red_hair_fucks_older_british/
Cha Cha
Cha Cha 3 kun oldin
"I can't believe you want to see this mug, a billion times, you guys crazy?" *YES GORDON, YES!!*
FeΞlings4U 3 kun oldin
marian roberto
marian roberto 3 kun oldin
That dish of hers was horrible like hair with basil leaves on top wtf this was scripted 100% an attempt to be funny ,not only that she has notes good thing Gordon burn those notes
Dwayne’s Simple Good Health
I don’t usually watch this, but I thought this was funny😀😀 I want more😋
Tyler Hogstrom
Tyler Hogstrom 4 kun oldin
These vegetable are RAW!
An Majhi
An Majhi 4 kun oldin
If you if you said you thought it over your brains and was the paper there
alan higgins
alan higgins 4 kun oldin
Hi Gordon I live in Ireland and I am only 8 I love to cook and my New Years resolution is to cook more ❤️❤️ I love your channel
Mario S
Mario S 4 kun oldin
She needs some meat!
Alba King
Alba King 4 kun oldin
You Are Amazing Man You Deserve Subscribe And All Allah Bless You
The Angry Gamer
The Angry Gamer 4 kun oldin
She is right up my street. Cute, redhead, slim
Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth 4 kun oldin
Alright I’ll say it.....SHE THICK AS HELL!
GucciPretzels 4 kun oldin
She’s adorable
Thanos 5 kun oldin
Is she a vampire?
Krazzy Killer
Krazzy Killer 5 kun oldin
Her shoes tho
RedTiger 5 kun oldin
Whole time I was thinking that girl needs to tie her hair while she's cooking Jesus 😩
Radical Atheist
Radical Atheist 5 kun oldin
Damn she's so hot.
Enmity Snow
Enmity Snow 5 kun oldin
fvking she's too gorgeous
Brennan Cleveland
Brennan Cleveland 5 kun oldin
This is so funny. Gordon is a legendary chef! I look up to him.
mayden mandigma
mayden mandigma 5 kun oldin
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I don't care, I'm playing widow
I'd watch you cook a billion times myself if you just notice me😶
Gaara of the cheese
Looks like my grandads armpit
Boricua Cruz
Boricua Cruz 5 kun oldin
His hair😂😂
Mario Vasquez
Mario Vasquez 5 kun oldin
I was hoping they gave her the role for Kim Possible... she would have been an awesone Kim :(
Sasmit Vaidya
Sasmit Vaidya 6 kun oldin
ez for gordon
Lit Elephant101
Lit Elephant101 6 kun oldin
Max King
Max King 6 kun oldin
omg i would've died if she opened the box and it was just a fucking steak
SnipeGhost 6 kun oldin
she bad
Noah Zabalerio
Noah Zabalerio 6 kun oldin
A double bacon cheeseburger sounds good tho
Trap wolves Is amazing
Lol this cook-off though
PotatZo 7 kun oldin
Was burning the recipe scripted? I feel like it wasn't lol
Charly LaPineapple
Charly LaPineapple 7 kun oldin
Thicc 🍑
Brandon Shiados
Brandon Shiados 7 kun oldin
She's dreamy AF
Dario Espinal
Dario Espinal 7 kun oldin
I am in my dad phone and I am a girl and my name is Madelyn
Sarah Hensley
Sarah Hensley 7 kun oldin
Pocalypse TV
Pocalypse TV 7 kun oldin
Sooo.... Says Shes gonna cook with gordan but tells us she cant cook
The winner is... GORDON RAMSAY
my artsy treasures
my artsy treasures 7 kun oldin
9:14 “Those kelp noodles look great on your head Gordon!” - Madeleine
my artsy treasures
my artsy treasures 7 kun oldin
I came here for Cheryl
Dani Waraich
Dani Waraich 7 kun oldin
ezekiel alfaro
ezekiel alfaro 7 kun oldin
Shit! I wanna cook him and eat it in bed
Angelina Salazar
Angelina Salazar 7 kun oldin
Queen vs King
Luke Daley
Luke Daley 8 kun oldin
3:19 Language, Language Gordon.
Rules Camed
Rules Camed 8 kun oldin
General NapoleonicSherman
...is Madelaine.
Ho Lee Fuk
Ho Lee Fuk 8 kun oldin
She’s a cutie
Akakabuto Eli
Akakabuto Eli 8 kun oldin
And she is a thin lovely girl who look likes a red ginger Barbie? Please!!
K Chess
K Chess 9 kun oldin
Congrats on your next child
Prototype 9
Prototype 9 9 kun oldin
Glamby oma
Glamby oma 9 kun oldin
Is that not the girl from Riverdale 🤯
Mariana Fiscot
Mariana Fiscot 10 kun oldin
smells like a little bit of flirt :D
ƒłαмє_ σѵєяSΛVΛGΣ
There so OLD
OneOfAKind BlessedAndHighlyFavored
Omg, I can’t believe you’re on UZvid!!!!🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
_ GrimNoteGaming _
_ GrimNoteGaming _ 10 kun oldin
Can we get a Gordon Ramsey cameo on Riverdale? Jk
1000fantomas 10 kun oldin
is she real woman is she vegan ?
SEXY LLAMA 10 kun oldin
Cliffhanger more like cliff burger >:)
Unknown 10 kun oldin
everyone is like HEHE ZO cUteE hHOOP
Sophi Barnes
Sophi Barnes 10 kun oldin
They should do a vegan challenge in the real master chef!!!
iluvdissheet 10 kun oldin
How dare you post this without a winner! #FAIL
iluvdissheet 10 kun oldin
Is she really looking at a recipe? So glad he burned it...chef Ramsey is the best 😍
Andrea Battistel
Andrea Battistel 10 kun oldin
Love how Gordon tried not to use chef and vegan in the same word
Jesus 10 kun oldin
3:06 "just doing this by my head" umm sis is that a recipe I see. You hid that paper pretty quickly.. lmao
Rigby 10 kun oldin
Vegan lady: *Makes tofu* Gordon: ITS FUCKING RAW
Carson Leppert
Carson Leppert 11 kun oldin
-I hate Gordon Ramsey-
FrOsT- Emansporty
FrOsT- Emansporty 11 kun oldin
Big Balls
Big Balls 11 kun oldin
Gordon gave her that meat afterwards
Nuke 11 kun oldin
He stole that kiss just like those 25 cents i stole from my grandma
Switch Back O.
Switch Back O. 11 kun oldin
If gordan says he’s winning he’s winning lol
Shahzeb Nadeem
Shahzeb Nadeem 11 kun oldin
Super late, but could someone tell me why Christina Tosi left the show? Thanks in advance.
Pya GT
Pya GT 11 kun oldin
kim possible
lin laika
lin laika 12 kun oldin
now this is a great video! 🤣
Aenb1 12 kun oldin
Who come here to see the person get roasted by Gordon ? I did
Natalie C.
Natalie C. 12 kun oldin
He should do a Gluten Free one
pux1G 12 kun oldin
i would drink her bath water
Chevy Guy
Chevy Guy 12 kun oldin
Veganism is a joke
Ruru_draws 2789
Ruru_draws 2789 12 kun oldin
How is this channel not verified
Dylan Plays
Dylan Plays 12 kun oldin
MasterChef more like VeganChef
John Potol
John Potol 12 kun oldin
hahaha.. ds is so cute
Valerie Hong
Valerie Hong 12 kun oldin
Omg I love her 😍 aahhhhhhh
Internet Glitchy guy
Gordon Ramsey is a best chef than my mom
Internet Glitchy guy
Madeleine is from River-dale and she is a actress
Sarah Callista Ng
Sarah Callista Ng 12 kun oldin
You know the end was like the winner of ,Masterchef Vegan cook off is and then it becomes the ending of the video and the words say Gordon Ramsay lol
Abood Pasha
Abood Pasha 13 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay is disrespectful to the entire vegan community
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 13 kun oldin
Gordon looked like he was about to bust out some horrible words
bennybro123 13 kun oldin
She had a paper