Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!

Gordon Ramsay
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Check out who wins the challenge on Madelaine’s Page: uzvid.com/video/video-7aZj_XeqozA.html
To celebrate this summer’s all new season of MasterChef, and his billionth view on UZvid, Gordon is set a mystery box challenge by fellow UZvidr, and star of Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch!
There’s only one thing Gordon doesn’t know……it’s a Vegan Cook off!

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6-Iyn, 2018

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Henden Gayoma
Henden Gayoma 30 daqiqa oldin
Just seeing Gordon makes me hungry for some reason.
Lina J
Lina J 34 daqiqa oldin
No this is just so fake no stop
curls rstraight
curls rstraight Soat oldin
This is cringey! :/
Thirdiepie 2 soat oldin
She has some nice racks
paladonis 3 soat oldin
So what if this was a ringer and a set up?! Just kick back enjoy the fun. Lets see how many of you could ACTUALLY make what Madelaine starts to make on your own or are you too busy calling Ubereats to actually cook your own food? It was an advert for Master Chef. Pulling a TV star in for exposure. Who cares? Fucking lighten up.
Quack Silver
Quack Silver 8 soat oldin
Gordon getting graded what has happened to the world?!
Travis Reynolds
Travis Reynolds 12 soat oldin
She's pretty hawt
sinborn41214 13 soat oldin
Fucking click bait
Matthew Santiago
Matthew Santiago 13 soat oldin
Has gordon got a face job
Zodieia 21 soat oldin
Honestly she looks like one of my sims characters 😂😂😂
Jake Davis
Jake Davis 22 soat oldin
Gotta day Gordon is too funny
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson Kun oldin
Cheatin bastard hahaha
TheChamp91100 Kun oldin
wow... Christina just had to show up and ruin the damn segment....
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Shael Dagah
Shael Dagah Kun oldin
Fuck her hard tonight bust her clit
Amazing Jenny
Amazing Jenny Kun oldin
Hey tofu is delicious!!
Bennington Mark Brandon Wesley Smith Taylor
She's like Emily bloom but ginger and not considerate enough to let the world see her fanny
Martin Zenith
Martin Zenith 2 kun oldin
I am dead at;Lol grandma hair's. 🤗🤗🤗
ArmagHEADon 2 kun oldin
How can he be the greatest chef if he can’t cook vegan
Michael Hartia
Michael Hartia 2 kun oldin
3:31 me: oh that must be a pro cooking tactic to make flames faster. Amazing. Nope he's just burning her recipe ;-;
El calabozo Del androide
Busgeeth Aso
Busgeeth Aso 2 kun oldin
Gordon n your team, i call this an insult n mockery for veganism. If you do not have the balls to cook vegan don't either make a joke out of vegans. Ty.
M 3 kun oldin
I'm not even vegan and I'm sick and tired of mainstream chefs not giving a damn. People have dietary restrictions. Big deal. You're a chef. Stop complaining. And also really? Cauliflower steak? Do you really have no imagination? I get that vegans can be annoying but that's mostly internet vegans really. But just because some people from that community are asses does not give you the right to straight up bully everyone from that community. If someone wants to make a positive change in their life, as a chef, you should support them and help them achieve their food goals.
Zetsuke4 3 kun oldin
how is she similar to gordon ramsay??
Louis Eloff
Louis Eloff 3 kun oldin
Hallo Gordon kom Suid Afrika toe vir 'n Lekker t-bone steak braai. Baie beter as al die garnishes en haaskos wat julle in daai 5*s eet 🤩
Sip of Mercury
Sip of Mercury 3 kun oldin
I loved this video. Too good, comedy was great. I want to see more like this.
Shes a redhead i wanna see her naked on 1ofporn site.. damn ill be masterbating
Mehdi Elkhatib
Mehdi Elkhatib 3 kun oldin
Nice ass
Peep 3 kun oldin
I wish I was Travis
Mylee Green
Mylee Green 3 kun oldin
Gordan your a little cheater
Nick Robertson
Nick Robertson 3 kun oldin
She is so gorgeous.
huntakilla1234 3 kun oldin
Good lord what a cringefest.
nujnuj santos
nujnuj santos 3 kun oldin
Her boobs is nice wow, i dont care the food
Jp Jp
Jp Jp 3 kun oldin
You cannot have a tasty meal without meat. She is pretty and has nice boobs.
RudeBoyTT Heslin
RudeBoyTT Heslin 4 kun oldin
Omg I used to hate cooking. Ohhhhh but I love it now I live you
lance x
lance x 4 kun oldin
Albina Shamianova
Albina Shamianova 4 kun oldin
I hate u the end wtf
Zoe Liu
Zoe Liu 4 kun oldin
Fake and cringy...
bayardo Meneses
bayardo Meneses 4 kun oldin
Justaway 4 kun oldin
Shokugeki no Gordon
Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez 4 kun oldin
Ciah Tv
Ciah Tv 4 kun oldin
My dude the cliff hanger 😂
Drunken GUY
Drunken GUY 5 kun oldin
0:19 The HOTTEST get it?
hilly billy
hilly billy 5 kun oldin
Why he always act boyish around female celebrity?
Arianna Estrada
Arianna Estrada 5 kun oldin
You should do one against the food network stars like bobby flay
A ivar
A ivar 5 kun oldin
' I'm not tasting it I'm hoping it won't kill you' quote of the day 😂
Tanwesley TUBE
Tanwesley TUBE 5 kun oldin
Rubber Rubber Rubber !!!
M 5 kun oldin
He cheated, it was scripted, what a waste of time. Gordon, give my 9 minutes back.
احمد الموسوي
she is so much beautiful
VampDanielle 5 kun oldin
*scrolls through UZvid* *scrolls through UZvid* *scrolls through UZvid* *Sees Madelaine* “OMFG RIVERDALEEEE ASGLJFKL” “Oh it’s a food video” *thinking* “FOOD IS ALWAYS GOOD AND I MISS RIVERDALE” Pls don’t tell me I’m the only one😂
ali rabeeu
ali rabeeu 5 kun oldin
definitely switching to her channel :P sorry gordon,, she is too damn hot
thisoneisforcommenting ok
what is with the dumb 3rd leg showing up and acting like a dumb american?
nathan sharkboi
nathan sharkboi 5 kun oldin
She's your daughter ?
Momat 5 kun oldin
Prinsipe Idris
Prinsipe Idris 5 kun oldin
Dear Chef Gordon Ramsey, If you ever visit Philippines, I would wish for you to visit my mother's simple family mini restaurant. I love her with all my heart but, management isn't her forte. She graduated as a Chef but, all these years of failure in the business made me realise, she is not as good as she thinks she is. I do love her cooking, even before she took up culinary study. May God forgive me but she has ran a hell of a lot of business to dust. All her efforts just blows before she could get any real profit. The restaurant looks nice small, but tidy. I’ve seen you go through much worse. So if you ever find the time, feeling adventurous and maybe finding yourself in Mindanao, Philippines please give me a call. p.s I know that this is a long shot. i always go big, i got that from my mother. So maybe it will not work just like my mother's dreams.
Holly Posluszny
Holly Posluszny 5 kun oldin
Haha this was so good
M Ra
M Ra 6 kun oldin
Gordon , if you haven't figured it out yet - you have a narcissistic disorder, thanks to your alcoholic father and passive co-dependent mother. what you do in the kitchen towards the different contestants is called bullying! unfortunately thanks to your absurd behaviour, Tilly also has developed as a narcissist.... what a shame...
Braincube 013
Braincube 013 6 kun oldin
She is mad gorgeous.
14sacred words88
14sacred words88 6 kun oldin
*S A B O T A G E*
Nina Satterfield
Nina Satterfield 6 kun oldin
I enjoy the having the opportunity to take part in viewing staged performances, however varied the genres may be. What I do not want to take part in, is viewing skilled, hard-working, established artists entertain the majority of the viewing pubic to maintain popularity. I feel shamed by the obvious insincerity. I love watching people try and really win. Win like everyone can.
Danny the great
Danny the great 6 kun oldin
At 639 what's her name I completely forgotten
عذاري الحلوه
ياليته مترجم بالعربي حتى كتابه بليز ترجمو كلامه😢
Pupershnup 6 kun oldin
fck this is bad acting, yall are chefs not fucking actors
kj Sing
kj Sing 7 kun oldin
She thinks she can beat Gordon ramsay😂,his poop will be more tastier than ur fucking noodles
Sheikh Nafis Muhtade
Whengamersrise 7 kun oldin
Fan Tale
Fan Tale 7 kun oldin
I swear I’ve seen that girl before, isn’t she in riverdale or somthin
Cecile Riche
Cecile Riche 7 kun oldin
This is one of the best videos I've seen all day! Great content! Would love to get your opinion on my channel :) have a good day! xx
Javi Ideas
Javi Ideas 7 kun oldin
Passengers (2018)
Jeremy Tan
Jeremy Tan 7 kun oldin
Did she called Gordon "buddy" lol
Mark Kaz
Mark Kaz 8 kun oldin
2 words... Great banter
Jack Allred
Jack Allred 8 kun oldin
she got the Balenciagas on damn cuz
poppy seed
poppy seed 8 kun oldin
Vegan recipes makes me barf and shit at the same time
filthiestfish 8 kun oldin
She is HOT AS FUCK 😍😍😍
unknown 00
unknown 00 8 kun oldin
Madelaine so damn sexy
Grammar Nazi
Grammar Nazi 8 kun oldin
grandma pottymouth vs gorden ramsay
lil icy
lil icy 9 kun oldin
who that the m was for Madeline
Reed Madden
Reed Madden 9 kun oldin
That girl has some large assets
Winona Kim
Winona Kim 9 kun oldin
cheryl cooking for toni lol❤
erick zavala
erick zavala 9 kun oldin
She *THIC* on the bottom
kerem 9 kun oldin
YES!! Vegan
EsoKral 9 kun oldin
fucking idiots, wtf was this shit?
an iconic shishtar
an iconic shishtar 9 kun oldin
i love how the judge lady just exposed gordon’s ass
Rich Locke
Rich Locke 9 kun oldin
Feligerator87 eer
Feligerator87 eer 9 kun oldin
everyone should go vegan tbh it decreases the chance of heart attacks, cancer and diabetes also u wont get food poisoning from meat ever again, the atmosphere will be better because the ozone layer will be able to repair quicker and we will need to plant more trees and plants also animals release Co2 when they die so mass killing them means mass carbon dioxide, life for us humans and animals would improve alot more and also health expectancy would go up
Ryoka Cambara
Ryoka Cambara 9 kun oldin
Shokugeki no ramsey? 😂😂😂
Alice Classon
Alice Classon 9 kun oldin
Gordon ur hot
Korey Barker
Korey Barker 10 kun oldin
Justin W.
Justin W. 10 kun oldin
Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson 10 kun oldin
I’m not big on redheads but she’s beautiful
Luís Borges
Luís Borges 10 kun oldin
Madelaine is a dream.. DAMN!
Kisai Tordecillas
Kisai Tordecillas 10 kun oldin
Gordon’s crushing
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva 10 kun oldin
omg, they were right, this girl should have been the one to take the role of Kim Possible in the live action movie!!
Senghak Leng
Senghak Leng 10 kun oldin
haha i love him so much
Er Ko
Er Ko 10 kun oldin
Does this mean he won since his name is in the end
CrowleyDX 10 kun oldin
It's only cheating, if they catch you. Good job :D
Jai Sibal
Jai Sibal 10 kun oldin
No. No. My grandma’s loofa LMAO
Amira Al
Amira Al 10 kun oldin
Riverdale 👏🏼😍
dan dalan
dan dalan 10 kun oldin
Does she?link?
Teo Teo
Teo Teo 11 kun oldin
2 total losers