Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!

Gordon Ramsay
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Check out who wins the challenge on Madelaine’s Page: uzvid.com/video/video-7aZj_XeqozA.html
To celebrate this summer’s all new season of MasterChef, and his billionth view on UZvid, Gordon is set a mystery box challenge by fellow UZvidr, and star of Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch!
There’s only one thing Gordon doesn’t know……it’s a Vegan Cook off!

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6-Iyn, 2018

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Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan 36 daqiqa oldin
Never apologize for being a vegan.
Lia Beretta
Lia Beretta 2 soat oldin
_here in my garage_-
tolstitoo 3 soat oldin
I still haven't ever seen a healthy looking vegan.
Billy M
Billy M 3 soat oldin
What the heck is this? What are they acting?! I want to see the meals, not this pretending being whatever.
AJL-VideosHD Alexander
fuck me she's fit, had to say it. lf l were alone in a bedroom with her, wow!!!
Zero Hour
Zero Hour 7 soat oldin
Damn she's gorgeous.
Clarke Cutwright
Clarke Cutwright 7 soat oldin
The thumbnail is everything tho
ToxicBreath Msp
ToxicBreath Msp 7 soat oldin
Gordon is a cheater
LOTTO LAUGHS 8 soat oldin
Mr. Ramsey may you lick the s*** out of my a******
Kenny Albert
Kenny Albert 8 soat oldin
Hold on mate, you don't get cheeks like that from being vegan.
Shane F
Shane F 8 soat oldin
As a vegan, I approve of more exposure of vegan things, but this episode was cringe-worthy. Why did he have to cheat, and just make a mockery of the cooking the whole time?
Stephen Ward
Stephen Ward 9 soat oldin
Don't get too full of yourself Ramsey, those billion views are all Ninos and you know it :^)
Mohammed Magadam
Mohammed Magadam 9 soat oldin
What a cheater i always hated gordon ramsay
Jeff Turner
Jeff Turner 10 soat oldin
Of course you dicks would leave us hanging.
Garrett W
Garrett W 11 soat oldin
I would give anything to eat her out
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez 12 soat oldin
Ramsay has a shokugeki!
blaze pointer
blaze pointer 14 soat oldin
Oh my God.
ya boi tung
ya boi tung 14 soat oldin
jadehelm288 0
jadehelm288 0 14 soat oldin
I didn't think the black guy was that funny.. cowboys never acted or talked like that.
Random Tandom
Random Tandom 16 soat oldin
She’s so sexy
Kookies enkrem
Kookies enkrem 16 soat oldin
Damn she's gorgeous ❤️
Ride MyDay
Ride MyDay 17 soat oldin
Vegan chef like ananas on a Pizza, a horrible disaster that no one should have. Stop the Vegans
Phoebe Dar
Phoebe Dar 17 soat oldin
Missed opportunity to really show off the potential of good vegan food. It was just so scripted, don't think the cheating jokes weren't very funny either tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ had potential to be so much more imo ✌️
Маяа-рос 17 soat oldin
Divaliciousbeauty123 17 soat oldin
I'm just gonna go eat a burger. Vegan. Ha nope
TheStupidCupcake 19 soat oldin
That voicecrack is RAW 3:42
Joanne Zhu
Joanne Zhu 19 soat oldin
took me time to realized that she was the actress for cheryl in riverdale
Alicia Cavalcanti
Alicia Cavalcanti 19 soat oldin
That big ass forehead
Tyson Kueper
Tyson Kueper 19 soat oldin
If you are vegan and thinking about watching this: Don't
Mina Mia
Mina Mia 19 soat oldin
You are the best chef in the world
Tejas Baing
Tejas Baing 20 soat oldin
Madelaine can cook poop and I'd still eat it. Mhmm Madelaine 😍
Veronika Baldursdottir
I'm so glad she tied her hair up !
Jayyys 14
Jayyys 14 20 soat oldin
This is dumb. He cheated
Crimson Shadow
Crimson Shadow 22 soat oldin
how did gordon put it that one time..."i'm a part of P.E.T.A...People Eating Tasty Animals"
Hiyori Iki
Hiyori Iki 22 soat oldin
Unicorn Cupcake
Unicorn Cupcake 22 soat oldin
She looks like Cheryl Blossom!!!
Mr. Beast
Mr. Beast 23 soat oldin
1:47 wtf Gordon his laugh ah hiiii.
critic MC
critic MC Kun oldin
WTF why a cliffhanger!!!!
King Kenroy
King Kenroy Kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey kills me
90ItsYaBoii90 Kun oldin
Im on a low sodium diet right now and it happens to be vegan. This vegan shit is hella gay. I cant do this ever again. Shit is so unfulfilling
It’s.Joannaaa 24
JT Blaze
JT Blaze Kun oldin
It’s Cheryl Blossom.
Hakim Zainal
Hakim Zainal Kun oldin
She has a veryyyyy goooood tits.
Roasted HD
Roasted HD Kun oldin
Who won
Roasted HD
Roasted HD Kun oldin
She’s hot
Arm Eric
Arm Eric Kun oldin
She is talented and cute 😍🥂🌹👌
PixieBell X
PixieBell X Kun oldin
Such an amazing actress!
Hanzo Shimada
Hanzo Shimada Kun oldin
Typical of them, can't even go 30 seconds without saying "im a vegan"
Denise Timana
Denise Timana 21 soat oldin
for the propose of the content she had to say it
Humberto Gonzalez
Shes basically co-hosting with her old boss thats why its so awk.
fawk you
fawk you Kun oldin
ok shes not a bitch in this like she is in riverdale and i love it
It'sMadison Kun oldin
There saying her name wrong
Ankita Kun oldin
He cheated😑
Skytres Garsia
Skytres Garsia Kun oldin
Sadia Aktar
Sadia Aktar Kun oldin
i didnt know i needed this video until now
Joonsung Kim
Joonsung Kim Kun oldin
is this a skit or real?
Sam Kun oldin
When do their clothes fly off?
NationalDuck Pond
She looks like April from Greys Anatomy..
The Amazing Nerd Glasses
Love how he runs to the back
Edmon Lacsa
Edmon Lacsa Kun oldin
such a lovely lady
Billy Kun oldin
Dont scroll down. Like 70% of the comments is just people letting you know they are vegan.
Paris Flowers
Paris Flowers Kun oldin
Billy oh barf , thanks for the warning !
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Kun oldin
So who won???
Aaron Lighter
Aaron Lighter Kun oldin
This is the girl from river dale river
Face Kun oldin
This is what Joel was talking about?
Xiang57 Roblox airline avengers
MrPastortonsils Kun oldin
Shes sexy af...
Two cute
Two cute Kun oldin
This is so funny😂
Elton jay Pasco
Elton jay Pasco Kun oldin
8:48 " *King* *of* *Meat* " Sorry, I think my mind is too dirty. 😰😰😰
Politics Kun oldin
Who won?
Rebekah Ripley
Rebekah Ripley Kun oldin
Omg she puts her hair up in a perfect bun in 3 seconds and I put my hair up in a bun it takes 3 hours and it’s not perfect💕
ME UPURS Kun oldin
I love you Gordon im your groupie lol
Manilette Ann Fernandez
lmao Gordon 🤣
XxNight OwlxX
XxNight OwlxX Kun oldin
Crushes are real
mygiguser Kun oldin
I am sorry, but this was very lame.
mirju Kun oldin
Your just in the masterchef kitchen
Mac Kinnon
Mac Kinnon Kun oldin
Holy $ this was so fun until the whiney cheerleader walked in
Kauz Kun oldin
I just Love Gordon Hahaha legend
Adarsh D.H
Adarsh D.H Kun oldin
Only thing I've seen her do is being the typical hot chick nothing else really and BTW who the fuck is she ?
dani Kun oldin
My favorite show and one of my favorite celebrities? YES
hakuna your tatas
She won
Samsung Phone
Samsung Phone Kun oldin
Really Gordon stealing recipes from The Brick Hotel. Hotel Hell s03e06
l7 Ul7R4
l7 Ul7R4 Kun oldin
8;50 oh you piece of shit motherfucking asshole editor suck my cock you fucking retarded cliffhanging ahhhh
Ismail Nisar
Ismail Nisar Kun oldin
I will never forgive her for slapping Jughead
Aleesha Lindsaar
The fact that the vegan says "sorry" about being vegan. Wut. Gordon Ramsay pays for millions of animals to die each year. He should be saying sorry tf. This is shit. A 'chef' can't even cook vegetables without complaining. Complaining about a "rib eye steak", which is actually a murdered cow.. so disrespectful. We will look back on people like him in shame, honestly.
Oof Kun oldin
Madeline wins btw
TrickstaPlays Kun oldin
a real life Shokugeki
Kain Thomos
Kain Thomos Kun oldin
Gordon is hot af!!! Such a good heart too.
hitu gavli
hitu gavli Kun oldin
Cheryl ❤
Vladimir Gabriel
I thought Gordon was trying to rap at the first three seconds of the vid
SM's Backdoor Entry
Mr94529452 2 kun oldin
Low quality low effort for the ramsay
Logic-Films 2 kun oldin
If Bella Thorne was cute👆
Jade 2 kun oldin
3:12 honey I​ can see you looking at the recipe
Mouza A.
Mouza A. 2 kun oldin
This would’ve been funny if it wasn’t so staged & cringy.
Taran Mad
Taran Mad 2 kun oldin
River dale is the bestttt
ainsleywainsley 2 kun oldin
8:50 do they call her 'The ice queen' cos her nips on those huge fake balloons always pop thru her sweaters?
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger 2 kun oldin
Oh. Add how to basic here
ptroinks 2 kun oldin
God, this is so fake it hurts...
WeeZy 2 kun oldin
Ruth Carrico
Ruth Carrico 2 kun oldin
*Just fоr sеriоus Маn* *if уоu nееd Моrе fun аnd wаnt tо сhаt, Рlеаsе inbох Ме hеrе :* whx.io/a268?d=Au5fvF8Q326
Kyoshin Kamogawa
Kyoshin Kamogawa 2 kun oldin
a fucking vegan. shit.
imrandma 2 kun oldin
A fucking dickhead in the comments section...shit.