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Gorillaz - Humility (Official Video)

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‘Humility' feat. George Benson is taken from the brand new
album THE NOW NOW . Pre-order here: gorill.az/thenownow
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, Evan Silver
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Producers: Ryan Ennis, Georgina Fillmore, Franzi Nicolaus
Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management.

Jack Black: as himself
Bodybuilders: Alex Okafor
Basketball Players: Dexter Homan, Brent Martin
Chess Player: Remi Kabaka
Bad Skater: Will Dewitt
Roller Skater stand-in: Edgar Khatchatrian
Production Company: Blinkink
Production Company: The Line
Production Company: Ruffian
Animation: The Line
Animation Directors: Tim McCourt & Max Taylor
Executive Producer: James Duveen
Editor: Robert Rafalat
Animators: Marlène Beaube, Léonard Bismuth, Maxime Delalande, Tim Dillnutt, Sarah Dhorne, Wesley Louise, Venla Linna, Xavier Ramonède, Pierre Rütz, Alvise Zennaro
Background Artist: Bjorn Erik-Aschim
Lead Compositor: Bernardo Varela
Compositors: Valentina Bartiromo, Guillaume Cassuto, Kye Dorricott, Fiona Lu, Courtney Pryce
Clean Up Artists: Aude Carpentier, Denise Dean, Angelina De Silva, Michael Douglas, Gerald Gallego, Venla Linna, Toby Parry, Setareh Seto, Isobel Stenhouse
Production Manager: Max Ross
Production Assistants: Samia Ahmed, Leana Mae Felipe
Tech Support: Jack Straw
Additional Clean Up: Amix
Rotoscoping: Trace VFX
Live Production: Ruffian
Director: Evan Silver
Executive Producer: Robert Herman
Head of Production: Sheila Eisenstein
Production Supervisor: Joshua Hummel
Director Of Photography: Carlos Veron
1st AC: Rod Horwitz, Eric Aguilar
2nd AC: Alan Certeza, Brian Austin
B-Cam Operator: Joseph Messier
DIT: JJ Osbourne
1st AD: Chuck Connors
2nd AD: Erid Topp, Brent Martin
Gaffer: Red Hickman
Key Grip: Michael Koepke
Grips: Ryan Sparling, Danny Carillo, Adam Flore
Production Designer: Chris Yager
Wardrobe: Scott Ludden
Hair/Make-Up: Amy Hanlin
Grading Facilities: Time Based Arts
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
Executive Producer Colour: Tom Jones
Location Manager: Scott Ludden
Sound Design: Offset Audio
Engineer: Claire Bilyard




31-May, 2018

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Curtis Holmes
Curtis Holmes 49 daqiqa oldin
I’m sorry can someone please answer me this how has 2D only now got one missing tooth when he had two missing does anyone know the story
ара ты чёёё
ара ты чёёё 50 daqiqa oldin
b0sch0 Soat oldin
This song is great !!!!!!
blueberry Soat oldin
Save us from HIM?!?!?
RedHotReddy Soat oldin
So 2D's eyes turn white when he's dreaming or not feeling in reality? Huh.
Spadey boy crow!
Spadey boy crow! Soat oldin
tin the background it is the beach area in gta5
Redge Palma
Redge Palma Soat oldin
Damn this summer vibe! I love it! I miss summer!
Sanrina Moore
Sanrina Moore Soat oldin
What happened to Murdock why as ace from power puff girls
Mickie Smith
Mickie Smith Soat oldin
is it just me or is jack black in this?
Durden Sniper
Durden Sniper Soat oldin
I thought this was one of those ghetto songs
Wraith Gaming 005
Wraith Gaming 005 2 soat oldin
2d is terrifying in that eye color transition
Jiren not the gay
Jiren not the gay 3 soat oldin
wow he really ACED that catch didnt he? anyone????
Ezio Fauzanx
Ezio Fauzanx 3 soat oldin
I came here bcoz the view😮
anthony espaldon
anthony espaldon 3 soat oldin
I love Jack Black.. Insanely talented.
Hello 10223
Hello 10223 4 soat oldin
Who else listens to this song all the times
Zander Solomon
Zander Solomon 4 soat oldin
did murdoc get nose surgery?
Zander Solomon
Zander Solomon Soat oldin
the fuck u mean
the man child /djplayer
Zander Solomon that's not murdoc
Buby ♥
Buby ♥ 4 soat oldin
It's so good seeing 2D happy and carefree for once Edit: Why Russel?
iprankify 4 soat oldin
I had NO idea it was jack black
Dominykas Pranskūnas
Anyone else noticed 2D's eyes turning black at the end?
quasi dynamite
quasi dynamite 4 soat oldin
Why did Russell trip 2D?
The K In Ken
The K In Ken 4 soat oldin
2d lookin thicc or whatever 😉😉
Sunlight .System
Sunlight .System 5 soat oldin
Benjamin Simonson
Benjamin Simonson 5 soat oldin
So is that Thundercat or not?
SpiralChunk 4546
SpiralChunk 4546 5 soat oldin
His legs only get longer...
Mattie Fujiashi
Mattie Fujiashi 5 soat oldin
#daddylonglegs 😘
Just a guy with a YouTube chanel
3:04 mom says it's my turn on the xbox
Niko Piko
Niko Piko 6 soat oldin
Russell gets revenge from that one time 2D jumped on top of him with a tricycle while he was asleep
Psychotic Maniac
Psychotic Maniac 6 soat oldin
2D bout thicc as fuck don't @ me
Pervert 6 soat oldin
When you don't fap in 3 days 1:27
Layla Linck
Layla Linck 6 soat oldin
que pernão 2D 😂😂
Layla Linck
Layla Linck 6 soat oldin
pf me passem as receitas para comprar o remédio contra a demência 😅
DoctorObviously 6 soat oldin
Do people know of other relaxed beach guitar music like this? Thanks!
Jacob Min
Jacob Min 6 soat oldin
Why did russel trip 2d at the end
Danni Glaser
Danni Glaser 6 soat oldin
Gorrilaz just what I need...
Shadow Ayshi
Shadow Ayshi 7 soat oldin
Russle ain't gettin' a promotion after trippin' yo boi 2d fuck you russle -_-
Ame Sarutobi
Ame Sarutobi 7 soat oldin
Utsav Manandharz
Utsav Manandharz 7 soat oldin
I like this and all but I really want a new dark Gorillaz song (Feel good inc., Clint Eastwood type)
The android sent by Cyberlife
1:31 Hey look, its ace from the powerpuff girls!
super conjurar
super conjurar 7 soat oldin
I don’t know bout you guys but the guy on the roller skates thicc as hell👌
Rudy Billy
Rudy Billy 7 soat oldin
e 1] Calling the world from isolation 'Cause right now, that's the ball where we be chained And if you're coming back to find me You'd better have good aim Shoot it true, I need you in the picture That's why I'm calling you [Chorus] I'm the lonely twin, the left hand Reset myself and get back on track I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? [Verse 2] Calling the hunter with the rifle 'Cause right now, that's the ball where we be chained Shoot it true, I want you in the picture That's why I'm calling you [Chorus] I'm the lonely twin, the left hand Reset myself and get back on track I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? [Verse 3] If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back? Or do I head out onto the lonesome track And let you go? [Outro] I'm the lonely twin, the left hand (If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back?) I don't want this isolation (Or do I head out onto the lonesome track) See the state I'm in now? (And let you go?) If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back? Or do I head out onto the lonesome track And let you go?
Sightseeing 7 soat oldin
If only this music wasn't garbage.
The Cooke
The Cooke 7 soat oldin
Sightseeing don't like it, don't listen to it
Koalamain 8 soat oldin
Emily Kang
Emily Kang 8 soat oldin
2D looks so happy with murdoc gone, but honestly it's not the same without him :,^
Alison Scott
Alison Scott 8 soat oldin
Everyone questions why he eyes are white. I'm questioning why he is so THICC
Niquan Evans
Niquan Evans 8 soat oldin
*"2-D, I dont feel so good"*
Cheshieruu 8 soat oldin
2d has some long dang legs. legs for days man
정다솔 8 soat oldin
2D like so happy~ I wish 2D always happy this MV.
Micro Animation
Micro Animation 8 soat oldin
I didn’t realize that 2D has white eyes
DJ Quicksilver
DJ Quicksilver 8 soat oldin
2-D is happy because Murdoc is incapacitated, but we want him back! #freemurdoc
Ryan Debolt
Ryan Debolt 8 soat oldin
Ryan Debolt
Ryan Debolt 8 soat oldin
Only his is white...
necruz 2006
necruz 2006 8 soat oldin
Just realized it 12:00 am and I have to wake up at 6:00 am
skeleton chik
skeleton chik 9 soat oldin
Black eyes-I am No,hah-gorillaz
ClueSign 9 soat oldin
If Jack Black and George Benson toured with Gorillaz I could maybe survive the Trump administration.
1:18 hello kinky lol
MU Knigth
MU Knigth 9 soat oldin
Se volvieron homosexuales
Corbin Hall
Corbin Hall 9 soat oldin
U guys are amazing #Go 2D
Dab 9 soat oldin
In the first person shot it should have been blurry.
McGlubbin Fishworth
McGlubbin Fishworth 9 soat oldin
Noodle gets the best shirts I swear
Jason. Bourn
Jason. Bourn 9 soat oldin
This video makes me wanna skate
José amado vaca Rodriguez
Amee Jay
Amee Jay 10 soat oldin
If 2D held out his hand to me, I'd let him rollerskate with me any day
Selena Sherwood
Selena Sherwood 10 soat oldin
I need noods hello kinky shirt asap
Beanie Lord
Beanie Lord 10 soat oldin
knowing that Murdoc called Stu Pot 2-D because of his 2 concussions (Two Dents in his head), this new one from Russel means that he has ascended to the level of 333333333-DDDDDDDDD
Chil2005 10 soat oldin
Why does 2D have white eyes
Gavinchi Davinchi
Gavinchi Davinchi 10 soat oldin
how did they go from alternative to Vaporwave? Btw why does murdoc look like hes from the 80s?
MsAnimeFan88 8 soat oldin
That's not Murdoc.
SolidPancake 10 soat oldin
Link spirit house to this video. He’s obviously possessed guys. Could be the guy in the bottom basement window in the first like 30 seconds of Saturns bars
nemo is relaxing
nemo is relaxing 11 soat oldin
0:56 mood when mum pulls the blinds for the first time
m2n0el v1ct0r
m2n0el v1ct0r 11 soat oldin
ficou estranho mano
Hurricane Tortilla
Hurricane Tortilla 11 soat oldin
Maria Camila Duran
Maria Camila Duran 11 soat oldin
Who is him? I mean, look at Jack Black shirt it says "save us from him" (sorry if I wrote anything wrong I don't speak English :'c )
driftster99 11 soat oldin
I'm watching this from mexico 😎🙌
mesha basta
mesha basta 11 soat oldin
His drawing is so strong ❤ Gorillaz
Ben Watson
Ben Watson 3 soat oldin
+mesha basta you too babygirl xoxo
mesha basta
mesha basta 4 soat oldin
yes look at the end of the video he get's his black eyes back after Russel trips him... anyway Takecare xox
Ben Watson
Ben Watson 4 soat oldin
+mesha basta You might want to read up on Gorillaz mythos, 2D has had white eyes in the past and it wasn't due to possession. Russel is the only one who gets possessed on occasion, and because he has white eyes people assume white eyes = possession but this is actually not the case. 2D had an eye injury way back at the start of Gorillaz which there is actually a scientific name for (I can't remember what) but its basically when your eyes fill with blood. Ever since that injury he has had black eyes except for when he is feeling particularly strong emotions, including the Humility video and the time he was imprisoned by Murdoc. When he gets tripped up by Russel at the end he isn't somehow "magically freed from possession" just from falling over, instead, two things happen: his friend tripped him up, which takes him out of his happy-go-lucky emotional state, and also if you think about gravity its possible that all the blood simply rushed back to his eyes. Also the son of Jamie Hewlett (the illustrator) has confirmed in interviews that 2D wasn't possessed at all in this video.
mesha basta
mesha basta 5 soat oldin
And why do you think he get's tripped at the end then ?! Well for his own good... He get's tripped so he can get out of his possession state. Yup ! White eyes in Gorillaz mythos means that he is being possessed and the return of his black eyes at the very end is a sign he got a grip's back on himself ! :)
Ben Watson
Ben Watson 10 soat oldin
+mesha basta 2D isn't possessed
Ван Ван
Ван Ван 11 soat oldin
Эта группа еще существует?
Michael Upchurch
Michael Upchurch 12 soat oldin
Why aint no one talking about how sharp aces knife is to poke a hole in the basket bakk
Popykai The Doggo
Popykai The Doggo 12 soat oldin
Jaycie Jones
Jaycie Jones 12 soat oldin
Listen to this video at 2X it sounds really weird it goes really fast
Jaycie Jones
Jaycie Jones 12 soat oldin
Why is 2d wearing short shorts
Rolly 12 soat oldin
2D dummy T H I C C
omar hernandez
omar hernandez 12 soat oldin
I hope ace is still in the band when Murdoc is out of jail
ッRad Shawn
ッRad Shawn 12 soat oldin
i smell another album of the year award.
poyci vainoxler
poyci vainoxler 12 soat oldin
i think 2-d was possessed.
Clebert Desir
Clebert Desir 12 soat oldin
Damn so i guess the Green gang leader left to join Gorillaz
The Retro Synthwave Opera
Pyrolight 13 soat oldin
Gorillaz seems to be back on track after Humanz.
andres gonzales
andres gonzales 13 soat oldin
Uganda gorilas en mi música favorita se podría ser podría decir
Cyanide Surprise
Cyanide Surprise 13 soat oldin
Lyrics Calling the world from isolation 'Cause right now, that's the ball where we're betrayed And if you're coming back to find me You'd better have good aim Shoot it true I need you in the picture That's why I'm calling you (calling you) I'm alone between the left hand Reset myself and get back on track I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? Callin' the hunter with a rifle 'Cause right now that's the ball where we be chained Shoot it true I want you in the picture That's why I'm calling you (calling you) I'm alone between the left hand Reset myself and get back on track I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back? Or do I head out on to the lonesome track and let you go? I'm alone between the left hand I dont want this isolation See the state I'm in now? If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back? Or do I head out on to the lonesome track and let you go?
RK Comics
RK Comics 13 soat oldin
Why Russel seems to have only 1 tooth?
L0kuST YT 13 soat oldin
Hello kinky XD
John Tucker
John Tucker 13 soat oldin
Good hentai music
Ismadraws and animates
#Gorillaz and marshmello song
Fluffmeow *
Fluffmeow * 13 soat oldin
Wow that Sonic hair tho
Our Lord and Savior Pete
wAiT at 1:23 does noodle's shirt say hello kinky O-o
deletedTestimony 2 soat oldin
That's cute, they share clothes.
Hello 10223
Hello 10223 4 soat oldin
2d wear the shirt before
Hannah Maje
Hannah Maje 4 soat oldin
In phase one 2D also had a hello kinky shirt. I, personally, am grateful for this continuity.
The android sent by Cyberlife
Our Lord and Savior Pete kinky
Caleb Alexander
Caleb Alexander 7 soat oldin
nicolas zapata
nicolas zapata 13 soat oldin
en recoleta chuchetumareee
pirata11 14 soat oldin
Alguien noto que al ultimo cuando 2D se levanta cambia el color de sus ojos de blanco a negro y no puede poder patinar como venia haciendo?? como que sale de ese trance (tranz ? ) esa paz que tenia
Jose Omana
Jose Omana 14 soat oldin
This helps my crippling depression
Jose Omana
Jose Omana 14 soat oldin
I’m new here
Dyslexiella Yt
Dyslexiella Yt 14 soat oldin
Lookin like a snac
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce 14 soat oldin
Does anyone notice how Murdoc hair looks like liquid ocelot
Eastanger 14 soat oldin
Lamb Sauce That’s cause it’s not Murdoc lol, it’s apparently ace from the powerpuff girls
Nosidda Gn
Nosidda Gn 14 soat oldin
Trailer for GTA V
El Feo Hermoso
El Feo Hermoso 14 soat oldin
Estaba triste y ví este vídeo y me puse más triste. HORRENDA Animación ¿Qué demonios le pasó a 2-D? Parece una niña uffff horrible me traume...... y horrendo que hayan quitado a Murdoc Ace es basura.....Aunque los comprendo ..... quieren atraer público más joven bla bla.... No pues horrible. Les pasó a Jack Black y eso ya es mucho... jajajaja pero en serio poner todo gay a 2-D esta bien que le tira jajajaja pero ya es el colmo. HORRIBLE y bien Sad.
The thumbnail seems that he's gonna slap his ass