Grayson Dares Ethan!!

Dolan Twins
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It was time for Grayson's ultimate revenge. This also explains why Ethan loves being called daddy ;)
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27-Iyn, 2017



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lia mahar
lia mahar 8 soat oldin
3097 anyone??
Samantha Ibarra
Samantha Ibarra 15 soat oldin
EtHaN Is ExTrA
Alexya BT
Alexya BT 17 soat oldin
No, don't use super glue, use NAIL glue! Girls will understand...😂😂
Alexya BT
Alexya BT 17 soat oldin
"Eat my dish"
lill gill
lill gill Kun oldin
8:15 grays smile
lill gill
lill gill Kun oldin
awww the way he said love u to his mom
Olivia Gwynne
Olivia Gwynne Kun oldin
I swear that Ethan vomits in almost every video like if u agree
A.Guyeee Kun oldin
So extra Ethan
Jess The Dog
Jess The Dog Kun oldin
6:45 to 7:07 IS THE BEST PART
Celina Gervacio
Celina Gervacio Kun oldin
i love how ethans head is the size of the foam pits square things
Abrianna Gamino
Abrianna Gamino Kun oldin
Abrianna Gamino
Abrianna Gamino Kun oldin
Lmao I’m with you Ethan anchovies are disgusting 😭
L¡am ¡s th¡cc
L¡am ¡s th¡cc 2 kun oldin
Wait why is this the only time I couldn’t tell them apart???
Petra Cruz
Petra Cruz 2 kun oldin
5:08 he looks like gray
Myah Dekle
Myah Dekle 3 kun oldin
I love Grayson but he cants cook and I'm saying this out of love
Asia Matheson
Asia Matheson 3 kun oldin
6:43 are Ethan's legs apart
Ellianna Keiser
Ellianna Keiser 3 kun oldin
when the video started i had no idea who was who
Destiny Leon
Destiny Leon 3 kun oldin
3:46 EtHaN nEvEr😂😂
Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker 3 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Sally Gallyoze
Sally Gallyoze 4 kun oldin
“ LOOK AT ME EAT MY DISH “. Noble quote by Grayson Dolan Lol 😂 2019 March anyone
Breeze NNCuber
Breeze NNCuber 4 kun oldin
2:30 plot twist Ethan lost in the foam pit
hi there
hi there 4 kun oldin
So Ethan KNOWS we call him Extra... 😬😂
hi there
hi there 4 kun oldin
*"Eat my diSH"* -Grayson Dolan 2017
hi there
hi there 4 kun oldin
3:44 - 3:50 Ethan imitating Grayson 😂
hi there
hi there 4 kun oldin
Ethan's wheezes keep me alive: 1:07
hi there
hi there 4 kun oldin
Ah, those highlights in the new video!!😂
Xxmarithr gamerxX
Xxmarithr gamerxX 4 kun oldin
6:52 **when your a mosquito and the porch light turns on**
ATIT PATEL 4 kun oldin
See Ethan the highlights look good.
Olivia Thomas
Olivia Thomas 4 kun oldin
3:44 I’m dead 😂
Νικολέτα Καραουλάνη
Νικολέτα Καραουλάνη
Νικολέτα Καραουλάνη
Kaijuuu ._
Kaijuuu ._ 5 kun oldin
The last part of him dancing was that a tantrum lmao
Heather Champion
Heather Champion 6 kun oldin
6:14 oh my fkn god
Rohana Mudalige
Rohana Mudalige 6 kun oldin
Ethan kinda looks like grayson now in this video
calz is hyper
calz is hyper 6 kun oldin
What is up daddy
Maryjane Barnes
Maryjane Barnes 6 kun oldin
Ethan: Grayson *werid animal noise Grayson:hahahaha
Jen Jer Ale
Jen Jer Ale 7 kun oldin
ethan the drama queen.
Boomba Lyla
Boomba Lyla 7 kun oldin
Gray-“Hey look at me... EaT mY dIsH!” Me-*dies from laughter*
another intellectual being
1:50 😂😂
Emma Hays
Emma Hays 8 kun oldin
am hate antoves
Melissa Burns
Melissa Burns 8 kun oldin
TiRanne' Outland
TiRanne' Outland 8 kun oldin
6:26- Wait why can I actually smell the superglue
Rubster berrill
Rubster berrill 8 kun oldin
Oh I thought he wanted to tweet that
T B 8 kun oldin
I'm in 2019
Kaylea Melita
Kaylea Melita 8 kun oldin
8:03 perfect Greathan moment❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Andreana Batlle
Andreana Batlle 8 kun oldin
Catherine Audet
Catherine Audet 8 kun oldin
March 2019 Dolan twins marathon or just me?
COOKIE ETA PIZZA 9 kun oldin
Alani Walton
Alani Walton 9 kun oldin
His thighs look so disgusting
Demi Bosworth
Demi Bosworth 9 kun oldin
Soleil Wanamaker
Soleil Wanamaker 9 kun oldin
Who else found it extremely heartwarming when Grayson hugged Ethan in the last date?
Ruba Al-Showaiter
Ruba Al-Showaiter 9 kun oldin
8:20 this shows that he’s genuinely a good person that really doesn’t want to be seen as an fboy
Milla Fischer
Milla Fischer 9 kun oldin
3:48 haha😂😂
Lilliana Tzvetanov
Lilliana Tzvetanov 9 kun oldin
Legend has it eathens legs are still glued together
helena flores
helena flores 10 kun oldin
when grayson said to eat his dish, i thought he said to eat his d*ck lmao
Kaitlyn Lyons
Kaitlyn Lyons 10 kun oldin
That shirt looks good on Ethan
summer marie
summer marie 10 kun oldin
*_move your gay thigh off my thigh_*
Shifana Niyas
Shifana Niyas 10 kun oldin
Anyone in 2019???give a like 👇👇
couch potato ._.
couch potato ._. 10 kun oldin
When Ethan mocked Gray saying "Ethan never" i almost peed myself lmao
cindy Juarez
cindy Juarez 10 kun oldin
3:45🤣🤣🤣😂😂I'm luaphing Eathan: athen never Grayson:slowly luaphs at him
Riley Hardy
Riley Hardy 2 kun oldin
Bambi Starlight
Bambi Starlight 10 kun oldin
So I guess he can’t eat tuna Lmao
Audrey Fleming
Audrey Fleming 10 kun oldin
omg this was from my birthday!!
Eva Marling
Eva Marling 10 kun oldin
I’ve been watching for so long, I’m watching this in 2019 l, I got CONFUSED of who was who ❤️❤️😂😂
Hanife x_d
Hanife x_d 11 kun oldin
6:57 he looks like a dead fish which's trying to keep alive😂😂😂😂😂😂
B e a t r i c e
B e a t r i c e 11 kun oldin
4:05 oh my dirty mind
Alessia Lizardi
Alessia Lizardi 11 kun oldin
grayson marry me
HEARTS 11 kun oldin
0:13 Ethan said get your GAY thigh off me
Kaylea Deville
Kaylea Deville 12 kun oldin
4:05 I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😭❤️ did anyone catch on to it
Taylor Everett
Taylor Everett 12 kun oldin
Anchovies aren't that bad
Emma Frederick
Emma Frederick 13 kun oldin
Eat My Dish - grayson dolan 2017
Vanessa 503
Vanessa 503 13 kun oldin
Grayson is tall asf compared to Ethan
Drea Azad
Drea Azad 13 kun oldin
anchovies r actually not that bad
Aurora 17
Aurora 17 14 kun oldin
It's actually pretty good xD who is watching this in 2019??
The FLASH!!!!
The FLASH!!!! 14 kun oldin
“Ethan nEvEr!” 😂💜
TikTokOofer 14 kun oldin
2020 anyone No... just me ok.
TikTokOofer 12 kun oldin
I’m so cool😝
Gene Vids
Gene Vids 12 kun oldin
TikTokOofer ur living in the future
ela sipaloglu
ela sipaloglu 14 kun oldin
Hi daddy
Emma Speck
Emma Speck 14 kun oldin
This was posted on my birthday
Cass Chavira
Cass Chavira 15 kun oldin
Is anyone watching this in 2019
Cass Chavira
Cass Chavira 15 kun oldin
You were extra I ate one of those before Who else agrees
aeda kuleni
aeda kuleni 16 kun oldin
2:33 😂 Who else ?
Lottie Harrison
Lottie Harrison 16 kun oldin
1.22 the way Ethan looks at grayson
like me plzz Neprjachin
*i love Ethan's laugh so much* ❤
bts k
bts k 16 kun oldin
why is Ethan Grayson and Grayson Ethan
Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans 16 kun oldin
Grayson: now you wanna just hold The thighs together ,like it was for a DIY project /video
Mack G
Mack G 16 kun oldin
3:19 ......bitch
Mahea Sears
Mahea Sears 17 kun oldin
Lov ypu
Mahea Sears
Mahea Sears 17 kun oldin
Great scared e when he shushed him
Lisa Shaver
Lisa Shaver 17 kun oldin
My first born child will be named ‘Ethannever’. Mark my words.
E Munoz
E Munoz 17 kun oldin
is it just me or does ethan look like joe jonas
taylor Massey love life you only have one shot
When Ethan whispered b**ch to grayson🤣
Mattie Olson
Mattie Olson 18 kun oldin
0:58 🤣
Jamison Crawford
Jamison Crawford 18 kun oldin
It looks like the super glue hert
Elyana Jawad
Elyana Jawad 18 kun oldin
When he glued his legs it looked like it hurt
Lexi-le Batchelor_xox
6:58 me trying to be cool.....
Shilly Willy
Shilly Willy 19 kun oldin
XD Daddy Ethan
del c
del c 19 kun oldin
Bro they looked so alike in the beginning
sings family
sings family 19 kun oldin
Ethan: alright grayson you have beautiful thighs Me: Finally someone noticed xD
eves life
eves life 19 kun oldin
eves life
eves life 19 kun oldin
U look so alike
Sophie's Vlogs 101
Sophie's Vlogs 101 19 kun oldin
7:55 he sounds like miguel from coco when he yells
Ethan DARES Grayson!
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