Greg Hasn't Had A Day Off In Over A Year - Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Chef Ramsay cuts to the core with the owners of Zocalo's, Greg and Mary, and finds out the shocking and true extent of their financial problems. Greg works 18 hour days with no time off, whilst wife Mary barely works part-time, and things need to change if this struggling restaurant is going to survive.
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16-Sen, 2015

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wïrêlèss kīller
Classic whore
Lloyd Smart
Lloyd Smart 3 kun oldin
Send that bitch back to Mexico
kopec82 3 kun oldin
Lazy arrogant bitch!
Alan Burns
Alan Burns 3 kun oldin
That lady is despicable.
keiharris332 5 kun oldin
I guess she must give good brain or something cause she doesn't seem to do anything useful
D Ray
D Ray 5 kun oldin
Smh let her go man. She in love with the money. Coming from a Hispanic male I wouldn't expect this from a mexican woman knowing she knows she had worse smh i expect this kind of shit from central americans cause they all about money them woman.
Silver Soul
Silver Soul 6 kun oldin
Not even joking, if I was that guy I'd divorce her then rat her out to the immigration office. She's a fucking gold digger.
Tristan Beaux
Tristan Beaux 7 kun oldin
Sounds like nino has some cleaning competition.
suzy klitgaard
suzy klitgaard 7 kun oldin
Greg. You work hard. The salt of the Earth. Wish more people were like him😁
Kaian凯安 7 kun oldin
Build the wall, keep Mari out
BLOODless RVC 7 kun oldin
Send that bitch back to Mexico......Build that wall
Mr 617
Mr 617 8 kun oldin
Typical female gold digger. Thought she could marry her way into a rich life, and seal it with kids. And when that fails, she blames everything on her husband who is busting his ass. Then when cornered, she pulls the "damsel in distress" card, cries as a desperate attempt to save face and gain Gordons guilt to avoid the truth. But Gordon see's right through the bullshit. She does nothing to help out, yet, points the finger and creates drama to put all the blame on others before herself. Just another spoiled cunt looking for a short cut in life. I'm sure now shes back home, married to some old, ugly, fat, bald hairy chef fuck that has a decent amount of money where he's at. She probably thinks she has it good now lol.
Second Power
Second Power 8 kun oldin
She's cheating on him
Kaguya 8 kun oldin
I don't agree with the racist comments,but yeah let her go and find someone better
Kyle Seward
Kyle Seward 9 kun oldin
No wonder trump wants to build the wall
chuckskinny1 10 kun oldin
If you ain’t a 10 then your fugly ass better get to work. FYI she’s about -12 in my book. Fkin cryin all stupid. That dude is dumb for not leavin her broke ass
His wife is a geezer bird
Rob M
Rob M 12 kun oldin
A women feeding off a man and bitching that she isn't treated like a queen. Dump the parasite.
Whitney Miller
Whitney Miller 19 kun oldin
His wife is a leech. She works part time while hes at work most of his life. That bitch is probably cheating.
Whitney Miller
Whitney Miller 19 kun oldin
I feel sorry for him...to an extent. That annoying nagging wife was probably hot back in her day. She married him thinking he was loaded and he probably married her out of vanity reasons. Now she's just an ol nagging,money grubber (who probably never put much effort in anything involving her chracter) and so they are both miserable now.
Zeus Hernandez
How dare she cry.if anyone should cry is that man who busted his ass for a year without a break.and if he does,who the hell can blame him?she doesn’t work as much as he does.greg should just leave her,she’s deadweight man,at least find yourself someone who would put in as much work as you do.
The Drifter
The Drifter Oy oldin
I think the problem with a lot of women is they are pampered, told they are princesses, beautiful and daddy's little girl from the beginning. Men are tested, pushed, berated and have to prove themselves worthy to be respected and therefore grow tougher skin but can't hold EVERYTHING back. It's a shame we gotta be so many different "yous" in public, feels so fake.
hook blieght
hook blieght Oy oldin
shes your classic western female leech . yaa feminism
Mary is a cutie! Her situation is common though. In the beginning she had her own goals and plans to work at a different company, but her husband convinced her to invest her time and energy in the restaurant and make it a family business. She never wanted any part of it, but sacrificed her own goals to support him. However, things quickly went downhill and she has been trying for years to get him to get out of the business, but his stubborn mentality won't give up and just keeps racking up debt. smh. So this is the result of a stubborn man and a once highly supportive wife who knew when to quit, but her husband didn't. He is 100% to blame for this situation. I was amazed that she even bothered coming around at all.
+The Drifter Yeah, I agree...crazy
The Drifter
The Drifter Oy oldin
Yeah no, don't think so.
+name ̈ I know right! Crazy
name ̈
name ̈ Oy oldin
excuse me what
liam Oy oldin
man this guy looks so depressed.
Hjalmar Jönsson
Hjalmar Jönsson 2 oy oldin
She is a worst type of womans.. She's laughting at hes hausband how he work hard.. And she is a bich ! Thats it ..
ThePowerCrest 2 oy oldin
For the better and the worst they said uh
Jackiee Gee
Jackiee Gee 2 oy oldin
does anyone know what happened to them?
Jaanu Gul
Jaanu Gul 3 oy oldin
fuckin trash wife
David Sastre
David Sastre 3 oy oldin
I see a gold-digger...
Not Vladimir Putin
She won't move back to Mexico.
Mrdreamleaf 3 oy oldin
This guy works hard and obviously tries. The woman just sits back, leaches off him without actually supporting him in any real way and cries about how hard it is for her. Seriously he's so much better off without her. Relationships take work and support, not just one person leaching off another.
Mystical Kumquat
Mystical Kumquat 3 oy oldin
His wife is such a POS. She just wanted a husband with money. Threatening to go back to Mexico??? Go ahead, bitch. See how long your lazy ass lasts there.
Kora Marie
Kora Marie 3 oy oldin
At least he said its not the best ....hes not concited but he cares about his confidence in his work ....most ppl say its the best of the best
Mystic Madman
Mystic Madman 3 oy oldin
His problem is that worthless Jezebel.
eromitlabhitw 3 oy oldin
2:13 me no speaka de English
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 3 oy oldin
His wife is a ugly whore, probably fucking the busboys.
DarcnessTrophies 3 oy oldin
nino never took a day off either
Bri-Guy 875
Bri-Guy 875 3 oy oldin
I feel sorry for this guy. He's married to the Queen of the Harpies.
Aidan Francis
Aidan Francis 3 oy oldin
Nino does more work.
Naruto _ Kun
Naruto _ Kun 3 oy oldin
wavy生活 3 oy oldin
Your wife should be with you, not against you. This man is a cuck, letting his wife do whatever she wants while he slaves away at work. "Meet your responsibilities or I move back to Mexico" sounds like she really loves you buddy.
Royalz Reign
Royalz Reign 3 oy oldin
Mary wadda u do...Mary's 💭...wellll aside from my 24/7 job of being trifeling, I'm alllllso tricking, but should I say dat 😳...wait I got it...lemme play the victim and garner sympathy, I know I'll just sit here and 😢 and threaten to leave...but jokes on y'all cuz I've already left 👹 alllll he does is work, alllll I do is spend the money and cheat 👺
montez Fowler
montez Fowler 3 oy oldin
His wife need to get off her ass because it sounds like she's worthless and he's working too hard.
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 3 oy oldin
The wife is a liberal? doesn't want to work, just a lazy whore.
tdraghi70 3 oy oldin
Animals don’t make good partners
Lewis Balderas
Lewis Balderas 3 oy oldin
Declare bankruptcy
ding1500 3 oy oldin
This was one of the few times where I felt that Gordon felt legit sorrow for the owner (the male here). He is evidently working his tail off. While is wife is threatening to leave him. This hits me especially hard because I married a Mexican woman and she had this *exact* same attitude. I really hope he and I are able to find a better woman.
Rebecca x
Rebecca x 4 oy oldin
that wife is the biggest bitch if I was him I’d take the kids and leave her
Larry Jacobs
Larry Jacobs 4 oy oldin
his wife cheating