Growing Up Asian

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2-Iyl, 2018

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mtuan the dimsum
mtuan the dimsum 2 soat oldin
BAON at SIMOT hahahahahha
Moon Baby
Moon Baby 3 soat oldin
People would always call me Chinese or Japanese or Korean because they didn’t know what Vietnamese was like those aren’t all the places in Asia b*tch their like where are you from again is it umm wait vet-name-ase or vet-name 😂 I can soooooo relate to this
Santosworld 4 soat oldin
I earned money for existing too
tae_with_a bit_of suga
I pluck my parents hair
Aidan Bramwell
Aidan Bramwell 6 soat oldin
who else died at the second part🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
EeeshKoy 6 soat oldin
all of this is relatable For Me
Awesome cool guy
Awesome cool guy 7 soat oldin
Yah we do not do alloweneces
Messi_the Best
Messi_the Best 7 soat oldin
This needs to be a podcast
Matix Kim
Matix Kim 11 soat oldin
I eAt hanyak
Matix Kim
Matix Kim 11 soat oldin
I'm Korean and I feel that I try to stop it but they still give me food
Mikey Poopmaster
Mikey Poopmaster 12 soat oldin
ZMine sorry about the accident about the Z so anyways I want to get five bucks from Mom
Angel_ Burrito
Angel_ Burrito 13 soat oldin
Im not corean but Lithuanian culture is kinda similar so I relate
The Dab Master
The Dab Master 15 soat oldin
Heyheyheyheyhey I'm learning at kumon
Byun Baekhyun
Byun Baekhyun 15 soat oldin
I ALSO GET TRIGGERED BY THE SHOES THINGY!!! even though I'm from North Africa and almost everything's similar here!! Like the same mindset I guess , esp the food part
danica reontare
danica reontare 16 soat oldin
im glad they didnt mention filipino traditional medicine
Shyam Tanwar
Shyam Tanwar 17 soat oldin
Ragerous person
Ragerous person 18 soat oldin
2:14 oh! the white hair. we always do that to the elderly. especially my granny whose hair's just WHITE. all of it... (ps. the white hair's called uban)... 7:05 FUS RO DAH! 11:22 domics is not poor!! (the railroad was from home along the railroad which was a home for poor ppl)
Lil Rabbit
Lil Rabbit 20 soat oldin
"Randy, randy let down your hair!" Randy: "I cant, my mom bowl cut me" 😂☠
kasuke yuchia
kasuke yuchia 23 soat oldin
raandy randy let down your hair!!😀 i cant my mom ballcut me 😯 me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
kasuke yuchia
kasuke yuchia 23 soat oldin
sorry i mean bowlcut😂😒 yeah...sorry
Joyce 23 soat oldin
He's a Filipino?! Omg!
john gantan
john gantan Kun oldin
Its yummy
Jack Abreu
Jack Abreu Kun oldin
I love watching your vids I wanna be like you one day
Hermila Heart
Hermila Heart Kun oldin
Benjamin Rowen McGovern
your second syllable is EUHH
Legodude13 Kun oldin
8:20 I died
Juna Choi
Juna Choi Kun oldin
배고파? XD
Lex Ejoc
Lex Ejoc Kun oldin
if someone bullied me because im asian i would take them into an alleyway and slit their throat just kidding i would just ignore them lol :P
dragonslr bro
dragonslr bro Kun oldin
I did kumon it sucked
Musonda Chisenga
Im not asian but I relate to this..... (Im black btw)
Zen K
Zen K Kun oldin
Dom- Draws Jomm-My Name Ehlboy-Has glasses Claire-Needs to give something when visiting *HOW DID YOU SPLIT MY TRAITS NOT JOKING HOW*
Pikachu Gaming
Pikachu Gaming Kun oldin
The hair picking I did it to but I didn’t get paid though
Pineapple King
Pineapple King Kun oldin
My Asian grandma doesn’t let me eat American food because she says that American food makes me tall but I hate Asian food They did the Chinese Japanese some thing but I’m not both boi I’m Cambodian
Celina Pham
Celina Pham Kun oldin
I am a Vietnamese child that is 10 and my life is literally hard LIKE JEEZ THEY TREAT ME LIKE I AM 20
JoyLon ProDUCKtions
I’m black and I relate to *a l l o f t h e s e*
prasaes landrau
prasaes landrau Kun oldin
July Ol
July Ol Kun oldin
Funny xD For many topics, especially about food and allowance, Asian families seem to be very similar to ex soviet families xD
TITAN BROS Kun oldin
Bansfrtgfg Gig
TITAN BROS Kun oldin
I Ll
Darius Plays ROBLOX Games
Me: MOM LOOK I WANNA SHOW YOU SOMETHING COOL Mom: Is it about animals? Me: ...No?? Mom: *ignores me*
10:44 my dad did :(
damian tremblay
damian tremblay Kun oldin
D Do Dom Domi nope i aint doing that i liked my own comment :3
damian tremblay
damian tremblay Kun oldin
D Do Dom Domi nope i aint doing that i liked my own comment :3
Terence Lin
Terence Lin Kun oldin
I agree since I’m Asian
长小学 Kun oldin
I am an asian. And born in a place that are not well known and i hated
Charlotte Campion
I’m also Asian charlotte is not my name
Sasha Minx
Sasha Minx Kun oldin
Shoes on the bed....uggggggghhhh
Raven I
Raven I Kun oldin
At school they would call my cousin ching chong chef... he wasn't even asian in any way he just had the almond eyes but very squinted. We're hispanic so I guess it's almost the same to your traditions. We had no allowances and even if we are full we are given more food.
Orange Dude
Orange Dude Kun oldin
"Your second syllable is è"
Voramet Chinanggulpiwat
i’m Thai and i ate breads for breakfast :v
Picket Pants
Picket Pants Kun oldin
The wearing shoes in the bed thing is not a white thing. That's a barbarian thing lol. So weird! I am super white and I would never. Ever. So gross.
XxLuna_ GamerxX
XxLuna_ GamerxX Kun oldin
Asian life..... *takes a deep breath* CHINESE SCHOOL SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Cora Dawson
Cora Dawson Kun oldin
I will sub to everybody who reply’s to this comment or if you sub to me I will sub to you
Cora Dawson
Cora Dawson Kun oldin
“Randy Randy let down your long hair!” “I can’t my mom bowl cut me” LMAO WHY THATS SO FUNNY
Wolfy gachaverse
Once I got $228
Wolfy gachaverse
I got alace
*growing up as a Filipino* 1.even tho ya eat a lot of food you don't get fatter.... you get taller.
13:50 you can tell domic uses an iphone when he spells android "ANROID" Omegalol
Jaynezis Aniez
Jaynezis Aniez Kun oldin
Im philippino ako
Ant Man 1101
Ant Man 1101 Kun oldin
Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face And stars fill my dream I'm a traveler of both time and space To be where I have been To sit with elders of the gentle race This world has seldom seen They talk of days for which they sit and wait All will be revealed Talk in song from tongues of lilting grace Sounds caress my ear And not a word I heard could I relate The story was quite clear Oh, baby, I been blind Oh, yeah, mama, there ain't no denyin' Oh, ooh yes, I been blind Mama, mama, ain't no denyin', no denyin' All I see turns to brown As the sun burns the ground And my eyes fill with sand As I scan this wasted land Try to find, try to find the way I feel Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace Like sorts inside a dream Leave the path that led me to that place Yellow desert stream Like Shangri-la beneath the summer moon I will return again As the dust that floats finds you We're moving through Kashmir Oh, father of the four winds fill my sails Cross the sea of years With no provision but an open face Along the straits of fear Oh, when I want, when I'm on my way, yeah And my feet wear my fickle way to stay Ooh, yeah yeah, oh, yeah yeah, But I'm down oh, yeah yeah, oh, yeah Yeah, but I'm down, so down Ooh, my baby, oh, my baby Let me take you there Come on, oh let me take you there Let me take you there
LazyBones Kun oldin
Reminds me of basically only being bullied by my “friend(s)”
Kas 2 kun oldin
Mocha_the_cat_44 :p
Where the Filipinos at? 🇵🇭 OMG how Relatable this video is 😂
Lexa P
Lexa P 2 kun oldin
Ooof growing up Asian is like GET AN A+ OR NO FOOD FOR YOU🍚😂😂 Edit: soooo DOMICS is Filipino?lol same
Pearl Lilly
Pearl Lilly 2 kun oldin
Mexican self watches video *can't relate* 😣
Kingmobsmasher101 2 kun oldin
This was really relatable.
Naww_Mir 2 kun oldin
11:00 boi
Danz Sumberaz
Danz Sumberaz 2 kun oldin
omg filipino pala sya 🗿
Day대Mae매 2 kun oldin
“I’m hungry?” 😂
FuriousDan 1738
FuriousDan 1738 2 kun oldin
I’ve watched this video so many times
T4ctileC6b 93
T4ctileC6b 93 2 kun oldin
I do kumon too
yeehaw babey
yeehaw babey 2 kun oldin
I'm white but it physically pains me to wear shoes on furniture
Bunny Boy
Bunny Boy 2 kun oldin
Jomm but people call me dom but without the D 😆
LittleCooki3B 2 kun oldin
Oh gawd this is so relatable
suga and spice
suga and spice 2 kun oldin
Shit.. I did the coin for hair too!
David Ren Larrumbide Lin
Mom and Dad: dye hair so people think they are younger Son: publishes in the internet with millions of followers
Teknmas k
Teknmas k 2 kun oldin
Im mexican but my bf is filipino and everytime i come over, it's shoes off adn her mom always asks me "You want some food! Weve got plenty!" and my friend would just be like "TAKE SOME DAMN FOOD THERES SO MUCH!"
Zayden Faranial
Zayden Faranial 2 kun oldin
Im racist
Mega Wati
Mega Wati 2 kun oldin
Kumon IS Math Right?
chicachu 2 kun oldin
Im not Asian but.. I feel like my parents are
Nice M Chacko
Nice M Chacko 2 kun oldin
I do Kumon too
V Sen
V Sen 2 kun oldin
Although most people classify Asians and Indians as different, I can relate to a lot of it. Taking out footwear before entering anyone's house, hair plucking, getting more food oif finished fast. My mom pinched my nose a lot, still sometimes. She hates my nose, its like a dumpling. I was made to strech a lot to increase my height, what a tormenting experience. Lol. Most of it so relatable.
V Sen
V Sen 2 kun oldin
My grandfather asked me and my cousin to pluck out his white hairs from his semi bald head. He made it like a competition like who picks out the most is a champion. My aunt (cousin's mom) finds out & asks us what we get in return? Obviously, we were young & dumb enough to do it free. She suggested us to do the opposite, pluck out the black hairs, he ain't be needing them anymore. Oh boy, my grandfather freaked out when he saw we were being smartass and doing the opposite. 🤣 He never asked us to do so again, we insisted lot of times after that, but he said the trust is lost forever.
super adan plush
super adan plush 2 kun oldin
pandas are the best
I'm Chinese and Filipino I can relate my grandma says if I don't finish my wife will be ugly
Victoria Shoesmith
Victoria Shoesmith 3 kun oldin
& the Nigerian Prince turned out to be somebody's white grandpa. REALLY-- it was in some newspaper around...last year-ish.
shayne see ._.
shayne see ._. 3 kun oldin
Most of the comments: DON'T TALK BACK TO YOUR PARENTS and then there's me: I'm ready to debate with my parents :)
mimi Thilo
mimi Thilo 3 kun oldin
I'm part black to so they don't mess with me
mimi Thilo
mimi Thilo 3 kun oldin
I LOVE the birdnest
mimi Thilo
mimi Thilo 3 kun oldin
I'm asian
Chaos Afterlife
Chaos Afterlife 3 kun oldin
I never met any white person that wear shoes in the house unless we are about to go outside. We always take off our shoes when we come home.
ARMY_For_Life 3 kun oldin
Tbh my favorite dom videos are the ones with his friends because they’re all just so hilarious 😆
seison dragneel
seison dragneel 3 kun oldin
growing up asian: mom: wat u get 4 mooth test me: 100% mom: y u no get 105%?? u no get into good college then u be homeless dad: what about my big house
KungFuryClub 3 kun oldin
I feel like Asians get it the best tbh. It must be nice to have parents that do care and know how to raise someone with high knowledge. I had to grow up figuring out things my self and I'm still confused about things I was never taught.
henry tran
henry tran 3 kun oldin
I am Asian and I think Anime is LIFE
HumpMeFučkMe DaddyBetterMakeMeChoke
I am Hispanic so same goes for us but my cousins are Asians and I love coming to their house the food is so good
Hello There people
Hello There people 3 kun oldin
I’m Vietnamese
Fox ov
Fox ov 3 kun oldin
*"ANYMO"* 8:32
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 3 kun oldin
That whole video felt like an ad
Ethan pak
Ethan pak 3 kun oldin
My mom never complains about my tests when I don't get 100 and there asian!!!!!!!!
Crystal Zhu
Crystal Zhu 4 kun oldin
Aram Salinas
Aram Salinas 4 kun oldin
I LOVEEE JAPAN AND KOREA😘😘😙😙but..im not from there..😢😭
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