Growing Up Asian

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2-Iyl, 2018

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magpie -
magpie - 2 soat oldin
No shoes in the house, not even slippers
ZaynakuGaming 3 soat oldin
When i was a kid i gained 1000 pesos a week/20$ per week
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 4 soat oldin
OMG.I love that anamashin
Ghena Kafyyah
Ghena Kafyyah 5 soat oldin
5th watching still make me laugh
77 kosumik
77 kosumik 5 soat oldin
i'm asian but actually i live in russia and it's very relatable to me & my family, lol. also, i think that every russian parents punish their children with hits, that's sad.
Michell M.
Michell M. 6 soat oldin
I take my shoes off and put on slippers indoors and I even have bath slippers ; I don't leave a speck of food on my plate ; I never got allowance unless I did chores ; My mom wears my clothes and yes she buys clothes that she would also like to wear but she says they're for me...but they're more her style than mine...; I had an insane amount of after school tutors up until college ; ....BUT I'M NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ASIAN !! !..also the plastic bag drawer was a thing..still is ..and I'm still not Asian
Thedeadlyone z
Thedeadlyone z 6 soat oldin
LOL at 10:23 my class has 27 students the ratio of girl to boy is 8:1 lol
Ailsa Marrufo
Ailsa Marrufo 7 soat oldin
Yooo I enjoyed this video, I think u should do this more, if u can lol..
Mysti Kong
Mysti Kong 7 soat oldin
I swear to god my grandma could curve shots when throwing shoes, you could literally have run around a corner and she could hit you with the slipper. One time, she downed some poor dude who tried to steal her friend's purse by throwing her shoe at him. To this day, despite the fact that she has to use a walker and is half blind, my dad, uncle, cousins, brother, and I flinch when she uses a warning tone. She could be miles away and I'll still refuse to leave so much as a grain of rice on my plate should a shoe come flying at me. I love my grandma but she is the scariest person I know...
Sean Beltran
Sean Beltran 8 soat oldin
I also do white hair to get me some money
Color’d Pastels
Color’d Pastels 10 soat oldin
im fillipino too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tenley Tenley
Tenley Tenley 11 soat oldin
My family is polish and everything you said happens to you with your family happens to mine so even though I ain’t Asian I relate
dab dab dab awesome
dab dab dab awesome 14 soat oldin
I’m not Asian but I’m Brazilian and I’m just like asians
Galaxy Blue
Galaxy Blue 15 soat oldin
Me *as an Asian* Its not called "eating" if there is no rice in it No shoes or flip-flops inside the house If I want something, my parents would say "I will buy you one, if you got the first rank in class" Bad grades, you're grounded for the rest of your life "Oh look at Susan, shes really smart, and she always got A+, why can't *YOU* be like her"
Florina Flower
Florina Flower 15 soat oldin
Jom, "Dom without the D". Everytime I hear that name I can remember that part 😂
vkook is real
vkook is real 16 soat oldin
So painfully true.
gamer boy
gamer boy 18 soat oldin
Can you speak fillipino
Jyoti Mehta
Jyoti Mehta 19 soat oldin
My grandmother actually liked her white hair picked. She did'nt pay me or anything but it was kinda fun picking her hair as a kid, now that I think about it.
AVIATION LOVER 19 soat oldin
Do you have Filipino blood?
Jiliane Caile
Jiliane Caile 19 soat oldin
Omg.... I also tutored in Kumon
Lian Marie Adan
Lian Marie Adan 21 soat oldin
lolcraftergaming YT
lolcraftergaming YT 23 soat oldin
Oh, mah gud TAGALOG!!!
Haemi Lee
Haemi Lee 23 soat oldin
Yo that song Chinese Japanese dirty knees- I like grew up listening to that lol
Noodles 21
Noodles 21 Kun oldin
I’m Mexican and I can relate to half of this. Mostly the one where you finish your food and your mom/grandma thinks you want more so they give you more
Noodles 21
Noodles 21 Kun oldin
Literally we can relate to Asians, African Americans cuz we have so much in common
Hannah Le
Hannah Le Kun oldin
I'm already laughing at the beginning of how relatable this is
Kyle L
Kyle L Kun oldin
I love birds nest spit ya just drink it it has some jelly in it
I’m Korean
Bleach Kun oldin
ChrisSkitz Kun oldin
Is this loss 4:13
growing up polish: get used to people saying your name wrong
Aaliyah Lopez [The_Potato_With_POTENTIAL!!!]BTS IS
Ya'll should do more of these.. I'm rolling on the fucking floor rn 😂😂😂😂
Sunday3pm Kun oldin
‘You can cash that in later!’ Hahhahaha im dead right there
LillianSue Saenz
soooo relatable i have a Korean mom and i am part Korean
Monster Mash
Monster Mash Kun oldin
I get 40 a month for choires
Kandy Kun oldin
Chinese Japanese Dirty knees LOOK AT THESEEEE!!
Kandy Kun oldin
4:15 me when my friends come over for dinner and they bring diet coke instead of normal coke
NULL Kun oldin
I hate whenever I’m really sick and I stay home... Especially on the day they explain the important stuff. Then it’s just like “IS THAT A B? YOU SKIPPED A DAY TO BE FAILING ME?! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”
DragonGamer 67
DragonGamer 67 Kun oldin
I'm Chinese also so I get everything in this video.
Melancholy Angel
Lmao I had Kumon once.
Qxeenly's Corner
Pak & park 😂
J-HOPE Is Your Hope
Naomi Ung
Naomi Ung 2 kun oldin
Haha! I'm the tallest Asian in my class,and I use clothing from my aunt (my aunt is the shortest in the family ). Why I am taller than my aunt ,evenly thou' my aunt is second oldest. *panic in depression
Jessica Counts
Jessica Counts 2 kun oldin
I get tyat skyrim refrance at 7:06
Walrus Buckteeth
Walrus Buckteeth 2 kun oldin
Who the hell wears shoes in bed?! I'm white, but i have a habit of not wearing shoes in my house and leaving them outside.
sharmin A
sharmin A 2 kun oldin
Yes, just yes.
Ayden808killer 2 kun oldin
I got no Allowance at all
Classic Sonic The hedgehog
These are priceless
Jolee Smith
Jolee Smith 2 kun oldin
Bruh I'm Korean and I'm like rlly small Even tho I'm a girl and ur talking abt guys I've seen some pretty small guys no trigger here just informing
Cloudy Face
Cloudy Face 2 kun oldin
OK... So I'm a Chinese Korean right.. And whenever I walk past a person thats not aisan they compare me to other Asian people like.. Are they your sister/brother?.. I'm like boiiii I ain't fuken related to every Asian in the world what if I said the same thing to you pabo?!?
GPWDOG 2 kun oldin
Huh... I'm adopted Asian... age 14
M-z-O 2 kun oldin
*how us Filipino's/Asians grow up* 1. YOU NEED TO EAT RICE! 2. Study, study, study 3. Nevet talk back to you parents NEVER! 4. (This what my parents let me do) Supports me for everything The END
Mintellaa 2 kun oldin
HAHAH I love this omg
Just A Opinion
Just A Opinion 2 kun oldin
Second syllable is "Ahn"
Yu Lian Schurmans
Yu Lian Schurmans 2 kun oldin
Inam Malek
Inam Malek 2 kun oldin
Ravi Bimoli
Ravi Bimoli 2 kun oldin
Here is a basic rundown for a typical asian student: DONT GET SICK THEY *WILL* TORTURE YOU Must get at least 95%+ or it will be a *FAIL* Rice *FOREVA* Glasses *FOVEVA* Your parents *WILL* embarrass you in front of your crush GTA is your life(General Theoretical algorithms idk) NO POKET MONAY FO YOW MUST BE EITHER DOCTOR OR LAWYER Brought to you by a brown Chinese(yes I'm Chinese and I'm brown wtf)asian(the crush one is my friends experience dw)
M V 2 kun oldin
English whit filipino accent 👌👌😂
Katherine Nobleza
Katherine Nobleza 2 kun oldin
12:12 tour second syllable is ehhhh
Med's Kingdom
Med's Kingdom 2 kun oldin
God something like "Hell yeah this is my place" just blowing in my head Also, I'm Vietnamese lmao
JcSpyGamer XD
JcSpyGamer XD 2 kun oldin
It sounds like a radio thing
The Nebula Lord
The Nebula Lord 3 kun oldin
i cant go in my bed with my shoes on
Xơydyvuye Zxc
Xơydyvuye Zxc 3 kun oldin
oh man motorola!!
Xơydyvuye Zxc
Xơydyvuye Zxc 3 kun oldin
96... boy... china sure sounds like a night mare!
Xơydyvuye Zxc
Xơydyvuye Zxc 3 kun oldin
I like it how they all sound so white lmao 😂
Sir Shiny Suicune
Sir Shiny Suicune 3 kun oldin
I eat food fast
Ult_lasing 2
Ult_lasing 2 3 kun oldin
Domics is Filipino?
Ayana Sketches
Ayana Sketches 3 kun oldin
Dad: You have a girlfriend? How many? Me: Bish wha? What do you expect me to say? 49? I have one mf, one.
Ayana Sketches
Ayana Sketches 3 kun oldin
My GF is Phillipino, she just doesn't let me announce it on my channel...
Doopie Wolfie
Doopie Wolfie 3 kun oldin
Nummy The Dummy
Nummy The Dummy 3 kun oldin
I also do kumon
joy ye
joy ye 3 kun oldin
joy ye
joy ye 3 kun oldin
joy ye
joy ye 3 kun oldin
I can’t stop laughing 4:0 I wish I was tall :(
another. evan
another. evan 3 kun oldin
"Are you a doctor yet?" "I'm sixtin Dad" "Talk to me when you're a doctor" - Family Guy 🤣🤣🤣
Luke Lim
Luke Lim 3 kun oldin
I didn’t get a allowance and some of my friends weren’t Asian and they took off shoes in the house but I’m Asian and I just wear barefoot in my house lol
B T S 3 kun oldin
Minsung MWHJ
Minsung MWHJ 3 kun oldin
I’m french and I don’t keep my shoes on at home either It’s gross But the problem is I still take them off when people propose me to keep them on
_JellyLin_ 3 kun oldin
I also heard about the chinese rice thing too so I always finish my food XD
Galaxiies GameOn
Galaxiies GameOn 3 kun oldin
Bullies: Chinese, Japanese Dom and me: I’m Filipino
Madam Jim
Madam Jim 3 kun oldin
Lorraine 3 kun oldin
We Filipinos, we will let you eat. Even if you deny it, *you will eat*.
MilkTea Frappe
MilkTea Frappe 3 kun oldin
dont forget the WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU WHEN ME AND YOUR FATHER DIE! line when you accidentally burnt the rice
you can see me in a crown
relatable af 😂 *all the asians are quaking*
RiverSnakes 3 kun oldin
"Who wears there shows on their bed".. I'm scared now
nada2151 4 kun oldin
Arent vpns illegal?
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai 4 kun oldin
Jomm: I didn’t get hit, I got hit verbally Claire: I GOT BOTH. Me: Sameeeeee.
Joshua 4 kun oldin
My mom is my tutor
Joshua 4 kun oldin
6:00 Kumon? Please no
Joshua 4 kun oldin
I'm Korean and I'm Like Slightly taller than average I think Wait no I'm like 5 foot 6 And the average is 4 foot 10 Never mind
Episode Life
Episode Life 4 kun oldin
At 2:30 When someone eats my fries :0
Some random gamerz yt channel ._.
Asian man take me by the hand lead me through japan
Gmod Re-Makes
Gmod Re-Makes 4 kun oldin
Dude thats so fucking wrong most white people dont keep their shoes on when they sleep
Love Gamer
Love Gamer 4 kun oldin
Eyy my dad says baon? Bacon? Beoan? NANI but im Filipino to
Jason Tran
Jason Tran 4 kun oldin
Lets what relates to me being asian... Um, people assume im chinese... Oh also someone tried to correct me for saying đồng, which is pronounced dom for people who arent vietnamese. They said, “NO ITS DONG.” They were not vientamese. I responded, “I want to die.”
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 4 kun oldin
I'm also a tall ass korean....
•Andie• Why?
•Andie• Why? 4 kun oldin
I dont get allowance
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 4 kun oldin
2:29 that face when you do anything for money
Apple Id
Apple Id 4 kun oldin
HI mr umm pa pag pang a knee boing! Lol🇵🇭
XxGamerxX 0403
XxGamerxX 0403 4 kun oldin
I like being filipino cuz I like to use my hands to eat sometimes I simot anything left on the plate And more...
Devyn Coleman
Devyn Coleman 4 kun oldin
I need to put on slippers in the house because im obsessed with asins
SERAPHINIA 4 kun oldin
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