Growing Up Asian

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2-Iyl, 2018

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Turret NO.2
Turret NO.2 Soat oldin
all short Koreans are triggered
Somebody 2 soat oldin
Its Bluey
Its Bluey 2 soat oldin
umm re you dead?
Kyle Li
Kyle Li 2 soat oldin
I don’t know what to say
Kyle Li
Kyle Li 2 soat oldin
Wellesley xx,sowow'sw
amara Dawson
amara Dawson 3 soat oldin
I don't get a Ohioans
amara Dawson
amara Dawson 3 soat oldin
Yay jomm
Star Da Llama
Star Da Llama 3 soat oldin
HAHAhaha This is greAT
Geometry Dash Fanboy
I’m mexican
Dovley4ever 3 soat oldin
i'm filipino and my dad would make me have a clean plate because of the saying
i am dead
i am dead 4 soat oldin
When will you post again
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 4 soat oldin
tiny pie 113
tiny pie 113 4 soat oldin
I use to learn kumon
sophsfavvids 5 soat oldin
I died at 12:12
IWantToDie 6 soat oldin
apparently ur supposed to turn the bird nest into soup
cospro 22
cospro 22 6 soat oldin
If you ever have a child that will only speak english, you can easily tease them if you speak a different language.
I am poop
I am poop 6 soat oldin
Asian parents: Yeah we dont give two shits about how you study and we wont help you in any way bUT IF YOU DONT GET THAT A+ PACK YOUR BAGS WE’RE OFF TO THE ADOPTION CENTRE.
Blaze Phoenix Gaming
i did not have a tutor
I am poop
I am poop 6 soat oldin
Well children who’s parents can afford tutors have tutors... the rest of us either cant afford it or our parents don’t give two shits but you have to get that A or your packing your bags off to the adoption centre. So we end up begging our teachers to help us with that questions we couldn’t solve.
Yia XIONG 6 soat oldin
Im also using my dads phone
Yia XIONG 6 soat oldin
Ya im hmong
Weaboo Steve
Weaboo Steve 6 soat oldin
Unfortunetly, I'm white. But I know a little bit of Japanese.
Bleh de meh
Bleh de meh 6 soat oldin
Your second syllable is 'EGH'
1234567890 1234567890
LlamaBrain YT
LlamaBrain YT 8 soat oldin
•-• E E E E E E E E E E E
MikeHawkisHard69 8 soat oldin
So many similarities and I grow up in a black family
awesome legobatman
awesome legobatman 9 soat oldin
when is the next video fammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
Legendary Legacy
Legendary Legacy 9 soat oldin
Can you make a vid about what if you lived in the world of my hero academia? Aka book no academia
Oof Witty
Oof Witty 9 soat oldin
12:13 EH
Pale-Reaper 9 soat oldin
skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim im happy now skyrim fus ro dah SKYRIM thank you.
지만Jimin 9 soat oldin
OMG no way I went kumon too! All my asian friends have gone tuition 🙄
StormCrow 9 soat oldin
Just rewatched this half a month later to laugh my ass off :))))) MOAR videos please, Domics!
Philana Bonk
Philana Bonk 10 soat oldin
I don't understand why people make fun of accents. I live for them
Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft
I dont think it's an Asian thing( in this case for girls) bc me and my mom are almost the same height, im a little taller, and she sometimes buys nice looking clothes so that any point we can use each others clothes whrne were on vacation for a week somewhere so we can switch up and not waste clothes. I'm wearing one of those many shirts right now,at this minute on Sunday, July the thirteenth of twentyeighteen
Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft
I started thinking about my name too much and now my brain hurts a lot
Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft
5:32 am i the only who let out a long AWWWWWWWWWWWW Cutie Dom ///'v'///
Growing Up As An Asian (my ways xD) Growing up as an asian, (also filipino :>) ITS ALL BASICALLY THE SAME AS THIS VID LUL
David Stojilkovic
David Stojilkovic 12 soat oldin
Will anyone tell me what does #317 Mississauga mean?
A3sthetic 12 soat oldin
*I haven’t stopped laughing since the video started* eeEEEEEE
Switch Central
Switch Central 12 soat oldin
You ever played fortnite?
Blue Team
Blue Team 12 soat oldin
Hispanics are similar imo 1. Shove food down your throat as soon as you're done 2. Makes nasty potions 3. Gives you gifts to give your friends like really expensive gifts 4. The white hair thing
PANDAZ vlogs
PANDAZ vlogs 12 soat oldin
My mom would never rip my drawings she would just make fun of it cause she was a professional artist. And my Korean name starts with a R but my real name starts with a L so my grandpa when he spells my name in English he keeps putting Rani instead of Lani
Rex Productions
Rex Productions 13 soat oldin
My mother is mexican and my father is Korean so she easily adapted to his traditional ways. Man I can relate to rhe Chinese, Japanese, Dat knees look at these things man I'm quaking on how relatable this is.... Exept for the gift thing my parents didn't do that my grandparents did My family is scary Like don't ever comeover
Galaxy Cosmos
Galaxy Cosmos 13 soat oldin
I’m half Asian half European so I do some of these things with my mom and have different habits with my dad. We have some slippers and bring just take off my shoes in the house. I do allowance though but I have to do chores.
Strawberry_ Myork
Strawberry_ Myork 13 soat oldin
The thing was “My mom’s Chinese, my dad’s Japanese and I turned out like this.” **does the racist eye thing up and down**
boggo boi
boggo boi 13 soat oldin
We all need friends like GABE 👌😂🅱🔥
Jocelyn Barrera
Jocelyn Barrera 14 soat oldin
Same Dom I do the same thing I pick my parents gray hairs but my payment was 3 dollars a hair
Phynix 15 soat oldin
what is #317 Mississagua?
Dragon Hunters Society
#317 what the heck there are videos like that
Cookie Pls
Cookie Pls 16 soat oldin
Scape Tonomy
Scape Tonomy 16 soat oldin
Im a Filipino I know the meaning of baon and the meaning of baon is snack
Taco Cat Vlogs
Taco Cat Vlogs 17 soat oldin
Jhinf Reaks
Jhinf Reaks 17 soat oldin
Wait.....r u a filipino.....im a filipino( ˘ ³˘)♥
Only Elaine
Only Elaine 17 soat oldin
I’m asian and i get nothing for doing chores and picking their white hair lel ;_;
buster117 17 soat oldin
Asian is someone who lives in Asia, ISIS is in Asia , domics is ISIS confirmed
Shem Patrick
Shem Patrick 18 soat oldin
How to be you po?
Setsuna F. Seiei
Setsuna F. Seiei 18 soat oldin
my parents doesn't mind if i want to be an artist
Koreragegamer 18 soat oldin
You drink Cherifer?
DJ Seerroo
DJ Seerroo 18 soat oldin
I am a Asian, and when someone comes to my place they're being like -what do I have to take my shoes of??? I am being like -Yea?!?!?!??
Big_Lenny v1
Big_Lenny v1 18 soat oldin
Imperial Japanese tanks + tracks = ...
Jimin Ipabo
Jimin Ipabo 19 soat oldin
How old are you?
Boi Kid Man
Boi Kid Man 19 soat oldin
I'm Asian except I'm South East Asian
Error: Name Not Found
Error: Name Not Found 19 soat oldin
Can you do a vid about china putting a poster that said WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES! PROVINCE OF CHINA
ERIN FOUNTAIN 19 soat oldin
😂😂😂😂 I love this XD
WOLFIX HD 19 soat oldin
I’m sorry that I played goku black. He is so op and my friends get salty when I slay them. I promise I won’t do it again. Ehlboy
Vivienne Russo
Vivienne Russo 19 soat oldin
6:46 i had those checks in 3rd grade
Vivienne Russo
Vivienne Russo 19 soat oldin
4:20 Claire's face XD
Melvin Ang
Melvin Ang 20 soat oldin
I think dom is dead it has been 2 weeks without video
T.I.T.F 20 soat oldin
You didnt get the how many joke he means you dont have a gf its just a friend which is a grill
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 20 soat oldin
Hey Domics, do you know the feeling of your favourite cartoon is not gonna be on TV today? Sad right? I feel the same everyday when I don't see a blue dot on your icon. Please upload more or else I'm gonna be a zombie. Episode.... Episodes......
Doge 20 soat oldin
Mubanga Sampa
Mubanga Sampa 20 soat oldin
pinned and hearted
Frosty Ice
Frosty Ice 20 soat oldin
Chinese a japanese a jelly jellyfish that a game on the Philippines lmao its not racism lol
Link 20 soat oldin
0:17 Meme Review
A Creeper
A Creeper 20 soat oldin
im an asian too :)
JEREDEK 22 soat oldin
Japanese eyes, Dirty knees, Look at these! 😂😂😂
Aryanace 8
Aryanace 8 22 soat oldin
Hey Domics, is the Odd1sOut your inspiration?
Bisquins 22 soat oldin
My classmates are like english-speaking tryhards who just wants to be classy and one time I said "tangina wag ganyan pagaralan nyo muna grammar nyo"
devin sierra
devin sierra 23 soat oldin
If it was a Mexican mom they would never miss with la chancla
Punk Nerd
Punk Nerd 23 soat oldin
Hey Domics, are you a fan of Green Day.
Anya Raven
Anya Raven 23 soat oldin
Вот это голос
Ninja Peep
Ninja Peep 23 soat oldin
Lol. My afghan family will keep feeding you no matter what
Shiny MegaGallade
Shiny MegaGallade 23 soat oldin
When u censor the swear words it was funny because of the censoring sound and “these *censor* boy wight kids ... WHAT THE *censor*” made me die laughing because of the sound
GachaEditor -amazing
Hey domics. Im Gachaeditor. You are a filipino. Me to!
Sage_Ivory Killer
Does anyone else parents knock on fruit to make sure it's good?
*S H O O K T*
*S H O O K T* Kun oldin
Lyriqal Williams
Hi. Your voice is really comforting to listen to especially at night. I wanted to tell you that for a while i went through this phase where i literally couldnt binge watch anything bc my attention span had gotten so short and I'd get bored quickly. When i started watching your videos i didn't have this problem, maybe bc the videos are short and funny. Thank you for making yt videos, i wish you the best.
Ella Potter
Ella Potter Kun oldin
Can you do a vid completely on kingdom hearts?!!
Ayla Guler
Ayla Guler Kun oldin
I'm half Korean....
Jay Diez
Jay Diez Kun oldin
Skydee gaming and dumb stuff
My tutor is super I'm malaysia
Yuvi Films.
Yuvi Films. Kun oldin
im sorry i played goku black
Kitarah Loma
Kitarah Loma Kun oldin
*#Filipino* 🇵🇭❤👧🏻
TheRedDeads Kun oldin
You dont know how relatable this is
Emily Grey
Emily Grey Kun oldin
Please do more!! This was so funny😂😂😂
MehThePotato Kun oldin
I charge my mom a dollar each white hair. She never pays me
OUT Kun oldin
Growing up Asian? More like Growing up to be a Doctor.
Gerald Banatao
Gerald Banatao Kun oldin
no tsinelas in the house
Nekosakura Chan
Nekosakura Chan Kun oldin
When your so Asian that when you try saying the word beach and then some one calls you out or tells someone that you cussed....
Bobby Fawks
Bobby Fawks Kun oldin
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