Guess The Rap Song! (EASY) (XXXTENTACION Edition)

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21-Iyn, 2018

rapingrapski mask the slump godxxxtentacionguess the rap songstyles of rapfast rapguess the songxxxtentationhip hopquadeca 20 styles of rap reactioni spoke to the devil in miami he said everything would be okayski mask the slumpski mask the slump god fightXXXTENTATION Dead#RipXxxxXXXTETNATION SONGS



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meltinkt bow
meltinkt bow 5 oy oldin
Crystal Dobson
Crystal Dobson 4 kun oldin
xxxtentacion xxx
xxxtentacion xxx 8 kun oldin
Thanks for saying that
Katie Booker
Katie Booker 9 kun oldin
Like if the person who killed x ahold die
ZAlphaR 974
ZAlphaR 974 9 kun oldin
#LLJ R.I.P X The legend
Dakotoz 2.0
Dakotoz 2.0 3 soat oldin
This man will never die, he will always live on in my heart. And I will never let any forget about his existences.
FaZe Dabs-z
FaZe Dabs-z 7 soat oldin
Lemoneasy 8 soat oldin
RIP XXX RIP JOCELYN FLORES Nobody cares for her besides X I feel like. RIP JOCELYN FLORES RIP XXX
TheQuartzCable Hq
TheQuartzCable Hq 8 soat oldin
2 wrong
FøuKunDoge XXX
FøuKunDoge XXX 9 soat oldin
2018 *anyone* ?
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez 11 soat oldin
I got 100 RIP XXXXXX
LLJ Makeouthill
LLJ Makeouthill 14 soat oldin
Angela Gomez
Angela Gomez 15 soat oldin
He forgot to put bad
Kaidyn Phoenix
Kaidyn Phoenix 16 soat oldin
Rest easy Jah 💔😭
Porschea Walker
Porschea Walker 17 soat oldin
1 moonlight 2.carryon
Jason Petersen
Jason Petersen 18 soat oldin
R.I.P XXX he's in a better place now 😢😭
DanteGamez 20 soat oldin
Veninex [GD]
Veninex [GD] 22 soat oldin
I got all of them right but most of all #LLPX
-CyborG- ZH
-CyborG- ZH 22 soat oldin
*real fan here* got full score
Marija Jovev
Marija Jovev 15 soat oldin
this is too easy bro
Jayden Reed
Jayden Reed 22 soat oldin
12 points
Yaboimo 23 soat oldin
If you can’t get this you are not a true fan
Ice Ackermann
Ice Ackermann Kun oldin
R.I.P X Rest In Peace XXXTentacion RIP X RIP X RIP X
Mildred Cafirma
Mildred Cafirma Kun oldin
It’s kinda not fair because you put the instrumental part or intro so it’s not fair XP
P King
P King Kun oldin
LOOK AT ME is my favorite one RIP XXXTENTACION 😫😓😩😢😭🤧
Aubrey John
Aubrey John Kun oldin
RIP ❤️😭 MISS YOU!!!!!!
Berat Sahatqiu
Berat Sahatqiu Kun oldin
Jahaira Hilario
Jahaira Hilario Kun oldin
I knew all the lyrics just forgot the names
Ranona Dixon
Ranona Dixon Kun oldin
Sims XXX mikaya.@
Simarpreet Issar
1.moonlight 2.carry on 3.changes 4.f love 5.jocelyn Flores 6.look at me 7.revenge 8.sad 9.save me 10.yung bratz 11.everybody dies in their nightmares I promise I didn’t cheat Rip jahseh
Simarpreet Issar
I couldn’t really guess them cause you only played the beat
liltre_ Dumb
liltre_ Dumb Kun oldin
xxxtentacion fan boy
I got 3 wrong
Riley Kerr
Riley Kerr Kun oldin
you spelled his name wrong.... its xxxtentacion
Jeff Curry
Jeff Curry Kun oldin
Moonlight is the frist one ripx
Crossover Mixtapes
Heroes come and go but legends are forever,we love you xxxtentacion
Kyle Saint-Hubert
Kyle Saint-Hubert
Look at me
Kyle Saint-Hubert
Jocelyn flores
Kyle Saint-Hubert
Fuck love
Kyle Saint-Hubert
Kyle Saint-Hubert
Carry on
Kyle Saint-Hubert
sukhee tuguldur
sukhee tuguldur Kun oldin
PA1N Kun oldin
fake fan edition
Taneequa Love
Taneequa Love Kun oldin
I love cosian Rip hope you rise in heaven I will pray and pray just for yo and my friends and family and Jesse Meyer bless you if you don't remember me I was the new baby that your mom said is your cuss So I love and always miss you xxxtentansion and I can't sAy your real name and im8 now so miss you😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😭😭 Why my favourite person
George Anderson
George Anderson 2 kun oldin
Bro R.I.P X great person 😭
Shorn E
Shorn E 2 kun oldin
Rip Mate
Mystery YT
Mystery YT 2 kun oldin
I got 8
the nooblife
the nooblife 2 kun oldin
Got all correct rip x🙏
Emerson ECB
Emerson ECB 2 kun oldin
Brandon Garcia
Brandon Garcia 2 kun oldin
Brock Moore
Brock Moore 2 kun oldin
Sooooooo easy
Brock Moore
Brock Moore 2 kun oldin
Xxcraderzky pyle
Xxcraderzky pyle 2 kun oldin
Fly high x fly high rest in peace
Xxcraderzky pyle
Xxcraderzky pyle 2 kun oldin
Realmage909 Pro
Realmage909 Pro 2 kun oldin
Lucien Kite
Lucien Kite 2 kun oldin
6 😱
Rory Forsyth 10
Rory Forsyth 10 2 kun oldin
Juraj 22 SVK
Juraj 22 SVK 2 kun oldin
Fosia Kauser
Fosia Kauser 2 kun oldin
Darren Mlotshwa
Darren Mlotshwa 2 kun oldin
Got all them right Miss u X
Ghost _Hunter06
Ghost _Hunter06 3 kun oldin
I got 3 wrong
John Hopkins
John Hopkins 3 kun oldin
Still can’t get over the fact of “everyong dies in their nightmares
Primetime Highlights
Moet Kentty
Moet Kentty 3 kun oldin
Dominique E.
Dominique E. 3 kun oldin
This nigga ain't dead
Dog 2982
Dog 2982 3 kun oldin
Banico Inc
Banico Inc 3 kun oldin
I got all the songs right from is albums 17 and ?
Jozef Gojcaj
Jozef Gojcaj 3 kun oldin
Why, why x?
SMB Lazer
SMB Lazer 3 kun oldin
So save me
alexia Redmond
alexia Redmond 4 kun oldin
rip x
yo weird girll
yo weird girll 4 kun oldin
I got 8 right and 3 wrong🤪❤️
Miguel Lugo
Miguel Lugo 4 kun oldin
Erik Hernandez
Erik Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Gavaughna Tucker
Gavaughna Tucker 4 kun oldin
I meet him I cried he said it was ok I’ll always be here but I guess it wasn’t true but like if you still love his music
firethief389 take_yo_H3Ad
I only missed 3
qzfxz 4 kun oldin
Legends don’t die with one bullet
heriberto mireles
heriberto mireles 4 kun oldin
Roblox little dragon Fire breathing
To ez to ez bro way to ez just cmon ez
Obby Player
Obby Player 4 kun oldin
0:27 he said f" fucking rest in peace"?
Obby Player
Obby Player 4 kun oldin
i got all correct IM HIM NUMBER ONE FAN DUH
Amy Rivas
Amy Rivas 4 kun oldin
Love Baby Boy X❤️💔🔥
Lianne Shelton
Lianne Shelton 4 kun oldin
Rip x
XXXTENTACION Gang 4 kun oldin
Hey it,s me x
Stanton Pentecost
Stanton Pentecost 4 kun oldin
Rip xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PCR Stories
PCR Stories 4 kun oldin
I only got carry on and revenge wrong. Man, tears came out of my eyes when I heard Save Me...
SuperRuleBRITANNIA 4 kun oldin
R I P X #jahseh
Leqacii XBL
Leqacii XBL 4 kun oldin
Ayeeeee RIP X forever remembered bro
Rain Bro
Rain Bro 5 kun oldin
son: mum why do who all the best people die? mum: if you are in a garden picking flowers which one would you choose son: the best one
ii Brxcey
ii Brxcey 5 kun oldin
Who cut the onions!? ;C
Levi Marshall
Levi Marshall 5 kun oldin
Levi Marshall
Levi Marshall 5 kun oldin
Dezserai Gy
Dezserai Gy 5 kun oldin
Rip xxx😭😭😭
Teia Hackley
Teia Hackley 5 kun oldin
i missed 1
Keira Stewart
Keira Stewart 5 kun oldin
Rest easy #LLJ i only missed 2
Trap Lord
Trap Lord 5 kun oldin
I love his music video so much rip x
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell 5 kun oldin
you live and made songs and some of the songs idk you made
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell 5 kun oldin
r.i.p x
Sassy kid
Sassy kid 5 kun oldin
RIP x. Got them all right tho
steelers2005 #2
steelers2005 #2 5 kun oldin
Got them all right. Rip X
Christos Tsiounis
Christos Tsiounis 5 kun oldin
I got all right , but its everybody dies in their nightmares
Jasbinder Tung
Jasbinder Tung 5 kun oldin
He's not fully dead and he never will be. He lives in our hearts
PokeyBoyLOL 5 kun oldin
Rip X 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tim Dmitrichev
Tim Dmitrichev 5 kun oldin
Rip x D: