Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

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Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut
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11-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 366
Alexa :3
Alexa :3 5 soat oldin
Alexa, find the couples Lol
L0n3Wolf6 14 soat oldin
SloMoe Official
SloMoe Official 16 soat oldin
That is the shittest top I've ever seen
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins Kun oldin
forehead joe strikes again
Faith Zurowski
Faith Zurowski Kun oldin
i was totally shipping the 2 women as well
GachaLord 2 kun oldin
Alexa looks like her shoulder was cut off
Jassy Films
Jassy Films 3 kun oldin
0:28 her upper arm almost disappeared because her color matches the background
cackling tea
cackling tea 3 kun oldin
1:53 I don't know I am laughing so loud but the way the girl said "I love you" has me crying.
Yetis Lacrosse
Yetis Lacrosse 3 kun oldin
Aren’t they based in Seattle?
Pen0lz 4 kun oldin
This is so embarrassing... Alexa play despacito
MajorClapped 4 kun oldin
Who else thought an Amazon Echo was hosting?
Under God
Under God 4 kun oldin
For the two black people I felt racist and I still do
I Do Captions
I Do Captions 7 kun oldin
this is so cute... Alexa, play Beyonce Lemonade
cutelilmochi95 7 kun oldin
Who else is watching the video again to see how the couple's reacted when they were paired with someone else?
cutelilmochi95 7 kun oldin
Imagine you and ur crush in this guessing game and someone guessed both of u together!!!
maya(I'm deleting this channel later)
This is kind of not really relevant at all, there aren’t any gays or lesbians in the lineup. Not a very good choice
P&B - Preto e Branco
she reminds me of Kara from Detroit: Become Human
Noelle Meyer
Noelle Meyer 9 kun oldin
does anybody know what Alexa’s Instagram is??
Random Lamb6
Random Lamb6 9 kun oldin
Hmmmmmmmmm heterosexual aren't we
DaRk MiSt
DaRk MiSt 9 kun oldin
Two black woman? One is a man...
French 9 kun oldin
What's wrong with the guessers arm where the rips are my bro ain't got no shoulder😐😮
Ambii Tunes
Ambii Tunes 10 kun oldin
Hollllllup. so the person i thought was a black man was actually a black woman???????
Linds Tee
Linds Tee 10 kun oldin
not gonna lie I was hoping for a gay couple
kiko Isaak
kiko Isaak 10 kun oldin
I wonder how many of them broke up?
PUGHIE 10 kun oldin
Alexa, play *Africa by Toto*
Kylee Paige
Kylee Paige 11 kun oldin
the really tall guys face didn’t fit his body at all. like he looks really young to be that tall. and his eyes were really small. like his entire head didn’t fit his body.
Oli Jay
Oli Jay 11 kun oldin
I would just be like "I'm gonna assume everybody's gay whoops"
Leo ZHANG 11 kun oldin
It would be so surprising when 2 men or women were standing next to each other
Kamaria Cystrunk
Kamaria Cystrunk 12 kun oldin
Nope you already have 10Million, and it doesnt really help you you if you threaten people to SUBSCRIBE to your channel by deleting someones account. I know it was a joke so calm down. Just had to say. Plus I have my rights.
rojina a
rojina a 13 kun oldin
alexa is cute
Lord Turtwig667
Lord Turtwig667 13 kun oldin
I could never do this. If I saw my girlfriend doing any of things the people had to do, to someone else I would start screeching. I’m super protective and clingy (thank god my girlfriend is the same way pfft)
Smuteczexx 13 kun oldin
You asked ALEXA?!?
Joey De Haeck
Joey De Haeck 14 kun oldin
so pairing up 2 plack people is racist but 2 asian people isn't? btw ppl tend to run in similar circles
Hidde Smulders
Hidde Smulders 14 kun oldin
Does anyone know Alexa her IG?
Athena Vito
Athena Vito 15 kun oldin
crv 15 kun oldin
This woman was fucking adorable.
Eithan Soriano
Eithan Soriano 15 kun oldin
Why does the first girl look like she had no shouldare
bitch .
bitch . 16 kun oldin
alexa is helllla cute
Pixel Girl Gaming
Pixel Girl Gaming 16 kun oldin
This is so sad Alexa play despacito
Pixel Girl Gaming
Pixel Girl Gaming 16 kun oldin
I didnt mean that Alexa
jimins_jams13 16 kun oldin
0:18 if u look at her head it'll look like she has no shoulders
broomer d
broomer d 18 kun oldin
Lol so me and my sister would be a perfect couple because we are so similar :D
Perla Grimaldo
Perla Grimaldo 21 kun oldin
Minute 4:54
NiallGamer101 22 kun oldin
Alexa play despacito
LNAsain Tea
LNAsain Tea 23 kun oldin
This is the second video to a series of bendge( bendge? Idk how to English) watching Cut’s video s
Princess_miffin 02
Princess_miffin 02 23 kun oldin
0:19 we found a *ghost* time to call *GHOSTBUSTER*
Depressed Blueberries Studio
her trying to pair strangers up is so sad, _Alexa play Despacito_
Kendrick Rooch
Kendrick Rooch 24 kun oldin
Alexa play despacito
HUANGYOURSELF 24 kun oldin
the couple wearing glasses are so cute oof
Natasha 25 kun oldin
I thought Alexa but it was a human
Roos Algra
Roos Algra 25 kun oldin
U cant see a part of her arms because the skin is the same tone as the background omg
Celestial Phobia
Celestial Phobia 28 kun oldin
"Love is love" except for kids and animals. yes.
Josue Castillo
Josue Castillo 28 kun oldin
I want her IG!!!!
Reliix 29 kun oldin
Jack D
Jack D 29 kun oldin
I have a boner
Tamara cochran
Tamara cochran 29 kun oldin
Can I do one!!????
Tamara cochran
Tamara cochran 29 kun oldin
I got it right!!!!
Tahirah Coachman
0:12-0:26 I was like where are her shoulders 😂😂😂
Tomoe Radiasi
Tomoe Radiasi Oy oldin
0:55 does anyone know what his IG is? I know his name is jacob but i want to follow his IG
Xxskullripper xX
What’s the song in the background??
shook to the hook
She camaphloges with the background😂
Samantha Rhodes
Definitely should have thrown some queer couples into the mix, partly because it may have thrown her off, mostly because there would have been queer couples.
Elizabeth West
Humans are strange.
Pluski Hahaski
this is so sad... Alexa! Play Despacito
Victual •
Victual • Oy oldin
Of course the negro women’s is paired
varun2275 Oy oldin
This would be even more awkward if they had siblings in the lineup too
Jakexvx Oy oldin
So this is what Alexa looks like!
The Rainbow Unicorn Queen
Hey Alexa find out couples🤣😂😆😅
Nour Elzarou
Nour Elzarou Oy oldin
Alexa play Despacito
Alexa Gang
Alexa Gang Oy oldin
My name is Alexa
Rawan Is legitness
I shouldn’t have watch this now I feel lonely 😞
Alexa Gomez
Alexa Gomez Oy oldin
Wow my name is Alexa 😂😂
Praise World
Praise World Oy oldin
Amazingly awkward. Haha!
Adoree. Alison
In the begininging i was like where are the other part of her arms😂
Peekpeekapeeka -chu
Is her name Alexa? Did the joke "it's sad, Alexa play..." come from her? Or what?
mayaleii -
mayaleii - Oy oldin
Alexa guess where my dad is
D L Oy oldin
Play despacito
kidlouie Oy oldin
Is it just me but the whole in her sleeves make her arms invisible because of her skin tone
Francene French
This one was mad easy lmfao shes just off or something like I guesses right lmao
Eeeveelvr_100 Gamer
Do a part two plz I love this episode so much I want more
Erika Manriquez
Can i be in one of these videos tbh
juju alsaud
juju alsaud Oy oldin
Ruby Oy oldin
I love that she was so honest "like that could be racist" lol
Superior Fishing
Just waiting for a gay couple
It would have been GR8 with an odd number, and 3 were all together XD
Dank People
Dank People Oy oldin
Lol, her skin blended in with the background
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Alexa play despacito
Fαıтհ •
Fαıтհ • Oy oldin
regardless if any of them were gay or not, it is still sad heterosexuality is the default
HoneyIsland 23
It's sad because she didn't get anyone right but it was even more sad hearing strangers say Ily to someone else
A Mai
A Mai Oy oldin
0:07 *Technology has come so far these days*
Vivianna Paez
Vivianna Paez Oy oldin
I would of put at least one gay couple.
Jacob Higgins
Jacob Higgins Oy oldin
_Alexa I feel sad play the next episode of despacito 2 kakficujfundjjmsims_ And also why is it that every Jacob I know is tall including me! Broooo
lil scythe
lil scythe Oy oldin
the dude that wears his has backwards in a way that covers his eyebrows is so goofy
Aiden Gibbs
Aiden Gibbs Oy oldin
Kishi Walt
Kishi Walt Oy oldin
The blockhead music tho
Ciel Oy oldin
Is she queer..? Asking for a friend XD
LMA_RTempted Oy oldin
Can you ask Alexa to play Despacito?
Christian p
Christian p Oy oldin
This is so sad. Alexa play Despacito.
Is the one with the short dirty blondish hair Camryn from the channel Cam&Fam? #camily
Chicken !
Chicken ! Oy oldin
Shes so funny
Miguel Arruda
Miguel Arruda Oy oldin
I would date her, for sure... Idk why, but yeah