Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut
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11-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 177
ARRAV 4 soat oldin
Ohh nooo! They weren't as diversed as Cut wished them to beee! Usually, people of same race are attracted to each other.
Mirage Uchiha
Mirage Uchiha 5 soat oldin
Look at Shiggy gettin around.
Wesley Gray
Wesley Gray 5 soat oldin
This channel is pretty boss. It is putting motion to the whole "Can't judge a book by its color" type of thing.
DollsEye 5 soat oldin
Id fail at this cause id just be blushing hardcore and I'd be repeating "I love you" nonstop. I can't hide when i love someone xD
Tanveer Masih
Tanveer Masih 8 soat oldin
I have no Clue
Kaynic52 12 soat oldin
The couple with glasses are such a cute couple!
:/ 16 soat oldin
How’s this trending on the music section?
Ellie Petrova
Ellie Petrova 16 soat oldin
The End
The End 16 soat oldin
Guess Who Got Punked... HOT OFF THE PRESS: Project Veritas, Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose" uzvid.com/video/video-ZXLuqQe8DqQ.html
J0rdax 16 soat oldin
Holy shit the one with the hat was a girl? I thought that was a dude the entire time..... wtf is up with lesbians or gay people looking like the opposite sex.
Wassap Guys
Wassap Guys 19 soat oldin
From the title before I pressed in I though they used the robot alexa
Bobby Singh
Bobby Singh 22 soat oldin
Damn I thought the dike was gonna be like woman?! Ima man!!!
GOT DA POKE 23 soat oldin
Blacks with black tall women with tall man asain with asain white with whites..... Wow RASCIEST BASTARD S lol makes a lote more sense
girl needs a fashion makeover, too many people wear basic colors...black and blue...
CazMatazz Kun oldin
What the fuck is she wearing
TheRoyalEmerald Kun oldin
Alexa, play DESPACITO 2
Glazed Donut
Glazed Donut Kun oldin
Yet she knew the Asian couple was together...
Amc1294 Kun oldin
Why are they reposting content they've already shown months ago?
Free Crawler
Free Crawler Kun oldin
Come on why can’t you put the black people together it’s ok. It’s cool. We understand.
Shiningshima :D
Shiningshima :D Kun oldin
Lyndell O
Lyndell O Kun oldin
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ShyanneCamryn Kun oldin
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Ginger Devil
Ginger Devil Kun oldin
(Where the lesbos and gays?) :)
live football
live football Kun oldin
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Shelly-Ann Blake
Kendra Vang
Kendra Vang Kun oldin
Love this but sooooooooo cringy lmao 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Danni Anderson
Danni Anderson Kun oldin
Why there no gay couples?!?!
Ben Nielsen
Ben Nielsen 2 kun oldin
Why is this in the music section?
Sam guy
Sam guy 2 kun oldin
Goddamn it this an old one fam
Aishwarya Net
Aishwarya Net 2 kun oldin
4:14 They look like siblings...
Vloggeer 2 kun oldin
Wait why is this on the music section of trending
Lexi & Rue
Lexi & Rue 2 kun oldin
I guessed in the beginning and I no joke at the end got 5/5 honest
High :lo
High :lo 2 kun oldin
Wait...I’m having deja-vu, is this a reuploud?
Cakes Cooking and More
Interesting. I subbed
IDALÏA 2 kun oldin
The ending lmao
Genesis Batroni
Genesis Batroni 2 kun oldin
And I hear I am as the third wheel AGAIN
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 2 kun oldin
Jesus Christ accepts you right where you are at
I Need Weed so Badly
What's the full name of Alexa?
Alexa Frost
Alexa Frost 2 kun oldin
Slurp 2 kun oldin
Cause I get paid
Jered Dominguez
Jered Dominguez 2 kun oldin
Can I pair up with Alexa
SourLemon Water
SourLemon Water 3 kun oldin
Lexi Lazo
Lexi Lazo 3 kun oldin
My name is Alexa
C P 3 kun oldin
so basically date your twin
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen 3 kun oldin
0:11 she has no arms
star 3 kun oldin
damn girl are those jeans painted on? O.o
K G 3 kun oldin
This was weak
hello yes boredom
hello yes boredom 3 kun oldin
Irl Shipping basically
i'mthechosenone •
it would be embarrassing if there were some gay people out there and she pairs them with opposite gender lol
Vicu- Des
Vicu- Des 3 kun oldin
Just heterosexual couples... Great!
Stephanie Rodriquez
Ugly people and ugly pedoz and that dumb weird thin illegal looking thot
Robles Joselyn
Robles Joselyn 3 kun oldin
I tall guy has a cute face lmao
Saul Santiago
Saul Santiago 3 kun oldin
It was pretty obvious the back people "were not together"😐
Peacock For Sale
Peacock For Sale 3 kun oldin
I was focusing on her arms for the first half the video
I dont know
I dont know 3 kun oldin
Is this a re upload?
Andres 3 kun oldin
Play despacito
mars 3 kun oldin
imagine if there was a gay couple OML
Emmy Andre
Emmy Andre 3 kun oldin
Enough pipe responsibility evidence sail session file investigate sexually dust nut calculate text.
Gillipsce LRG
Gillipsce LRG 3 kun oldin
I don't know what it is but I find Alexa very attractive
Klara Moe
Klara Moe 3 kun oldin
Do a "match person with the instrument they play"
thicc boiiie
thicc boiiie 4 kun oldin
this is so sad bcause im single , alexa play despacito
Steven S
Steven S 4 kun oldin
Why only men and women couples?
edgy milkshake
edgy milkshake 4 kun oldin
assuming a black person is dating another black person ain't racist, its just an assumption
edgy milkshake
edgy milkshake 3 kun oldin
+Annie preach.
Annie 3 kun oldin
edgy milkshake you would think so. On this channel, everything is about racism and challenging societal thoughts and opinions so people second guess their picks. The producers do try to confuse them as well. And the contestants are often repeat guests. But yeah...not racist.
Fotograph 4 kun oldin
Part 2!
setters family
setters family 4 kun oldin
Love this
Iandia 4 kun oldin
OK but she's so cute!
bRiTtAnIa WhITiCk
bRiTtAnIa WhITiCk 4 kun oldin
There are more straight couples than gays. 👍👍👍👍
Jk231 4 kun oldin
Akwolf06 4 kun oldin
Two people with glasses lookin pretty nerdy THEY MUST BE A COUPLE
Majestic Productions
Didnt you already post this?
Spilky 4 kun oldin
I was expecting a lesbian couple....
GoldenTV3 4 kun oldin
But the real question is. Can Alexa play despacito?
Anthony Paul
Anthony Paul 4 kun oldin
it’s a trick ....they’re all in one polyamorous love fest
Max Zet
Max Zet 4 kun oldin
1:52 oh god that "each ootheeeer" makes me cringe.
Jolty STNT
Jolty STNT 4 kun oldin
The Shipping game
Isobel Mcmullen
Isobel Mcmullen 4 kun oldin
I thought they meant Alexa the speaker 😂
KArS7熏 4 kun oldin
4:35 were same thinking
Official - Deeva!
Official - Deeva! 4 kun oldin
Where tf is her shoulders tho😂😂😂 looks like she lost her shoulder there. 0:00
Hyena Sheep
Hyena Sheep 4 kun oldin
Glad i was not in it. I would have put 2 girls together... x'))
Qveen Hatsume
Qveen Hatsume 4 kun oldin
Guess who doesn't give a shit from a list of comments.
Aaliyah Marie
Aaliyah Marie 4 kun oldin
The reason she thought it might be racist is likely because they’re both black. It’s a “stick with your race” thing. Used to be huge way back in the day. Did you know interracial couples weren’t even accepted by the majority of the country until the 90’s? Crazy, right?
eight Mouse
eight Mouse 4 kun oldin
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Crystallyzer t
Crystallyzer t 4 kun oldin
It seems obvi once you know.. prior to the reveal I had no clue tho. Lol
Embrace The Show
Embrace The Show 4 kun oldin
You guys just recycled an old video.
YanTheTrader 4 kun oldin
'I thought it might be racist' lmao
Zom Bee Nature
Zom Bee Nature 4 kun oldin
I have more than a couple of videos... har har har
M Petite
M Petite 5 kun oldin
awkward~ lol
Jennifer Herrera
Jennifer Herrera 5 kun oldin
Her first instincts were right!
Kelly Lynch
Kelly Lynch 5 kun oldin
i got them all right,
Nacl and Pepper
Nacl and Pepper 5 kun oldin
Didnt pair the 2 african americans together? Hello? Anyone home? Lol
jose salas
jose salas 5 kun oldin
Why did they re-upload?
SkellbroPlayz 5 kun oldin
NoIt'sBecky 5 kun oldin
I would not want to come off racist either. I would have just paired them up with white people too
Torii Gloryy
Torii Gloryy 5 kun oldin
This was cute
Gill Bates
Gill Bates 5 kun oldin
it looks like alexa’s arms are detached
André de Andrade
André de Andrade 5 kun oldin
This was fucking dumb, wtf
ItzDip 1
ItzDip 1 5 kun oldin
I knew it was the tall guy and the girl with green dress and black shirt!!
schweiger 5 kun oldin
So many genders assumed
The Canine Nutritionist
I'm sorry but this was totally retarded