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We look at zoomed in photos of our body parts. If you guess whose body part it is wrong, you get something bad done to that body part.
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11-Sen, 2017



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ikdahlv 5 soat oldin
1:03 that looks like grayson on the photo?
Sam Emrich
Sam Emrich 6 soat oldin
i have the shirt that ethan is wearing😂
lia mahar
lia mahar 7 soat oldin
ok i’m just giving away times now😂 6:46
lia mahar
lia mahar 7 soat oldin
alsooooo: 6:34 you’re welcomeeeeee!!😂
lia mahar
lia mahar 7 soat oldin
3:12 you’re welcome 😂😂
Allyson R
Allyson R Kun oldin
6:28- 6:32 you’re welcome
Chim Chim
Chim Chim Kun oldin
6:46 Omg that's so cute
Draco Fan
Draco Fan Kun oldin
4:51 look at Ethans face 😂 😂
Katie Miler
Katie Miler Kun oldin
0:15 REALLY E??!!?! LOL
Lovely Lilly
Lovely Lilly Kun oldin
5:32 I died!!😂😂😂
Tysie Knightley
Tysie Knightley Kun oldin
What happened to Ethan’s voice at 5:51 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭❤️❤️
Queen Mashed Potatoes
1:24 proves that Ethan is into kink lmafo
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson 2 kun oldin
They look so happy in this video glad they had a good day. Have a good day everyone.
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson 2 kun oldin
4:39 ethans face haha
Laylah Broyles
Laylah Broyles 2 kun oldin
𝙸 𝕝𝙤ʌℯ 𝔶Ⓞᴜ 🄶𝓊ʎ𝚜
Emily Brumpton
Emily Brumpton 2 kun oldin
I just actually inhaled a cracker from laughing so hard
Mckenzie 907
Mckenzie 907 2 kun oldin
Z tube
Z tube 2 kun oldin
That face is on the first person is Grayson
IamKay 3 kun oldin
I want to see him in my nightmares 😩
Sunny Shine
Sunny Shine 3 kun oldin
The fact that ppl actually body shame Ethan makes me second think ppl 😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭
Sunny Shine
Sunny Shine Kun oldin
Probably ❤️❤️❤️
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson 2 kun oldin
Ik right they are properly just jealous of ethan .
Lost Love
Lost Love 3 kun oldin
these kids are funny (:
Gabriela Cupcake
Gabriela Cupcake 4 kun oldin
Grayson: licks foam cube Grayson:why the hell did I do that Me:🤣🤣🤣
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson 2 kun oldin
When was that ??
Shannon Willis
Shannon Willis 4 kun oldin
lol i disliked it but i will like it baxk tomorrow
jade ginty
jade ginty 5 kun oldin
6:34 when u and your friend get in a fight over having something
Noneofyourbusiness 5 kun oldin
ObLiViioN :3
ObLiViioN :3 5 kun oldin
Their views are 4.9 million and their subs are 9.4 million
Nayely Almodovar
Nayely Almodovar 5 kun oldin
Now im not crazy but that fact that he was so calm and made it look so fun and painless with the staple makes me want to staple my arm some day just to see how it feels😂😂😂I really want to know if it hurts!😂
Mayte Vega
Mayte Vega 5 kun oldin
lookin foward to my nightmares
Danellia Ollie
Danellia Ollie 5 kun oldin
5:32 is how I feel when I stubbed my pinky toe
Roma Yadav
Roma Yadav 6 kun oldin
0:55 ok but...
calafeast 6 kun oldin
Ethan looks mighty fine here. Nice tan, best haircut.
Lorin Gü
Lorin Gü 6 kun oldin
Let’s talk about Ethan’s arm 04:38
Derpy Potato
Derpy Potato 6 kun oldin
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Grayson sounds like a dinosaur? No, just me? 7:45
karrlie emerson
karrlie emerson 6 kun oldin
Nightmares? That would be the best dream ever ❤️❤️❤️
Lauren 6 kun oldin
When ethan said no when he exposed his own nipple I snorted😂 0:57
Haley Cruz
Haley Cruz 7 kun oldin
Omg okay so this girl at school has a wallpaper of Grayson and said that he was her ex boyfriend
sarah beach
sarah beach 7 kun oldin
is no one going to talk about 0:15-0:18😂😂😂
Robin vG
Robin vG 7 kun oldin
4:55 can we just appreciate this moment at pause
ImpossibleClf 7 kun oldin
Ethans nipple with graysons face lmao
Jalissa Lannon
Jalissa Lannon 7 kun oldin
They look exactly like each other the whole tine like i had to re look a couple of times
maddy blackmore
maddy blackmore 7 kun oldin
“Yes! Fuck yo eyebrow”
Kristy 7 kun oldin
Who's belly button felt weird at 4:15 when Ethan shoved the candle wax back in? :/ me
Heather Champion
Heather Champion 7 kun oldin
2:30 I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Edit: nvm I laughed harder at 6:35
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson 2 kun oldin
Thanks for the timings
Heather Champion
Heather Champion 7 kun oldin
Gray: “that is *clicks fingers* definitely my ass” E: “that is one thiccc booty! Imma say Grayson, he’s thiccer than I am” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Timestamp: 2:13
Elijah dolan
Elijah dolan 7 kun oldin
Did anyone dislike to see Ethan in there nightmares? 🌃
Grandpa Frags
Grandpa Frags 7 kun oldin
6:34 *Twilight?!?*
Eddie /Madie Romanowsky
Ethan’s face at 4:52 tho 😂
Celia Verschoor
Celia Verschoor 8 kun oldin
It's so cute when gray said 'oh, it's purple
Stefanie Baker
Stefanie Baker 8 kun oldin
You would think for twins there body parts would look and feel the same but that theory is wrong
Stefanie Baker
Stefanie Baker 8 kun oldin
Teeganne Evers
Teeganne Evers 8 kun oldin
7:10 (no comment im not sleeping tonight)
belfimg 8 kun oldin
he literally didn’t care he just got stapled wtf
Adventures With Maddyn
Some times I dip my fingers in melted candle wax
ElineSays 9 kun oldin
2019 anyone??😉
Sinai Murillo
Sinai Murillo 9 kun oldin
6:42 lmao 😂😂
Akelo Costa
Akelo Costa 10 kun oldin
2 0 1 9 ?
Julianna Miano
Julianna Miano 12 kun oldin
Moraima Chaves
Moraima Chaves 12 kun oldin
Tala Taweel
Tala Taweel 12 kun oldin
Minus one 😂😂😂
marisol_ lopez123
marisol_ lopez123 12 kun oldin
When Ethan had the candle wax in his belly button Ethan:get in their omg when he said that must be a fetish
Alyssa Cureton
Alyssa Cureton 12 kun oldin
um ima have a long day tomorrow and I’m having a dt marathon probably not the best idea but it’s okay😂
Rylie Shaw
Rylie Shaw 12 kun oldin
Grayson:that eyebrow belongs to me. Ethan: that eyebrow belongs to me *turns out its graysons eyebrow* Grayson: Yeeessss Grayson: F**** yo eyebrow
Rylie Shaw
Rylie Shaw 12 kun oldin
when they lick the cubes doesn't that mean they could have licked where there ass was if the "Jump in the foampit buttass naked."
Rylie Shaw
Rylie Shaw 12 kun oldin
Grayson: do you have anything to say before I errest you Grayson: He's running he's running Grayson: tases Ethans foot Ethan: oWoWoOoOWo
Private 1
Private 1 13 kun oldin
7:31 when the whole fandom got pregnant 😍😂😂 Why the fuck is this bitch still fucking hot with a damn unibrow!?!? Life ain’t fair bro 🥺
Callie Rose
Callie Rose 13 kun oldin
0:15 had me dead
Puppy Xo
Puppy Xo 13 kun oldin
1:23 aww he’s so adorable
skylar sleik
skylar sleik 13 kun oldin
Grayson: licks foot Also Grayson: licks foam block Like it any better
j0sie UWU
j0sie UWU 13 kun oldin
6:25 "minus 1 😩" 😂😂
Zany Lillie
Zany Lillie 13 kun oldin
They skipped the body taze and i wanted to see it :(
Lindsey Abigail
Lindsey Abigail 13 kun oldin
2:03 spence the staple lol also who else is here in 2019?
lakyn 14 kun oldin
Omg look at ethans muscle 4:39
haha sophia
haha sophia 14 kun oldin
3.3k ppl got nightmare of ethan
Princess MJ
Princess MJ 14 kun oldin
I disliked so I can see Ethan on my nightmare
Bailey Hamilton
Bailey Hamilton 14 kun oldin
Pause at 4:40
Stacy Productions
Stacy Productions 14 kun oldin
0:15 I was in the living room with my mom and when Ethan said "PENIS" My mom looked at me like "your a disappointment" 😂
Imke R.
Imke R. 14 kun oldin
Idk how but i never watched this video before and i literally got every single one correct i’m scared
NickiNerd _YT!
NickiNerd _YT! 15 kun oldin
7:31 I did that to my friend 2 days ago (in 2019) and he said wtf
stanning grayson
stanning grayson 15 kun oldin
7:31 😍
Pamela Andrews
Pamela Andrews 15 kun oldin
0:05 That's so.e bootiful hair Grayson.😂
Pixy Girls
Pixy Girls 15 kun oldin
next is *eebrow... and the punishment is shappie*
Alex private
Alex private 15 kun oldin
Yo can I have yo armpit mustard
Itz_Lyla Girlfriend
Itz_Lyla Girlfriend 16 kun oldin
6:28-6:50 was hilarious 😂
Itz_Lyla Girlfriend
Itz_Lyla Girlfriend 16 kun oldin
The punishment was painful to watch
taylor Massey love life you only have one shot
Guess that p***s🤣
Maja Hadzic
Maja Hadzic 17 kun oldin
1:56 I love how they screamed at the same time ahha❤️❤️
BTS OT7 loveu
BTS OT7 loveu 18 kun oldin
Ethan: dont give this video a thumbs down coz i will see you in your nightmares Me: never clicked a thumbs down so fast before.😂😂😂😂 just kiddin.
Shambhavi Pankaj
Shambhavi Pankaj 18 kun oldin
PreshusPrincess Elliott
7:26 is my fav
addy murphy
addy murphy 19 kun oldin
is anyone else scrolling through the comments and going to the times that people say? no just me? okay.
addy murphy
addy murphy 19 kun oldin
0:54-0:59 has me dead and idk why😂
addy murphy
addy murphy 19 kun oldin
if you pause it at *EXACTLY* 0:05, it looks like grayson grew his hair out super long and high😂
skipper m
skipper m 19 kun oldin
blood warning, gone sexual
skipper m
skipper m 19 kun oldin
*who's i-
Mia Phillips
Mia Phillips 20 kun oldin
6:30 lol Grayson
Monique Smith
Monique Smith 20 kun oldin
Omg the stapler!!!
Richard Wilmoth
Richard Wilmoth 20 kun oldin
Tbh. That was actually pretty funny.
Gloria Catton
Gloria Catton 20 kun oldin
you look awesome even with the sharpie on you're face ;)
Rachel_ Gymnastics
Rachel_ Gymnastics 20 kun oldin
00:5 look at graysons hair
addy murphy
addy murphy 19 kun oldin
thats what i said too xD
ali. liu
ali. liu 20 kun oldin
“Minus 1” 😂😂
Bobbi Equestrian
Bobbi Equestrian 20 kun oldin
I want 6:46 as my ringtone!!😂
E l l a J o n e s
E l l a J o n e s 6 kun oldin
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