Dolan Twins
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We look at zoomed in photos of our body parts. If you guess whose body part it is wrong, you get something bad done to that body part.
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11-Sen, 2017

Dolan TwinsBody Parts



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Awesome Dancer14
Awesome Dancer14 35 daqiqa oldin
I would love to see them actually kiss each other 😂💜
MUGTUBE Soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
LPS TV 2 soat oldin
I got three staples in my head when I cracked it open it doesn’t Hurt to bad Ethan is just being a baby about it 😂 I’m a 13 year old girl bruh
Madhu Alagappan
Madhu Alagappan 5 soat oldin
3.2 k people disliked just so they can see Ethan with a unibrow in their sleep lol 😂😂😂
The KA Primas
The KA Primas 6 soat oldin
When Grayson asked Ethan if he’s ever had a binder clip stuck to his nipple and he was laughing was everything there so funny they always make me smile I mean I’m barely one minute into the video and I’m smiling 😂
Ann lisa C
Ann lisa C 10 soat oldin
I love how grayson can go from 6:42 to 6:47 ❤❤
Thatonekidd 7
Thatonekidd 7 15 soat oldin
7:09 if only😘
Shister SHOOK
Shister SHOOK 18 soat oldin
I fell bad for Grayson nipple it looked painful
alyssa kirk
alyssa kirk 21 soat oldin
*how does ethan still look hot af even with a mono brow?* 😭😂
Zena Duyck
Zena Duyck 21 soat oldin
The first answer says Ethan but it is a picture of grayson.. did anyone else notice this?
Rianna Swain
Rianna Swain 23 soat oldin
“gUeSs ThAt PeNiS”- ethan dolan
L2dopee Rose
L2dopee Rose Kun oldin
Ethan:It feels like I peed myself Grayson: 😶 Me:😂😂😂🤣
Mikayla Den Hartog
my old neighbor’s name was spence...
ADC 88
ADC 88 Kun oldin
This was posted on my 9 th bday
Helene Miller
Helene Miller Kun oldin
sorry to be a hater. i love the dolan twins, but kneeling on legoes isn't THAT bad, grayson
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso 2 kun oldin
Silly voices in the vid by Gray 3:57 3:14 6:46 4:47 7:45
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso 2 kun oldin
1:56 he just stapled his arm and he was fine with it😂
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso 2 kun oldin
1:46 Nice throw Mike 😂
Sierra Mercer
Sierra Mercer 2 kun oldin
0:35 when Ethan said “Weird” it literally sounded like Batman lmao Edit: 6:27 omg that wheeze!
Leyne Hogeland
Leyne Hogeland 2 kun oldin
1:27 Grayson go,go go! Next round"
10 subs with no videos
*Nice thumbnail of Grayson ass.*
jenna coates
jenna coates 3 kun oldin
7:07 *or else i will see you in your nightmares* this always makes me let out a wheeze whenever i watch that
Kaycie Mendoza
Kaycie Mendoza 3 kun oldin
3:17 look at graysons arms!! 🤤
Perfectly Zoe
Perfectly Zoe 3 kun oldin
Ethan is my dad. Emma is my mom, sorry not sorry x
Aylah McCurdy
Aylah McCurdy 3 kun oldin
mInUs OnE!
XxSunnytheStarxX 3 kun oldin
“MY FOOT HAS NEVER FELT SO ALIVE!!!” quotes of Ethan Dolan
Valerija Šestan
Valerija Šestan 3 kun oldin
Pause at 1:25 and look at Ethan face 😂 he is literally b#$ch what the f#$k 😂😂EXPOSED
Kat 3 kun oldin
foranus you didnt do the punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kat 3 kun oldin
A said binder clip i held my nipple and went CR!P
Kat 3 kun oldin
It would be easy if it was a peepee cus Ethan's is non-existent (dw Ethan you have cuteness to cover the non existent peepee up)
Valerija Šestan
Valerija Šestan 3 kun oldin
1:23 what the literal f#$k 😂😂❤
Marlene Melendez
Marlene Melendez 3 kun oldin
What the fu.ck ethans arm didnt hurt at all?!?
Shelby Michalski
Shelby Michalski 3 kun oldin
Spence the Staple 😂
xXcryptoplayzXx x
xXcryptoplayzXx x 3 kun oldin
ok but like i would dislike if that meant seeing him in my dreams😂😂
I’m the best drawer lol
6:45 hahahahaha😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 please comment Dolan twins
I’m the best drawer lol
Omg this was highlighted
I’m the best drawer lol
Blood warnings gone sexual 😂
I’m the best drawer lol
Ethan: 0:16 Me: 😬🙄P.S.2019 anyone
Jay.c19 4 kun oldin
I would like to see Ethan in my nightmare tbh
Mayamaxkiki 4 kun oldin
6:36 me when I try to be serious 😂
Mason Lamb
Mason Lamb 4 kun oldin
Guess that peennnniiiisss! No
Cream cheese 5
Cream cheese 5 4 kun oldin
They're so energetic here so cute
Onehappiness Happy
Onehappiness Happy 4 kun oldin
for a second I thought the staple would never come out of Ethan’s arm. like I also thought he would be bleeding VERYYYYYY instensly.
Taylor McCormack
Taylor McCormack 4 kun oldin
Ethan is right about grayson having on thick booty
Little Miss Potato & Onion
6:47 me trying to talk to my crush
Caitlyn Duciewicz
Caitlyn Duciewicz 4 kun oldin
4:52 the way Ethan is looking at grayson😂
cha-bae seavey
cha-bae seavey 4 kun oldin
3.2k actually disliked it, I guess they wanted to see u in their nightmares, because I'm sure they didn't dislike it because "it was bad" you guys are just to enjoyable
Tatiyana Noble
Tatiyana Noble 4 kun oldin
No actually at 0:15-0:18
Tatiyana Noble
Tatiyana Noble 5 kun oldin
LayDIY 5 kun oldin
Lol when Ethan Said Eyebrow and Grayson said sharpie
Olivia Pederson
Olivia Pederson 5 kun oldin
7:31 me: gag 😂💜
10 oy oldin