Guys Guess Makeup Prices

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“It IS covered in French…”
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25-Mar, 2016

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Isabelle Reicosky
Isabelle Reicosky 8 soat oldin
"How do you not get makeup on your makeup?" -Most valid question and hardest thing NOT to do. That makeup life is hard yo.
Evelien de Kruijff
Zach is wearing nail polish
Anekka Morimoto
Anekka Morimoto 3 kun oldin
I cringe at ned just a little bit carelessly throw the elf prism make up
Abhilash Mishra
Abhilash Mishra 5 kun oldin
Opening of the video is cute af
Dr. Stress
Dr. Stress 6 kun oldin
Ned, youre married? Hell just froze over
Ellie 7352
Ellie 7352 6 kun oldin
Neds gasp at 0:26
Matilda Muller
Matilda Muller 7 kun oldin
Ned, we do
Lydia Skinner-Noble
"that's cuase you are secretly a drag queen at night" "I wish"
muybienna 10 kun oldin
i always look at the thumbnail thinking the brush in the pigments is the backside of someone with nice, long auburn hair
Maddie 10 kun oldin
Alexandra And sky
Alexandra And sky 19 kun oldin
The foundation last like a year or two
Arya Krishnamoorthy
Arya Krishnamoorthy 20 kun oldin
in 0:16 is it just me or did the left guys thumb look weird
Anaiis Grabeel
Anaiis Grabeel 22 kun oldin
Ben Skeggs
Ben Skeggs 23 kun oldin
that married guy is like hahaha
Ella Audorff
Ella Audorff Oy oldin
3 of these is a x box ........ Me 15 sec later after I Did the math 120x3=360 Xbox 360
Alice Bermuda
Alice Bermuda Oy oldin
Three of these is an Xbox 😂
Stars Lover
Stars Lover Oy oldin
celeste hernandez
How would e.l.f be like 45 dollars😂😂
Pakhtoon Baxhi
Why would someone buy that blush for 45 dollars?? No man!!
GAMINGwith GG Oy oldin
When i looked at the tumbnail i thought it was a brown haired girl and she had a cool shirt on
Diletta Dile
Diletta Dile Oy oldin
Oh i love those Urban Dk eyeshadows
Diletta Dile
Diletta Dile Oy oldin
“If you are all thinks of Nars you are going ok in life “ well he is not wrong there
Alexa Marcigliano
Now you know what we suffer through everyday!
2000 subscribers with no videos?
Rebecca Hamm
Rebecca Hamm Oy oldin
'How do you not get makeup on your makeup?" - Ned Theres no way that I know of not to and you clean your make packaging a lot if you want to keep it nice - Answer
Abby Smith
Abby Smith Oy oldin
three of these is an Xbox
W Coston
W Coston Oy oldin
Three of these is an Xbox 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
woomeredith Oy oldin
Meghan Joyce
Meghan Joyce Oy oldin
Am I the only girl that guessed each makeup price exactly?
Topsyturvy10 Oy oldin
Zach Cornfield's nails tho
Mary M
Mary M Oy oldin
That one guy who said he knew everything about makeup but guessed way too high for every single product
TiliaCordata Oy oldin
"Kleh duh peh. Byet." How is no one commenting about this?! I legitimately laughed out loud. Where my French speakers at? XD
Queenofwheels Oy oldin
Maybe I should have been a man. I don't know how much makeup cost. I don't even wear much I just wear like lip gloss.
Emily Gordon
Emily Gordon Oy oldin
120 bucks?! Cheesus Chrisy
idkhbtfm and now im sad
0:26 He said what we all were going to say in the comments of like every video Ned's ever been in _ever_
April Em
April Em Oy oldin
when the price of the last one was revealed, I felt like I had a small stroke
blue princess
blue princess Oy oldin
"10 dollars? Oh, that makes me happy!"
Ana Fdez
Ana Fdez Oy oldin
"How do you not get makeup on your makeup?" GREAT QUESTION NED
E M 2 oy oldin
Ned's literally the best. He's just so relatable.
Ned's reaction though
Sydney Caragher
Sydney Caragher 2 oy oldin
Ned should be a motivational speaker, towards the end of the video and he’s yelling! All I was thinking was YASSSS HONEY YASSS
Desiree Bounds
Desiree Bounds 2 oy oldin
Why are Zach's nails painted?
4,108,624, 018
4,108,624, 018 2 oy oldin
It's been more than *2 YEARS* and just now i realized that in the thumbnail is actually a makeup brush not a women's back with a clean haircut..
Sea Star
Sea Star 2 oy oldin
Omg, Ned’s reaction to the $120 makeup is so me 😭
Stephanie Alcaraz
My heart died w he n Ned threw the eyeshadow palet
Chlöe Norvez
Chlöe Norvez 2 oy oldin
Who is the man sitting with Curly?
Lolyla 2 oy oldin
0:28 look at how his face lids up, like omg I can tell someone new that I'm married
Andrea Prochowski
Ned's reaction to the $120 foundation is my mood
SSS Wolf
SSS Wolf 2 oy oldin
The foundation is like a 6-7 months of it. YA NAH BRAH
AntMachete 2 oy oldin
"Ned's reaction side is crazy" Me: Trust me, you haven't seen it all, it can get worse.
Nova Bunnies
Nova Bunnies 2 oy oldin
0:28 when Ned realizes he can talk MORE about his wife.
Tisha Kenney
Tisha Kenney 2 oy oldin
......yeah, I'm a girl and those prices make me wanna cry
Dori 2 oy oldin
my heart skipped a beat when he threw the elf palette carelessly on the table
Mimia 123
Mimia 123 2 oy oldin
Saw Ned in the thumbnail so I clicked.😘❤️
Ally 62555
Ally 62555 2 oy oldin
3 of these is an Xbox 🤣
liukalen 2 oy oldin
3 of these is an xbox
Mara Fry
Mara Fry 2 oy oldin
Dresden Tulip
Dresden Tulip 2 oy oldin
*There's placenta in this thing!* *What?!*
Christien Couponing adventures
Gosh u know u have a problem when u know all the prices off the bat lol
Abigail Paduch
Abigail Paduch 2 oy oldin
“How do you not get makeup on your makeup”😂😂 #actualgirlproblems
Giselle Banda
Giselle Banda 2 oy oldin
3 OF THESE IS AN XBOX!!! I almost pissed myself
Amanda Vincent
Amanda Vincent 2 oy oldin
I did not accurately guess ANY of these makeup prices lol -_- so ashamed
Emily And Unicorn
Why Ned doin so much math ? Haha
sauliha ibrahim
sauliha ibrahim 2 oy oldin
Ned started with his marriage again 😂😂 so adorable!
Beatrice_92 2 oy oldin
120 dollars...that is the most expensive foundation I ever seen! And I have walked into the high-end make-up stores... ^^;
Rachel McFadden
Rachel McFadden 2 oy oldin
Is Ned wearing eyeshadow Also does Zack have his nails painted, was this from some try guys shoot?
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl 2 oy oldin
Ned is shook on the thumbnail
Laon 2 oy oldin
3:28 ryan was SHOOK
ThatgirlKendra 2 oy oldin
Every single time I see the thumbnail I think the brush is a lady...
Emma Sedge Official
Is nobody gonna talk about how shocked Ned was when the guy said “you’re married?” 😂😂😂
Chelsea Lauren
Chelsea Lauren 2 oy oldin
zoey tucker
zoey tucker 2 oy oldin
i've had 1 urban decay product in my life it was gross tasting lipstick, also the only lipstick i've owned.
Tara Fredenburg
Tara Fredenburg 2 oy oldin
it's only that expensive if you're buying ridiculous brands. elf is cheap and works for some ppl (but makes others break out.) nyx isn't too bad.
CherryBlossom 3 oy oldin
Ned’s reaction was exactly like my brothers’ 😅
Viral Dances
Viral Dances 3 oy oldin
Tell me why I thought the brush on the thumb nail was hair 🤦🏾‍♀️
Evy Rose
Evy Rose 3 oy oldin
Why are Zach’s nails painted?
Mrs. Everyday
Mrs. Everyday 3 oy oldin
I LOVE Neds reaction. Thinking that nars is 3 dollars :D you wish.
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur 3 oy oldin
Why tf does ZAC have nail polish
senaru rathninda
senaru rathninda 3 oy oldin
You know your a virgin when you compare Make up to Star Wars ZACH
Twenty 3 oy oldin
Zach and Ryan are my bias
Flying SubwayTrain
Oh my gosh I love curly so much!! 😍😂
Giovana Orozco
Giovana Orozco 3 oy oldin
When the guys reaction to the nars blush and the foundation to u are hilarious because the prices are normal to u 😂
Eliza C
Eliza C 3 oy oldin
Well I know I love makeup considering I got every. single. one. on the dot. Take that Ned
monbooboo the fool
"45 dollars?" I just had a heart attack. We buy E.L.F so we DON'T pay that much 😂😭
Mia Shengaris
Mia Shengaris 3 oy oldin
Veronica Overholt
Three of these is an Xbox!! 😂😂
Sarah Finger
Sarah Finger 3 oy oldin
hi i like kpop.
hi i like kpop. 3 oy oldin
Did anyone else think that the photo of the vid, was a person facing their back to the camera??
Rylee wiemeier
Rylee wiemeier 3 oy oldin
Zacks nails are fire
Crazy Potato23
Crazy Potato23 3 oy oldin
@ 0:37 did anyone else realize Zach had his fingernails painted
Cailyn DAO
Cailyn DAO 3 oy oldin
I thought the brush was hair...
neha doe
neha doe 3 oy oldin
Just WHY would you make these companies even more rich by paying 120$ for that thing!?
NO Name
NO Name 3 oy oldin
Lol Jarod and Curlys reactions are everything
Kiara Paulen
Kiara Paulen 3 oy oldin
why zach have silver nail polish
Rebecca Lemieux
Rebecca Lemieux 3 oy oldin
Never been so late in my life😂
Rebecca Lemieux
Rebecca Lemieux 3 oy oldin
Am I the only one that thought the thumbnail was a woman turned around? I thought the brush was her hair, and the makeup was her shirt or something😂 Anyone else? No? Ok...
Christi Benken
Christi Benken 2 oy oldin
I only clicked on this video again to see if anyone said this. Bc me.
Julie Phan
Julie Phan 3 oy oldin
Yay Ryan’s here
Maya Popp
Maya Popp 3 oy oldin
Welcome to our world
JaysArtEscape 3 oy oldin
“Wait are you married?” Ned’s face was priceless 😂😂
Mika ritsu
Mika ritsu 3 oy oldin
When i saw the video cover i thought it was a girl hair and a shirt and i thought it said guys guess girls haircuts