guys only talked to me when I had makeup on?? EXPERIMENT

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hey everyone! I did this experiment where I dm 20 different guys. I made two fake profiles of myself, one profile with makeup and the other without makeup. 10 of the guys are dmed through my makeup account and the other 10 are dmed through my no makeup account! Watch the video to find out what account gets the best replies. Hope you enjoy watching this lil experiment that I did xoxo
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29-May, 2018

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Sunna 6 oy oldin
subscribe if you like your mom ps: Obviously, this experiment would have been much better if it was done on the same guys so it's clear that their responses are changing due to the makeup only. However, I tried that first and they just realized it was the same person so it was a fail. So, that's out the window. The other thing that would have made this better is if I had a much bigger sample size, say, 1000+ different people. However, I'm a youtuber not a scientist so I don't have time to do that.
GuardianXwolf 28 kun oldin
I'mma subscribe. You sound pretty awesome and really cute (without makeup) I prefer girls to be themselves and not wear make up. And what you posted is what I go through in life tbh with some girls but I'm mainly a ghost if you know what I mean by that but I'm used to it no big deal.
Bri Colq
Bri Colq Oy oldin
Nibba said subscribe if you like your mom thirsty for them follows
Francine Lyken
Btw, you always say your ugly but your not you just don't have clear skin,don't get me wrong I don't have clear skin either but your not ugly
Majestic Uni1
Majestic Uni1 2 oy oldin
I don’t like my mom 😐 I love her ❤️
Carson Rehder
Carson Rehder 2 oy oldin
ray r
ray r 12 soat oldin
Jesus christ she looks so fucking fake it creepy
A Q 6 kun oldin
To the people in the comments: Honestly, to me it seems super conceited to expect that guys will message back and that if they don't, they are shallow. Not all guys want to talk to you and, statistically speaking, two of those guys are gay. Imagine if this was a guy doing an experiment like this, though. People would flip
AndreaSanchezTV 9 kun oldin
To everyone who says the guys ignored bc the message was creepy or strange... then WHY did the guys out of the makeup acc respond? En why were they a LOT nicer? 🤔
Oliver Man
Oliver Man 9 kun oldin
Females only wear makeup when outside to make other females jealous Where's the Netflix make-up bag then?
Angelina Zanakis
Angelina Zanakis 10 kun oldin
728 girrrrl you trying to use them as experiement not friends lmaoooo
Peter Sterling
Peter Sterling 10 kun oldin
why does she have snot down her nose ????
i HaVe aN AvOCado In mY hAiR
all guys are different
i HaVe aN AvOCado In mY hAiR
4:24 he answered your question. What more do u want?
Thank u, next Grand'e
Omg you look and sound and act like Ariana Grande!!!! 💖💖💖
E 19 kun oldin
‘That’s a good response ‘ But in the end is flirting a good thing? It should’ve been titles ‘’comparing the flirting I’ve received from me without makeup vs makeup on.’’ As in the end it’s about nice comments - not on if they try to flirt or anything. Also, even if they do realize it’s the same account owner I feel like it’d be nice to message the same ones instead to see if they then change their opinion and then that’d be more accurate to the title But then again these are just my opinions and don’t have to be followed :))
jeff the killer.
jeff the killer. 19 kun oldin
I think your pretty without makeup
Princess May
Princess May 22 kun oldin
You should do it with the same 10 guys
*sips tae*
*sips tae* 22 kun oldin
Personally, i think you look better without makeup
Emoyeo 24 kun oldin
The bad responses aren’t even bad Lmaoo
Valentino coy
Valentino coy 25 kun oldin
Delete your Chanel, fucking trash
BasicBish 25 kun oldin
this girls hella annoying.
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado 26 kun oldin
The reason why i like a girl with little or no make up because i feel they are more "real".... It feels like they are more genuine and less vain... If a woman spends too much time on her makeup... thats a turn off for me.
Karolina J.
Karolina J. 27 kun oldin
People are different, if u would talk to the same person through two accounts then you can say they treat you differently, but now you cant, maybe they would not like you with makeup or without so you cant say they treat you like this because u dont wear makeup, because you dont know how the same person would treat you with your makeup on if that makes sense? And I didnt like your message, seems like a weirdo
GuardianXwolf 28 kun oldin
That is so true tbh People this days are so judgmental. Even some guys wear make-up or use a beauty camera selfie But girls are like that too.
sweet beep
sweet beep 28 kun oldin
Why is this an experiment? She looks better with makeup so what's the shocker that guys would be nicer?
phuturem2883 28 kun oldin
Lol girl we already know both guys and girls are EXTREMELY superficial, now more than EVER before since it’s the instagram era
garrett myers
garrett myers 28 kun oldin
I'm totally crushing on you right now
Victor Fernandez
Hey I just started following you. I think you are beautiful:-*
Caroline Morris
not trying to be rude but she looks kinda crosseyed
passerell Oy oldin
You don't understand how irony works.
Maddee Sessions
I honestly like the no makeup account better...
RONZiLLA702 Oy oldin
Emily RASHONE Oy oldin
H Oy oldin
Honestly, I think it was because of the format of your message. Girls that say 'literally' like that are usually the ones who are awful to be around.
Dania Norbert
Dania Norbert Oy oldin
Don’t mean to be harsh but she is unattractive
Swastika Shukla - Morning Star MS (1114)
don't take this as a hate comment but you look WAYYYY better without the makeup
sip Tea
sip Tea Oy oldin
this guy only talks to me when i post pics on my account... ( I don’t post myself often) and every time he messages me he always begin w “I miss talking...” when he leaves me on read ... next time ima troll him
Harmony is Music
Bro the guys don’t know you so I dont understand why you say it’s a negative response if they just say “yeah” ...
Ruby Edwards
Ruby Edwards Oy oldin
u asked him if he goes there and he said yeah, what else do u want😂
Raimi Strebler
Lol and she continues to cake her face afterwards
Hahaha Ganga
Hahaha Ganga Oy oldin
You’re still ugly with makeup on
Ambika Singh
Ambika Singh Oy oldin
Every single guy who didn't saw her msg and she's saying they ignored me. They didn't even saw her msg.. Seen sign comes under the msg when msg is seen.. U know.. If it was seen then guys didn't reply then she can say that msg got ignored but they didn't even see it. Are u using insta for first time gurl😂😂😂😂😂
Ozzie Martinez
your hot with or without makeup
SnowyGacha Oy oldin
not a fair test but ok
Liberty Rose
Liberty Rose Oy oldin
You really are trying too hard to make dude look like dicks
Elise Appleyard
T Mayo
T Mayo Oy oldin
Keep the makeup on ur real face sucksss 😎😎😎😎
nicole mills
nicole mills Oy oldin
Her lips 😟tf
Brionna Long
Brionna Long Oy oldin
Okayyy but do i know you?????
Shoham Tahel Navon
this is very interesting nice idea! u seem like a really nice girl, thanks!
Nivi & Garfield
You are cute with no makeup too..
L Lance
L Lance Oy oldin
Not surprising. Men like women who like good and women look better with makeup.
tia spooner
tia spooner Oy oldin
you need more subscribers...😂😂 yeah you aint getting one from me
Princess Taiann
Well at least they are real...right? 😂
Tala Alkhaldi
Tala Alkhaldi Oy oldin
it's UofT I go there
fireflyskull Oy oldin
Your gorgeous with or without make up to me and your personality is very uplifting and Beautiful Even if I got a message without make up I would have responded to try and help you its just In me to help others and would not like to see u sad and now to see how uplifting your personality is and spirit is I'm happy your happy and that's all that matters gorgeous in and out u are..
Spinner Fidget
Men say they like natural more, but they don't, unless you have the face of a photoshopped, air brushed model who still has makeup on, but you can't really tell. Those women don't exist.
PJ U Oy oldin
“nah I'm just kidding, I have thick skin" 😂
Rayne Newberry
I don’t even know how I got here
paolaaa v̸e̸l̸l̸o̸z̸
is it me or everything to her is negative 💀
Fellfang Oy oldin
Yeah cause your ugly with/without makeup
Ryle Phillips
Ryle Phillips Oy oldin
Shes literally stupid af. If you message a random stranger "you go to this school right?". Like wtf? All there responses weren’t mean or anything. They were just normal ass talking. Then she backed the guys up when she had makeup on? She said “the way he said lol yeah... that’s like sooooooo negative.” Like wtf? No it’s not. She got normal ass responses on every account, no one was mean, no one was rude, it’s normal for a person to be like “who are you?” Then she wants to say a STRANGER that she messaged saying “you go here right?” That’s gonna freak someone out and of COURSE there gonna ignore you.
Queen Bee QB
Queen Bee QB Oy oldin
Most of those weren't even negative... Like wtf. You're making them seem worse than what they are. Not every guy wants to text a random ass girl. Maybe some of them have a girlfriend 💀
Janavi Shah
Janavi Shah Oy oldin
i consider being ignored when someone leaves me on read. they don't even seen ur message gurl
Janavi Shah
Janavi Shah Oy oldin
you're really dumb tbh
Kelsey Appleton
Also SIS omg you are so beautiful
Kelsey Appleton
I’m sorry but one guy (when she has makeup on) literally says fake profile and she counts it as a positive response and then another guy( when she had no makeup on) is asking her where she transferred from and being lighthearted and nice and she says it’s neutral. I think she just wants this vid to go a certain way. Not hating it’s an interesting video otherwise x
milky thiezen
milky thiezen Oy oldin
What if she coincidentally messaged 10 assholes with the no makeup acc and 10 other nice guys on the other acc????
Patricia Mata
Patricia Mata Oy oldin
So much can be read from messages that are just not there...it seems like you read into it to an extreme. A better assessment of responses were if you went up to people at your school with the same premises of wearing makeup or not, and seeing their reaction to you wanting to strike up a friendship. I think you’d get a more honest reaction and visually seeing their reactions as sometimes that it is hardier to fake when caught by surprise. It would give you a better sense of how guys view you.
bluehair Babberl
Calm down.
PRINCESS 123 Oy oldin
I think it would have been better if she sent the all the pics to the same ten guys......she could use two phones.....not everyone is the same and world don't understands that
Jay Merrick
Jay Merrick Oy oldin
No lie but your beautifuller without make up
Ange Dixon
Ange Dixon Oy oldin
Maybe they ignored you because you're so pretty that they thought you were a fake account. And you knew where they went to school. Those fake accounts are always too good to be true, and say weird things. Lol
Nina Phillips
Nina Phillips Oy oldin
you look like you have vicks rub on your upper lip, lol. too much highlight.
Logan Hensley
Logan Hensley Oy oldin
how do you know these guys are single? maybe the ignored ones they have gfs
Emhii Oy oldin
No hate** but you are kinda a wanna be xdd
Lol boys are stupid. Put makeup on and they think you actually look like that.
Jimy Chimy
Jimy Chimy Oy oldin
Ewww the last guy I would have gone off on him
Eyden nf
Eyden nf Oy oldin
guys be shallow we don't need no experiment for that LMAO
Saddish Yet Raddish
1) Not going to subscribe, my mom drug overdosed/committed suicide because of me, you shouldn't use that for subs. Just saying 2) I say,"Do I know you" Because I have really bad anxiety and I have issues with friendships.
Andre Smith
Andre Smith Oy oldin
This bitch is reaching soo fucking hard. She obviously had some sort of predetermined bias. She wanted the guys to be mean when she had no makeup on so bad that even if the guy said something positive or neutral she would still say something like "I feel like he really doesn't want to talk to me. He's making himself do this right now." It literally didn't matter what the guy said to her. If she didn't have on makeup, she's gonna somehow make it negative. She asked the guy a question, the guy answered the question; "okay but this is still a negative one. Her reason for making this video was to bash men and call men shallow.
Brittany Carlon
Guys these days usually don’t text back a whole lot because they don’t want to seem clingy or weird so the ones that did answer on the no makeup you said answered neutral or negative but in reality that’s just how guys text. Also it’s kinda creepy that you know what school they go to. They probably didn’t answer back because they didn’t know you. This video was stupid. And on your no makeup profile you had filters on your face so you couldn’t even tell you didn’t have makeup. My thought on this video was shook but not from the guys. From you!🙄
TGthatsme Oy oldin
5:19 ok its not “ironic” because the guy could’ve just a been a nice dude. It’s not all about looks for some people I don’t know why the triggered me but I did ksnfjfbjfjf
Dominique Felder
You're Gorgeous!
ember13dp Oy oldin
Honestly “Hi I’m from ___ like you and I’m looking for friends!” Is a typical fake profile message... so I don’t blame that guy.
Miriam Chaouchi
It’s not just the makeup. On that acc you had messy hair and like idk. I would have picked the acc with the makeup just bc you looked more out together.
In Our Heavenly Father, We Trust
You are beautiful but you don't have to be high maintenance to find a man. (If you want to) Most of the time you're asking for someone to lust after you instead of having true love. You're so much more than all that makeup and clothes. Much love to you. God bless
# Funiiiess
# Funiiiess Oy oldin
U rated very badly For lol u said he was forcing himself to reply Well isn't it wierd u r somone strange texting u....qho u dont know neber met..and didn't vgabe ur no. To No hate
Bexy SC
Bexy SC Oy oldin
It seems as if you were trying to make them seem shallow . Also, your message seemed a bit stalkerish.
mendes army
mendes army Oy oldin
Its not that it's jss depends on the person you're messaging
Sarah McKinney
I liked this video literally 25 seconds in. I’ve always wanted to do this experiment because I’ve noticed that my friends and I got the most likes on photos where we have on a buttload of makeup. I feel like No Makeup Guy #7 is just very monosyllabic and boring; I don’t think he meant to come off uninterested. I think college guys think if a girl has on makeup, she takes better care of herself? I wonder if any guys have commented on this. I’ll scroll through the comments. Don’t sweat it, hon. ❤️You literally look like Cher & Ariana Grande had a baby, you’re gorge with and without makeup! (Oh, and I’m sick, too. I have thrush on my tongue and it really makes it hard to speak).
ad Oy oldin
u kinda remind me of ariana grande
extreme logic
extreme logic Oy oldin
Wow...what a vapid dumb bitch.
StylesBeeTV Oy oldin
You literally look just as good without makeup sis. You may be in your head a lil which is normal 🤷🏽‍♀️ i mean these were 20 COMPLETELY different guys. Your point could’ve proven more valid had you messaged the SAME guys from BOTH accounts, which i highly doubt some would have thought the two accounts were two different ppl lol.
D̷ ̷E̷ ̷ P̷ ̷R̷ ̷E̷ ̷S̷ ̷S̷ ̷I̷ ̷O̷ ̷N̷
This feminist could have easily made fake accounts to message and make it seem real If you have no make up on and let's say you aren't attractive a guy will not really care If you have make up and you look like some greasy oily bacon but you look a bit sexier to men then they will obviously respond to the make up one instead of they non make up one In conclusion, we've learned feminists are not trust worthy and also have no common sense Don't even fight me little girls
D̷ ̷E̷ ̷ P̷ ̷R̷ ̷E̷ ̷S̷ ̷S̷ ̷I̷ ̷O̷ ̷N̷
Make up. Is so unnatural it's disgusting, I would not date a girl with it on No trying to hate but
Lucky Clover Art & Design
That guy that said k lol should stay in school longer. I hope english isn't his major
Reema Merone
Reema Merone Oy oldin
love your laugh
fake profile = positive lol yeah I go there = OH HE SAID LOL SO THEREFORE HE IS ONLY RESPONDING CUZ HE FEELS BAD FOR ME good idea for a vid but I feel like you were biased and wanted the results to illustrate a certain idea...
Yohana Liben
Yohana Liben Oy oldin
MadLove Oy oldin
girls wouldnt talk to the guys if they didn't post abs pictures us women are shallow as well
TrashAfrican Oy oldin
Girls like you are the reason why girls hate all guys you try so hard to make us look bad but sorry not even looks good without makeup
Issac Alvarez
Issac Alvarez Oy oldin
There's one more variable, you need to take the SAME pictures one with, one with out. Because in this experiment you made the account with no make up on look like a , nerd who cares about her dog and dick. Second one looks like she only wants dick.
Bunbunlover 101
Bunbunlover 101 2 oy oldin
What if the guys r actually nice?
we broke up
6 oy oldin