guys only talked to me when I had makeup on?? EXPERIMENT

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hey everyone! I did this experiment where I dm 20 different guys. I made two fake profiles of myself, one profile with makeup and the other without makeup. 10 of the guys are dmed through my makeup account and the other 10 are dmed through my no makeup account! Watch the video to find out what account gets the best replies. Hope you enjoy watching this lil experiment that I did xoxo
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29-May, 2018

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Sunna 8 oy oldin
subscribe if you like your mom ps: Obviously, this experiment would have been much better if it was done on the same guys so it's clear that their responses are changing due to the makeup only. However, I tried that first and they just realized it was the same person so it was a fail. So, that's out the window. The other thing that would have made this better is if I had a much bigger sample size, say, 1000+ different people. However, I'm a youtuber not a scientist so I don't have time to do that.
Asp_Lime Oy oldin
Why dnt u do it then
GuardianXwolf 3 oy oldin
I'mma subscribe. You sound pretty awesome and really cute (without makeup) I prefer girls to be themselves and not wear make up. And what you posted is what I go through in life tbh with some girls but I'm mainly a ghost if you know what I mean by that but I'm used to it no big deal.
Bri Colq
Bri Colq 3 oy oldin
Nibba said subscribe if you like your mom 💀 thirsty for them follows
Francine Lyken
Francine Lyken 4 oy oldin
Btw, you always say your ugly but your not you just don't have clear skin,don't get me wrong I don't have clear skin either but your not ugly
xxgacha_girlxx 4 oy oldin
I don’t like my mom 😐 I love her ❤️
Ella McCartney
Ella McCartney 4 kun oldin
i feel like this experiment is a little unfair in some ways, like i feel like it’s a good message, but it could’ve been executed a little bit differently. i think a better experiment would’ve been people’s reactions to a heavier/glam makeup account versus a neutral/light makeup account instead of something so drastic like no makeup vs makeup in general. btw this isn’t hate it’s just my advice :)
Tracy Honneffer
Tracy Honneffer 6 kun oldin
Men can be children
EA Formalejo
EA Formalejo 9 kun oldin
At 4:47 i heard a voice of a guy is someone notice that as well? Sounds like his mocking her.
Ranialael Legge
Ranialael Legge 9 kun oldin
Don’t take this the wrong way, you look terrible with makeup on. I think you’re naturally beautiful. :)
Sarah Small
Sarah Small 9 kun oldin
do a makeup tutorial soon
Sarah Small
Sarah Small 9 kun oldin
jordan l
jordan l 11 kun oldin
Shallow much lol....
Fun with Zoya
Fun with Zoya 12 kun oldin
Hi it’s Zoya I have a channel called fun with zoya
Joe P
Joe P 16 kun oldin
Just an FYI both profiles and your first message look like fake accounts that guys deal with all the time. Fake accounts that after a few traded messages send you to a cam girl site.
Autumn Hart
Autumn Hart 29 kun oldin
You’re actually so beautiful with or without makeup I don’t know what’s wrong with these people lol
Edgy Skyler GV
I honestly hate the guys now
Dan V
Dan V Oy oldin
Let’s all gather around and pretend to be shocked, disgusted, and disturbed at humanity’s cynicism.
cooter Brown
cooter Brown Oy oldin
fαιтн lσρєz
I’m Canadian French
negima50001 Oy oldin
I hope all those guys burn in hell.
Titi-Roblox VDB
Tbh, I think the one without makeup is WAAAAAYYYYYYY better it looks more natural and cute.
Donna Maria
Donna Maria Oy oldin
These guys are douche bags and not real men . No one should ever judge a woman no matter what she looks like .why do not delete the bullying comments.
Shady Lady
Shady Lady Oy oldin
Literally feel bad for those nice guys. Never got another responce lol
It wasn’t even a fair/equal experiment...
LaceyLopster Oy oldin
You do know that statistically speaking guys like girls who wear less makeup and you assume a lot. And that just makes you look like an ass. And you don't even know for sure that these guys are ignoring you. And that one guy that asked if he knew you is a legitimate response your randomly talking to these guys. This was a stupid experiment and not even legit.
This whole video frustrates me to my very core. She’s so shallow and conceited..Why must you assume that all guys are judgemental and only care about makeup..?? Because, most of those reactions were PRETTY normal! You overexaggerated the replies tremendously. For example, “lol yeah” just means..”lol yeah”..like..it’s pretty obvious they’re all a bit weirded out that some random chick texted them. You really need to change that sexist and selfish mindset of yours. All guys are different. Some guys are jerks, sure, but a lot of guys are quirky, unique, funny and nice. Just don’t generalize so much. Thanks.
Nar Slayer
Nar Slayer Oy oldin
obviously because you look ugly as shit without makeup
joncirca86 Oy oldin
the highlighter under your nose looks like mocos aka boogers!!
itsyourboy rocky
The test is not controlled so there not right
Unknown Error
Unknown Error Oy oldin
Pause at 5:23 🤣🤣
edgar ramos
edgar ramos Oy oldin
I really fuckin hate this girl I hate people who say stuff like that in the comments (pin comment)
Fuse Beat
Fuse Beat Oy oldin
Liberals I swear try to be more Texan
Evil Jessica
Evil Jessica Oy oldin
Well to be honest I don’t talk to strangers either
Vinny Bruce
Vinny Bruce Oy oldin
Very pretty
Kacper Słotwiński
Actually I realy find this video (same as other social "experiments" ) depressing and its not because of how people judge others and so. But video like this aren't only made to show people how bad mens are but to only get attrntion cofirming that stereotype. What did you expexted? You texted few guys from les and more atractive accounts. If you dont know anything about somebody would you rather choose someon averge or preaty? Although to call it experiment you should Text this guys from 3 accounts. 1 with no pictures, 1 with averge looking and 1 with makeup. The only difrence between those last two should be only makeup, you should upload same ammount of pictures, tooked in same place with same light, same filter and so on. Also You should text to more guys lets say 1000 from difrent places difrent religions and cultures. Don't want to be rude I understand those video are very popular this days but telling people this is a experiment you make them more stupid lying to them. Even if the judgment is correct and mans are ignorants unproofed fact isn't fact. And because of that all I ask you in the name science, change the name of the video. Even to something like "I texted 20 guys!!!! Why they atracted to me!?'"
Vera De Vries
Vera De Vries Oy oldin
I really don’t get why somebody would like you better with makeup❤️ because I think ur sooo pretty without makeup❤️😘 I actually don’t get why you put on so much makeup because ur so pretty without it❤️❤️ but I mean ur good at makeup and I guess u like doing makeup but I think ur super pretty without makeup❤️❤️❤️🤩
jessica arraiza apaap
Chloe Maldonado
wtf are you talking about
Gabriela Jones
Actually you just need 30 on each account. “Law of Large Numbers”
Lily Potter
Lily Potter Oy oldin
"Lol yeah I go there too" - guy trying to push her away cuz he said lol 💀
Kira Cox
Kira Cox Oy oldin
Lmao this video doesn’t make sense???? Like how are you going to text random guys and not expect them to be kind of weirded out or give a strange response?? Also do I know you isn’t really “stingy” it’s just asking... idk 😐
Olivia Sanders
I would be kind of creeped out if someone knew what school I went to when I didn't disclose that information in my bio. I would 100% either lie or not answer.
Minstro VI
Minstro VI Oy oldin
I really wish that girls will get a hold that when men and women have preferences like girls are more keen to answer to a hot male over a less handsome man and same for men. This does not prove anything other than the fact that women play the victim card but never get taught how important to the society.
Quianna Blais
Quianna Blais Oy oldin
The accent lol I'm from northern Minnesota and I get asked if I'm Canadian all the time, and now I see why😂
james jackson
james jackson Oy oldin
This shi is fkin retarded how u gone make this shi video and be surprised at the result and I’m seeing theese losers in the comment talking bout I think u look better with no make up boi shut ur sad ass up she and no other girl gone notice u and ofc girls put make up on to look better wow big surprise tht if u looked better you would get more positive replies what were u expecting shi video
Michelle J
Michelle J Oy oldin
Also I think the guys that will want nothing to do with a relationship will be the ones from the all makeup account. The ones from the non makeup account wont be surprised to see you without makeup. Dont let that lower your self esteem, the right guy will love you with or without makeup. You're pretty without it
Michelle J
Michelle J Oy oldin
What if the ignored were in a relationship, or not into talking to random people who know what school they go to?
Md Nazs
Md Nazs Oy oldin
Jump to conclusion is bad for urself... Lol
Da'Naisa Love
Da'Naisa Love Oy oldin
The whole message was random as hell I don’t think it was based on makeup or not for the responses.
Da'Naisa Love
Da'Naisa Love Oy oldin
Maybe you take better pictures when wearing makeup because you feel more confident with makeup. Without makeup you can tell you have a lower confidence level by the poses you are making.
Jeremiah Holmes
Stop chasing afther what guys think an Chase afther what Jesus want what's best for u,an that's to take off the make up
Marquel Kuranami
There not the same people as the one with the no Makeup
RaNa Nawazil
RaNa Nawazil Oy oldin
I dont think those guys are trynna flirt with the makeup accnt coz cmon they r juz genuinely replying to the question..one question wouldn't reveal their character...would it?
James Short
James Short Oy oldin
You women always using witchcraft to trick us men. You're not as pretty without makeup.
Dustin Mccreary
i almost feel like this experiment was off point bc many boys/men are different when it comes to females
King Rey
King Rey Oy oldin
Am I the only one who finds her very attractive without makeup?😅
Noobz Gamer
Noobz Gamer Oy oldin
Is it just me or does the picture in the no makeup section look a little like Arianna??? Ok...maybe it's just me...
Azad Miah
Azad Miah Oy oldin
Why do you look retarted,Lol.
S Hawk
S Hawk Oy oldin
I’m not sure if DMing someone random on Instagram is really a good indicator of if a guy is receptive to you or not. They may be a little creeped out by a stranger who searched that tag. As for not replying right away, some people aren’t attached to their phones. I feel like this would be better on something like Tinder where people are actually looking to connect with others in a more personal way.
Accenty Oy oldin
2 ig accounts yet u still guy higher than me 😂
charmaine johnson
Ariana vibe
misty blue
misty blue Oy oldin
You should definitely become friends with the guy who left a positive response on the no makeup account.He obviously seems like he isnt superficial...and that's like finding a needle in a haystack!
errinblue Oy oldin
Great vid!! 😘♥️
💜Lavender Fae🔮
Men are trash!
ray r
ray r 2 oy oldin
Jesus christ she looks so fucking fake it creepy
A Q 2 oy oldin
To the people in the comments: Honestly, to me it seems super conceited to expect that guys will message back and that if they don't, they are shallow. Not all guys want to talk to you and, statistically speaking, two of those guys are gay. Imagine if this was a guy doing an experiment like this, though. People would flip
AndreaSanchezTV 2 oy oldin
To everyone who says the guys ignored bc the message was creepy or strange... then WHY did the guys out of the makeup acc respond? En why were they a LOT nicer? 🤔
Oliver Man
Oliver Man 2 oy oldin
Females only wear makeup when outside to make other females jealous Where's the Netflix make-up bag then?
Angelina Zanakis
Angelina Zanakis 2 oy oldin
728 girrrrl you trying to use them as experiement not friends lmaoooo
Peter Sterling
Peter Sterling 2 oy oldin
why does she have snot down her nose ????
i HaVe aN AvOCado In mY hAiR
all guys are different
i HaVe aN AvOCado In mY hAiR
4:24 he answered your question. What more do u want?
Thank u, next Grand'e
Omg you look and sound and act like Ariana Grande!!!! 💖💖💖
E 3 oy oldin
‘That’s a good response ‘ But in the end is flirting a good thing? It should’ve been titles ‘’comparing the flirting I’ve received from me without makeup vs makeup on.’’ As in the end it’s about nice comments - not on if they try to flirt or anything. Also, even if they do realize it’s the same account owner I feel like it’d be nice to message the same ones instead to see if they then change their opinion and then that’d be more accurate to the title But then again these are just my opinions and don’t have to be followed :))
jeff the killer.
jeff the killer. 3 oy oldin
I think your pretty without makeup
Princess May
Princess May 3 oy oldin
You should do it with the same 10 guys
*sips tae*
*sips tae* 3 oy oldin
Personally, i think you look better without makeup
Emoyeo 3 oy oldin
The bad responses aren’t even bad Lmaoo
Valentino coy
Valentino coy 3 oy oldin
Delete your Chanel, fucking trash
BasicBish 3 oy oldin
this girls hella annoying.
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado 3 oy oldin
The reason why i like a girl with little or no make up because i feel they are more "real".... It feels like they are more genuine and less vain... If a woman spends too much time on her makeup... thats a turn off for me.
Karolina J.
Karolina J. 3 oy oldin
People are different, if u would talk to the same person through two accounts then you can say they treat you differently, but now you cant, maybe they would not like you with makeup or without so you cant say they treat you like this because u dont wear makeup, because you dont know how the same person would treat you with your makeup on if that makes sense? And I didnt like your message, seems like a weirdo
GuardianXwolf 3 oy oldin
That is so true tbh People this days are so judgmental. Even some guys wear make-up or use a beauty camera selfie But girls are like that too.
sweet beep
sweet beep 3 oy oldin
Why is this an experiment? She looks better with makeup so what's the shocker that guys would be nicer?
Mystic527 3 oy oldin
Lol girl we already know both guys and girls are EXTREMELY superficial, now more than EVER before since it’s the instagram era
garrett myers
garrett myers 3 oy oldin
I'm totally crushing on you right now
Victor Fernandez
Victor Fernandez 3 oy oldin
Hey I just started following you. I think you are beautiful:-*
Caroline Morris
Caroline Morris 3 oy oldin
not trying to be rude but she looks kinda crosseyed
passerell 3 oy oldin
You don't understand how irony works.
Maddee Sessions
Maddee Sessions 3 oy oldin
I honestly like the no makeup account better...
RONZiLLA702 3 oy oldin
Emily RASHONE 3 oy oldin
H 3 oy oldin
Honestly, I think it was because of the format of your message. Girls that say 'literally' like that are usually the ones who are awful to be around.
Dania Norbert
Dania Norbert 3 oy oldin
Don’t mean to be harsh but she is unattractive
Swastika Shukla - Morning Star MS (1114)
don't take this as a hate comment but you look WAYYYY better without the makeup
I wanna be famous
this guy only talks to me when i post pics on my account... ( I don’t post myself often) and every time he messages me he always begin w “I miss talking...” when he leaves me on read ... next time ima troll him
Harmony is Music
Harmony is Music 3 oy oldin
Bro the guys don’t know you so I dont understand why you say it’s a negative response if they just say “yeah” ...
Ruby Edwards
Ruby Edwards 3 oy oldin
u asked him if he goes there and he said yeah, what else do u want😂
Raimi Strebler
Raimi Strebler 3 oy oldin
Lol and she continues to cake her face afterwards
Hahaha Ganga
Hahaha Ganga 3 oy oldin
You’re still ugly with makeup on
Ambika Singh
Ambika Singh 3 oy oldin
Every single guy who didn't saw her msg and she's saying they ignored me. They didn't even saw her msg.. Seen sign comes under the msg when msg is seen.. U know.. If it was seen then guys didn't reply then she can say that msg got ignored but they didn't even see it. Are u using insta for first time gurl😂😂😂😂😂
Ozzie Martinez
Ozzie Martinez 3 oy oldin
your hot with or without makeup
SnowyGacha 3 oy oldin
not a fair test but ok
Liberty Rose
Liberty Rose 3 oy oldin
You really are trying too hard to make dude look like dicks
Let's talk about my new camera
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