Gwenpool "Better Than Deadpool, Destruction of the 4th Wall!" - Complete Story

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22-Sen, 2017



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Break Beat
Break Beat 20 soat oldin
"Better than Deadpool" That's one of the boldest statements I've ever seen.
miles morales aka the black sayain
Still like deadpool. You know why PANCAKES AND he kill every marvel universe
Xenomorph Queen
Xenomorph Queen 16 kun oldin
She's not better Dreadpool! *Deadpool is the best!*
Zufar Aljauza
Zufar Aljauza 25 kun oldin
Is it bad that i found out gwepool from nhentai?
A man
A man 25 kun oldin
Deadpool is cooler than gwenpoll
ke nch
ke nch 26 kun oldin
I hate gwen-pool
the great xenu
shes basically me only despite dropping out of highschool is still less of a loser.
Hudspethtb Oy oldin
Wow! What a really good video. It drew me in and I really enjoyed it!
Jett Dominick
Jett Dominick Oy oldin
Gwenpool has defeated Deadpool...
Valthen Vega
Valthen Vega Oy oldin
I can’t forget to bring in that time Deadpool got out of his comic universe and found both his writers and his artists planning for him to kill them “in the real world”
C.Darling Barlow
Why can't other heroines be different like her? I mean come on: - Have knowledge of all secret identities. - Experienced interdimensional travel. - AND she physically tears through the 4th wall....In the comic!
I rebuilt the 4th Wall
Swimmer 2020
Swimmer 2020 Oy oldin
He's right tho. Gwenpool is better than Deadpool
CMH 2017
CMH 2017 Oy oldin
3:19-5:31 Wow, this has been my life for the past few months (years?). I can totally relate to her. 😢
Alexander Kim
Alexander Kim Oy oldin
I love Gwenpool, I feel sad for her.
Justice Levenson
Josh Joissaint
Josh Joissaint 2 oy oldin
It's annoying 2 hear New character s being better than the original characters. creators did the same thing with Supergirl and Superman new Spider-Man and original Spider-Man now gwenpool better than Deadpool? Why can't the originals be stronger and better?
Phillip J
Phillip J 2 oy oldin
Is gwen some type of reality warper?
Kendell Nicholson
Gwenpool Vs. thanos anyone?
Clementine Everett
What is it with the word gwen
Black Beard2345
Black Beard2345 2 oy oldin
What would be cool is if gwenpool chatts with the one above all
Ever Hernandez
Ever Hernandez 2 oy oldin
Great video I like them both 😁
the king
the king 2 oy oldin
wow she has my life except my life is real and hers is a comic book oh an I am a boy
the king
the king 2 oy oldin
not four but five
the king
the king 2 oy oldin
did I just Break the fifth wall ?
Lydia Salmons
Lydia Salmons 2 oy oldin
Her shirt looks like homestuck not gonna lie. Ots the beta kids colors.
Kiran Puri
Kiran Puri 2 oy oldin
Lenni Väisänen
Lenni Väisänen 2 oy oldin
I like deadpool more
Lenni Väisänen
Lenni Väisänen 2 oy oldin
This is cool tho
Vicar X7
Vicar X7 2 oy oldin
Gwenpool was quite sad but interesting
Leederlee 2 oy oldin
Looks like future Gwen finally got those pants on her costume.
Robofox Bot
Robofox Bot 2 oy oldin
Is it just me or the comic book owner looks like the comicstorian
Nightcore City
Nightcore City 2 oy oldin
At least marvel has an anime girl like peni Parker in spider verse and gwenpool the isekai anime girl
Nightcore City
Nightcore City 2 oy oldin
Han Carl are you really a fan of gwenpool they already met
Han Carl
Han Carl 2 oy oldin
What if Gwenpool met Spider Gwen
Kheilas Reti
Kheilas Reti 2 oy oldin
She destroyed all 5 walls
KidK StayFly
KidK StayFly 2 oy oldin
First of all she isn’t better why? Because this happened to Deadpool everyday every second but it’s normal to him now you know
Xenophacilus 2 oy oldin
Man I just love this artstyle
Emanuele Cala
Emanuele Cala 2 oy oldin
Daron Murray
Daron Murray 2 oy oldin
So it's basically a comic in a comic in a comic in a comic and so on
Adam Purdon
Adam Purdon 2 oy oldin
DP all the way
Panda King
Panda King 3 oy oldin
well to be fair deadpool does has the same fourth wall powers just like gwen pool he just knows the consequence so he's more careful and not splitting the universe inn half (comic universe )
ya yeet nibba :[
ya yeet nibba :[ 3 oy oldin
2:13 is that a dildo on the upper panel under where shes sitting or a sock
Starkiller 3 oy oldin
Gwenpool is *THICCC* as fuck😍
Jibzy Luigi
Jibzy Luigi 3 oy oldin
11:38 I laughed with the explanation of aiming...
Salmon and Metal
Salmon and Metal 3 oy oldin
I like deadpool and gwenpool either way
ANGEL TORRES 3 oy oldin
Deadpool is better
Caden the Cucumber
My head hurts
7Majum7 3 oy oldin
I see. So this is what her story is like.... I know I will get a LOT of HATE for this but... It would be better if it was a different person than Another version of GWEN. Spider-Gwen is a pretty good series that was a Bit of fresh air compared to many alternate Peter Parker story's (like Miles). How about something like a Hispanic, Canadian, or whatever female version of deadpool. Instead of gwenpool it would be (something that rhymes with Gene) Pool or (Anything else other the "gwen") Pool.
mohamed o
mohamed o 2 oy oldin
7Majum7 the thing is she only exists cus they decided to make Gwen variations of covers and her design got really popular
ImScott _
ImScott _ 3 oy oldin
Seriously, she's not better than Deadpool. She's just an extremely annoying and female version of him. I think she's overrated.
mohamed o
mohamed o 2 oy oldin
OoF _ She is nothing like Deadpool. Her back story is completely different. She has no powers except that she knows that she is in a comic. The only thing she has in common with Deadpool is her name, costume and forth wall brakes
Hi There
Hi There 3 oy oldin
Pssst Deadpool can kill the critters and creators
ryan 3 oy oldin
deadpool and gwenpool should join forces
jose ramon
jose ramon 3 oy oldin
If I were to keep writing Gwenpool, I would make her origin story one mixed with Stan Lee's ghost at her side, I mean her friend the hacker is already at ghost... What would be so different from Stan Lee Giving her his omnipotent 4th wall breaking power... Similar to the movie "9" where the scientist gives his life up for his final creation that finally retains the essence of his life, his humanity... Remember that Stan Lee was always a Easter egg in ALL his movies... So.. eventually just like him Gwen can develop her character further by ceasing to be a main character and appear as Easter eggs in all marvel comics in memory of Lee... So bam! You have a proper ending to a relatable meta hero, yet it doesn't really end.. because we know she's still in the back helping the heroes, and making the villians get in tune with their true powers.. because in the end... Nobody but disposable characters are killed..
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson 3 oy oldin
Hope she gets an animated movie.
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 3 oy oldin
Anyone know the music at 9:30?
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 3 oy oldin
Lmao i got caught up in this gwenpool v.s. deadpool mess that i don't even know who to side with anymore tbh they're both great characters with good stories and backgrounds, but i'd guess i'd stick with deadpool don't get me wrong though, gwenpool is a pretty cute and cool character and i would love to read her comics and maybe find similarities between the 2 pools lol.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 3 oy oldin
R.I.P Stan Lee 😢😭
RedDragonForce2 3 oy oldin
Gwenpool going evil. It's a typical change the future story and it's kinda cool. Glad Gwen understood that just because you could, doesn't that mean you should.
Nsovo Mathebula
Nsovo Mathebula 3 oy oldin
I am sorry to tell you, but deadpool is a anti-hero.
syeda rizvi
syeda rizvi 4 oy oldin
I'm a girl, let's get that out of the way. I really loved this story and this video, thank you so much! (My first time ever hearing about it) Now I just think it would be much, much better if authors just made ORIGINAL female heroes. I mean, we all love Spider-man, but why make a Spider-woman? Why not make a different superhero with different powers but is female? I really think it would be better received. Obviously, Spider-man existed first and everyone loves him more, even me. Just make a new female hero totally unrelated to the other. That way no one would need to say Deadpool is better than Gwenpool for example. Wouldn't it be lame if there were a Wonder-man with the one and only Wonder Woman? That's all my saying. Sorry for the long read.
Makuta Of Salt
Makuta Of Salt 4 oy oldin
I feel like there's nothing to her personality other than dealing with the 4th wall, this feels like it could any random pretty teenage girl- heeeyyyy I just realized why these are popular! Although I'll say I'm glad they made her less obnoxious, especially since she was in lego marvel superheroes 2
Makuta Of Salt
Makuta Of Salt 4 oy oldin
Also they shouldn't have brought her into the west coast avengers, just let her story end there
Marvel Zombies return
Gwen pool le doy un like a la sexy de gwen pool
Matt T.
Matt T. 4 oy oldin
Honestly "gwenpool" is a story on a human using fiction to it's most. Yes they can do anything, but it's not healthy for them as a person to do it. There isno universal laws being put in place in that "comic-verse" or world or whatever. It's other people that are deciding the laws of fiction. The "dark Gwen" is a psychological version of Gwen's unhealthy immersion into fiction. She took the laws she knew of the comic book world's as "universal laws", she mistook her own person hood and put herself into fiction. Fiction is a reflection of the human mind. She had no family like the ones presented in the comic because she is a real human that is using the comic book world and fiction as a self explorative. Her made up backstory is an example if her subconscious insecurities and issues given narrative and the whole "fight" between her and her "dark side", with various "good" archetypes guiding her as the heroes from the future, are fiction creating a narrative for her subconscious issues. This habit of hers is not bad because she actually hurts real people. Her logic as "dark Gwen" is correct, eventually all most likely is going to be made right with the beloved heroes. But it's unhealthy simply because of the habit, her being a real person shows why she can't continue with this 4th wall godhood fun. Because real people do strive at the end of the day to have things be well, that's why our characters resemble these ideals and why we never fully want to actually become or end up glorifying mad evil natured selves and make all the heroes good and all right again. She's even had a subconscious narrative created for her to give her an example if why this is unhealthy for her as a real person. That narrative is her "backstory", since it's not really her backstory and implied it's a work of fiction and not her actual life, because she is still a real person and her only actual existence in comics is in her first issue because she follows real time, that backstory is fiction creating a narrative in response to her subconscious problems. Characters are characters, the reason why it's unhealthy and wrong to torture them or even cause havoc to their lives despite them being take, is because they are reflections of our mind. Her giving into darker paths is wrong for her specifically, because she is a real person, and like the writers themselves, in the end we don't want to strive for chaos or uneasyness. We ultimately create things to reflects our ideals, she wanted to escape into fiction but fiction forces you to confront your ideals. And she realized she didn't like the ones she had, escaping into another reality and what not and selfishly changing the story for her own satisfaction. She was so removed from what's healthy she disassociated herself from the writers as a real person, instead identifying the laws of the fictional comic universe as "universal laws", the problem is she accepted herself as a fictional character instead of a real person and forgot why these "laws" were the way they are. If our ideals and hers were controlling and selfishly guiding and manipulating the world to our whims and fantasies, the she'd have no problem with it and it'd manifest as normal without a big plot and narrative of her "dark self" trying to stop her. She's literally still the only one there, following only real time, fiction is just manifesting subconscious narratives for her to work with. She doesn't want to do this forever, and does hope that her real life, whatever that may be, is able to be better and for her to be able to return to it. Her story is the comic book verse dealing with an escapist. Possibly with some schizophrenia in there.
Ajiscool1239 4 oy oldin
Gwen pool is better than Deadpool Deadpool
L K 4 oy oldin
Didn't Deadpool hit the 4th wall so hard he killed the writers?
Mediamatix 4 oy oldin
But can she kill Ryan Reinolds as he is about to film the green Lantern? I don't think so. Some mistakes only Deadpool can fix.
Poison Studios
Poison Studios 4 oy oldin
6:15 you: She snaps back to reality Me: oh there goes gravity oh there goes gravity
Some Dude Named will
Gwenpool isnt better than deadpool, sorry.
Matt Alan
Matt Alan 4 oy oldin
Am I the only one that wants to see Eternity a Hydra Agent now?
Panacotta Fugo Purple haze
*dead pool ejaculates in a soap dispenser for gwenpool*
DJBailey187 Bailey
2018 a year later but still deadpools better than gwenpool because he breaks into out universe because he knows gwen isnt in the real world he knows how gwen began in a howard the duck comic
Frizoy 1011
Frizoy 1011 4 oy oldin
I like Deadpool more than Gwenpool
Carolina Duron
Carolina Duron 4 oy oldin
Who else noticed that Gwen pool could not see us but Deadpool can so Gwen pool is actually worse than Deadpool in fourth wall brakes ha i'm smart
EpicsBroFlame 4 oy oldin
Dont worry there will be a point where through comic book excuses Deadpool himself will learn this wtf ability
9Th Legion
9Th Legion 4 oy oldin
Gwenpool and all the onother Gwen’s sucks and has no fucking logic
Johan Stenfelt
Johan Stenfelt 4 oy oldin
Na, i think Gwenpool is better than Deadpool🤷🏻‍♂️.
Professor Nichols
Until now, I thought she was Gwen Stacy. I know nothing about comics
Johan Stenfelt
Johan Stenfelt 4 oy oldin
Okey when i clicked on this video i was kind of expecting a some kind of discussion or explanation, not a storytelling😅.
Johan Stenfelt
Johan Stenfelt 4 oy oldin
Then again it DOES say ”The Complete Story” so i guess i should have guessed huh?
it is sort of wrong because Deadpool killed gwenpool in comics
Swati Hegde
Swati Hegde 5 oy oldin
You're awesome. . . Subscribed instantly 🌟🌟🌟 thank you !
Basic Brian
Basic Brian 5 oy oldin
so technically, gwenpool could defeat thanos
Aman Mamat
Aman Mamat 5 oy oldin
movie deadpool can destroy his own universe and all of reality
Jittery sonic
Jittery sonic 5 oy oldin
Gwen is short for Gwenjamin
Isabella Scott
Isabella Scott 5 oy oldin
Omg this is so good! I’ve always wondered this about comic book characters. Like how the scenes change so fast through different panels, or if they see the bubbles or the block letters. I wish this was a tv show
Origami Yoda
Origami Yoda 5 oy oldin
13:03 because you dabbed hrmmmm hrrmmm hrmmm?
Alucardz 5 oy oldin
shirou emiya
shirou emiya 5 oy oldin
Deadpool might be one of my favorite heroes but Gwen pool will always live in my heart
shirou emiya
shirou emiya 5 oy oldin
I just noticed that she and me are pretty similar with wanting to live in better worlds
Itz_ Dan
Itz_ Dan 5 oy oldin
Gwenpool is hot
James Dube
James Dube 5 oy oldin
I don't care about her 4th wall breaking abilities she is just a comic book nerd with no deep character deadpool actually is his own unique personality shaped around his experience's
E.J Swanson
E.J Swanson 5 oy oldin
Is this canon? Is this real? WTF?
TheGamingGeek 5 oy oldin
“Better than Deadpool”? Just don’t
13 Piece Bucket
13 Piece Bucket 5 oy oldin
deadpool is still more iconic than gwenpool
Hey Its Jasmine
Hey Its Jasmine 5 oy oldin
18:25 Now stop crying you Deadpool Fanboys.
Drawing_ Derp
Drawing_ Derp 5 oy oldin
Ceiling is animating
Deadpool: that's like 16 walls Gwenpool:that's like 32 walls
Hiệp Khánh
Hiệp Khánh 5 oy oldin
What better is she looks anime
Aaron Ortiz
Aaron Ortiz 5 oy oldin
Gwenpool: The end is near... *Gwenpool snaps and all 4th wall's in the universe *EXPLODE**
parsa 393
parsa 393 5 oy oldin
owww my brainnnn :|
Deborah Adedokun
Deborah Adedokun 5 oy oldin
Ad TV 5 oy oldin
you think Deadpool is better than gwenpool because Deadpool is a man and gwenpool is a women, a lot of gender issue in this video
DEADPOOL! 5 oy oldin
Dragon master
Dragon master 5 oy oldin
Gewenpool sucks
saggyagod 5 oy oldin
U wanna die say it again
TheUnderMasked 5 oy oldin
4th wall? I don't think it's 4th wall anymore
ZRDR 5 oy oldin
This was the most pandering schlock I've ever seen.
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