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H.E.R. - Could've Been (Official Video) ft. Bryson Tiller

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“Could’ve Been” feat. Bryson Tiller (Official Video): smarturl.it/CouldveBeenVid
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2-Noy, 2018

Could've BeenH.E.R. feat. Bryson TillerR&BRCA Records Label



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MARIA STAR Daqiqa oldin
Very nice song. The vibe is real. So chilled. Them two together is smooth. ✌💛
Shaquira Butler
Shaquira Butler 24 daqiqa oldin
this song is so relatable. I love it!😆
maddie julianna
maddie julianna 38 daqiqa oldin
This should be on the radio
vicente ignacio palma alarcon
Woou 😈😈
Bryanna Willis
Bryanna Willis 2 soat oldin
They need to be together. Period.
ItsJuss Aariii
ItsJuss Aariii 2 soat oldin
•LYRICS• [Intro] Please, allow me to show you something Somebody give me, yeah [Verse 1: H.E.R.] Somebody give me, uh Somebody tell me the answers Me and you isn't the answer, uh Me and you isn't Maybe I'm tellin' myself that But there ain't nothin' that'll change that What good would it be, if I knew how you felt about me? (yeah) [Post-Verse 1: H.E.R.] It could've been right but I was wrong Only think 'bout you when I'm alone Part of me that cared inside it's gone And I know, that I can't, get caught up [Chorus: H.E.R.] We could've been And we tried to pretend Every now and again We don't dream about, don't think about what We could've been Though I'm holding it in 'Cause I know in the end You dream about, I think about what We could've been We could've been, yeah We could've, damn [Verse 2: H.E.R.] Remember? Remember the night in Miami First time you put your arms around me I'm up reminiscin' (ooh yeah) Thinking 'bout you isn't helping Thinking 'bout you doesn't tell me What good it would do, if I decide to face the truth [Post-Verse 2: H.E.R.] It could've been right but I was wrong Only think 'bout you when I'm alone You only hit me up when she's not home And that's why, I can't, get caught up [Chorus: H.E.R.] We could've been And we tried to pretend Every now and again We don't dream about, don't think about what We could've been Though I'm holding it in 'Cause I know in the end You dream about, I think about what We could've been We could've been We could've We could've been What we could've been, we could've been [Interlude] [Verse 3: Bryson Tiller & H.E.R] Ay What we could've been What we should've been If I wasn't, if I wasn't- With somebody, if you gotta hide it what's the point of trying? I ain't just your friend, no, what's the point of lying? Tryna sell a story ain't nobody buyin' Look me in my eyes, don't that feel nice? Why should it end? Baby, I could've been I could've been him, more than your friend Just say where and when, where to make a trip Baby make a wish, be the one I’m with Should’ve been a-, should've, could've, would have been, ay Yeah I would have been (damn) Yeah I would have been (yeah) [Outro: H.E.R.] Damn, damn (could've been) Yeah, we could've been (oh no)
Erica Denice
Erica Denice 7 soat oldin
I remeber when i saw this beauty on concert for my birthday . it was chris browns tour and though ive always wanted to see chris brown live . i actually bought my tickets to listen to her
Zandria Lourenço
Zandria Lourenço 12 soat oldin
dammmmmn ma mom and daddy in my fav song, I can't 😰😰😰
AFICIONADO23 17 soat oldin
I need to star in the movie!!
dana stewart
dana stewart 18 soat oldin
Another fire collab..love it
Cluv22 18 soat oldin
I want Goldlink to freestyle on this shit sooooooo bad!!
Brittany H
Brittany H 18 soat oldin
corrine joy
corrine joy 19 soat oldin
thought is was Sia
Jillian Douglas
Jillian Douglas 19 soat oldin
They look good together and they sound good together
AidaNaBen 20 soat oldin
Daaaaaaamn!!!! Its... It feels like the song was the second part of Bryson's "Exchange" 😍
Aidan Pang
Aidan Pang 21 soat oldin
Adris Humphrey
Adris Humphrey 23 soat oldin
Love this song! Gets too your soul!
Jonathan Scrutchens
Jonathan Scrutchens 23 soat oldin
This song got me thinking about my 7th grade crush
stewfu Kun oldin
This song and video deserves WAYYYY more LIKES! IJS 😍🤔❤👌🏾
Jivan Moulandi
Jivan Moulandi Kun oldin
love the cinematic
Flor Rebelde
Flor Rebelde Kun oldin
Eu shippei, me julguem hahaha
mark MCcoty
mark MCcoty Kun oldin
Perfect musical match!
E Stacks55
E Stacks55 Kun oldin
2018♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️its H.E.R
Tony murdock
Tony murdock Kun oldin
Going thru shit!
Paper Plates Clothing Co.
Jam of the month if you ask me.
Tali bandz
Tali bandz Kun oldin
"Look me in my eyes, dont dat feel niice" lol dat part tho.
Queen D
Queen D Kun oldin
We need a collab with chris brown
katrina davis
katrina davis Kun oldin
Just heard this on The Heat station, had to come and look it up.
Em Powers
Em Powers Kun oldin
What we could've been 🤔😟😢
Shahara Dunbar
Shahara Dunbar Kun oldin
Song give you chills ..the way he looking at her is everything!!!!
Angel Semidey
Angel Semidey Kun oldin
Tiller is a goat don’t @ me💯💯💯
Rio Themerc
Rio Themerc 2 kun oldin
Here for my nigga tiller 🚫🧢
katie cici
katie cici 2 kun oldin
i said this song and my friend said i liked her brother this is how i feel for my crush
Nora Aguilar
Nora Aguilar 2 kun oldin
Isn’t this oshea song?
RJ Gacha
RJ Gacha 2 kun oldin
RJ Gacha
RJ Gacha 2 kun oldin
R.I.P sunglasses
Sourish Bhattacharya
She is so good.....and H.E.R. vibe is amazing man ❤️....Love from India
Chris Salvatoriello
Good shit
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 2 kun oldin
Sheesh, this is sexy
Laterika Cunningham
Gregory Standard jr
That MY song
Eliza Maldonado
Eliza Maldonado 2 kun oldin
Ughhh bryson in this video🥰🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤hell in general 🤤👅👅👅👅
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez 2 kun oldin
I know you’re reading this and you know who you’re meant to be here just as I am
da a
da a 2 kun oldin
look me in my eyes, don't that feel nice.. 😭😭😭
Dewayne Roberson
Dewayne Roberson 2 kun oldin
She is so talented
Eddie Haze
Eddie Haze 2 kun oldin
Keiosha Edwards
Keiosha Edwards 2 kun oldin
Im so inlove with this song👌
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith 2 kun oldin
I love this jam so much, I want to hear it 24/7
Nqsitiv Bunny
Nqsitiv Bunny 2 kun oldin
H.E.R. + F.K.A. Twigs Collab= The Death Of Me R.I.P.
Amanda Costa
Amanda Costa 2 kun oldin
I LOVED! Congrats for the job and kisses from Brazil!
Krissy kris
Krissy kris 2 kun oldin
Love it 🔥🔥🔥
Michael Mixer Mason
This is my new go to song when it starts raining
Bye Bella
Bye Bella 2 kun oldin
Subbed before one mill 😂❤️❤️❤️
A N E E S A 2 kun oldin
the starting sounds like Remember me by UMI but idk broh
Matasha Burns
Matasha Burns 2 kun oldin
I love this song and video they look so cute together
Errykah bias
Errykah bias 2 kun oldin
NJ 2 kun oldin
Salute to the producer!!
Nicole Nikki Smith
Nicole Nikki Smith 2 kun oldin
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song (& video), I CAN'T stop playing/watching it!!! HOW did I NOT know about this song?!?!? THIS song is way too comparable to me & an "ex-special friend's" very, very similar situation, I HAD to send this to his FB Messenger Inbox.............................DAMN!
Charli Parker
Charli Parker 2 kun oldin
this video is so good what the heckle
carolyn soukkeo
carolyn soukkeo 3 kun oldin
my wig is snatched .
Amelia Poland
Amelia Poland 3 kun oldin
gorgeous video. love everything, the chain link fence and b/w and red reminds me of Bey, a collab between them would be sickening
Ty Ryans Mease
Ty Ryans Mease 3 kun oldin
Love this song. They have great chemistry
Jonatas Tavares
Jonatas Tavares 3 kun oldin
Essa musica é muito boa. Brazil porra !
Denise Fitzhugh
Denise Fitzhugh 3 kun oldin
How do you know the FEELINGS..and the hurt..😥
katie cici
katie cici 3 kun oldin
they both looking soo fine looking like a whole dream i don't want to wake up from
Hellen Passionfruit
3:08-3:13😩😩 wig has been snatched
A k
A k 3 kun oldin
anyone know any songs with the same kinda vibe
Irviana Moore
Irviana Moore 3 kun oldin
Finally get to see her face 😂 it’s been how long 🤦🏾‍♀️
Stuussy. J
Stuussy. J 3 kun oldin
rachelle5694 3 kun oldin
Looks like it was shot in Miami
Mahogany Enjoli
Mahogany Enjoli 3 kun oldin
Love this❤️
Muzi Khoza
Muzi Khoza 3 kun oldin
So Exceptional!!!
thaaeroprincess87 3 kun oldin
How can you dislike this song!?!?!?
denetta24 3 kun oldin
She's showing herself more. She's a beautiful young lady. Very talented song writer as well. Me and my daughter love H.E.R. No pun intended.
Shaniquea Fails
Shaniquea Fails 3 kun oldin
Does anybody else feel like this speaks to their soul? Asking for a friend....
Tianna Rhymes
Tianna Rhymes 3 kun oldin
Cia Figueroa
Cia Figueroa 3 kun oldin
That “Aye” after the beat dropped from Tiller was everything 🙌😩
Chanel Swan
Chanel Swan 3 kun oldin
Tara Murphy
Tara Murphy 3 kun oldin
So much 🔥 and chemistry in the lyrics beautiful ❤️🎶
Mercy Simmons
Mercy Simmons 3 kun oldin
Pepe The_frog
Pepe The_frog 3 kun oldin
This song is so underrated
Ae Baldwin
Ae Baldwin 3 kun oldin
True R&B👏🏾👏🏾
Johnnie Williams
Johnnie Williams 3 kun oldin
No diss to h.e.r she is talented as fuck but I think she lying bout why she keep her face covered she say she wants people to focus on the music she makes and not how she looks but I think that the real reason she don't like to show her face is cause she's selfconscious and shy about her looks that don't necessarily mean that she's insecure just maybe that she's not completely satisfied with how she looks honesty is always the best policy in any scenario keep it 100 most people don't know how to do that just saying
Trinity Johnson
Trinity Johnson 3 kun oldin
🖤🖤The vibeeee🖤🖤
Syx Urciaga
Syx Urciaga 3 kun oldin
Love the video! Very reminiscent of a certain princess of R&b "one in a million" video with genuine being the love interest... #90sr&b
TEM LeMAY 3 kun oldin
H.E.R. and TILLER!!! 👌🏾👌🏾
Daughter of the Most High
Very Sexy
cocoschnapps 3 kun oldin
You have her. I have your mind. She has your heart... beating slowly so I came along. Defibrillator (stop). (Beat) life continues... Maybe another lifetime I could have taken your breath away. We could have been... 😥😔
Nia Smith
Nia Smith 3 kun oldin
This is giving me a musiq soulchild vibe
Shante H.
Shante H. 3 kun oldin
Montclair Graham
Montclair Graham 3 kun oldin
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katie cici
katie cici 3 kun oldin
they should get together they would be a cute coulpe
Melanie Williams
Melanie Williams 3 kun oldin
I love the fact that she makes that "sit back and chill" music. It takes you on a relaxing journey.
Bri Johnson
Bri Johnson 3 kun oldin
byrsons part omgggg
Tharsan J
Tharsan J 4 kun oldin
its lit.
K I N G 4 kun oldin
I finally seen her 💯
Anissa Good
Anissa Good 4 kun oldin
coocoojj 4 kun oldin
This was how 90s R&B were. Music & videos were this good. Like, when you watch the video, you want to live in that moment.
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Miyanna's World 4 kun oldin
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