Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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The 21-year-old model shares her tried-and-true tricks for faking a back from the beach glow.

Filmed by Lucas Flores Piran
Filmed at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills
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Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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24-Apr, 2018

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Elisa Fontes
Elisa Fontes 5 soat oldin
OMG you looklike Justin! So cute! Haha
Justin Andreea
Justin Andreea 6 soat oldin
I'm team Jelena!
Mia Ledbetter
Mia Ledbetter 14 soat oldin
Selena gomez has left the chat*
Fatimah Kureshi
Fatimah Kureshi Kun oldin
Want that glow for the gods😂😂😂😂
Ella Grace
Ella Grace Kun oldin
She’s naturally gorgeous.
LuA 2 kun oldin
sunscreen on top of makeup? serious?
Aesthëtic Barbie
Aesthëtic Barbie 2 kun oldin
Rama 2 kun oldin
Shawn deserved better
Aysed Bys
Aysed Bys 3 kun oldin
Aysed Bys
Aysed Bys 3 kun oldin
Aysed Bys
Aysed Bys 3 kun oldin
Larissa Guzman
Larissa Guzman 3 kun oldin
“ sLaY “
LovahLaura 3 kun oldin
Can the long witch nail trend die out already?!?!?!?! Ughhhh. That's all I saw in that video. :P
Fernanda Domínguez
What song is using in this video?please help
Kaila Yogurt
Kaila Yogurt 3 kun oldin
hailey bieber believer here 😌😌😍😍
Rocio Sanchez
Rocio Sanchez 4 kun oldin
Chama yo te banco
Fabery,  Lauren  (12A)  [Ac+]
This has millions of views cause of the relation w Justin lmao
Mikayla Ali
Mikayla Ali 5 kun oldin
Can you have a more light make up look lmfao
Jess 5 kun oldin
Ela é tão bonita q n precisa de nada
Camilly Maldonado
Camilly Maldonado 5 kun oldin
Cadê os BR?
ismimden sanane.com.
1:32 tf was that
Taisia Karaychenceva
her nails soooooo long
Dilara Cebeci
Dilara Cebeci 6 kun oldin
You should say Hailey Bieber
may gueen young girl MIZO
U look like a horse🐎🐎🐎🐎
Estell Maria
Estell Maria 7 kun oldin
She’s so cute omg! So adorable
Colleen kennedy Flippinmama
Nice look... what is the lipstick
She's beautiful and cute 😍
Roosasal Bella roos
Sweetie 😍❤️😍❤️🌹🌹
Ɲɑɑஅ 8 kun oldin
Melissa Calderon
Melissa Calderon 8 kun oldin
es hermosa esta nujeeer💗💗💗💗💗
Br Brasil
Br Brasil 8 kun oldin
Brasil ama😍❤
RV Jp 8 kun oldin
I still don't get why white people apply foundation!? I'm brown skinned n I don't
Rose Amel
Rose Amel 9 kun oldin
SassiKassi1022 9 kun oldin
You are beautiful!
Alexander García
Alexander García 9 kun oldin
Jajajaja esta bien narizona y fea
Serena Williams
Serena Williams 9 kun oldin
Justin’s rebound 😹
Ali Alialiali
Ali Alialiali 9 kun oldin
انتي من حلاتج اتحطين مكياج هليا مالت عليج تف تف انتي اصلن مو مشهور ليش خابصا روحج
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 10 kun oldin
She is so pretty wth !
Lor Gaming
Lor Gaming 10 kun oldin
Wow!! I thought she's a snob but she reallh is beautiful and she has a cute personalityy❤
Meisita jo10
Meisita jo10 11 kun oldin
Hailey so beautifull 😍😍😍
Tracey Claver
Tracey Claver 11 kun oldin
I love her smile. I love her eyes. I lover her eyebrows. I love her lips. I love her voice. I LOVE HER. 😍
BlueBell 12 kun oldin
BlueBell 12 kun oldin
okay but I love her rings
Nouf Abdulkarim
Nouf Abdulkarim 12 kun oldin
I love you Hailey
Арайлым Смагулова
She is so beautiful😍♥️
muchi pichi
muchi pichi 12 kun oldin
i love Haileyy... please always be happy .take care our Justin..
Lara Fabia
Lara Fabia 13 kun oldin
Mimi Yen
Mimi Yen 13 kun oldin
I know she'll look old at the age of 28
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz 13 kun oldin
hailey better watch out for unknown female want piece of Justin. but it is not selena.
Bella Reyes
Bella Reyes 14 kun oldin
Her makeup is fake😂😂😂😂😂