Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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The 21-year-old model shares her tried-and-true tricks for faking a back from the beach glow.

Filmed by Lucas Flores Piran
Filmed at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills
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Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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24-Apr, 2018

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Faegan Mara
Faegan Mara 3 soat oldin
She just has that face that makes me want to hate her...but I can’t 🥺🥺🥺
Jimmy Rings
Jimmy Rings 11 soat oldin
Hailey Baldwin why your face and your age are quite to different you look so old I'm scared of your nose part specially 😂🤣😆😆
2j fan
2j fan Kun oldin
She thinks she would have Justin NOT
leoni jason
leoni jason Kun oldin
Love you
Nayeon Son
Nayeon Son Kun oldin
It’s Hailey Bieber now 😉😉
Sweetie Semy
Sweetie Semy Kun oldin
I'm here after she changed her ig id to Hailey Bieber 😬
DONA Kun oldin
Selena she is the best ❤️
Veronica Mello
Veronica Mello 2 kun oldin
Hilary sua loca vc é linda te adoro vc é muito simpática doidinha meio maluca mas vc é da hora mina felicidades e da um boxe na cara de Selena se vim mexer com seu machokkk
Laura Gananca
Laura Gananca 3 kun oldin
IT G1 3 kun oldin
Harshitamanglanii xx
I love her she's so pretty! *You haters all lame af*
atransvasquez 3 kun oldin
What was that spf setting powder at the end?
Josh Capagas
Josh Capagas 4 kun oldin
Her family has so much debt and Justin Bieber is going to solve all of them!
Melissa Calderon
Melissa Calderon 4 kun oldin
es hermosas haile me encanta esta mujer 😍😍😍😍😍
sumita de perfect
sumita de perfect 5 kun oldin
She literally used her hand more than the brush. ...u like her😂😂😂😂
SHRUTI CHOPRA 5 kun oldin
I hate her voice she looks like a witch without makeup
Calister Akunaii
Calister Akunaii 5 kun oldin
you look old you old thief
Lps Randomzzz
Lps Randomzzz 5 kun oldin
I thought she would be boring like Selena but she has so much personality no shade to Selena she’s just so upbeat and fun🙃
Susan Estavillo
Susan Estavillo 6 kun oldin
She's a lot cuter in normal make up
Sunhar Sun
Sunhar Sun 6 kun oldin
I like her voice 😘
Eithne Peake
Eithne Peake 7 kun oldin
I’ve been binge watching these and mostly everyone has said but the blush across ur nose🤣
Layla Diaz
Layla Diaz 7 kun oldin
Why is her bronzer so dark??
holamacchiato16 7 kun oldin
make up on make up. very sincere💩💩💩
Ariana Styles
Ariana Styles 7 kun oldin
I love her
Elenoa Matairavua
Elenoa Matairavua 7 kun oldin
I don't like Hailey Bladwin
Nammrata parida
Nammrata parida 7 kun oldin
Hailey baldwin is really really pretty.I dont know why people dont like her,i mean dude why??
yeah boi
yeah boi 7 kun oldin
Plz do cardi b
Ava & Maya's Reviews
She’s so pretty
crystal spark
crystal spark 8 kun oldin
I hate her, because of her Jelena couldn't marry Justin Bieber 😫 But she's pretty much good🙄
Elly Hafwen
Elly Hafwen 9 kun oldin
The drop the mic battle w shawn mendes and odell Beckham Jr is a must watch and Hailey is in that and she's sooooooo cute
Jamie Rambaran
Jamie Rambaran 10 kun oldin
SAra Martin
SAra Martin 10 kun oldin
People big mad only because she’s engaged to Justin 😂
Gabriela Santillan
Gabriela Santillan 10 kun oldin
No me gustó
Bong Srey
Bong Srey 10 kun oldin
Joey Tinoco
Joey Tinoco 10 kun oldin
She’s so plain. Not pretty. No wonder Justin was having a break down. He blew it
NesaFashion Channel
NesaFashion Channel 11 kun oldin
A N T I Everything
A N T I Everything 11 kun oldin
I can’t imagine JB hitting her.. Seems weird and cringe.
Regina Hankisz
Regina Hankisz 12 kun oldin
El el
El el 12 kun oldin
I like u,, butt i love selena😁
Lei Yan
Lei Yan 13 kun oldin
She looks ignorant and stuff at first, but she's actually cool and i love her attitude
Julienny Vitória
Julienny Vitória 13 kun oldin
elena coco
elena coco 13 kun oldin
Tienes cara de travesti y eres muy vieja para para Justin jamás el podrá olvidar a su primer amor selena
Ritu Chopra
Ritu Chopra 13 kun oldin
0:20 cringe worthy
Ritu Chopra
Ritu Chopra 13 kun oldin
No offence intended however everyone has a different opinion 😡
A Wild Default Skin
A Wild Default Skin 13 kun oldin
Ritu Chopra how is that cringe worthy??😂😂
lrns slay
lrns slay 14 kun oldin
she is cute, gorgeous, and beautiful. now, i get it.
hawa tahiri
hawa tahiri 14 kun oldin
Angee Renthlei
Angee Renthlei 14 kun oldin
Selena is beautiful than you 😋😋😋😋wash your face and sleep 😚
teenah. 14 kun oldin
I always thought that she was Alec Baldwin's daughter 😂 she even kinda looks like him!
Paula Hernandez
Paula Hernandez 14 kun oldin
syeda rajia begum
syeda rajia begum 15 kun oldin
I have never found any other celebrities personality this attractive!😚😚
Adhisha Adhin
Adhisha Adhin 15 kun oldin
She is not that beautiful👎🏽
Bitches 92
Bitches 92 15 kun oldin
I love her nails 😍
Rocío guadalupe Bautist Rodríguez
Estás bien fea..
Guisela Garay
Guisela Garay 16 kun oldin
Hayley por que no tienes un hijo con justin beiber asi bemos su felisidad conpleta talves eso le falte o talves no le ames realmente por eso no le das un hijo jajajakas
ofek noy
ofek noy 16 kun oldin
I wish I had her natural lip color wow
Violette Wellington
Violette Wellington 16 kun oldin
Overrated not even attractive..
Giovanna Ferreira
Giovanna Ferreira 16 kun oldin
natalia del rey
natalia del rey 16 kun oldin
It's like she can't properly hold her head straight
meow squad
meow squad 17 kun oldin
You’re sooo pretty💋
Geovana Hendler
Geovana Hendler 17 kun oldin
Alguém sabe onde tem legendado?
bryan rojas
bryan rojas 17 kun oldin
Thor daughter
Elena Harith
Elena Harith 18 kun oldin
I honestly don’t understand the hate. She really seems sweet and i get it now why Justin loves her
Laurinha Princesinha
marian sivak
marian sivak 18 kun oldin
You should bee hiss mum not gf !!!!!!!!!!!!! (*_^)
Jackie Zhang
Jackie Zhang 18 kun oldin
My new goddess crush unhesitatingly
Diya Rajkumari
Diya Rajkumari 19 kun oldin
Her nails though 😯😯🙄
Divine Grace Orias Diaz
She looks matured
Marcelino Torres
Marcelino Torres 19 kun oldin
😴😴😴😡😡😡😡😈😈😈😈👺👹👿👿👹👺💩💩💔💔💔💔Selena💔💔💔💣💣💥💥 Gómez
Akmaral Porowina
Akmaral Porowina 19 kun oldin
omg ugly
Bitches 92
Bitches 92 15 kun oldin
Akmaral Porowina You ugly af
Gih S
Gih S 19 kun oldin
Que maquiagem mais sem graça fala sério.
kaif n
kaif n 19 kun oldin
I don't like her face and her attitude
kaif n
kaif n 19 kun oldin
Gosh who is she?? Why did Vogue made a video of her?? Very strange..😑
Vanessa essilfie
Vanessa essilfie 20 kun oldin
She doesn't look like she has makeup on
flying avocado
flying avocado 20 kun oldin
Can somebody please reply to this should i cut my hair or grow it up to my booty length ( it's at the length a lil above my belly button rn and I'm not a very girly girl lol ) or nah ?
mini Kasauli
mini Kasauli 19 kun oldin
both are cool sweety. see carlibybel how she rocking long haird
flying avocado
flying avocado 20 kun oldin
I'm even more wanting to cut my hair now but I'm not perfect faced like a hailey she's so pretty ahh.
flying avocado
flying avocado 20 kun oldin
How are these people so pretty I'm gonna cry .
kupkopoBify 20 kun oldin
dua lipa &
Boldoo Dansal
Boldoo Dansal 20 kun oldin
You are destroying jelena
Italy Reynoso
Italy Reynoso 20 kun oldin
Does somebody know what blush did she use? pleaseeee
manish garg
manish garg 21 kun oldin
I hate u Y don't u leave Justin 😒😒
manish garg
manish garg 21 kun oldin
manish garg
manish garg 21 kun oldin
KA I am not jealous at all
KA 21 kun oldin
u are just jealous
Betty Tatum
Betty Tatum 21 kun oldin
whats number is her sisley lipstick??
Cassiopeia DeAngeles
She’s really bubbly and charming😛
Angele Ast
Angele Ast 22 kun oldin
she is so natural wow, i love herr
Mayerly Lara
Mayerly Lara 22 kun oldin
This is the first time I heard her speak
Stcma tap
Stcma tap 22 kun oldin
I love JAILEY ❤❤❤
Black pink بلاك بنك
we hate you so much we love Selena Gomez
Najwa Husna
Najwa Husna 23 kun oldin
She looks more beautiful without makeup. I still cant believe she's only 22. Her face with makeup make her look older. I love this girl i cant get it why people haye her
Mithun Lama
Mithun Lama 23 kun oldin
Why but I really don't like her
Lady Underwood
Lady Underwood 23 kun oldin
Hailey Baldwin is a pretty girl with a beautifully sculpted face
Nina Lizzeth
Nina Lizzeth 23 kun oldin
She has the most perfect American accent
Alaska Grande
Alaska Grande 24 kun oldin
dio santo quanto sei brutta dio carriola
SEAM 24 kun oldin
Omg i don‘t get it she looks so beautiful and natural
Alice Vikas
Alice Vikas 24 kun oldin
#ALWAYSJELENA but Hailey's voice is not bad
Justine Francia
Justine Francia 24 kun oldin
she looks like a man
Mehrin Tabassum
Mehrin Tabassum 24 kun oldin
Idk why but I kinda thought her voice would be kinda deepish like Emily ratajkowski
A E 24 kun oldin
Defintely a only a 'super model' because of nepotism.....and Weird shoulders.
Liz Bosz
Liz Bosz 24 kun oldin
Which blush did she use ?
Maria Jose Perez Velarde
La ex del chon xdxd
Efua Mensah
Efua Mensah 25 kun oldin
I know most of you are here because of her and Justin's marriage to see what she's like... Don't lie to me😂
s 23 kun oldin
um no . i could care less abt justin
sara kate
sara kate 25 kun oldin
She looked exactly the same the entire video