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Brad Mondo
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I truly love JOJO! She's blond so her hairline will never be that thick looking. It ain't her fault.
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6-Okt, 2018



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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 6 oy oldin
•Atamın Yolunda•
eleanor x
eleanor x Oy oldin
not here
mochi cat
mochi cat 2 oy oldin
sorry, l0ve ya, but i don't l0ve jojo
ємєlια тgood
Brad Mondo right here!
Clue’s Error
Clue’s Error 3 oy oldin
not here.
Emily Carey
Emily Carey 22 daqiqa oldin
i'm so glad i'm not the only one thinking about how bad that ponytail is destroying her hair
Melanie McGill
Melanie McGill 30 daqiqa oldin
I don't call them scrunchies, hair bands,hair holders or ponytails I call them hair ties 😱
Safa Ahmed
Safa Ahmed 2 soat oldin
I think she should have her hair down with her bow on so that her hairline doesn't get even more ruined and her bow is still on so...yeah🙃
Kady Williams
Kady Williams 4 soat oldin
I can translate siwa for you lol
A R 6 soat oldin
Usually when you bleach your hair from the age of 5 your hair line will disappear 😳
Edward Shalim
Edward Shalim 7 soat oldin
our new eminem JOJO SIWA
It’s Ria
It’s Ria 8 soat oldin
If jojo siwa and James Charles did a collab...
leaf love
leaf love 8 soat oldin
Have you Been on Britons got talent or America's got talent cause I SWEAR I saw you and heard your name and you had like a friend or something
甜美Cookie 8 soat oldin
I like her hair down better 😀
Tammy Cowan
Tammy Cowan 9 soat oldin
She prob just has a big forehead
Nobody Here
Nobody Here 9 soat oldin
I kinda understand Jojo situation. When I was younger, I was a dancer, so I always kept my hair in a bun. The thing is, you get used to your hair being tied up. It becomes an addiction somehow. Every time I let my hair down it bothered me soo much and itched my face for some reason. I also hated my frizzy curly hair so I always tied it. After 2 years I noticed my hairline was receding. I later found out I got traction alopecia which is permanent hair loss, caused by the pulling force being applied to the hair. LUCKILY, it wasn't that bad and if I let my hair down it’s not that noticeable. Jojo if you see this please let your hair down, I understand that it feels more comfortable keeping your hair up but it’s actually hurting your hair. “Like all other skin on our body, the scalp also needs to breathe!!!”
Rachel Ingram
Rachel Ingram 9 soat oldin
Hold up imagine what would happen if someone pranked Jojo bc shaving all her hair off during the night. She would freak
nah nah
nah nah 11 soat oldin
She's high on hairspray
Ken Gaming
Ken Gaming 12 soat oldin
I understand everything she says
Alyssia Gonzalez
Alyssia Gonzalez 12 soat oldin
black girls would say giiirl you have no edges
Arho 19 soat oldin
Could you please judge my hair health? Lol
Naturally_Solange 22 soat oldin
“ I don’t know if she actually ever had a hairline” 💀😂😂😂😫
Lauren The Dakota
7:46 I spit my water out on my screen from laughing
name less
name less Kun oldin
I laughed so hard 😂😂
It’s Sarah
It’s Sarah Kun oldin
Jojo, listen, the faster you talk, the faster that hairline hates you and runs away lol jk
Emma Kirwan
Emma Kirwan Kun oldin
JoJo can do what she wants don't judge her!!!!!!
Buddafli3 Kun oldin
My mom would have told me to use my inside voice and to SLOW DOWN 😂
Jolene Deane
Jolene Deane Kun oldin
I want brad to do my hair
Ebizzill Kun oldin
in her defense, i didn't know that every curling iron could be used to straighten hair.. like.. dont come @ me
Priscilla Nieto
Priscilla Nieto Kun oldin
I know this is an old video but what do you think of those phone cord, key chain versions of rubber bands? They are supposed to be more gentle on the hair, not snag, be as tight or leave creases in the hair. I use them to put my hair half up half down pretty often.
Dahlia Kun oldin
I don't know who this girl is but please keep her off sugar and caffeine....PLEASE!
Larissa Price
Larissa Price Kun oldin
And I thought James Charles talked fast
pLoT_tWiStHeHaS jAmS
Her videos need a seizure warning or like an ear rape warning.
oof Kun oldin
Anyone else look at the number of likes on the comment before reading the comment? No just me? Ok
Isabel Hobbs
Isabel Hobbs Kun oldin
There actually called hair ties
itslily xo
itslily xo Kun oldin
I travelled 5 years in the future and Jojo siwa is now a pink, bald rapper that is banned from all types of caffeine that exists
Kesh Cameron
Kesh Cameron Kun oldin
Has anyone noticed her face goes red when she does her intro BECAUSE SHE SHOULD JOIN THE RAP TREND Chat:JoJo entered the chat
Selena Sherd
Selena Sherd Kun oldin
Starr Padgett
Starr Padgett Kun oldin
That traction alopecia thooo 😭😭😭😭😭
theuglypeanut Kun oldin
Brad Mondo trying to be nice to JoJo Siwa for 12 minutes straight.
Elena garcia
Elena garcia Kun oldin
Jojo Siwas just a bigass toddler😂
Elena Santos
Elena Santos Kun oldin
You and Shane Dawson should totally collaborate!!!!
A Stunning Pomegranate
8:25 Brad's determination face😂😂😂😂 Edit: dang I commented something 6 months ago😂😂
Zoe Bentley
Zoe Bentley Kun oldin
when he started impersonating Jojo he reminded of the movie white chicks😂😂
b d
b d Kun oldin
I dont call them scrunchies or pony tails i call them doodles
b d
b d Kun oldin
I have that same wetbrush she has
XxPastel PinkXx
XxPastel PinkXx Kun oldin
The screaming almost killed me 🤣🤣🤣
Susan Folorunso
Susan Folorunso 2 kun oldin
Her hairline is the shape of the McDonald's sign it probably gets home 15 mins after she does😞 poor hair...
Mia X
Mia X 2 kun oldin
i find videos about jojo siwas hair so satisfying
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish 2 kun oldin
If you remove jojo siwas ponytail she looks like callou
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
She's so annoying. If my daughter end up being this hyper, I'll be whopping their asses EVERY. DAY.
Latte Jade
Latte Jade 2 kun oldin
I dont get how ppl love her so much, she is so annoying an never stops talking, i get she is a great kid an i have nothing against jojo, but i just personally find her annoying
Amy Playz Roblox
Amy Playz Roblox 2 kun oldin
*I guess her hairline didn’t come back like a Boomerang...😂*
The Life of Didi
The Life of Didi 2 kun oldin
Omg first video I watch of you and love you already!!!!! 🤤💘
Emma Ramsden
Emma Ramsden 2 kun oldin
You have more views than subscribers!
A Layna
A Layna 2 kun oldin
Her hairline’s gone farther on one side more than the other. 😂😂🤦‍♀️ It you’re going to wear ponytails, MAYBE TRY TO WEAR THEM ON BOTH SIDES. THEN YOUR HAIRLINE CAN BE EVEN. 😂😂😂
IcyQueen47478 8
IcyQueen47478 8 2 kun oldin
I have the same wet brush! I also have the same hairspray!
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 2 kun oldin
The hairline was their in dance moms ???
rosetae 75
rosetae 75 2 kun oldin
Her fucking hairline 🙂
Jayden 123abc
Jayden 123abc 2 kun oldin
That’s just how she looks if you don’t like it don’t watch it
Saskia 2 kun oldin
Roses are red, Violets are blue, If you don’t like long intros, Skips to 1:52
Love with shushu ikar
how much cafeine pills did Jojo take shes like Joana Ceddia
cats are cute
cats are cute 2 kun oldin
It s the way she is She s lucky to be that energetic if she really is in real life
Jing Garcia
Jing Garcia 2 kun oldin
I bet she grows up maybe she will have a half hair half bald...😥
JustiWolf :3
JustiWolf :3 2 kun oldin
I'm not gonna make fun of her hairline, but...can she at least put the ponytail the OTHER way?
J Smith
J Smith 2 kun oldin
That girl is Def trippin' on a Lil somethin, somethin.... D.a.m.😂😂😂😂😂
YoRaiPlayz YT
YoRaiPlayz YT 2 kun oldin
She's like WHO IS DEPRESSION... Ughhhhh people are depressed she acts like flowers are always smiling and the sun is always shining... BITCH IM DEPRESSED
November Storm
November Storm 2 kun oldin
Im sorry I love you Brad but Jojo is -_-
Ian Hornbuckle
Ian Hornbuckle 2 kun oldin
I feel bad hating on a teenager but she is so DAMN annoying it makes my brain hurt
Abby Goodwin
Abby Goodwin 2 kun oldin
I need a makeover I have plain brown hair that is a medium length what do you think I should do
Melody Brooks
Melody Brooks 2 kun oldin
Yep she definitely had a perfectly normal hairline but she started putting her hair like that when she was young lol 😆
Jman 2 kun oldin
In a year or two, she is going to be a bald 6ft+ tall woman acting like a little child.
Leila nicole22
Leila nicole22 3 kun oldin
Am i the only one that sees the Riverdale jacket
Tiffany Klier
Tiffany Klier 3 kun oldin
In my opinion,JoJo is a SPOILED BRAT..i hate her..GO AHEAD AND HATE ON ME! My opinion....😖
Violet Girl
Violet Girl 3 kun oldin
Do yall have to be rude she like what she likes so stop shaming
Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert 3 kun oldin
omg ok i call hair ties pony tails without even thinking 😂
Shanel Gray
Shanel Gray 3 kun oldin
My teacher got the x thing
Amber Miles
Amber Miles 3 kun oldin
I call them pony tail holders 😂😂
Ruth Marrero
Ruth Marrero 3 kun oldin
Crazy part is we having a grown ass man talking shit about a little girls hair smh .
Ruth Marrero
Ruth Marrero 3 kun oldin
What's funny is that women are the 1st to cry about shaming other women ... and here these women go shaming a little girl over a hair line smh ... her hair always been like that and she is a beautiful girl no matter if some things are different about her... you women should be ashamed of yourself and how you speak of this child
Jessica Alexander
Jessica Alexander 3 kun oldin
Oh babe. Don’t yank the hair tie off...ouch.
Euclides Rosario
Euclides Rosario 3 kun oldin
Girls DON,T have hair lines
Nicd suced
Nicd suced 3 kun oldin
My head hurts 😥
Kai’s Squishys
Kai’s Squishys 3 kun oldin
*she uses more rubber bands than I eat McDonald’s in a week*
Pan Badass
Pan Badass 3 kun oldin
JoJo has vegetas McDonald's hire line
Khaloud Nofal
Khaloud Nofal 3 kun oldin
Don't talk on jojo like that
Leslie Sandoval
Leslie Sandoval 3 kun oldin
Life goals of Jojo who can’t even speak well cause she yelling
NAD SNATCHER 3 kun oldin
Put a MUZZLE on this girl!!! I only hate her when she is talking...
cats are cute
cats are cute 2 kun oldin
+NAD SNATCHER i wasnt hating on you why do you have to be rude
NAD SNATCHER 2 kun oldin
cats are cute I watched about 2 seconds of it before I realized I couldn't stand her. I guess YOU would have to have a mind to be blown......
cats are cute
cats are cute 2 kun oldin
Ok no problem you can just , you know... dont watch her ... Its thaaaat simple ... MIND BLOWEN
Garcia Cub
Garcia Cub 3 kun oldin
9:46 her face is actually like a purple red color
Sienna Viay
Sienna Viay 3 kun oldin
Let your hair down a bit girl! No hair needs to be up that much
muna abdullah
muna abdullah 3 kun oldin
watching this at 2 am whilst folding freshly dryed clothes. I am actually crying.
cats are cute
cats are cute 2 kun oldin
Same its actually 2 am right now our life is so usefull
amelie avocado
amelie avocado 3 kun oldin
Pause at 6:11
Vaylee 3 kun oldin
Lil tea...her natural hair color is brown
real gamer girl
real gamer girl 3 kun oldin
Ariana B
Ariana B 3 kun oldin
If you love jojo (which I dont) why do u make fun of her
Ariana B
Ariana B 2 kun oldin
cats are cute yep
cats are cute
cats are cute 2 kun oldin
I dont really like her either i barely know her but like even if someone hated her can this person not make fun of her ..is it that indispensable to hate on someone and make fun of them
cats are cute
cats are cute 2 kun oldin
Yesss finally someone who understands...
Aesthetic Artist
Aesthetic Artist 4 kun oldin
Her hairline is way higher I think it’s un repairable sadly
Zonyah Sosa
Zonyah Sosa 4 kun oldin
Or a hair tye
Aamina Hussain
Aamina Hussain 4 kun oldin
1 like= 1 hair growing for jojos hairline
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams 4 kun oldin
i call them pony tails :C
Rosalie Pomaville
Rosalie Pomaville 4 kun oldin
Roses are red violets are blue the reaction starts at 1:52
Roadkill Bitch
Roadkill Bitch 4 kun oldin
3:21 Jojo NEEDS to hear a HAIRDRESSER’s concerns
Myliana Jones
Myliana Jones 4 kun oldin
Does she sleep with ponytails aswell?
Olivia Train
Olivia Train 4 kun oldin
They are not ponytails the hair is the ponytail its the BOBBLE OR SCRUNCHIES that hold the ponytail in place
Annie Sophia
Annie Sophia 4 kun oldin
Whenever I see her, I am thankful that I have a hairline
jhoes wifey
jhoes wifey 4 kun oldin
"Yo how much coffee does she drink"lmao😂😂😂😂😂
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