Halo Infinite - E3 2018 - Announcement Trailer

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The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite - the next chapter of the legendary franchise. Developed by 343 Industries and created with our new Slipspace Engine, Halo Infinite was revealed at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise, leading it into new and unexpected directions.
Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive.
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10-Iyn, 2018

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T0xic 20 daqiqa oldin
I don't understand anything. All I know is that it looks like halo 2 anniversary (Which is great!) And I have hated on you guys for what you did to Halo in 4 and 5 but this is your chance to redeem yourself. I have faith in you not to mess up this game.
westimer 37 daqiqa oldin
Nobody gonna say anything about this going to be the first halo released on PC?
Le mouxx
Le mouxx 10 soat oldin
Hope it will be on the xbox one not the new xbox that will come out
Rulingmoss 55
Rulingmoss 55 14 soat oldin
One of the main things I find exciting is that there are no floating bits on the forerunner stuff.
ChhunyGaming 14 soat oldin
343k subs congrats!
my favorite games ranked from favorite to least: Half life DooM(2016) Halo 2 Half life 3(not released yet and it is confirmed|dead memes for life!)
vazarus paytonas
vazarus paytonas 19 soat oldin
Halo fans who are old enough to remember that this game was supposed to have a breathing living world will appreciate this demo. I was working at Electronics Boutique and even have the original Halo swag and remember the tech demo from back then. Please deliver on this game.
zyos 22 soat oldin
Feels like a trailer for a remake of Halo Combat Evolved.
Christian Janzen
Christian Janzen 22 soat oldin
I dont think I've ever been more erect from seeing a out of focus green helmet
Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams 22 soat oldin
Oh cool. They brought back the old art style...now if they add in a substantive, engaging, campaign that lasts longer than 5 hours(of actual gameplay); create a merit based reward system for cosmetics; and eliminate microtransactions completely I will consider buying this game... They show you a new trailer that tells you nothing more than they may bring back the old art style and you people treat it like thats all that was needed to fix Halo...news flash: there was A LOT wrong with halo 5, and slapping a bucket nostalia paint isnt going to be enough to fix thos issues.
miilo22 22 soat oldin
They have 343k subscribers :D
Hola Que hace
Hola Que hace 23 soat oldin
Nothing special, same shit we've already seen.
537monster 22 soat oldin
+Neil S Even if the last two were bad it’s pretty obvious this next one is trying something different. I mean if you even followed what they were doing for this game you’d probably be excited. A new art style, callbacks to the original halo games, and very possibly an open world (something bungie always wanted to do or hinted at doing, but never got around to it) Also halo 4 wasn’t even bad. I’m tired of the hate train rolling all over otherwise decent games.
Neil S
Neil S 22 soat oldin
537monster I’m not judging it I’m saying based on the previous 2 installments the likelihood of a good game isn’t that great
537monster 23 soat oldin
+Neil S get off the stupid bandwagon and wait until the game comes out before you judge it.
Neil S
Neil S 23 soat oldin
I have lost all hope for halo.
Cigt Hnpro
Cigt Hnpro 23 soat oldin
No, you're WRONG
Muys Kun oldin
stop i can only get so erect
Rob Savage
Rob Savage Kun oldin
I'm happy now thx 343 I've played every halo there was i defiantly getting this 1
Zach Andrew
Zach Andrew Kun oldin
I hope 4 player split screen returns with this one
Looks fantastic, Hopefully this time around the PC community will be able to enjoy it too.
theRCarlife Kun oldin
R.I.P catona
T Yanez
T Yanez Kun oldin
How do 3k dislike this, they did everything right
Kirk Lazarus
Kirk Lazarus 18 soat oldin
T Yanez ps4 players
Broken Joshi
Broken Joshi Kun oldin
*”This ain’t it chief”*
ll Samaritan ll
ll Samaritan ll Kun oldin
One word ICONIC
Mat c
Mat c Kun oldin
Chiiiiiief babay there he is
Alexx Gonzie
Alexx Gonzie Kun oldin
Im about to cry wow
Regoolar sniper
Regoolar sniper 2 kun oldin
1:31 ohh muuuhh gooddd.....so beautiful
Groove Plays
Groove Plays 2 kun oldin
Awesome that they'll release this on PC too. About time HALO wasn't just a console exclusive.
Bio Medic
Bio Medic 2 kun oldin
I hope in halo infinite the flood come back along with the classic art styles. Personally IN MY OPINION i love Halo ce's art style the covenant looked fantastic and also the flood infection forms had this bioluminescent glow which i thought was badass. My favorite enemy was the grunt because the grunts had cool looking curved methane tanks and their gas masks looked cool especially the one with more armor. Also the first classic fuel rod gun and the needler.
Bio Medic
Bio Medic 2 kun oldin
I hope they remove ACTIVISION from bungie even though activision is great at making good graphics it sucks at making Story i dont like activision at all it ruined halo 5
Bio Medic
Bio Medic 2 kun oldin
in the trailer i like the new forerunner beacon tower shape but i wish it was the old grey from halo ce or the bronze from halo 3
Crazy Dev
Crazy Dev 2 kun oldin
My dear old Xbox.... You aint gonna extinct YET!!!
Beloxor 2 kun oldin
Nunca jugué algún Halo,creo que voy a empezar con este que se viene :) (si es bueno,claro)
RocketDoesYT2000 // Gaming
While I'm a fan of the "nano bot" Mark VI, I'm glad they changed back to classic Mark VI
RiptideMonkeys 2 kun oldin
Halo channel has 343k subs... Illuminati confirmed.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 2 kun oldin
1:30 I just ducking orgasmed
Darkus 2 kun oldin
Please, for the love of God, delay this game 80 times, don't release it untill 2025, seriously, bake this game in the oven properly, make halo redefine the shooter genre again, take as long as possible to make this as jaw dropping to look at and as incredible to play as possible. Please, make this game perfect
g wizz
g wizz 2 kun oldin
For some odd reason I don’t feel like this will be a FPS.
Captain Cancer
Captain Cancer 2 kun oldin
ey, grunts don't look like goddamn rainbows
ViralTaco 2 kun oldin
Nice! At least 343i finally made an engine stable enough to run a tech demo. Such technology, much impressive.
Cream The Everything Fixer
Finish the Fight
born to be gamer
born to be gamer 3 kun oldin
trash would have fool me with the live service garbage
jon schaefer
jon schaefer 3 kun oldin
this will definitely be a day one game for xbox 2 release
jon schaefer
jon schaefer 3 kun oldin
too bad we will have to wait till the next console generation(2020) until this releases. The next elderscrolls will probably be 2021. At least we get cyberpunk and borderlands 3 in late 2019
Leo Koutakis
Leo Koutakis 3 kun oldin
omg yes!!! my childhood exploded !!!
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis 3 kun oldin
The ending clip tells me we get Cortana back...... I mean John is not gonna put any other AI in his suit.
CanineerTV 3 kun oldin
Halo infinite is coming out on December 28 2018
Rulingmoss 55
Rulingmoss 55 14 soat oldin
If it was coming out in 2 months, you'd think we'd have more news?
Cool Person
Cool Person 3 kun oldin
+CanineerTV Bye, wife! Bye, friends and family!Goodbye, job! HELLO MASTER CHIEF
CanineerTV 3 kun oldin
Don’t believe me look it up
NotA BadThing
NotA BadThing 3 kun oldin
Halo Infinity War
T1araBus 3 kun oldin
I like both the new artstyle and the old artstyle. But i Think Halo reach has the best .
Jupiter 3 kun oldin
We need old elites.
Matthius & Shaggy
Matthius & Shaggy 3 kun oldin
One thing Halo consistently creates better than most games nowadays is some badass graphics and CGI.
Vasil Hatala
Vasil Hatala 3 kun oldin
Did anyone noticed that this song is used from Halo 4? at the end of green and blue. But It's a but a bit remixed.
Ded channel
Ded channel 4 kun oldin
343, great job in adding the final bits of Green and Blue for this trailer!
Nicholas Robertson
Nicholas Robertson 4 kun oldin
So a nuclear monster space halo opera.
Ahkmid the Emoji Turban Guy
Hah! Rhinos being around in the 26th century...
Ahkmid the Emoji Turban Guy
Sure, that's all well and good that Halo 3's chief is coming back, but... *did you change the brutes in halo 5 back into elites?*
SwifTBuddY 4 kun oldin
lmao i forgot about this franchise! i loved halo reach and 3 but recently its been forgotton lmao!!
TJplayz302 4 kun oldin
There are literaly 343k subs, of all numbers, 343? Lol
sergio melchor
sergio melchor 4 kun oldin
1:20 I wonder how that marine got injured. Wanna see who are the enemies in this
Wolfy Cuddles
Wolfy Cuddles 4 kun oldin
I hope they re add the OG game announcer! It was the best hearing "Double kill, triple kill, killing spree, running riot."
Stingray 2000
Stingray 2000 4 kun oldin
I thought it was a national geography video 😂
nicolas neilson
nicolas neilson 4 kun oldin
oh god plz god no battle royale halo plz no by the ring nooooo
yes 3 kun oldin
they confirmed that it will not have a battle royale
nicolas neilson
nicolas neilson 4 kun oldin
it battle royale halo i bet you it is
Тони Старк
It's not battle royal. It's Halo 6.
Dave Tyler
Dave Tyler 4 kun oldin
I think this could be a multiplayer thing.
jiāngshī huō
jiāngshī huō 3 kun oldin
+Dave Tyler it's halo 6.
Dave Tyler
Dave Tyler 3 kun oldin
+Тони Старк then why not say Halo 6? Usually when they use words like infinite, universe, it's an online thing
Тони Старк
It's Halo 6
Joseph Hick
Joseph Hick 5 kun oldin
2:08 😏
Spicy 5 kun oldin
Is Battle Royale coming to Halo?
JayDay60 5 kun oldin
OCT 14, 2018 The official Halo UZvid channel has 343,000 subscribers
jolol4 5 kun oldin
PLEASE HALO PRODUCERS If you guys could make this game give me the same feeling halo 1-2-3 gave me, oh boy, I completed the games to 100% with achievement and recompleted the campaign so many time I can't count it. I played probably over 100 000 games on halo 2 alone online and a little less on the third. I was eating this game and oh I would never feel tired of it. But then... came halo 4, the game changed so much I still bought it but the feeling wasn't there anymore it was too... different. I thought it's ok they'll do it better in the next one it was their first, but then came halo 5 and I have absolutly no words for it, a total disapointment I did not even buy the game I decided to rent it, believe me I would have never thought those words would have came out of my mouth until then. Now I am begging you, this trailer brought tears to my eyes thinking that maybe you understood and that finaly I will get a game that deserves to be called halo, a game I will enjoy playing and never get tired of it like I used to, it would mean everything to me if you guys could just listen to the fans. Sincerely, A heart broken Halo fan.
Nate ZaMann
Nate ZaMann 5 kun oldin
Fortnite doesn't have a chance its done.
TornadoMatty01 5 kun oldin
Now I am super excited for this game, I wish this wasn't a Xbox only game, you would make even more money if you put this for everyone, PC, PS4 etc!
yes 3 kun oldin
it will also come out on pc
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel 5 kun oldin
Why is no one talking about this?
Timothy Weakly
Timothy Weakly 5 kun oldin
I talk about this every day....can't wait
Slavicpotato 1922
Slavicpotato 1922 5 kun oldin
has anyone noticed that master chiefs helmet looks like his halo 3 helmet but with a remastered look since his halo 4 helmet was damaged by lock in halo 5
Stars227 5 kun oldin
Tysm for including pc
DragonKing 5 kun oldin
Don’t make a community a promise that you can’t keep.
Zyndall Media
Zyndall Media 5 kun oldin
Proof you need no words for something potentially great...
Eaphen Samuel Pace
Eaphen Samuel Pace 5 kun oldin
Man.. this shit is smooth af.
Silky Joe
Silky Joe 5 kun oldin
Is it bad that I’ve watched this trailer over and over again?
Timothy Weakly
Timothy Weakly 5 kun oldin
darthjump 5 kun oldin
Open World Halo
Mistermoster 12
Mistermoster 12 6 kun oldin
Kind of cool how 343 industries HALO channel has 343K subs! As of the 14th of october
Tyler Vivas
Tyler Vivas 6 kun oldin
Will their be a blue team and fireteam Osiris in halo infinite?
Michael Peña
Michael Peña 6 kun oldin
Fireteam Osiris was disbanded after of the events of Halo 5.
Tyler Vivas
Tyler Vivas 6 kun oldin
That armor of Master chief. Is it the same from halo 4 and halo 5 or is it from the same armor from halo 1,2,3?
yes 3 kun oldin
you can clearly see that its the 2-3 armor
kingsley gransden
kingsley gransden 6 kun oldin
I wonder if they're going to put Red vs Blue easter eggs in this? Now that would be awesome.
ghostbusterdal1 6 kun oldin
I feel like they should take elements from each game, make the halo ring the main focus, like in CE. Long missions like halo 2. Gameplay like halo 3, they should add a bunch of new vehicles and weapons like halo 3. Climactic moments during gameplay like in ODST, like when you got to experience falling down to earth in a drop pod, watching the space elevator collapse, the bridge blowing up. A great setting like in reach. Personifying the chief like in halo 4. And absolutely nothing from halo 5
Spartan Fruze
Spartan Fruze 6 kun oldin
lol, I like ghostbusters
Fusionn 6 kun oldin
This is awesome!
6.7 Cummins Diesel
6.7 Cummins Diesel 6 kun oldin
It's amazing how more liked this game is than COD. And Halo has always been smart cause they take their time releasing a game.
World Peace2
World Peace2 6 kun oldin
If Halo makes a battle royal then its over for every other game who has one.
Space Cow Gamer
Space Cow Gamer 6 kun oldin
at 1:42 kinda looks like halo 1 when you go and rescue marines
Space Cow Gamer
Space Cow Gamer 6 kun oldin
at 1:42 kinda looks like halo 1 when you go and rescue marines
E W 6 kun oldin
does it look open world to anyone else?
Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere
If this is the legit engine, then I'm impressed
Yep 100% n engine. Digital foundry said so
the prince of all saiyans .Vegeta
it looks open world
NoxuzBlog | Abraham Rodríguez
343 k suscriptors 😟😳
Lochrine -8
Lochrine -8 7 kun oldin
That moment when there actually is no hope for humanity this time~ This looks great and I can’t wait to have a chance at playing this game
Xxsipher NeroxX
Xxsipher NeroxX 7 kun oldin
There is one thing a halo tradition years ago............ and its called COUCH MULTIPLAYER
Staidjuggler628 7 kun oldin
I love halo and its rich story but if halo infinite is not good If it does not remind me a whole lot of the classic halos halo 2 and 3 I'm switching to playstation
jiāngshī huō
jiāngshī huō 7 kun oldin
Lord Omega
Lord Omega 7 kun oldin
Open world?
Nonya Bisnis
Nonya Bisnis 7 kun oldin
343, you've had 2 games to learn from. Let's see what you've learned.
Darth Adel
Darth Adel 7 kun oldin
Is it just me or this game seems to be exceptionel from the previous games
otto von panda
otto von panda 7 kun oldin
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 7 kun oldin
Damian Torres
Damian Torres 7 kun oldin
This just in, Master Chief finishes the fight in Halo 10, then come many years of peace
IttiOnYouTube 7 kun oldin
Elite665 7 kun oldin
What if it’s open world?
Nikolas Scott
Nikolas Scott 7 kun oldin
LOL! The channel is called Halo and has 343k subscribers! OMG THERE REALLY IS A GOD!
JuridicalFish92 8 kun oldin
343k subs right now lol