Halo Infinite - E3 2018 - Announcement Trailer

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The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite - the next chapter of the legendary franchise. Developed by 343 Industries and created with our new Slipspace Engine, Halo Infinite was revealed at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise, leading it into new and unexpected directions.
Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive.

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10-Iyn, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 18 881
Amuletz 12 daqiqa oldin
Didn’t seem cool enough
Pota2RA_MBage 20 daqiqa oldin
Is this open-world game?
Ciaran Oates
Ciaran Oates 33 daqiqa oldin
343 need to give up they destroyed the halo series with halo 4 then they destroy any hope of returning to its former glory with halo 5 halo 3 was the last good halo after all 343 just cant make a good game so i hope it gets cancelled after all they ruined the halo story line and killed off 75% of the fan base so if any members of 343 read this TELL ME WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO DESTROY SOMETHING ONCE LOVED OF WITCH NOW LIES IN RUIN maybe you might bring it back to some level but it will never be as good as it once was if this never get cancelled i just hope you finish the series for good....thats all im fed up with 343 they should of stopped after halo 4 because thats when they took it too far down the wrong path...
Evan Wenzel
Evan Wenzel 56 daqiqa oldin
The prodigal son returns!
CynicalHippy Soat oldin
El Dewrito 0.6 is still better.
son kakrrot
son kakrrot Soat oldin
Idk know what it is but ima get it
David Smith
David Smith Soat oldin
This trailer wasn’t for the game itself. It was to show off the capabilities of the new Slipspace game engine. Basically it’s showing what Halo “could” be.
dieuhung banh
dieuhung banh Soat oldin
Lebbz 2 soat oldin
After Ghosts of Tsushima and Death Stranding's demos this is so underwhelming. And some folks had the gall to say this may be a next gen title!
Harry Sincoise
Harry Sincoise 2 soat oldin
At least theres one good FPS left.
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 soat oldin
They still make halo? Why? It’s always sucked
Tyler Seals
Tyler Seals 2 soat oldin
To be honest I don't know how to feel about this new Halo game, after Halo 5 I was so disappointed :(
Noah Schroeder
Noah Schroeder 2 soat oldin
Destiny 3 looks great!
Mighty_Dragon04 3 soat oldin
Is this halo 6?
tan san
tan san 3 soat oldin
Maybe this is master chief's very first mission where his legend started idk just saying what i think
Japeth555 4 daqiqa oldin
This takes place 18 months after Halo 5's events.
Thomas the dank engine
Halo please make a comeback and please do well Cod WILL lick your boots
Mr. Microwave
Mr. Microwave 4 soat oldin
HELL YEAH! Pls add ai in forge
DG NTA 4 soat oldin
As awesome as this trailer is, we must never forget that it is still 343 making the game. I hate to say it, but its impossible to have any realistic expectation of them making a good Halo game.
ironic 4 soat oldin
These aren’t tears of sadness, they are joy
zorro9 4 soat oldin
if this ain't gonna be on PC u should delete the video
Jett Fastballs
Jett Fastballs 5 soat oldin
It was at this moment, that halo fans everywhere, collectively lost their shit.
Anodyne 5 soat oldin
Am I alone in thinking this Slipspace demo isn't impressive? It looks OK and has some nice lighting effects but for a demo it's really not smooth with its textures and seeing this demo in 4K just makes it more obvious that this engine looks like a amped-up Halo 3 engine. Halo needs to stop looking like it was built years before anything else. The water, the animations - it all looks really "blah" when you realize this is supposed to be a tech demo with a high-powered machine pushing it.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 5 soat oldin
I'm gonna cry. It's not coming on ps4. Biggest letdown ever.
Tele Gaming
Tele Gaming 5 soat oldin
Cheifs back baby!!
Jennifer Douglas
Jennifer Douglas 6 soat oldin
Cortana is back baby yesssss
Michael Fetterman
Michael Fetterman 6 soat oldin
Halo really wasn't ment for pvp I think. But on the other hand the story really is interesting. So on my perspective just leave pvp out of halo 😐 Love da game tho 😀
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 6 soat oldin
Oh man, Cortana is so fxcked.
Ku Jufri
Ku Jufri 6 soat oldin
R.I.P My Wallet .
john banasick
john banasick 6 soat oldin
my theory is halo infinite a remake of all the halo games with the old art style so halo 4,5 will be in the old art style and then halo 6's campaign at the end of it all!
Corona Films
Corona Films 6 soat oldin
Haaaah...your move PlayStation
xd samuel
xd samuel 6 soat oldin
Finally pc halo
Bryan Reese
Bryan Reese 6 soat oldin
Anyone else notice those Symbols are from Halo Waypoint on Halo 4 for the armors and XP for the Spartan on Halo 4
Wilhelm Dangane
Wilhelm Dangane 6 soat oldin
I do hope there are no more bullshit over the top micro-transactions and non militaristic cartoony style just like Halo 5 and please NO BATTLE ROYALE for christ sake!
Stangle 6 soat oldin
It's Confirmed 343 is using the orginal art-stye and building upon 5's Mechanics..Original Gameplay just doesn't exist anymore!!.
RedAssassin 0821
RedAssassin 0821 6 soat oldin
I’m so excited!!
DJ KerBerBelZ
DJ KerBerBelZ 7 soat oldin
Give us some for fuckin info a release date anything please
J J 7 soat oldin
This shit looks and sounds like Star Wars how tf is this halo
Shamwow Guy
Shamwow Guy 7 soat oldin
Oh my god the flood needs to come back in this game or im going to kill myself
Alcatraz Gaming
Alcatraz Gaming 7 soat oldin
multiplayer no sprint or sprint dont care, but with all the og wepons and maps and art style holy nuts
Ruben Mendez
Ruben Mendez 7 soat oldin
I thought halo died
Finn MACBOOK 7 soat oldin
i think the slipspace software might make it an open world i really hope it is
Finn MACBOOK 7 soat oldin
looks like it will be open world
matthew young
matthew young 7 soat oldin
I thought it was real life at first these are amazing graphics
James Clifford
James Clifford 7 soat oldin
Halo - 2001... Halo 2 - 2004... Halo 3 - 2007... Halo Reach - 2010... Halo 4 - 2012... Halo 5 - 2015... all main Halos (excluding Reach/ODST and ignoring the gap due to studio exchange) came out 3 years apart... all releasing close to the same time... that's a long time... yet It is 2018... 3 years after Halo 5... and we got close to nothing... not even a real trailer... now I am just so effing mad... I need to know the story.. and I don't want to wait another 1-3 years!.
TrReach 8 soat oldin
Nice slow build up, not this Avengers adhd crap we got with Halo 5.
4n931 _101
4n931 _101 8 soat oldin
Graphics are just 🤯😍
Jackstriker23 Boss
Jackstriker23 Boss 8 soat oldin
I'm going to piss of halo fans but Destiny is better
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner 8 soat oldin
O look a deer Content may be inappropriate for children
Sad Robotic Wizard
Sad Robotic Wizard 8 soat oldin
Apple: we're going from the iphone 8 to iphone 10 Microsoft: we're going from 5 to infinity
OzzyKent 8 soat oldin
theyve nailed the art style but can they nail the gameplay?
James Zientarski
James Zientarski 8 soat oldin
finally looks like 343 is going in the right direction
ime3py41 8 soat oldin
This can really save Xbox.
Brickjitsu 8 soat oldin
343, your failure to safeguard halo has been a colossal failure. Soon, the next batch of AAA games will release, but the weight of your ineptitude will stay your feet, and you will be left behind.
Stangle 5 soat oldin
What's your point. Modern-era games suck's shit out a straw and microtransactons.
RiceBowl142 9 soat oldin
Is anyone else pumped after hearing the original theme song?!?! You know shit's about to go down when you hear that track come in. It reminds me of Halo 3's announcement trailer, hell it gives me goosebumps just like Halo 3's trailer did too. I have no idea what kind of Halo this will be nor the story/plot of it, but damn does it feel good to just hear the music and see chief again in all his glory.
Mike Sabella
Mike Sabella 9 soat oldin
literal chills went down my spine when the piano note came on im sososososo happy
aaajd aaajd
aaajd aaajd 9 soat oldin
Classic master chief finally
aaronrp7 9 soat oldin
Better be a damn warthog run in this one
tony montana
tony montana 9 soat oldin
Take my money already
Stangle 5 soat oldin
Shut up!!..Stop
Adam Cicciarelli
Adam Cicciarelli 9 soat oldin
Will we fight the flood again I miss fighting the flood I miss how halo used to be halo 1 threw 4 halo 5 sucked
Erick S
Erick S 9 soat oldin
Halo Reach was a badass game, after that Garbage!
Stangle 5 soat oldin
Agreed 100%
Johnyboy831 9 soat oldin
Can it be on steam or just windows 10? winows 10 store pretty shit tbh
drakke125Channel 9 soat oldin
what's with the chip in the helmet, is he installing an AI program interface ?
Nate A
Nate A 10 soat oldin
I would like to see the flood in halo infinite much more terrifying than it ever did in any previous halo game if they decide to bring the flood back. I mean by keeping the halo feel to the flood but also make the scenery much more immersive. Personally I think a more dramatic approach for the flood in the sense of horror and mystery in the halo universe will depict the flood much more terrifying like the universe of halo should perceive the flood which is why the halo rings were built in the first place. I like this announcement trailer just wanted to put some input from a fan who grew up playing Halo. I hope 343 can do something like this. Keep the adrenaline pumping with the scary flood :) Thx
Busy Puddle29
Busy Puddle29 10 soat oldin
Wii U > PS4
Aiden Brown
Aiden Brown 10 soat oldin
Could've sworn it was a national geographic video until I saw the Marines XD
Oreoh303 10 soat oldin
Reminded me of when I first explored Halo Combat Evolved watching this
xeslayer102 10 soat oldin
Please bring back Co op split screen!
xeslayer102 irs confirmed in the game :)
is-2 10 soat oldin
I've been waiting years for something good and they better give it to me
James Obrien
James Obrien 10 soat oldin
On the PC! Hell ya!!!
Alternative Red
Alternative Red 10 soat oldin
Anyone still play Halo 3?
Stangle 5 soat oldin
Original H3 on 360 yea!. TRUE OG's
Morgul 11 soat oldin
Bad game, didn’t hear the original theme in the beginning
Horrorphex 11 soat oldin
One single flood spore can destroy a species.
Horrorphex 11 soat oldin
'Halo - it's finished.' "No. I think we're just getting started."
Ciaran Meehan
Ciaran Meehan 11 soat oldin
I hope it brings back those good old classic Halo 3 feelings in the game, cos that'd be VERY awsome! :-)
Horrorphex 11 soat oldin
This is not your grave, but you are welcome in it.
Horrorphex 11 soat oldin
Don't make a girl a promise... if you know you can't keep it.
Jonathan Aguilar
Jonathan Aguilar 11 soat oldin
The old art is back #thisismyhalo
Horrorphex 11 soat oldin
Jonathan Aguilar Hell yea!
kool kid
kool kid 11 soat oldin
Please, be better than Halo 5s multiplayer. Micro transactions were shite.
Mr. Sharky
Mr. Sharky 12 soat oldin
I searched up Sarude: Sandstorm and got this.
Allan Nyabenda-Gomwa
Allan Nyabenda-Gomwa 12 soat oldin
Please please make this game also on ps4
Horrorphex 11 soat oldin
Allan Nyabenda-Gomwa I think it's going to be Xbox One / Windows 10.
timothy ohara
timothy ohara 12 soat oldin
that halo is that new one off halo wars 2
jesse Valadez
jesse Valadez 12 soat oldin
I sure fukn hope that as beautiful as this looks we better see the flood with all enemies plz plz
Darion Mackey
Darion Mackey 12 soat oldin
Honestly, I'm going to laugh if this game ends up failing after all the hype and support towards it.
beeedthemoviemaker 12 soat oldin
when you see the chiefs helmet and hear the classic single piano note i shit in excitement. My childhood badass.
Zquare 12 soat oldin
I need a weapon
Horrorphex 11 soat oldin
Zquare Right this way...
MathiXVII 12 soat oldin
I Couldn't Think Of An Original Name
Let's just hope that this can rival Sony's exclusives. Xbox players deserve good exclusives too.
khrom 13 soat oldin
better not be open world
KolokoGamer 13 soat oldin
No, pc plays games best.....fail!
ROSS 14 soat oldin
they batter make it go along with the story but im beyond happy to see aother halo come out
Zach B.
Zach B. 14 soat oldin
Who wants to place bets that it will have Battle Royale?
Horrorphex 11 soat oldin
Zach B. Five wort wort worts that this game will not feature a battle royale mode.
Cooper McClelland
Cooper McClelland 14 soat oldin
You know this planet could be planet reach after the war!
NASTAR01 12 soat oldin
This is a Halo ring
TachankaTHICC 14 soat oldin
Ryatt 14 soat oldin
I wish I could give this video a million likes.
Ryatt 14 soat oldin
343... I forgive you.
Stangle 12 soat oldin
Adam G.
Adam G. 14 soat oldin
Please, PLEASE let this have split screen multiplayer been waiting since halo 4
Adam G. Ite confirmed:)
Date A Live
Date A Live 14 soat oldin
_Not_ 14 soat oldin
Did 343 just save a franchise? Only time will tell...
Bleach 15 soat oldin
Well that music was gay
Jason Braun
Jason Braun 15 soat oldin
this looks prequel-esqu. Otherwise, I'm confused.
i love MURGI
i love MURGI 15 soat oldin
Why Doom eternal 's comment section is filled with hate toward this game ?!
i love MURGI is it? Lol
Skilltacular X
3 oy oldin