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Halsey - Alone (Official Music Video) ft. Big Sean, Stefflon Don

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Director: Hannah Lux Davis & Halsey
Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio & Targa Sahyoun
Music video by Halsey performing Alone. © 2018 Astralwerks
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6-Apr, 2018



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Marisa Davis
Marisa Davis Soat oldin
I love this song because it has such a deep meaning and i can relate very well I’m so many ways🤞🏽
Veronika Wadhwa
Veronika Wadhwa 2 soat oldin
omg it’s the guy from now or never music video!! This is storytelling at its finest through music
Veronika Wadhwa
Veronika Wadhwa 3 soat oldin
Is it YSL lipstick in the beginning?
Sonya Whaley
Sonya Whaley 16 soat oldin
Love the Romeo & Juliet theme here (one with Leo DiCaprio)
Gacha Gamer294
Gacha Gamer294 18 soat oldin
You should grow your hair (suggestion)
Cathy Leone
Cathy Leone 20 soat oldin
That outfit
Sylvia Popo
Sylvia Popo Kun oldin
Keane Harris
Keane Harris Kun oldin
I think this video has changed a little bit but idk I might be wrong it just seems different
Lil 15h
Lil 15h Kun oldin
stranger now or never bad at love sorry alone is a story
Here to hear
Here to hear 2 kun oldin
Always some black dude rapping in the middle of a good song to F it up! Have we seen enough Illuminati symbology in these videos???
matt dahlberg
matt dahlberg 2 kun oldin
Nice branding shot with that vape
Anadely Capulin
Anadely Capulin 2 kun oldin
Listen to the song but 1.25x speed it sounds a little bit better😂👍 Edit: After i listen to it the second and third time i ask myself "is this even the same song or what" bc when i change it back to normal it sounds so weird i think thats just my opinion
Tricia Banner
Tricia Banner 2 kun oldin
Halsey you have a sexy Body and a beautiful Voice 😍😍❤❤
Gaia Maoloni
Gaia Maoloni 3 kun oldin
🌙Alone in my mind 🌙
TJung111 3 kun oldin
that's nice. promote smoking for kids
Daniela Sánchez Morel
I dont Know why you dont have 10 millions of FOLLOWERS you are AMAZING GIRL
Home Mail
Home Mail 3 kun oldin
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UmkaTE 3 kun oldin
Шикарный костюм!
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 3 kun oldin
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 3 kun oldin
Car wont start
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 4 kun oldin
Yes 2:03
Tarzan Armada
Tarzan Armada 4 kun oldin
boom merang
boom merang 4 kun oldin
She's hot
Agueda Valdez
Agueda Valdez 4 kun oldin
She is so beautiful her eyes her everything is perfect
Gustavo gamer
Gustavo gamer 4 kun oldin
I Love song♥️
Sophia Whitecross
Sophia Whitecross 4 kun oldin
Hello lovely souls, please check out my poetry book here it's called "The Leaves May Fall, But The Tree Stays Tall. it's available in kindle and paperback. I also have an official instagram page for updates on my writing below, thank you I appreciate new supporters.
DankerMemer 4 kun oldin
Google sent me here btw great song
dakotah baynard
dakotah baynard 5 kun oldin
When i first heard this song on my friend play list i had no idea it was her she has such a beautiful fucking voice that draws you in I’m such a fan 😍 pure talent
sky 12
sky 12 5 kun oldin
LYRICS Said he tried to phone me But I never have time He said that I never listen But I don't even try I got a new place in Cali But I'm gone every night So I fill it with strangers so they keep 'em alive She said she told you she knows me But the face isn't right She asked if I recognized her and I told her I might See, everywhere I go I got a million different people tryna' kick it But I'm still alone in my mind I know you're dying to meet me But I can just tell you this Baby, as soon as you meet me You'll wish that you never did (You'll wish that you never did) I stayed a night out in Paris where they don't know my name And I got into some trouble with that drink in my veins I got a problem with parties 'Cause it's loud in my brain And I can never say sorry 'Cause I won't take the blame I know I always go missing And you're lying awake But if you ask why I'm distant Oh, I'm runnin' away You know that everywhere I go I got a million different people tryna' kick it But I'm still alone in my mind I know you're dying to meet me But I can just tell you this Baby, as soon as you meet me You'll wish that you never did (You'll wish that you never did) I, I know you wanna I, I know you wanna I, I know you wanna Slip under my armor I, I know you wanna I, I know you wanna I, I know you wanna Slip under my armor See, everywhere I go I got a million different people tryna' hit it But I'm still alone in my mind I know you're dying to meet me But I can just tell you this Baby, as soon as you meet me You'll wish that you never did (You'll wish that you never did) Yeah, yeah you'll wish that you never did (I know you wanna) (Slip under my armor) oh (I know you wanna) (I, I know you wanna) you'll wish that you never did
Cj Hyneman
Cj Hyneman 5 kun oldin
Tmw your extremely famous and introverted
Tajie 5 kun oldin
ron rambo
ron rambo 5 kun oldin
that ass looks good enough to eat
Hashim Reda
Hashim Reda 5 kun oldin
I like the God ho make you
Loop Aaab
Loop Aaab 5 kun oldin
Patrycja Patrycja
Patrycja Patrycja 6 kun oldin
Podkarpacie 2019.
Patrycja Patrycja
Patrycja Patrycja 6 kun oldin
Podkarpacie 2019.
Niyah Moreno
Niyah Moreno 6 kun oldin
Savannah Rose
Savannah Rose 6 kun oldin
Does anyone know what shade of YSL that is?!
maytjeee 6 kun oldin
00:52 HAHA
Dark Reaper
Dark Reaper 6 kun oldin
Nicki minaj was not available?😂
Albert Mushahary
Albert Mushahary 6 kun oldin
Nice Ass Halsey 👌👌
Robert Reid
Robert Reid 7 kun oldin
Love this girl..hugs
Dalton Deisler
Dalton Deisler 7 kun oldin
Big Sean ruined this song ((yes I went out of my way to look up this video just to say that) (great vid though))
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 7 kun oldin
You octcopussy
Darwin 7 kun oldin
boi u copyin marshmello
Some how HALSEY is always under rated......
Can we get 1,000 subs with no videos
I’m alone still so sad
DAMI Awosika
DAMI Awosika 8 kun oldin
Muqtada Hayder
Muqtada Hayder 8 kun oldin
11/3/2019 🖤 جرعات تحمل السادس 😥
DAMLA BAYBAR 8 kun oldin
2015: me myself & I 2017: him and I (in the end it is him and i) 2018 april: alone (When the last time you love someone who love you) 2018 october: without me damn this hurts
ShayShades 9 kun oldin
Looking at these comments and all I gotta say is hi
Ninfa V.
Ninfa V. 9 kun oldin
chrisyavona marthatilova
Shainna DaVee
Shainna DaVee 9 kun oldin
I love haley 💜💜💙❤
Its  Vanessa
Its Vanessa 9 kun oldin
“Ik your dying to meet me but i can just tell you this maybe as soon as you meet me you'll wish that you never did ” 🌼
Nafuna Sandra
Nafuna Sandra 10 kun oldin
Poor soul.. Little by little she becomes Illuminati.. I love her thou
Evan Dunbar
Evan Dunbar 10 kun oldin
That ass though
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 10 kun oldin
Una Roca con conchas
Andrea Olango
Andrea Olango 11 kun oldin
Big Sean And Stefflon Don,and Halsey was a big One
JayNL 11 kun oldin
You are still one of the good ones
razaelo shahbazi
razaelo shahbazi 11 kun oldin
plz someone tell me What is the name of that song or music at 0:30 until 0: 33?
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz 12 kun oldin
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 12 kun oldin
I adopted Trixie hellur
emily anthony
emily anthony 12 kun oldin
How can someone be so damn beautiful and talented?
Sonja Petrovic
Sonja Petrovic 12 kun oldin
You are so beautiful!!!
mitch shelena leila alabre
Anyone here March 6th 2019?
ogochukwu omeife
ogochukwu omeife 12 kun oldin
who is the guy with the locks
Jeff Haber
Jeff Haber 13 kun oldin
My friend says she hates Halsey. She was dieing to meet her. I wish that she never did.
Lina 03
Lina 03 13 kun oldin
I love her Hair
Helen Flowers
Helen Flowers 13 kun oldin
It's sad so many don't have the eyes to see in the ears to hear and the veil is still covering their minds. People the mind is the battlefield and these are powers and principalities hard at work to help you fall.
ian 13 kun oldin
Stop eating sticks Halsey
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 13 kun oldin
Where mama I burned three Penny's I have balls they made you that time so I have them y
Faizy Hawk
Faizy Hawk 13 kun oldin
flop u
Shroud wadu hek
Shroud wadu hek 14 kun oldin
Is no one gonna talk about Big Sean's part? Cause he killed it!
Shroud wadu hek
Shroud wadu hek 14 kun oldin
halsey have big ass (:
周文华 14 kun oldin
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 14 kun oldin
Siyabonga Oustin
Siyabonga Oustin 14 kun oldin
2019 here
x og_xb
x og_xb 14 kun oldin
Look at that pooty
Purnima Kaur
Purnima Kaur 15 kun oldin
I love it
Tasha Nelson
Tasha Nelson 15 kun oldin
Lol. No wonder y'all are in sorrow. Jesus. Its all the same thing, there is nothing original. Its not simply selling out...its all the same song over and over again. Cup is full, its bound to overflow. Not saying this in a way that will hurt...just saying, if you overlay your songs, it all sounds like pain. its all on the same program. I challenge anyone to play these song on top of each other...they are the same, but sound disgusting... Like news broadcasts. God bless you as artists. I'd expect this from FOX...but you as artists...Jesus. Seriously, Jesus. Please go fuck yourselves. Y'all are as good as FOX.
Tasha Nelson
Tasha Nelson 15 kun oldin
Also, I am not blaming the artists. I am blaming the culture of America. The culture of giving more and others wanting more, with no substance.
ikbel aljane
ikbel aljane 15 kun oldin
she is so beautiful
GANDHI TEXTILE 15 kun oldin
Halsey you're so sweet
Claire Obrya
Claire Obrya 15 kun oldin
Shut up her songs are amazing
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube 15 kun oldin
The Satan worship in this video is strong...very strong.
ZACARIAH's room 15 kun oldin
fav song ever!
Gordon Uclp
Gordon Uclp 16 kun oldin
Halsey isnt that good looking
nickjonasisabae priyankachopra
razaelo shahbazi
razaelo shahbazi 16 kun oldin
What is name of that song or music in 0:30 until 0:33 ?
nickjonasisabae priyankachopra
I dont know
REC1 Productions
REC1 Productions 16 kun oldin
yEaH! sHe'S jUsT FIRE!
champagne Nice
champagne Nice 16 kun oldin
Press the like button if you think halsey is a alien 🤔🤔🤔
nickjonasisabae priyankachopra
+champagne Nice because she is human
champagne Nice
champagne Nice 16 kun oldin
+nickjonasisabae priyankachopra how do you know??
nickjonasisabae priyankachopra
Halsey*And she is not AN ALIEN
champagne Nice
champagne Nice 16 kun oldin
I never heard Sean ever in my life sound like this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
nickjonasisabae priyankachopra
He is cool
champagne Nice
champagne Nice 16 kun oldin
Whoever wrote this song is one of the greatest writers ever on earth 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
T 17
T 17 16 kun oldin
I love all your song Halsey
#1Lazer 17 kun oldin
Can someone tell me if she can actually do these things with her voice, or is there an auto tune mike going on.?
Laris Forschen
Laris Forschen 17 kun oldin
Very beautiful😘💞from dunseith ND
Jessica Machado
Jessica Machado 17 kun oldin
Mais uma produção da elite oculta né fazer o quê MK ultra ta tomando conta
Den_RoOm 18 kun oldin