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Halsey and Jade Chynoweth The Voice 2018 Final

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Here's the so discussed performance of "Without Me" by Halsey and Jade Chynoweth during the final of The Voice US 2018.
In my opinion this was absolutely great, loved them and the passion they put in this.




19-Dek, 2018



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C3R10-666 2 oy oldin
Hi everyone. First thing first, I'd like to thank all of you for the strong support you're giving to this video and the huge amount of views that we reached, and also I wish you a great new year. This said, I also wanted to let you know that I've started my youtube channel for gaming, not for music or dancing, and I uploaded this because I wasn't able to find this video anywhere and the only way was to go with a VPN on the NBC website and watch it there. But now that I have this visibility (thanks again to you guys) I'm asking you a favour...If you're interested in games, or you know someone who is, check out the two rainbow six videos I've uploaded recently (or also only the second one that has the english captions) they are really funny and there are a lot more coming up if I'll see a decent amount of people is going to watch them. They won't be only on Rainbow six but every kind of multiplayer games. Thanks again and much much love to everyone.
Anina Rohr
Anina Rohr 2 oy oldin
C3R10-666 god loves u
Anina Rohr
Anina Rohr 2 oy oldin
C3R10-666 I‘ll recommend them to a friend God bless u, dude! You’re so loved and so precious
C3R10-666 2 oy oldin
+matthew guidotti When did I say or write it was MY video?
C3R10-666 2 oy oldin
​+Gary Simmons I'm not taking credit for anything muh boy, if you had read all the comment you would know it. Guess the turd here is someone else... I posted this for who doesn't live in the US since NBC's streaming platform is blocked for everyone outside that country and the only way for us to see this was going with a VPN.
jugad jeetjj
jugad jeetjj 10 soat oldin
My eyes only watching jade.. Nd ears = shut up dude just let me watch too 😂❤👌
D A L I L A Kun oldin
Completamente una Diosa. Excelente presentacion ^^
allabout 6 kun oldin
It’s not live vocal right? The mic was too far away from her mouth
hbun 5 kun oldin
this is lovely waaaooo any one here from Uganda +256 the pearl of Africa to show some love
мαяιє 8 kun oldin
The look mad cute.
shoSho 9 kun oldin
Is Halsey a ONE song issue or what? Try to sing something new girl ..
William Reid
William Reid 9 kun oldin
SvenPlaza Nederland
SvenPlaza Nederland 10 kun oldin
Why discussed and why is the word ' fucking' censored in the USA???? Not a free county ? Where do you come from..?
Fololian hikwafelwa
Fololian hikwafelwa 14 kun oldin
well done girls you impressed many hearts in different countries. keep it up I and my Namibian peeps love it
Savira Mahmood
Savira Mahmood 29 kun oldin
Such a beautiful performance 😍😯
Sabrina Metz
Sabrina Metz Oy oldin
louisanna30 Oy oldin
Yeah! Beautifully done.
Emily Bronks
Emily Bronks Oy oldin
This was so fire. So much emotion.
Natalia Matos
Natalia Matos Oy oldin
i bet she crushed at least a little on jade
María Echazarreta
Bitch who cares about the lipsync, i came here for jade ❤️
Paige Smith
Paige Smith Oy oldin
Jade was the best part of this performance. Waste of money to see a "singer" lip sink...
Jocalopse Oy oldin
It's not until you see a dancer next to a regular person that you realize they are unbelievably fit, especially Ms. Chynoweth.
ISAC M Oy oldin
Crimson Vine
Crimson Vine Oy oldin
This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen since the day I was born in...
J Lo
J Lo Oy oldin
When jade took the mike, I really wanted her to sing her ass off. That would make her 10x more amazing! She totally made this performance.
Bengie Joseph
Bengie Joseph Oy oldin
pure amazing
Johannes B.
Johannes B. Oy oldin
Who is watching this sex Movie at 2019 ;)
James 89
James 89 Oy oldin
Halsey sounds like a chipmunk 🐿 and looks man
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 2 oy oldin
If I was a girl I'd turn lezbo just for jade
Ma. Jeserina Jaenaffer Secretario Leuterio
I'm here for Jade!!!
Ma. Jeserina Jaenaffer Secretario Leuterio
I'm here for Jade Gwyneth!!!!!!
100,000 sub without video
Can i get this video link on pornhub
I'm so lesbian now
captain caveman
captain caveman 2 oy oldin
Jade wins 😍✔
Sonny Williams
Sonny Williams 2 oy oldin
Hasley is 24... she looks late 30’s
Bruna Pincerato
Bruna Pincerato 2 oy oldin
Putz mew essas duas trabalhando juntas, amei demais. Jade e Halsey
Jin 2 oy oldin
Just make out
glen myles
glen myles 2 oy oldin
hey dua lipa my my I love you my my you ever in my dreams my my Angel forever my my. xx love voodoo
Mac Sixtyfive
Mac Sixtyfive 2 oy oldin
The chosen song is completely incongruent with the performance ... but hey no ones cars lol
terry Brady
terry Brady 2 oy oldin
My gay heart wants them, Ahh. Well they certainly wouldn't look at your fat ass Biatch!!!
venomka venom
venomka venom 2 oy oldin
nosoloporno69 2 oy oldin
no kiss, no fun
Mislav Romanov
Mislav Romanov 2 oy oldin
The other girl never started singing
Sarah Com H
Sarah Com H 2 oy oldin
i m p r e s s i v e
chicharito hernandez
Is Halsey singing in playback?
Claire ___
Claire ___ 2 oy oldin
A bad attempt at copying Sia?
The Kingdom
The Kingdom 2 oy oldin
The autotune In Hasley’s mic.... she does not need that .. ugh
Natalie Hearn
Natalie Hearn 2 oy oldin
Monarch butterfly's behind suggesting they're under MK ultra the fire represent hell they're talking about demonds yes all satanic as fuck as usual.
Dora 2 oy oldin
Why is this giving me lesbian vibes?
FlamerZDF 2 oy oldin
I don't know but it's giving me lesbian vibes too
donnahairstyles 2 oy oldin
1:47 is where the real dance 💃🏾 is at... it was in sync with the words, put you right back on your feet 🦶.
1013 N o t
1013 N o t 2 oy oldin
im rlly confused if halsey's lesbian now *not a hate comment i dont mean to offend anyone lol*
Kundan spidey
Kundan spidey 2 oy oldin
It's so good watching my both favourite sharing a stage ❤️
krix004 2 oy oldin
Vivian Ivanova
Vivian Ivanova 2 oy oldin
What the hell is that?
Niraj kumar
Niraj kumar 2 oy oldin
Is this a dance show?
Crimson Vine
Crimson Vine 2 oy oldin
That is... PERFECTION 😮
jaymi Parsons 1969
Oh my GOD!
Phinxx 2 oy oldin
I'm shook. She's so amazing. 😭😍
Gislaine S.meneses
Jade,meu inspiração pra dança muito😍💖
Pink Lady
Pink Lady 2 oy oldin
jade stole her the show haha
rikihanks 2 oy oldin
Why is people saying it was lipped. jesuschrist get your dicks out of your hears and listen you monkeys. she DEFINETLY has playback, maybe way too loud but she is singing, you can fucking hear her voice and when she gets the mic out of her mouth you only hear the playback music, educate your hears ladies and gentleman.
Daniele Tusa
Daniele Tusa 2 oy oldin
this performance is pure art, it is so theatrical
Enzojake Kamari
Enzojake Kamari 2 oy oldin
Jade my idol😍👏👏👏
Sabina Piechota
Sabina Piechota 2 oy oldin
Pink wanna be !
Yolo Mach ich auch immer
Didnt like it.
AtomicPudding 2 oy oldin
That's how you do the worm
Chateau Jameson
Chateau Jameson 2 oy oldin
Pokerovacha Pokerov
She sings live???
Alouis Trancy
Alouis Trancy 2 oy oldin
Jade need more recognition.. Not just as backup dancer
Photo Zo
Photo Zo 2 oy oldin
Interesting how this is the ONLY song the voice didn’t upload to its UZvid channel....
Dai-jae Morgan
Dai-jae Morgan 2 oy oldin
Love jade been a fan for years great vid xxx
Med YopYop
Med YopYop 2 oy oldin
1:47 wtf i am not even high man !! What just happened ? Dope asf 🔥
Kundan spidey
Kundan spidey 2 oy oldin
Exactly.... I was like whaaaaaaaaat👌😱
XxKidnoffxX 2 oy oldin
They are sexy, the choreography is perfect. Jade is stunning and Halsey is very good too. But where is the singing? I hear a robot during all the song. This is the US The Voice? omg loll, now I understand what we hear at the radio... I know Katy Perry and a lot of big star do the same, but this is a show based on The Voice! It's not just a visual show. I don't really understand all the comments, yes Jade is stunning and the whole choreography is very good, but it's not singing. It's a shame to see that in The Voice... Final...
وعد 2 oy oldin
How lucky Jade is
Emilie Gonet
Emilie Gonet 2 oy oldin
My girl jade is looking 🔥.
Sejuani 2 oy oldin
Im impressed with Halsey..with all that dancing she could still sing really clearly..
sarumankin 2 oy oldin
Lip snycing on a singing talent show? Hmm
Ryan New
Ryan New 2 oy oldin
she was lip syncing tho but all good she put a lot of effort into the dance
B misch
B misch 2 oy oldin
بنت البصرة
البنيه اللي وي هالزي شوضعهه؟ 🌚😹
Ramzi HD
Ramzi HD 2 oy oldin
Earthqu4ke 2 oy oldin
This choreo was one of the best I've seen in a loooong while dude. They're doing so well together, that was a blast!
Adam Bananas
Adam Bananas 2 oy oldin
I am a Halsey fan, but I clicked for Jade.
Jordan 3
Jordan 3 2 oy oldin
Lip syncing like fuckkk
Chan 2 oy oldin
Ugh the amount of hate in the comment section simply because some parts were lipsync, well tell you what? They were focusing on the choreography, the appeal, and how to catch the viewers' attention. Anyways people these days are insatiable anyways, I'm out 🏃‍♀️
gg i'm black
gg i'm black 2 oy oldin
great playback lol
LP Ylanan
LP Ylanan 2 oy oldin
Nuredin Rey de Castro
she sucks
George Kukish
George Kukish 2 oy oldin
Ok now I am a lesbian
Imane Boutelba
Imane Boutelba 2 oy oldin
I love you jade
MC Rail
MC Rail 2 oy oldin
Jade so *Thicc*
Reese Whitley
Reese Whitley 2 oy oldin
The lip sync is skrong. Hmmm. jade did great though!!!
QUAK Tornado
QUAK Tornado 2 oy oldin
I don't know much about Halsey, but the last two videos I've seen of her involved her either singing on a catwalk surrounded by Victoria's Secret models, or singing and dancing on stage with Jade Chynoweth. Can't fault her confidence levels!
Vanessa Moseley
Vanessa Moseley 2 oy oldin
Yessss jade!!!!
Cyra Gallardo
Cyra Gallardo 2 oy oldin
T H I S I S A R T ❤ 💛 🖤
Luis Eduardo Huezo
WoW what a complete work
benjibaker -01
benjibaker -01 2 oy oldin
fidzian1 2 oy oldin
Playback 👎👎👎
AimSiniy 2 oy oldin
Shit I didn't know they collabed, I need more of this
Ankie. com
Ankie. com 2 oy oldin
Love iT!!😍
Mariam Fuadianitu
I love This song so much❤💋
missdemicarla 2 oy oldin
Match made in heaven! Omg my two favourite talents! Dreams can come true! 😻🥰💕✨
Loman Old5
Loman Old5 2 oy oldin
amazing performance 🔥
柯Jeff Jyunyan
柯Jeff Jyunyan 2 oy oldin
Pure art literally.
that's uuuuuh.. pretty hot
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