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Halsey - Devil In Me (Audio)

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Music video by Halsey performing Devil In Me. (C) 2017 Astralwerks




2-Iyn, 2017



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Igor Franciel
Igor Franciel 6 kun oldin
13/03/2019 venho dizer que esse música me fode todas as vezes que coloco para tocar .
carlotta canali
carlotta canali 7 kun oldin
I love this song and i admire so much you Halsey
MikeMike 1025
MikeMike 1025 10 kun oldin
I love this song 2019
Brandy Wilson
Brandy Wilson 14 kun oldin
Better not lie they nice guy to old to fight back but I got your back no matter what how I get my life together save to fiy hi on them bad guy lie about life now fight live leave home and pit stop by and cry live why it a ball don't Kik me
Brandy Wilson
Brandy Wilson 14 kun oldin
Aka my way okkk
Brandy Wilson
Brandy Wilson 14 kun oldin
They boss my life left me hi and played my own life to be all bad and never new my wife or kids that's why they got to see one day if I don't go on water wave like one of the old way that saved the day to play a safe ride to say your breath from take it's safe not take away it free u lie god die not me I kill it's a man's way to prove my real name on a drug cash home anyway but the best win so why they think I wood hurt anyone else but myself that all I now is save the hurt one leave the bad one
fluffy cat
fluffy cat 20 kun oldin
Fuccen Pineapple
Fuccen Pineapple 22 kun oldin
This is so beautiful 😭💛
Chiara Angelucci
Chiara Angelucci 23 kun oldin
Questa canzone mi carica a mille la amo 😻💪🏻💪🏻
ro sun
ro sun 23 kun oldin
thank you babe, really thank you
Kylie Who?
Kylie Who? 29 kun oldin
The first seconds of this song sounds like 8d audio
fuck racks And fuck yo comments bitch
Stop stop crying Hasley or Haley whichever one you are really is all Hold You Down to the ground just so you don't split up into space cuz my love holds everything together
Samantha Bergman
This song hits home a little too hard. 💔
Rameen Mahmood
damn halsey
Rameen Mahmood
FromAtlantis Oy oldin
Araly Godales
Araly Godales Oy oldin
This song is perfect for me its literally me when I go through something I hear Devil In Me
Danielle Shawgo
Still love this song. So close to my truth ❤
Asia Reynolds
Asia Reynolds Oy oldin
Pedro Gabriel
Pedro Gabriel Oy oldin
Little Monsters
This song like Sia's songs
Snehal Naid
Snehal Naid Oy oldin
She co-wrote this song.
Theresa Wallner
Old but GOLD💛💛💛
Meleny Rucks
Meleny Rucks Oy oldin
Love this song
TVinny Oy oldin
play this on 0.75 speed ur welcome
Mal Sawma
Mal Sawma 2 oy oldin
2019 anyone
Deadpool 2 oy oldin
one of my top favorite tracks....someday ill have the whole album...when im on my own since i know my parents wouldnt let me listen to this album because of songs like dont play (is that on this album..? idk)
Sam Ashmore
Sam Ashmore 2 oy oldin
One of my fav💙💙... I love u.u😍❤😘💋 ... U'r the Best 💖💕💞....
kels jess
kels jess 2 oy oldin
i fucking love halsey. i feel like ive been waiting for her voice and music my entire life
Emma Cedillo
Emma Cedillo 2 oy oldin
troyduh 2 oy oldin
Karolini Carvalho
Halsey a qualquer momento, a qualquer hora, a qualquer dia ! Halsey sempre❤️💣
Bahtyyar Jepbarow
music jay+ alex sparrow
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 3 oy oldin
I've never felt so alone. My multiple personalities are tearing apart the relationships in my life and my mind is literally splintering... I have to act okay... but my demons are killing me. I don't know how long I have left.
this song reminds me a lot of my struggle with my adhd. i've been struggling with adhd for a really long time and it's affected my life in so many negative ways. the medicine i take to try and repress it makes everything ten times worse and it constantly leaves me fighting with myself on what i should do. even though my adhd ruins my life and makes it so much harder, i've decided to stop taking the medication that kept it away. it reminds me so much of waking up the devil inside myself. it's a battle, but one day, i will learn how to overpower my adhd. i'm faithful.
robin alston
robin alston 2 oy oldin
livefortheaesthetic I’m glad u stopped taking them if they make u feel worse. 1 of my friends has adhd and she said that she doesn’t feel like herself when she takes the medication. just be u and luv and embrace your true self
Robin Sierra
Robin Sierra 3 oy oldin
This song helps me through mania.
Aditya Rana
Aditya Rana 3 oy oldin
Hw is she only 24 AND already has SOOO MANY BEAUTIFUL SONGS
BE KIND 3 oy oldin
Cathie Bruhn
Cathie Bruhn 3 oy oldin
listening at 8:45 pm lol
Ela é nossa amiga, e é loka
Cara. Acho que ela está se referindo aos nosso demônios. Todos nós temos. Um relacionamento abusivo, uma depressão, a expectativas que nossos familiares criam em nós, sexualidade, etc etc (I think she's referring to our demons. All that we have our demons. An abusive relationship, a depression, the expectations that our relatives create in us, sexuality, etc.)
Renee Fairhurst
Renee Fairhurst 4 oy oldin
I love this song ♥️
Emily weir
Emily weir 4 oy oldin
“ but I still let everyone down when I change in size “ wow.....
SpitefulJade 4 oy oldin
Abhijit Zankat
Abhijit Zankat 4 oy oldin
Devil speaks from within
ChickenAlfredo 4 oy oldin
*3:10** oOh I felt that*
50,000 subscribers without a video challenge
one of halsey's underrated songs
Hope Ivy
Hope Ivy 4 oy oldin
ik im late but im getting sum weird creepy future vibes to this
music stan
music stan 4 oy oldin
not even 100k likes oh my gosh so underappreciated
Julianna Ferrari
Julianna Ferrari 4 oy oldin
Halsey sings the truth 🤤😭💕👏🏽
Criste Santiago
Criste Santiago 4 oy oldin
October 2018 I know I'm not the only one 😂❤️
Kimberly Fernandez
tell me why i relate to this so much
Sharp Heart
Sharp Heart 4 oy oldin
How come I sometimes cry when I hear your voice? 😢
moon sun
moon sun 5 oy oldin
I feel like that when I stop being kind becoming a rude person who only say shit
Azura Goodall
Azura Goodall 5 oy oldin
Ever since I went to her concert and I hear this song, I just want to cry. This song has so much emotion.
John Arnold Echalar
I'll be waiting til' dusk and dawn
Nasuh Fırat
Nasuh Fırat 5 oy oldin
greaattttt song
anna Dawson
anna Dawson 5 oy oldin
Long to Hawley at 3:40am because I have a sofball game and I have to be up at 5:30 am 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Cody D
Cody D 5 oy oldin
This is my favorite track off this album.
Kill Yourself
Kill Yourself 5 oy oldin
tate longdon
Deathstroke890 5 oy oldin
This seems a bit slow paced and the nightcore version seems a bit too fast paced lol. HELP!!
iTs A mE a MaRiO ,you hoe
I know this song is probably about relationships but I relate to it differently. Like there are two of me. The normal me and the angry monster. And I just relate with the lyrics like I don't want my "monster" side of me to show or in this cas "wake up" but then at times I just have to and I just have to let it "wake up" and I hate it but like there's nothing I can do about it.
Michelle 5 oy oldin
matt murdock
Callum.Aimee Ajoodha
'now i gotta wake it up now i gotta wake it up now i gotta wake it up the devil in me' when u get roasted and need a good comeback 😂
November Mason
November Mason 6 oy oldin
I love Halsey so much
joshua law
joshua law 6 oy oldin
joshua law
joshua law 6 oy oldin
joshua law
joshua law 6 oy oldin
Kimberly Fernandez
Why is this so relatable
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 6 oy oldin
Love her ❤
Alex x
Alex x 7 oy oldin
reminds me of the new netflix show 'Insatiable'
Cassidy Grooms
Cassidy Grooms 7 oy oldin
One of my favorite songs! I just did a singing cover of it on my channel with ukulele if anyone wants to check it out! (:
itsBBD TV 7 oy oldin
Oh baby were only hundred thousands before and now, i dont know if i'd be sad or happy hahaha back then she was my little secret : (
Magic 1111
Magic 1111 7 oy oldin
1:11 Me in the morning
Kamohelo Kekana
Kamohelo Kekana 7 oy oldin
Brought here by #idolsa wooden mic with the somizi remix this song's sounds so different in a good and bad way I liked it there cause it had this South African feel to it but I like this one too cause it's beautiful powering it's Halsey
Arianna Gil
Arianna Gil 7 oy oldin
I can relate to this song so much
alliyah alea
alliyah alea 7 oy oldin
on repeat.
Ava and Annlise
Ava and Annlise 7 oy oldin
Halsey concert was litttttttt🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Zenaida 7 oy oldin
I wanna go the concert so bad
Rem Naughton
Rem Naughton 7 oy oldin
Sometimes the hardest thing is going up again and facing how that isn't right either but you can't stay dead inside
Limelight Lover
Limelight Lover 7 oy oldin
It's soooo beautiful when there's a chorus going "woa-aa-ooh" makes me so happy
lillywithoutapad 7 oy oldin
This needs a music video
MeganPlays 8 oy oldin
halsey is my fav singer shes so good and she cares so much about her fans.
V Moon
V Moon 8 oy oldin
ITALIANIIIII fatevi sentiree 🇮🇹
BIG R 8 oy oldin
Pls nexr single !
Keril Finini
Keril Finini 8 oy oldin
lublu etu
Slaaayer RBLX
Slaaayer RBLX 8 oy oldin
she sounds slightly like *sia* and *meleanie* kind offffffff..... ^^
ella fulcher
ella fulcher 8 oy oldin
i cry to her songs
Delilah Herman
Delilah Herman 8 oy oldin
U said i should eat my feeling head held high i wont bring anyone down if i cry tonight💔💔💔💔
Anonymous 8 oy oldin
Sia helped with the song. Whether you like it or not. You can’t argue with that.
who knows
who knows 8 oy oldin
Can't wait to see her tonight
Breanna Hayes
Breanna Hayes 8 oy oldin
I love it
Honey uwu
Honey uwu 8 oy oldin
enamorada estoy:c
Andreina Velazquez
me encanta
Music Lover
Music Lover 8 oy oldin
I can hear Sia on background vocals
devon lueur
devon lueur 8 oy oldin
Music Lover sia did the cowriting
GoldenArtist 8 oy oldin
She sounds like Sia here
Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon 8 oy oldin
Now 1:59
Aria Antoinette ritcherson
Sia is so distinct that even if you didn't know she helped make this you can really tell she's there.
Carla Forby
Carla Forby 9 oy oldin
Miss D.Q
Miss D.Q 9 oy oldin
i cant stop listening this song !!!!
Lauren 9 oy oldin
now I gotta wake it up
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