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Halsey Talks 'Without Me', Breakup With G-Eazy, Tattooing, Halloween & More!

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Halsey stopped by the KIIS FM studios to talk with JoJo Wright about her new song 'Without Me!'
More Info: ihr.fm/2OTeEdV

#Halsey #WithoutMe
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9-Okt, 2018



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Wascally Wabbit
Wascally Wabbit Kun oldin
Girl same. I cut off a lot of ppl too a year ago lol felt the same way.
Richa Pathak
Richa Pathak 2 kun oldin
I wish I was Halsey.
Richa Pathak
Richa Pathak 2 kun oldin
She's down to earth.
Calvin Rible
Calvin Rible 2 kun oldin
She has an amazing voice.
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd 2 kun oldin
Without Me is an excellent song. Legit.
Larry Madern
Larry Madern 3 kun oldin
She is an amazing talent and an amazing beauty. love love love her.
أُسـْطورَة ألانـِمي .
مو فاهمة سي ترجموها بلييز
Agueda Valdez
Agueda Valdez 4 kun oldin
Tbh I feel like In relationships she’s very nice but if they wanna leave they could but she needs an explanation of why they leave and she won’t leave them alone until they tell her why or what happen
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy 4 kun oldin
Wow, new fan...she seems amazing
christina sanchez
christina sanchez 5 kun oldin
Gosh i love her so much 😭💓
Cstina 5 kun oldin
Someone should tell Halsey that she should never compare herself to Taylor Swift because there is no comparison. Halsey is the realist, rawest, most amazing artist ever and Taylor Swift is just fake and plastic compared to Halsey... so there is no comparison, I mean , how do you compare a Barbie doll to a live human being? How do you compare a plastic fake Taylor Swift to emotionally and beautifully wild Halsey?
Hannah Flynn
Hannah Flynn 5 kun oldin
They were like the best couple.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Johnny 5 kun oldin
Damn she's a beautiful 10
Brandyn Therwanger
Brandyn Therwanger 6 kun oldin
Amazing you read through here and not one negative comment. You will always see people for their true colors. Much respect to both in this video.
Lidia Polishuk
Lidia Polishuk 6 kun oldin
I related to that so much, she’s just incredible and so down to earth
R 7 kun oldin
G eazy lose her
Baka 8 kun oldin
That moment : 8:07.. I really felt the same in that time.. We ar moving on together baby
Pascale Chartrand
Pascale Chartrand 8 kun oldin
Jennifer Jacob
Jennifer Jacob 9 kun oldin
Yes girl,keep being you and dont let anyone take that from you..I think everyone will interpret this song in different ways depending where it hits them at home..If they cant relate in a painful way then they will feel a different feeling and others will feel emotional being able to connect to what it means to them like it does to you..Its a great song so I'm glad you decided to share it with the world :)
Baka 9 kun oldin
My baaaaaby.. literally going through same shit.. It was toxic for ya for me too.. thank u for everythink.. u saved me :) :***** I knew you are strong!!
CHSNY ASMR 9 kun oldin
Love how all natural she is ♥️
Narmada Bhat
Narmada Bhat 9 kun oldin
G - easy @11:00
totemroll28 9 kun oldin
Miley Cyrus in the building!!!
neo dog
neo dog 9 kun oldin
the disrespect of thinking you can just pick up tattooing like its nothing, what a cunt
kiera gardner
kiera gardner 10 kun oldin
Halsey does not need a man she is a strong woman she can take care of herself I hope she knows that a man should never control a woman I should know I am a girl
Fabled Wolf Jack
Fabled Wolf Jack 10 kun oldin
She speaks about my friends place and i find it funny because I actually just recently donated to them lmao perfect timing to watch this
mzlive brenda
mzlive brenda 13 kun oldin
Harshit Paraser
Harshit Paraser 13 kun oldin
6:44 yeah baby you are right! 😃😃
Tara VALENTI 15 kun oldin
Please check out my good friend Soraida’s son Jaden and his beat box, I think he will be the next Justin Beiber , please like, share and subscribe !:). Please help this lil rising star out!:) 😊 ⭐️🌟 uzvid.com/video/video--GCvlAUQdm0.html. !:) 😊
C B 16 kun oldin
The reason why black and white people should procreate together.
nirmaali abeysekera
nirmaali abeysekera 17 kun oldin
Owh i loveee herrr😍❤
Suzi Anthony
Suzi Anthony 17 kun oldin
Be true 2 u songstress... Big love & respect 👑💗
Mj Ghahary
Mj Ghahary 17 kun oldin
she is a true artist, and cute, and real
Melli Moralapostel
Melli Moralapostel 17 kun oldin
she is like a mixture of Kat von D and Pink....
Jessy Smith
Jessy Smith 18 kun oldin
This interview is poppin She’s shining like a diamond
Mai Elkhouja
Mai Elkhouja 16 kun oldin
Diamond reflets ..
SBB1809 18 kun oldin
Goddamn i love her voice and everything about her
Faybo 18 kun oldin
She’s definitely giving me P!nk vibes with this look 😍
NorNor CornCrystal
NorNor CornCrystal 18 kun oldin
G Easy Is definitely Easy To Get Mad At Sorry for the cringey pun..
Jane Xian
Jane Xian 18 kun oldin
I definitely feel her vibes. She has the languorous energy.
Jane Xian
Jane Xian 18 kun oldin
I liked the part where she mentioned Taylor Swift and said she’ll be like her one day. They have totally different music styles, personalities but all with the same strong, overwhelming charisma. I love them both, go girl!
Jane Xian
Jane Xian 18 kun oldin
Omggg her voice sounds so good. It got me high just listening to her speak!!! I didn’t expect her to speak with such a voice. Amazing, truly.
Alyssa Trinc
Alyssa Trinc 20 kun oldin
David Marin
David Marin 20 kun oldin
Jenny Franklin
Jenny Franklin 20 kun oldin
I just love her 😍🤗
Wendi Duff
Wendi Duff 21 kun oldin
Beautiful ❤️
Saturn S
Saturn S 21 kun oldin
Awww Halsey the mom friend yess I see it everyone needs a friend like that actually Ive been told that by friends before
Thomas Aponte
Thomas Aponte 21 kun oldin
I’m sorry Halsey is super cute butttttttt Her hair just throws me off
Nives Hepi
Nives Hepi 21 kun oldin
Ok so they are still together?
toby miller
toby miller 22 kun oldin
This is the best song she’s ever made. If you can’t feel every word you don’t have a soul. So fucking good!!
monika borkowska
monika borkowska 22 kun oldin
She's so mature and emotionally developed for being so young.
avocado allie
avocado allie 22 kun oldin
its nice to see her, in her natural beauty, without long nails or "beautiful" flowing hair and big plump lips and perfectly carved out brows.
Shannon Hendricks
Shannon Hendricks 22 kun oldin
I love you Halsey..... I think you are so REAL and so inspirational... Your songs portray so many things that I can relate to... It's nice to know I'm not alone! You are just a beautiful person. I wish I could be lucky enough to meet you someday, just to say thank you!!
summer marie
summer marie 23 kun oldin
She’s so dope. Talented, beautiful and genuinely cares about other ppl. So cool.
Toxic_Vibes 23 kun oldin
Am i the only one who thinks she looks like pink😕
Tracy Holland
Tracy Holland 23 kun oldin
She looks like Nev Campbell
Natalee Calloway
Natalee Calloway 24 kun oldin
her voice is so soothing
F. D.
F. D. 24 kun oldin
she is such a poser
Heather Jenkins
Heather Jenkins 25 kun oldin
She reminds me of a young and vulnerable P!nk. Love her!
marcos pena
marcos pena 25 kun oldin
She smokes rocks
Hello It's me.
Hello It's me. 25 kun oldin
She could open up a shop
ANGLIA 25 kun oldin
She is a beautiful young lady. Bless her heart and soul.
Julianne Lorenzo
Julianne Lorenzo 25 kun oldin
ladymoombaza 25 kun oldin
Min suga
Min suga 25 kun oldin
I just realized why I love her so much
Sàlmà Essil J
Sàlmà Essil J 25 kun oldin
I love her
Breeze Dorling
Breeze Dorling 26 kun oldin
She topless?
Ananda Deva Saisha
Ananda Deva Saisha 26 kun oldin
so honest🤗
Briana Muskus
Briana Muskus 26 kun oldin
Authenticity still wins ❤️❤️
Kyler Quirk
Kyler Quirk 27 kun oldin
cute voice, beautiful and sentimental music, intelligent lyrics, super feminine yet balanced with a boyish haircut - I'm in.
SPAWNofaDEMON 27 kun oldin
Her voice turns me on
Courtney Simmons
Courtney Simmons 27 kun oldin
She's beautiful. I absolutely love her. So artistic and talented. Her voice is one of a kind.
GameX Games
GameX Games 28 kun oldin
Is she naked?
Angela Ebert
Angela Ebert 28 kun oldin
She’s an angel💜
Emily Newman
Emily Newman 28 kun oldin
i love her sooooo much
khairulsr 72
khairulsr 72 28 kun oldin
Which part they talk about their breakup?
Serious_Case 28 kun oldin
Adorable creature.
sarazorz 29 kun oldin
Camera angle makes it seem like she's not wearing a shirt.
Jennifer Haywood
Jennifer Haywood 29 kun oldin
I love you Halsey. Your music is so real! I see your maternal side come out when you talk about the organization for homeless youth. So proud of the woman you've become. Keep doing what you're doing. You are an amazing woman! 💯❤
Ann Me
Ann Me 29 kun oldin
I'm Trying
Joey Vance
Joey Vance 29 kun oldin
He didn’t deserve you!
Riccardo Arpea
Riccardo Arpea 29 kun oldin
damn this girl! i've only taken her into serious consideration recently, and she's not even making my kind of music so to speak, but this without me song just connected... and now, to hear her speak... she is great! i hope she is the blueprint for a new generation of popstars!
saba baratiyan
I love her so much! She is so real
Megan Macomber
Her explanation of the song and response was SPOT ON. This song came at the perfect time. Thank you Halsey 💕🙏
paul sotolongo
I wouldn't take more then you give ever . Those are FF.
crandalldillons -
Is she wearing a shirt
john mac
john mac Oy oldin
She is gorgeous. Amazing
Alex Kess
Alex Kess Oy oldin
How refreshing to see non-ballooned up lips. She is beautiful in a natural way. Thus, in the most beautiful way.
Kira Schaller
Kira Schaller Oy oldin
I want a tattoo drawn and tatted by Halsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamza Almaini
Hamza Almaini Oy oldin
Dude, I am enamoured with you approach to the song, i totally enjoy listening to it and I feel whatever you went through! It is an amazing record. Thanks @halsey
Ktrussman Oy oldin
'Without me' made me a fan
Beth Ember
Beth Ember Oy oldin
I’m straight, but Halsey is making me question my sexuality. Like come on who wouldn’t love her?
Eddie Oy oldin
So...G-Eazy isn’t balls deep in her anymore?
Elisabeth Schmidt
i like how she didn't cut it off! hahah I love her sooo much!
Perfect girl to love with
Maria Palladino
Him and I was written with Lana Del Ray and G Eazy. It had nothing to do with Halsey and he cheated on Lana with Halsey, did Halsey expect something different?
Maria Palladino
Maria Palladino 15 kun oldin
Aria Maddox I couldn’t care less but it’s the truth
Maria Palladino
Maria Palladino 15 kun oldin
MelissaC613 google it. Lana and G we’re together and she slams him on stage one night during one of her songs. Lana dumped him because he was messing around with Halsey.
Aria Maddox
Aria Maddox 17 kun oldin
You are way too involved.
Jessy Smith
Jessy Smith 18 kun oldin
Thats bullshit
Samantha Rau
Samantha Rau 25 kun oldin
Lana and him had broken up before him and Halsey got together.
ed ubinas
ed ubinas Oy oldin
Dam she's such a hottie
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Oy oldin
shooter McGavin?
god damn, I'm getting old!
Linda B
Linda B Oy oldin
Awesome artist!!!!
hannah m
hannah m Oy oldin
tattoo meeeee ash
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