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Halsey Talks 'Without Me', Breakup With G-Eazy, Tattooing, Halloween & More!

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Halsey stopped by the KIIS FM studios to talk with JoJo Wright about her new song 'Without Me!'
More Info: ihr.fm/2OTeEdV

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9-Okt, 2018

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Emily Jones
Emily Jones 29 daqiqa oldin
Im on the frequency!!
tracy tafirenyika
such an inspirational woman, loveee u halsey
Francis Misantone
Francis Misantone 2 soat oldin
she can Tat my whole body
Raya 11 soat oldin
i love her voice when she talks
Saloni Khera
Saloni Khera 16 soat oldin
You making me gay Halsey😯💓
EricReacts13 17 soat oldin
Her new song is beautiful. I’m a new fan. What are her socials?
Tabris Chen
Tabris Chen 17 soat oldin
Halsey is so beautiful that that is a great song.
Jr v Gaming
Jr v Gaming 18 soat oldin
It has so many emotions inside the song. A lot of people think about different things hearing this song. Such a beautiful song.
Jordon Grubic
Jordon Grubic 18 soat oldin
I'm really happy for her.
dinman68 18 soat oldin
She is so beautiful inside and out!!!
SweetTimez Cosmetics
SweetTimez Cosmetics 21 soat oldin
I scream to this song, I love it!
Jeffrey Jennell
Jeffrey Jennell 22 soat oldin
Ashley is really beautiful!
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 22 soat oldin
....so they're still together..?
Kingvoakahustla Kun oldin
Hard to beleive she is only 24. Bravo you got a fan
Brock Summey
Brock Summey Kun oldin
She's absolutely gorgeous! I would give anything to sit and chat with her
Angel Oliver
Angel Oliver Kun oldin
So crazy! Her song came out at the perfect time for me as well! Really Helped to show me my worth again & is also my 2 year old daughters favorite song now!😂😍😘
Gabriella Rego
Gabriella Rego Kun oldin
Check out my cover of Halsey - Without Me :) uzvid.com/video/video-QIOwBonoARY.html
Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon
Great singer. IQ of 2. Bummer!
Antonio Kun oldin
she needs to clear her throat.
Jenny Scott
Jenny Scott Kun oldin
Antonio you need to back off
Chandler Heath
Chandler Heath Kun oldin
she is extremely hot
กชชพัศ บัวลอย
ฉันหลงรักHalseyอย่างรุนแรง ^^
Krissy M
Krissy M Kun oldin
I honestly just love how intelligent and down to earth she sounds compared to other pop stars
•halley• Kun oldin
im confused I thought she said she was still with g-eazy where she said they were just swimming in her pool in the morning?? someone help clarify!
WGL INC. Kun oldin
I love this woman. And I'm a fucking hater... Fire. 500000 people cuz your sexy as fuck. And u making good music.
Janai Abercrombie
Janai Abercrombie 2 kun oldin
this song always gets me on the highway and turn my radio all the way up... people be lookin @ me like im cray... i goes off...lol< this song is DOPE!!!
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor 2 kun oldin
Wow she really loves herself
Mike Pony
Mike Pony 2 kun oldin
This song is a great one. I’m a 41 year old male and this song gets me glassy eyed for sure. Beautiful
WomenLockedUp: Before&After
15:03 I Love Halsey because everything she creates is from her heart and, just like in the clip , she also has been there done that, shes been through so much and shares it with everyone...to let them know "Hey!" "You can do anything you put your mind to!" ..... And she is also giving back! She is an amazing artist and one of the few that didnt let the money go to her head.... Halsey is even talking about her giving to charities. WE LOVE YOU HALSEY!! Your the best with an amazing voice look where she is NOW and where she was when she started out!! She is my Idol!
trustme2010hotmail 2 kun oldin
Halsey is hot asf there's things I would do to her that aren't even legal in this country hehe
Camila Castro
Camila Castro 2 kun oldin
Is Halsey not wearing a shirt or is that a no strap dress
rosebud _53_
rosebud _53_ 2 kun oldin
im the mom friend tooooooo
Dnario Beats
Dnario Beats 2 kun oldin
Halsy looks like a lesbian trans feminists Robot
Abhinabh Ghosh
Abhinabh Ghosh 2 kun oldin
She's talking before the mic but she's wandering all around from inside. She's maybe happy but she's restlessly wandering to make herself complete but, is it helping.
Sara Troqe
Sara Troqe 2 kun oldin
For a moment she reminds me justin bieber haha she looks like the female version of him..i mean the way she speaks ,the sense of humour ,her voice Did u feel that guys She is so beautifulllll and different from the other artist girls ♥️♥️♥️
Aaron Harvey
Aaron Harvey 2 kun oldin
Ugh this is so dank Edit I’m drunk it’s my bday
Vaidehi Nayudu
Vaidehi Nayudu 2 kun oldin
my idol
Anuj Mehra
Anuj Mehra 2 kun oldin
Damn, Halsey truly represent my future wife goal.
First Last
First Last 2 kun oldin
I love her even more now.
RioT BWK 3 kun oldin
Why doesn't Ashley have a top on?
Hihu Duud
Hihu Duud 2 kun oldin
RioT BWK she has ..
Kaitlyn A. Warnken
Kaitlyn A. Warnken 3 kun oldin
Dollar Diva
Dollar Diva 3 kun oldin
That’s me. I give a lot more than I receive . Thanks for putting it in simple terms Halsey! I love you 💕
Resan Celeres
Resan Celeres 3 kun oldin
MOONRAINE 3 kun oldin
Halsey ❤
Cess Reina
Cess Reina 3 kun oldin
I really love her smile, her eyes, everything
Shir Cipher
Shir Cipher 3 kun oldin
Halsey: *exists* Me: "omg yes i agree you couldn't be more right you;re amazing omfg'
Kenny Ml
Kenny Ml 3 kun oldin
I am so hypnotized by her
2010cmarie 3 kun oldin
11:05 G Eazy
TheWiseGuy 3 kun oldin
She’s gorgeous with long or short hair. Her voice is amazing. My celebrity crush
MariNate 3 kun oldin
My ex left me recently and I’m really just heartbroken. This interview about her relationship really put things into perspective. She’s a true Libra like me
MariNate 3 kun oldin
Yo she got mad sex appeal idk what it is but I fancy her
SWIFTY_WINS 3 kun oldin
Such a dope song, I have it on repeat for the past few days
Matt Moretti
Matt Moretti 3 kun oldin
WhY she nAked ¿
Camille Nunes
Camille Nunes 3 kun oldin
shes so bossy on this interview wow im gay
Toney's Reviews
Toney's Reviews 4 kun oldin
damn, she is ugly af
Super Limon.
Super Limon. 4 kun oldin
5:32 tht is so true because i can see why people would say its a deep song but at the same see why people would say its a hype song
bLiNnDx 4 kun oldin
halsey is a crush crush tho
IvanMadeThis 4 kun oldin
Halsey: *exists* Me: wow!!! omg!! amazing!! unbelievable!!
Queen M
Queen M 4 kun oldin
why am i about to cry....? she is so genuine and holy crap.. she is so nice and ral and caring.. im really about to cry wth is wrong with me
Yugah Rœby
Yugah Rœby 4 kun oldin
Pink n yellow glowsch5shkz?
David Dettmann
David Dettmann 4 kun oldin
her teeth are so straight wth
Supreme Team
Supreme Team 4 kun oldin
I love her music but not her personality so much, shes kinda whack
Kyle C
Kyle C 4 kun oldin
Halseyween party
Ade Ave
Ade Ave 4 kun oldin
love her character and personality. beautiful woman and great artist
Crystal Mosier
Crystal Mosier 4 kun oldin
Your gnarly as fuck & can't wait for more work. My house is Halloween all year round and I'm a huge fan of Tarantino. You keep rocking you keep doing you but those relationships come to you and you take care of yourself first always
trippy_azz_ Caucasian
Emma Babarinde
Emma Babarinde 5 kun oldin
I love her personality
Yacounto 5 kun oldin
G eazy really lost a gold nugget
Aisha Abdella
Aisha Abdella Kun oldin
+Chia yah
Chia 2 kun oldin
Jean Boy
Jean Boy 5 kun oldin
I can relate soooooooo much to this song . Thanks Halsey for saying it out loud
John Rider
John Rider 5 kun oldin
I just love her adore her simple man with a farm and gardens
Jesus Ayala
Jesus Ayala 5 kun oldin
Bruh... she needs to make a song with NF!
Vinna Lay
Vinna Lay 5 kun oldin
super great song and voice, you deserve top1 billboard. welldone 👍
Fernidad James
Fernidad James 5 kun oldin
Marry me
Nicholas Squarci
Nicholas Squarci 5 kun oldin
Nicholas Squarci
Nicholas Squarci 5 kun oldin
Her lips are so PERFECT
Anashi Basu
Anashi Basu 5 kun oldin
Being in love seem like it’s not worth it there’s no guarantee you’re going to stay together it’s like why bother
Sheriann Vernon
Sheriann Vernon 5 kun oldin
I love her very much 😘
Martha Aileen Amador
I'm in tears, this is everything I've been needing to hear lately. Everytime I hear this song I get chills down my spine, it has definitely touched my soul.
Edith Cervantes
Edith Cervantes 5 kun oldin
Me😭 i get quite and emotional with this song 😭 and you’re voice makes it more meaningful 💕 you’re just so perfect
Janice Castillo
Janice Castillo 5 kun oldin
Love you Halsey!
Sierra Riggins
Sierra Riggins 6 kun oldin
just posted a cover of without me over on my channel! im a new channel so it would mean so much if you all checked it out ❤️
the dark night alpha
Hands down my favorite song by Halsey
Littlelady.7 Vidhya vishal
She look naked
Yer 6 kun oldin
Fact: The bridge for this song uses a sample of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a river” and Justin Timberlake is credited as a composer on this song.
old Red back
old Red back 6 kun oldin
Nothin new.
Cherokee Redman27
Cherokee Redman27 6 kun oldin
Halsey, if you ever want to experience oval dirt track racing let me know! LoL. I could so fall in love with you. That'll never happen but God if it did.... I'd be complete.
Joy Karhu
Joy Karhu 6 kun oldin
Fuck yes authenticity does win.
yen nguyen
yen nguyen 6 kun oldin
short hair fits her so well she has on this amazing vibe!
floxpsm 6 kun oldin
girl.. your voice is the most rare thing in this world! is magic. Take care of this blessing! God Bless you!
Dustin Glahn
Dustin Glahn 6 kun oldin
I love you girl.
Txmilx ssi
Txmilx ssi 7 kun oldin
G-eazy time stamp?
Michelle Playz_YT
Michelle Playz_YT 7 kun oldin
Halsey is so pretty!
Makeup by Liz
Makeup by Liz 7 kun oldin
Halsey makes me think of if pink and miley had a baby and bam halsey was born.
LivingTheSaltLife 7 kun oldin
She can tattoo me any day!
dailydose ofmel
dailydose ofmel 7 kun oldin
I love her voice so much
C3794 4
C3794 4 7 kun oldin
i love her voice
Needhika 7 kun oldin
“I give a lot more than you guys do. I don’t really get a lot back.”
Brittany Lynn
Brittany Lynn 7 kun oldin
Wow she’s beautiful and so authentic!
hilliardsgirl1977 7 kun oldin
Love this song!!
And now Without me is #1 on the billboards. Fantastic job Halsey! Sometimes it's just following a feeling and not a plan that's the best path forward :D
karien kruger
karien kruger 7 kun oldin
Halsey my favorite 😍
Without Me
3 oy oldin