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Halsey - Without Me

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Music video by Halsey performing Without Me. © 2018 Capitol Records, LLC




29-Okt, 2018



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Tati Ana
Tati Ana 57 daqiqa oldin
Halsey, я люблю тебя ❤❤❤
Bianca Gonçalves
i love you
Adam Alqubbag
Adam Alqubbag Soat oldin
ذس از كفر
Dana Adriana
Dana Adriana Soat oldin
Honza V
Honza V 2 soat oldin
Halsey Is best. You are good Singer.
Guillaume Muyumba
Guillaume Muyumba 2 soat oldin
Please me
JeEnAn NaIf
JeEnAn NaIf 2 soat oldin
الي يتكلم عربي لايك
Poet Victoria Hunter
I been down her road before. One day I just gave up and got out. He was super attractive and charming but very toxic in every way. Women couldn't resist him and me most of all. He still wants me and says I will always be his. I just can't believe how much this video is like me and my x relationship.
Kingmohammed12 124
Kingmohammed12 124 2 soat oldin
But nice song
Kingmohammed12 124
Kingmohammed12 124 2 soat oldin
Stop lipsing i am looking on my wall beacuse ur keepon kissing and gross
Comedy Ka guru
Comedy Ka guru 2 soat oldin
maria Engram
maria Engram 3 soat oldin
Anyone listening Did someone betrayed u to act cool?!
Meme Cat
Meme Cat 3 soat oldin
Is she a boy?
Rana Hamdy
Rana Hamdy 3 soat oldin
in ly bus driver the girls sang it i thought it was following a homi
Persiapersiaxo 3 soat oldin
I'm getting P!nk vibes from this
la petite Musulmane
la petite Musulmane 3 soat oldin
runas gt
runas gt 4 soat oldin
*Uhhhh.... Kids don't do drug's???*
Ale of Pisces
Ale of Pisces 4 soat oldin
Adrielly Silva
Adrielly Silva 4 soat oldin
sou apaixonada
- さぎさわRika
- さぎさわRika 4 soat oldin
I like her old hair better 😩
Devon Dené Drouillard
P!NK, girl, when did you go back to singing these kind of pop songs? Most of your recent stuff since “Mizunderstood” has been heavily rock influenced and driven. But you giving me a late 2010’s version of you in the 90’s. Yaaaaaas, P!NK!!! I’m here for it!!
Zoza Zoza
Zoza Zoza 4 soat oldin
Viggo Vogt
Viggo Vogt 4 soat oldin
Eminem’s “without me” is better
Francisca Lima
Francisca Lima 4 soat oldin
Eu amooooo demais essa música ❤️❤️❤️😍 minha favoritaaaa
2iblackjackers! 4 soat oldin
Dammmmnn The lyrics tho. Kicks me in the curb. The feels..dayyum.
Kevin Quintanar
Kevin Quintanar 4 soat oldin
I thought the model was Sebastian Stan lol
aya yoyo
aya yoyo 4 soat oldin
❤😍 lam in love with this song
georgina wambua
georgina wambua 5 soat oldin
Cookie Cream
Cookie Cream 5 soat oldin
Anyone listening in march 1774??
I LOVE BROWNIES!!!! 5 soat oldin
This is the song I was listening to when my crush said he likes me 😆😆😆😆😆💘💘💘❤❤❤❤
Anita Vega
Anita Vega 5 soat oldin
Marian Del Campo
Marian Del Campo 5 soat oldin
Me encanta! Es un temazo No me canso de escucharlo
pagal sa dosth
pagal sa dosth 5 soat oldin
of course you sing amazingly but your acting wow..amazing ash..xo
Abigaelle Valcy
Abigaelle Valcy 5 soat oldin
the clip gives me goose bumps 😭😭
A Cope
A Cope 5 soat oldin
i lost a guy i truelly love
Bá Long
Bá Long 6 soat oldin
Bá Long
Bá Long 6 soat oldin
I love this songggggggggg
Mah Kamori
Mah Kamori 6 soat oldin
89881 14901894
89881 14901894 6 soat oldin
Ayman AK
Ayman AK 6 soat oldin
wow, such a beautiful voice..
lili Cat
lili Cat 6 soat oldin
BR ?
tenorbuds 7 soat oldin
Hey Halsey, we did a cover. Hope you like it. So obsessed with this song.
me nkat
me nkat 7 soat oldin
Ahhhhh the glamorous life of hipster white trash....👀🤣
I Don't Know my Name.
Hello March
script001 7 soat oldin
MARCH 2019? Listening to this song that made me cry.
الي عربي يشترك مردودة😷💕
mad trigger
mad trigger 8 soat oldin
Brilliant fuck the ex bitch!
Stella Mawete
Stella Mawete 8 soat oldin
4 months later still obsessed with with this song
Pink Tube
Pink Tube 8 soat oldin
This song is so catcy it's been stuck in my head for 3 months please someone help me 🙈
Rose Arthur
Rose Arthur 9 soat oldin
Godjob i love you
AKS. kanyaratt
AKS. kanyaratt 9 soat oldin
Nice song
Lilin Lilin
Lilin Lilin 9 soat oldin
Its why we need God to make our life mor comfirt,,i love u Halsey..
Norlailie Binti Ahmad Zamri Ahmad Zamri
without me best song 2019 #WITHOUT ME
Voahirana Rasoamihanta
I like
Sergio Diaz cordoba
Sergio Diaz cordoba 10 soat oldin
Like ,if u think She must make other song with gerald
Jeremiah Pach
Jeremiah Pach 10 soat oldin
1Like: Halsey 1Comment: Bebe Rexha
Andi . Naurah Rahmatullah
i hate halsey
Rafiah Sulaiman
Rafiah Sulaiman 11 soat oldin
Please respect a woman by not playing rough language lyric video whilst she is sick at the moment. Thanks
dariku untukmu
dariku untukmu 11 soat oldin
dont forget suscribe my chanel
raquel Da Cruz De Sousa
Thomas Zizzo
Thomas Zizzo 12 soat oldin
Lil'linda Mitchell
Lil'linda Mitchell 12 soat oldin
Fuck ya I love you girllllllllllll
Gacha_ Fia
Gacha_ Fia 12 soat oldin
David Walsh
David Walsh 12 soat oldin
love this tune can listen to it over and over :)
Paulina Lihs
Paulina Lihs 12 soat oldin
Ifenjika Okafor
Ifenjika Okafor 14 soat oldin
Love yourself and form dare yourselves and greatness everyone greatest good day greatness anyway and great darling'and Amazing
melissa r
melissa r 14 soat oldin
Lari Larisa
Lari Larisa 14 soat oldin
Frumoasa piesa
juls 15 soat oldin
I fucking hate this song. They should stop overplaying this trash.
Rosa and Andrea Santiago
That trailer tho
Titanfall fanboy
Titanfall fanboy 15 soat oldin
That fuckin "demons in your mind" line was one of the most cringe worthy things I've ever heard
Johnny Erickson
Johnny Erickson 15 soat oldin
Tell me how it feels sick and rent feeling so sad and I loveT tell me how it feels sitting right feeling so sad and nothing else there
Zarina S
Zarina S 15 soat oldin
nyone in 2020
Johannes Clinton
Johannes Clinton 15 soat oldin
i love the lyrics
Kristena Sessoms
Kristena Sessoms 16 soat oldin
Absolutely can relate to this song.
20cher09 16 soat oldin
These things never end well.
Mahek Tailor
Mahek Tailor 16 soat oldin
We are in the end game ....
Mark Aranita
Mark Aranita 16 soat oldin
I think my girl doesn't realize how much I appreciate her for keeping this crazy guy in check .she changed me in so many ways.
Summer Borchers
Summer Borchers 16 soat oldin
i did that with my best friend till she caused me to have anxiety and depression cause i wasn't good enough for her i dropped her and got better friends
Yesica Carlo
Yesica Carlo 16 soat oldin
Jesse perez
Jesse perez 17 soat oldin
Recently I just got cheated on by my girlfriend who I’ve know since eighth grade. We’re juniors now in high school. We were together for six months and the reason we got together is because she was with my friend but he cheated on her. And I was there for a shoulder to cry on for her. I was there to let her know she’s worth something. I told her my feelings for her. She did some stuff throughout the relationship that made me lose trust in her and she always played the victim and making me feel like a bad person. Keep in mind she cheated on her boyfriend with my friend who cheated on her and then she cheated on me. I gave this girl everything. I treated her like the women shes supposed to be. I guess I was wrong about that. We first got together in September but now that I’m hearing new from her new “boyfriend” they’ve been on dates and talking to eachother since November. It’s March now, and she tore left me like it was nothing. I loved her and she just treats me like another guy she fucked. Guys if a girl says she’ll change for you, she will not trust me. She manipulate, brainwash, and play the victim. Once a hoe you will forever be a hoe. Don’t be dumb and fall in love with a hoe trust me it not worth the pain youll have to deal with after... fuck you Sarah harden you hurt me so bad and all I did was love you.
Elsy Gonzalez
Elsy Gonzalez 17 soat oldin
Alguien la ve en 2019? 🥳
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 17 soat oldin
Those nips are like baby toes
Natoya Morganm
Natoya Morganm 17 soat oldin
I love this song like if agree
Sam Owoade
Sam Owoade 17 soat oldin
The fuck this ain’t Eminem
Caroline Xavier
Caroline Xavier 18 soat oldin
Brett Finch
Brett Finch 18 soat oldin
First time i here this song me and my daughter's was driving down the road and they start singing it so i turn it up good song
Bianca Soares
Bianca Soares 18 soat oldin
juls 15 soat oldin
Bianca Soares Fuck brazil.
Martita0715 18 soat oldin
Love this song! 💪👍❤ Thinking you could live without me, live without me, Baby I'm the one who put you up there, I don't know why (I don't know why)...
CrackShot 1976
CrackShot 1976 18 soat oldin
WOW @ 1:44
Lakshay Puri
Lakshay Puri 5 soat oldin
Ximena Zúñiga
Ximena Zúñiga 18 soat oldin
Fabian Alonzo Melgarejo Arriagada
I love song i favorite
Jazmyn Magallanes
Jazmyn Magallanes 19 soat oldin
Love this song
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch 19 soat oldin
Now I regret looking at this video. Such a lovely song and an awfully violent video!
Nicole Feliz
Nicole Feliz 19 soat oldin
Amo esta cancion ♥ wuidafmii :'v
jannat chowdhury
jannat chowdhury 19 soat oldin
thinking you could live without me.... someone hare... march...2019?
Vicki Olson
Vicki Olson 19 soat oldin
I love this song
Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean 19 soat oldin
This reminds me of my crush😊
Argent 19 soat oldin
This song makes me feel so much
vincenzo durso
vincenzo durso 20 soat oldin
Why a cat always lands on its feet
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