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Halsey - Without Me (Audio) ft. Juice WRLD

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"Without Me" (ft. Juice WRLD) available now: halsey.lnk.to/WMJuiceWRLDYD
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9-Yan, 2019



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Andrea Anaquod
Andrea Anaquod 46 daqiqa oldin
This mix is better with Juice WRLD🙅💋👅👍👊😎
blake kinsella
blake kinsella 17 soat oldin
so shitty that she cut juice wrlds part out of the music video. dont just feature someone then cut them out the music video. like hes prolly the reason this song has so many views
Justyn Butter
Justyn Butter 18 soat oldin
This shit fire
ACKBOS Ciarmataro
ACKBOS Ciarmataro 19 soat oldin
Like if juice wrld is better than lil pump
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 20 soat oldin
Like if juice wrld is better than r kelly
Ungster_22 Kun oldin
Beat sounds so sick at 1.50 x speed
Yung Manny
Yung Manny Kun oldin
Jacob Barklage
Jacob Barklage 2 kun oldin
Bryan Adeniran
Bryan Adeniran 2 kun oldin
This song needs to be the national anthem
saad aftab
saad aftab 2 kun oldin
The best pair ... Juice was the best partner halsy could find for this song... Gives goosebumps 💜💜💜
adithya vishwa
adithya vishwa 3 kun oldin
damn juice wrld is a good singer, one of those "inner emotional" rappers. not bashing his drug use but he would be a lot better if he quit.
adithya vishwa
adithya vishwa 3 kun oldin
damn juice wrld is a good singer, one of those "inner emotional" rappers. not bashing his drug use but he would be a lot better if he quit.
Ibattleplayz 3 kun oldin
should of had more juice wrld in this song his verse was too short
the reverb
the reverb 3 kun oldin
I'm not going to lie without me by eminem is a bit better
Emilseth T
Emilseth T 3 kun oldin
2:35 best time
snot Simpson
snot Simpson 3 kun oldin
Juice wrld part Cost=1 like 2:34
Szilvi Suki
Szilvi Suki 3 kun oldin
TikTok music
jeff winger
jeff winger 4 kun oldin
This remix was godly
Stacy Abrams
Stacy Abrams 4 kun oldin
She is amazing I can't get enough of her 🎶
Jabori DaBoii
Jabori DaBoii 4 kun oldin
Hold up this the remix?
Riley Cameron
Riley Cameron 4 kun oldin
I’m literally here for Juice WRLDS part
Mantastic Creations
This one is better than the original one
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma 4 kun oldin
Purple 5 kun oldin
2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34 2:34
zuriel castillo
zuriel castillo 5 kun oldin
I like the song
defaulty boi
defaulty boi 5 kun oldin
juice shoulda been the hook, this still fire tho
Ontipian 5 kun oldin
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Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 5 kun oldin
sadly tik tok has boonk ganged this song
ITSLilMarMar 3.0
ITSLilMarMar 3.0 6 kun oldin
Just the original song was good but this is just 🔥
rweadick 6 kun oldin
They should so make more songs together
Grimgenji 6 kun oldin
They need to make a music video of thus song it's so god damn good
Ashley Randolph
Ashley Randolph 6 kun oldin
On the radio juice world had a longer part why can't I find it
Andrew S.
Andrew S. 6 kun oldin
2:34 Juice Wrld
Jimmy Ohara
Jimmy Ohara 7 kun oldin
Like if juice wrld needs a longer part
Magic skull
Magic skull 7 kun oldin
KING JAYDEN 7 kun oldin
I'm going to be honest I only listen to this because of juice WRLD
Mr S
Mr S 8 kun oldin
Halsey is da 💥💣 Juice WRLD is straight 🔥 🔥
maximilimus oh yeah yeah
Best song ever
kz h
kz h 8 kun oldin
I'm just realizing that Ashley, is Halsey but the letters are scrambled
Chrissy Ramlal
Chrissy Ramlal 8 kun oldin
I love this song and i mean nothing bad by saying this..... but ever since XXXTeantacion died, this song (in Juice WRLD's part) reminds me of him. With social suicide, and when he said ''I'm sad i know, yeah''. Reply if you agree
Candycobee 23
Candycobee 23 9 kun oldin
This one is way better than the original
Hala 2004
Hala 2004 9 kun oldin
What a song 💙💙💙💙
Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett 9 kun oldin
69 way better than juice word.juice wrld good too
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos 9 kun oldin
Juice wrld your part is lit but u should have longer part and Halsey your part is awesome
Asmaa Kayed
Asmaa Kayed 9 kun oldin
I love this song I
Ametri 10 kun oldin
all the comments are bumming for likes wtf
litgodanthony smiler
Ski mask on 💯💯
Freedom Speech
Freedom Speech 10 kun oldin
This is god is a woman
Wiktor Harkot
Wiktor Harkot 10 kun oldin
Perfect song!👌pls like me long like 100😢
Alexandro Marquin
Alexandro Marquin 11 kun oldin
Can I be honest juice kinda ruined the song but it’s still good him alone is so good
Jazz Ala
Jazz Ala 11 kun oldin
Live with out me~
k k
k k 11 kun oldin
put it on 1.25x speed
Miguel De jesus
Miguel De jesus 12 kun oldin
I listen to this 1000000000 times a day
jose 123 easy
jose 123 easy 12 kun oldin
song of the year
فرقة 4Ի ḟuture
Im here😎😂😂❤❤i love uu helsey
Sharifa Taup
Sharifa Taup 12 kun oldin
Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen 12 kun oldin
I skipped the Halsey part cause that irrelevant to me
Mobarok Mitul
Mobarok Mitul 12 kun oldin
like it
Nelson RX
Nelson RX 12 kun oldin
This should be original
WXVY GXMING 12 kun oldin
Do more with juice
soluYTB dashout
soluYTB dashout 13 kun oldin
Hasley: can you leave without me Juice: of course not bae Hasley: why? Juice: Because you're the one who put me up there! Hasley: where? Juice: you should remenber where you drew the line. Hasley: thinking about it. Juice: ok bae
Cameo Foster
Cameo Foster 13 kun oldin
I love this one way better than the orignal one huge Halsey fan
WiseGamerGirl 55
WiseGamerGirl 55 14 kun oldin
Save łûçîd drèâmś for another tįmè
WiseGamerGirl 55
WiseGamerGirl 55 14 kun oldin
2:35 juice wrld part. Thank me later🙈🤪 ends at 3:18
K1NG J0HN 14 kun oldin
Who else is listening to this song even though they've been single their whole life?
elsa hv
elsa hv 15 kun oldin
halsey?what's that number 17?and 999? on the pic?plz s.o say😑😐
timeless_ 13
timeless_ 13 15 kun oldin
showed this to my kids jk Karen took them 2 years ago
Justin Rios
Justin Rios 16 kun oldin
2019 anyone
Rvenice UnicornFunAndEciting Channel
I love this song
Patrick Carty
Patrick Carty 16 kun oldin
I like the remix better than the original
Andrew Elam
Andrew Elam 16 kun oldin
2:34 juice wrld
SkY Goal
SkY Goal 17 kun oldin
2:49 in my opinion the best juice WRLD part
gamer109 steam
gamer109 steam 17 kun oldin
juice wrld the best
Ivan Ivan
Ivan Ivan 17 kun oldin
infintez zero
infintez zero 17 kun oldin
*Halsey -Without Me (Audio) ft. Lil pump*
Kermit Mahomes
Kermit Mahomes 17 kun oldin
Who came back after Juice’s new album??
MrTocen1 17 kun oldin
Kyle Daniel Jones
Kyle Daniel Jones 17 kun oldin
Intro: Juice WRLD - 0:10 Verse 1: Halsey - 0:15 Pre-Chorus: Halsey - 0:28 Chorus: Halsey - 0:42 Verse 2: Halsey - 1:25 Pre-Chorus: Halsey - 1:39 Chorus: Halsey - 1:52 Verse 3: Juice WRLD - 2:35 Chorus: Halsey, Juice WRLD - 3:17
Zee Shardz
Zee Shardz 18 kun oldin
Jasmine Easy
Jasmine Easy 18 kun oldin
This version litty fr
nick melo
nick melo 18 kun oldin
Que hino de música meus amigos
GliTcH Deadshot
GliTcH Deadshot 18 kun oldin
2:35 Juice’s Part BTW
Luana Braz
Luana Braz 18 kun oldin
Neo-Kun420 18 kun oldin
Deleted 18 kun oldin
Damn, this song holds me so much. My gf just switched me for someone else, 3 beautiful years with her and she just had a mask on her face.. Now we don’t text, we don’t do anything together like we used to do.. I just wanna say, be happy of what you have, because you’ll never lose your worth even after all your falls.. Hope you’ll have a great day.
Void Slayer
Void Slayer 18 kun oldin
Is this just a add on too the song? Because it isn’t in the original
Isaiah Valenzuela
Isaiah Valenzuela 18 kun oldin
Great way to start the year wit vibes
Morgan Weal
Morgan Weal 18 kun oldin
You should have postmalan
Juicy Joey
Juicy Joey 18 kun oldin
Better than original wish this is what is played on the radio
Miguel Taylor
Miguel Taylor 19 kun oldin
Juice makes this song 100000 better 💀
Troy Vang
Troy Vang 19 kun oldin
Why we dont hear this version on the radio more often smh
vina ahya fauziah
vina ahya fauziah 19 kun oldin
My fav song❤❤
BabyDino YT
BabyDino YT 19 kun oldin
juice background sounds were great
•Stevz• 19 kun oldin
2:34 if your ready for juice wrld say hell yeah
Eddie 19 kun oldin
liljemmie 19 kun oldin
who else came for juice wrld ?
rey vega
rey vega 20 kun oldin
this song makes me happy dont no way XD
Edmir Grijalva
Edmir Grijalva 20 kun oldin
Thinking you can live with out my baby I'm the one who put you up there. Welcome it cost 1 like ❤️
Mackenzie Harris
Mackenzie Harris 20 kun oldin
you guys know when you see a song pop up in your suggestions and you assume it’s trash, so you never listen to it but one day you do and you’re glad you did? Yeah. Me rn.
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